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Will CGDI MB Repair Mercedes W447 FBS4 Mileage?

Question before starting: 
Does CGDI MB support Mercedes FBS4 W447 cluster mileage reset?
Yes. But not all W447 cluster versions.
Check CGDI Prog MB supported Mercedes FBS4 instrument cluster type list.
Chassis Mileage Repair Method Instrument

Cluster Version
W205 Software Filter Version 2059023013

Hardware Filter Version 2059021304

Restore Factory Setting Version 2059021419

W222 Software Filter Version 2229021310

W447 Software Filter Version 4479023804

Hardware Filter Version 4479024006

Note: Dash Chip R7F701414 is not supported currently.
*The cluster version is modified till June 2020. Keep updating more versions in the feature.




FBS4 mileage repair license and extend adapter is required in order to repair mileage for MB FBS4 cluster.
How to Check FBS4 cluster version?
The instrument version can be judged by the P2 position version of the instrument before year 2018.

Autel XP400 Software Download and Installation

Question before starting:
Autel XP400 software where or how can I download it?
I. Download XP400 ATProgrammer Software
Go to the Autel product website and log in on the current user login screen with the registered Autel ID
Select [PC Suite].
Select [PC Programmer].
Select [Download].
After the download is