How to use GM Tech2 to Learn Crankshaft Position Variation?

All right, today we’re going to be going through a crankshaft position relearn sequence on a Chevy Colorado or a GMC Canyon. My trucks of 2005 GMC Canyon with 3.5 liter, so the first thing we’re going to do today is to have our GM Tech 2 scan tool to setup here, we’re going to plug it into the DC port down here and we’re going to have the obd2 port hooked up down here. Once we have that all hooked up, first thing we’re gonna do is we wanna start our truck and you want to have it warmed up. You can see I’m about probably at 160 right now I think the bare minimum is about 155, so I’m just above the line of what we need to be.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -1


gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn 2


gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -3


gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -4


gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -5
So we’re going to start it and then once we do that we will hit the power button down in the GM Tech2 scanner. It will run through its initialization sequence here.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn 6
Go to “Diagnostics”.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -7
Select my year “2005”.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -8
Select “LD Trk, MPV, Incomplete”.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -9
Enter “GMC Truck”.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -10
And the product line code for our trucks is a S. So if you have a Chevy Colorados can be the same thing, it’s going to be Chevy truck and then S.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -11
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -12
Going to “Powertrain”.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -13
3.5L L5 L52.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -14
Speed automatic.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -15
Special functions (We wanna go).
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -16
Crankshaft Pos. Variation Learn.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -17
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -18
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -19
Make sure your parking brake set, it says “Do not apply brake pedal”. We’re going to click “Enter”. It says apply and hold brake pedal so I’m going to apply the brake pedal down there, turn your AC off and vehicle must remain in park or Neutral. Press Enter to continue.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -20
It says “Accelerate to WOT. Release when fuel cutoff occurs.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -21
And try to get both screens here at the same time. You see it already shut me down.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -22
Test in progress.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -23
Learn status: learned this ignition.
Perfect, it’s exactly what we want.
Press “Exit”.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -24
We wanna go “Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -25
DTC information.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -26
DTC Info.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -27
No diagnostic trouble codes.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -28
Back to “Diagnostic test status”.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -29
Clear DTC information.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -30
Yes to continue.
gm-tech2-Crankshaft Position Variation Learn -31
Go back to “DTC info” and no diagnostic trouble codes.
You just fix the problem, you’re done.
And that’s how you use GM Tech2 do a crankshaft position relearn on a 2004 – 2012 Chevy Colorado /Canyon.
Thanks .

BMW Models and Corresponding IMMO CAS FEM Type List

Is there a page or does someone have a list where all bmw models with the corresponding ews/cas type are listed?
Yes,  here provides 2000 to 2019 year BMW CAS FEM system list:
2000-2019 Year BMW CAS Systems
MODELS CAS1  912DG128(3K91D) CAS2 9S12DG256(2K79X) CAS3 9S12DG256(0L01Y) CAS3+ 9S12XDP512(0L15Y) CAS4   9S12XDP512(1L15Y) 9S12XEP100(5M48H) FEM/BDC BDC2
BMW 1 Series No 2004-2006(E87) 2007(E87) 2008-2011(E87) No 2012-2019(F20) No
BMW 2 Series No No No No No 2014-2019(F45) No
BMW 3 Series No 2005-2006(E90) 2007(E90) 2008-2012(E90) No 2013-2019(F30/F35) 2019.06-(G20)
BMW 5 Series No 2004-2006(E60) 2007(E60) 2008-2010(E60) 2010-2018(F07/F10/F11/F18) No 2018.06-(G30/G38)
BMW 6 Series No 2004-2007(E63/E64) 2008(E63/E64) 2009-2010(E63/E64) 2011-2018(F12/F13) No 2018.06-(G32)
BMW 7 Series 2001-2004(E65) 2004-2008(E66) No No 2009-2015(F01/F02) No 2016-(G12)
BMW X1 Series No No No 2010-2016(E84) No 2016-2019(F49) No
BMW X2 Series No No No No No 2017-2019(F39) No
BMW X3 Series No No No No 2011-2018(F25) No 2018.06-(G08)
BMW X4 Series No No No No 2014-2018(F26) No 2018.06-(G02)
BMW X5 Series No No 2007(E70) 2008-2013(E70) No 2014-2018(F15) 2018.06-(G05)
BMW X6 Series No No No 2008-2014(E71) No 2014-2018(F16) No
BMW X7 Series No No No No No No 2019-(G07)
Note Odometer correction:Yes, via OBD or BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming:Yes, via OBD or BDM
Odometer correction:Yes, via BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming:Yes, via BDM
Odometer correction:Yes, via OBD or BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming:Yes, via OBD or BDM
Odometer correction:Yes, via OBD or BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming: via OBD or BCM (CAS3+ via OBD)
Odometer correction:Yes, via BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming: Yes, via BDM. Support CAS4 till 2012.06. Does not support 2012.06- CAS+ with CPU 5m48h
Odometer Correction:Yes, reset FEM/BDC.  by FEM filter. 2 ways:
1 directly add on FEM module
2. add on the backside of the dashboard. Key programming: Yes
Odometer Correction:
Bosch dash: Add Filter and adjust mileage on chip 32128.
VDO dash: need emulator and filterKey programming: No
CAS1-CAS4, FEM Immo system images:
CAS1 912DG128 (0K05E)
CAS1 912DG128 (0K05E)
CAS2  9s12dg256
CAS2 Version 1 9S12DG256 (2K79X) used on E66
CAS2 Version 2 9S12DG256 (XK79X)
CAS3 9S12DG256 (0L01Y)
CAS3 9S12DG256 (0L01Y)
CAS3+ 9S12XDP512 (0L15Y)
CAS3+ 9S12XDP512 (0L15Y)
CAS4 Version 1 9S12XDP512 (1L15Y)
CAS4 Version 1 9S12XDP512 (1L15Y)
CAS4 Version 2: 9S12XEP100 (5M48H)
CAS4 Version 2: 9S12XEP100 (5M48H)
FEM module
2 versions.
X5 is new version. The Filter is connected to backside of the dashboard.
The datasheet can be downloaded here as well:
Top BMW key programming tools:

Program Toyota All Smart Keys Lost by Xtool and KS-01 Simulator

Xtool Tech released Toyota/Lexus OBD all smart keys lost solution using KS-01 emulator 5-in-1.
The reusable KS-1 simulator supports Toyota 94 / D4, 98, 39, 88 / A8, A9 type smart key all key lost programming.
Compatible device: Xtool X100 pad2H6 Elite , H6 Pro, X100 Pad3
Lost all smart keys
Step 1: Backup IMMO data
Connect x100 pad2 with vehicle, select Diagnosis->Immobilization->Toyota->All smart key lost->Read Immobilizer data




Press the Start button once
Reading data in progress
Save immo data
EEPROM data backup succeed.
Step 2: Generate emulator key
Select Generate emulated key
Enable network connection to perform this function.
Select the backup immo file in step 1
Select file and identify key type: 88
Connect the KC100 adapter with xtool tablets, press OK to continue
Activating KC100 and check version information
Input ks-01 simulator smart card into KC100
Generate emulator key successfully
The emulator key generated will start vehicle
You can perform Add key function to add another key using the simulator key.

Autel MaxiIM J2534 IMMO Diagnostic Programming List

The Autel MaxiIM IM608 is better bang for buck you can do vehicle programming through j2534 anyway. With a MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU programmer, you can do a bit more with the OEM subscription.
Autel MaxiIM IM608 J2534 programming: reprogramming / key programming / multi-line OEM diagnostics
  • supports over 2,000 vehicle protocols
  • Ethernet & USB programming connectivity
  • Wi-fi upgradable thru firmware updates
  • built-in operating system / internal program
To perform J2534 programming with MaxiIM,  you’ll need:
Autel MaxiIM IM608 & MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU programmer (IM508 cannot)
A PC/laptop
Network connection
manufacturer’s online account / OEM subscription
A vehicle
Look at Autel MaxiIM J2534 function list:
Each OEM has a special site that allows you to gain access to their programming software. All you need is a credit card to purchase a subscription , and knowledge on how to download and install the software ( This is the most difficult part about programming).
Acura Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Audi Yes – Dealer Level Yes★★
BMW Yes – Dealer Level Yes – Key Synchronization (not new leys).
Chrysler Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2004+ (CAN vehicles)★ ◆
Ford Yes -2018+ Yes★
General Motors (GM) Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Honda Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Hyundai Yes-2018+
Infiniti Yes-2018+
Isuzu Yes – Dealer Level Yes
Jaguar Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2017> (DOIP Required) ★
Kia Yes-2018+
Lamborghini Yes – Dealer Level Yes★ ◆
Land Rover Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2017+ (DOIP Required)★
Lexus Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Mazda Yes-2018+ Yes★
Mercedes Benz Yes-2018+
Mini Yes – Dealer Level Yes – Key Synchronization (not new keys)◆
Mitsubishi Yes – CAN Vehicles Yes • CAN Vehicles ★
Nissan Yes – 2018+
Porsche Yes – Dealer Level Yes
Subaru Yes – Dealer Level Yes – 2015+ most models)
Toyota Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Volkswagen Yes – Dealer Level Yes★◆
Volvo Yes – Dealer Level Yes – 2017+ DOIP (Nol all) ★
★ Required NASTE for keys
◆ To use J2534 Needs precoded dealer key
Autel IM608 J2534 Programming FAQs:
Q: Does the IM608 do any pcm programming through the j2534 or does it just use the j2534 for key and immobilizer programing?
A: Yes you can use the j2534 to program PCM ( you need an OEM subscription and a laptop to do this).  You can do key coding directly from the scanner. You don’t need an OEM subscription.
Q: Will the im608 retain all of its key programming abilities if I don’t continue the subscription to Autel??
A: Generally speaking you can use the im608 doesn’t need a subscription in order to work. But there are some manufacturers that require a valid subscription in order to connect to the internet to do the key learning procedure.
Q: Will the Im608 reprogram/program a 2008 Chevrolet suburban Transmission control module?
A: The J2534 and and OEM subscription will allow you to do that . It comes with the IM608.
Q: Will IM608 do Mercedes and BMW online programming like MaxiSys Elite?
A: The Im608 doesn’t have BMW or Benz Programming available on the tablet. It can read and write EEPROM data from the old ecu to new ecu for both Mercedes and BMW.But can’t do online calibration for both cars.You can do BMW and Mercedes programming if you have old ECUs. Thats where G-BOX 2 comes in. But do not worry,the IM608 J2534 can do BMW & Mercedes Benz online calibration /Programming at maximum of $60 for daily subscription. 

Q: I want to replace and program the PCM for Chrysler Town And Country. Is this possible with the im608? Where do i get the software for the laptop?

A: Yes you can do it with the IM608. You can get the directory of all the OEMS tech info site from  The actual programming files for the new blank ECU came off an online OE program with a purchased subscription from Chrysler using the Maxi J2534 as the Pass through device between the Windows PC and the vehicle .The car needs a battery maintainer connected. The J2534 needs a USB cable attached between it and the laptop, and the laptop needs a good high speed internet connection. Not always easy to pull off when working mobile.
And the right connection among MaxiIM IM608, XP400, J2534 and the vehicle:


IM608 J2534 ECU programming example:

Autel IM608 OBD Program VW Audi MQB All Keys Lost

Autel MaxiIM IM608 and IM508 (need XP400) V4.1 VW/Audi software adds VW and Audi MQB (blade key) all keys lost function via OBD. No need to take off any module.
Here’s the demo guide to program MQB AKL via OBD.
Only VW & Audi MQB blade key all keys lost can be done with IM608 via OBD currently.
Skoda, Seat MQB all keys lost is not supported.
Car model example: Audi A3 2015
Needed tools:
Autel MaxiIM IM608 or IM508 with XP400 programmer
Blank MQB key (original or aftermarket MQB remote)
MQB AKL subscription,  costs US$30 for each car. The payment is done within the tablet from Autel server.
The function requires network connection as well.
*No dealer key can be made from Xhorse MQB remote. Use original or aftermarket remote.
Xhorse remote failed, here used aftermarket remote and complete key programming.
The demo guide is in Turkish. It does not matter.  English version share the same procedure.
Main steps:
1.Read Vehicle IMMO data
2.Make dealer key
3.Key adaptation to the vehicle
Plug Autel IM608 into the OBD2 port of the car.
In IM608, Select  IMMO->  Audi  ->Advanced mode->A3 /Q2 /S3 /RS3 / TT (MQB beta)->2015->All keys lost






1.Read IMMO data
This function is available on a pay-per-use basis. Continue or Exit?
Contact status
Please open the driver door.
If there is a KESSY system:
Press the Start / Stop button, if there are no KESSY:
Please insert a blank key and continue
Read IMMO data 100% okay. You can see the VCI is connected successfully and the battery is 13.5V.
Confirm MQB AKL payment is done
Calculation is complete!
Please press the [OK] key of the next operation.
2. Make dealer key
Do you need to make dealer key?
Put the key into the Autel IM608‘s XP400 Programmer key hole, and then click OK.
make dealer key in process
Please put the key to programmed in the key hole of the XP400 Programmer and then press [OK].
Make a dealer key success. Continue to create the next key?
Is there a Kessy / Keyless in the vehicle?
3. Key adaptation to the vehicle
Enter number of keys to be programmed.
Turn the ignition switch.
Insert the keys that need to be programmed into the ignition and turn on the ignition for 2 seconds. Their controls should be changed in less than 5 seconds. When programming all the keys is completed, click OK.
Test the new MQB key see if it is working.

iProg Clone Scripts to read Renesas RH850 MCUs

I share scripts to read Renesas RH850 MCU’s with Iprog+ using Serial Nº1,
connections diagram also included.
password: Archive password=   w@wRoturbo_Renesas_RH850
Credits to @RoTor  Roturbo
R7F7010023 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010024 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010033 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010034 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010063 (1094Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010064 (1094Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010073 (1094Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010074 (1094Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010083 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010084 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010093 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010094 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010103 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010104 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010113 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010114 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010123 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010124 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010133 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010134 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010143 (768Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010144 (768Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010153 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010154 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010163 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010164 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010173 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010174 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010183 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010184 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010193 (762Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010194 (768Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010203 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010204 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010213 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010214 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010223 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010224 (384Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010233 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010234 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010243 (768Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010244 (768Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010253 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010254 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010303 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010304 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010323 (768Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010324 (768Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010333 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010334 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010344 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010423 (768Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010424 (768Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010433 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010434 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010543 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010623 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010673 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F7010713 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F701A033 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F701A223 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
R7F701A313 (256Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr
Why need the iprog scripts above?
Please read this case below:
Trying to clear TOYOTA DENSO RENESAS 98221CA010
never used iprog before, I can connect and read DTC’s but can’t do anything else.
I’m connected in can mode, log below….any help appreciated
PART NUMBER ECU: 89170 – CA010
PART NUMBER ECU: 89170 – CA010
1618 Front airbag sensor error LH
1688 Unknown code or not active
1801 Open circuit driver airbag
1806 Open circuit passenger airbag
1901 Open circuit P/T AB RH
1986 Unknown code or not active
1861 Open circuit knee AB driver side
1821 Open circuit side airbag RH
1888 LF/Driver head restraint rearward switch circuit high
1831 Open circuit shield airbag RH
1836 Open circuit shield airbag LH
1660 Passenger AB active mode indicator
16D1 Unknown code or not active
1623 Unknown code or not active
1628 Unknown code or not active
PART NUMBER ECU: 89170 – CA010
even though it’s a Toyota the part num CA is still a SUBARU that’s why you will never be able to read write it, the obd function only works on ALL TOYOTAS and very small amount of subarus
just do it old fashion way solder 6 wires and flash.
You need other tools that support H8SX by soldering points those tools come with diagrams
iprog obd function very limited and u still need to solder 10k ohm resistor via reset to program – obd only to READ THATS IT all Toyotas only , CA is a Subaru part num.
Please refer to the Scripts shared above.
Good luck!

Make Renew TCU 722.9 VGS3 which tool works best?

Which cheap or clone device can virgin a VGS3-NAG2(Gen3) unit without costing the earth?  I need do make renew TCU 722.9 VGS3 which tool works best?
Abrites is too expensive and I don’t want any subscriptions.
VGS Conductor Plate
There are three conductor plates for the Mercedes-Benz 7-Speed 722.9 automatic transmission. The conductor plates are designated as models:
  • VGS 1 – Requires Replacement of Valve Body and Conductor Plate
  • VGS 2
  • VGS 3
How do I know which VGS conductor plate I have?
Look for a number printed on top of the VGS / VDO. You should have a number such as VGS 3.
What tools can virgin VGS3? 
FVDI: most failed, risky
VVDI MB: failed
Genuine AVDI Abrites: worked, and easy
MBCAN tool: Yes
Vediamo:  requires a MB Star diagnostic system
VGS2 is ok, VGS3 need luck.  Only the older versions do this. The new SVCI failed most of the time.
Working experience:
1).Have tested vgs3 with FVDI2014 and FVDI2015 but not work.
VGS1 and VGS2 work.
I had a faulty VGS3 module, I bought one from ebay and it was not virgin. I used FVDI Chinese clone (FVDI 2016 fitted with a dongle ) to make it virgin, then used the same FVDI to write my VIN number and the variant coding decimal string of my faulty module which I extracted using Vediamo. I also used the same FVDI to release transport et assign the new unit to my car. Then using Vediamo I wrote the variant coding 4 characters into the new unit.
Cannot virgin VGS3 (confirmed by Xhorse engineer)
Working experience:
Im facing a problem with couple of 7g etc plates which is not being virgin..
It can find the password but it can’t do the personalization to no, it is stuck at yes.
CGDI Prog MB can make virgen like avdi…confirm it works well.
The CGDI virgine 722.9 TCU 1time in Day free! when you need second virgine you must pay 4$ (one token for single purpose), and the CGDI can virgine ISM,DSM,ECU, only numbers 1,2 and 3! the CGDI can’t virgine FBS 4 plate only original Abrites FVDI can virgine FBS 4 TCU.
CGDI MB renew TCU guide can be found here.
Error 1:
Erase failed error when reading on car via OBD, read fine but cannot erase
check pin out between vgs 3 and cgdi mb.
Error 2:
Erase password not found error when renew 7gtronic 03 plate
CGDI MB will renew VGS 1, 2 and 3. Take a screenshot of your TCU. Some need to write file 41.
Save the file and send to CGDI engineer. They will try to calculate the erase password for you.
AVDI Abrites:
Yes, works 100%, but very expensive.
AVDI = 890 euro interface + 2510 euro MB software module.
connect to 7G on bench with avdi
1-can h
2-can low
4-positiv 12v
5-31 grund
use between can h and low120ohm resistor and connect to obd plug star diag.
Working experience:
If you hear it buzzing you have connected it with hydraulic blok/magnet solenoids connected.
if yes, you need to put the shift level to P gear so that the magnetic valves are using much less power, or connect it with a more powerful power supply..
or simply disconecct the tcu from the hydraulic plate.
i make those everyday on bench with avdi and everything is working perfect.. Das manager, and regular diagnostic. btw you don’t need the 120ohm resistor on avdi.. only on vediamo/das.
MBCAN tool:
can make 7G units VGS1 VGS2 VGS3 virgin.
MBCAN is able to virginise the unit on the bench by using the Special hash reset.
  • CR3.xx
  • CR4.xx
  • CR5
  • CR6(working)
  • CR60.xx(working)
  • CRD.11
  • CRD2.xx
  • CRD3 (working)
  • ME9.7
  • MED17.7.x
  • SIM4LE
  • SIM266
  • SIM271DE2.0
  • SIM271KE2.0
  • 7G units VGS1 VGS2 VGS3
  • ISM – SIEMENS+CONTINENTAL (Updated finished, old customers please contact us for new software)
Board mark 2 (VGS2) is possible to renew thru vediamo!  VGS3 need luck.
Vediamo require SD connect C4.
The working solution you found does not VGS3 units because their EEPROM memory is double sized and TCU code cannot properly execute internal procedures. So it will not work on 3rd generation units with part number A 0034460310. However, in many cases and cars produced even after year 2008, which was factory equipped with VGS3 you can still use VGS2 as replacement.
Vediamo with VGS2 NAG2
Vediamo with VGS3 NAG2
Demo guide:
In sum:
CGDI MB – low cost and many possibility!
Abritus – fine instrument but many money.
All its tool can calculate Sander Has – its need force renew VGS. Or manual send command of CAN to EGS but need buy sander Hash.
Read More:

How to use Vediamo to Virgin VGS2 TCU 722.9 ?

any one know source for 7G programming and scn coding by vin number, i use vediamo .
It uses VGS then i need to make it virgin before doing any coding and programming.
I heard vediamo can make it virgin for vgs2.  Could you explain how you virginize VGS2 via vediamo ?
Device required:
Vediamo 04.02.02 and MB Star C3 chinese MUX or
Vediamo 05.00.05 and chinese SD Connect C4
Modified CBF file with according script file (google search for CBF file)
works on bench and OBD2 connector.
For example: TCU’s with part number A 033 545 73 32
To play with it, just copy VGSmod2.cbf into directory, in which you keep all your cbf. files.
Usually per default it should be:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Vediamo\VediamoData.
Than open Vediamo, choose the VGSmod2.cbf and load it. In this moment a new subdirectory named “VGSmod2” should be created in ..\VediamoData.
Copy unpacked VGS2-Virgin.xml script into this subdirectory.  Now preparation is finished.
To erase personalisation keys from 7G-Tronic VGS2 just establish connection to TCU, go to Sequences, press Execute Sequence (not OPEN, just EXECUTE!)  , choose and start VGS2-Virgin.xml and follow the steps.




















You are at you risk.
Once TCU is virgin (some areas of EEPROM memory are erased) it must be prepared to be used in next car. Depending of software version and EEPROM memory layout, virginising can (but not always have to) erase also VIN, CALID, Shift lever learning values or SCN. All this need to be performed after reusing TCU on different car.
This 722.9 VGS units will work well even without performing that steps. All VGS (Gen 1,2,3) using FBS3 immobiliser system will activate and personalize automatically after 300 ignition cycles. No additional actions are needed. To use your virginized TCU on any Mercedes 722.9 Gearbox, you need to be sure than actual software version fit this car (VIN) with this valve body (EHS number) and Coding is equal to destination car equipment. If software version is not right, some codings can be refused. It is always recommended to reflash the unit after virginizing to restore its EEPROM layout and perform software update.

Cummins Insite 8.5.2 Download, Install and Activation

Free download Cummins Insite 8.5.2
The file is clean but some virus scanner will flag it.
Update to Cummins Insite 8.5.2 only enjoy!!!!
Source: MHH forum.
*** Please try the link at your own risk, the editor is not responsible for any error it may bring you.
How to Install Insite 8.5.2?
1. First unzip 8.5 and run “admininstall” as admin.’ Once Install go to Step 2.
2 Use “Cummins Update Manager and upgrade 8.5 to 8.5.2 ( that means do all update First to 8.5.1 then to 8.5.2)
How to activate Insite 8.5.2?
This method use a sideloader just like 8.3 so will need run 8.5.2 in Simulation mode.
Put the Sideloader folder on your C: Drive
Next go into the folder and you will see “Cummins Insite 8.5.2” Create a destop shortcut to your desktop
Next go to Keygen folder and navigate to folder “EXE” inside that folder you wiil see WLGEN run it
Next double click on your shortcut desktop icon for the Insite 8.5.2 that you made you it will show HWID don’t worry you don’t need to write it down it
will auto copy the hwid
Go back to the WLGEN tool and click on License Manager and then click ” Add License ” Put any Customer name you want  next click Hardware ID and right click to paste the
Hardware ID into the spot.
Make sure set a Date of Experiation or else the sideloder will not work
Next click save then to Create License Key Now go look into the folder that is just made and copy the registery.dat file
Place that file into the sideloader Folder on the C drive that has Cummins 8.5.2 sideloader
Now go back to your desktop and launch 8.5.2 shortcut > I will repeat if ask you click on the simulation
For the Folks don’t know to use the program
This work’s like 8.3  so the zapit and fleet counts are built into the side loader you don’t need no key’s
Only way the zapit will work or show up is to be connected to the ECM. Once connected to a lock ecm it will show up after a few minutes…
Update on 03/31/2020:
For those of you are having problem doing the updates of the folder, the solution is easy.
Run update manger as admin
Then drop the box down to “browse”
Then do the update folder in order
Then 8.5.2
Cummins INSITE Software with Patch:
With patch.
Cummins INSITE Software installation on win7:
OS: win7 32
Language: multi-lingual
Cummins INSITE is compatible with INLINE 6, INLINE 7, DPA5, NEXIQ, NEXIQ2.
Please watch video on how to install Cummins Insite for nexiq:

How to Virgin Mercedes 722.9 Gearbox EGS & ISM by FVDI 2018?

SVCI from China is working ok for all Mercedes 722.9. I’ve tested it with FVDI 2014 (works faster) and SVCI 2018 (flashing after virginize about 5 times slower).
Part 1: Virgin MB 722.9 Gearbox EGS
Part 2: Virgin MB 7G-tronic ISM (A80)
Part 1: fvdi 2018 make Virgin for Mercedes 722.9 Gearbox EGS
In order to prepare motion drive box control board 7 jettronic gears on Mercedes 164 W22 and similar we need food, with FVDI 2018 device and abbreviation ideally original but at least combine here.
The adapters are modified by me so that you can connect directly to sockets and computer proceed.
Connect the board played according to us
Go to Mercedes Program.
Connecting to server…OK
Performing activation…
Version 5.11
Loading MBLoader…
Connecting to the interface, please wait…
OBDII cable.
Select M-Class, W164 (2006-), Diesel, then “Electronic Transmission Control”.
Can Resistor “None”.
Read DTCs, then clear DTCs.
Click on “Adaptation”.
Set coding and then get coding.
Select “Make Virgin”.
The procedure has finished successfully.
Part 2: SVCI 2018 Mercedes Benz 7G-tronic ISM (A80) Virginize  
The procedure on how to use SVCI 2018 to make virgin for Mercedes 722.9 Gearbox ISM.
Mercedes Benz 7G-tronic ISM can be reset before installing on the car.
Look at the box of 7G-tronic on Mercedes cars.
Look at the components of the ps3 immobilizer system so just install it on the car, and try to put into operation until you yourself fail during commissioning, it will show a communication error for zeroing of this unit, we need battery directly the FVDI 2018 itself and sam and laptop. I want to draw your attention to what this unit is removed from a European car, in principle, you can reset and already installed on the car through one GD connector. If god was removed from the American you see that in the block is American…
Be sure to check the correct polarity, pay attention that one the pin remains free, it is used on the car as an emergency. Power to gear shift, supply to power devices.
Go to Mercedes Program.
Connecting to server…OK
Performing activation…
Version 5.11
Loading MBLoader…
Connecting to the interface, please wait…
OBDII cable.
Select M-Class, W164 (2006-), Gasoline, then “Intelligent Servo module”.
Can Resistor “None”.
Read DTCs and clear DTCs.
Set coding, then “Set Coding”.
Make virgin.
Security access successful.
Detach the transport protection of control module ISM, personal.






FVDI 2018 paid itself quickly.
Question: if SVCI 2020 is better in some cases for MB?
Answer: SVCI 2020 has more diagnostic functions, but not more engineering functions as virginize, flashing etc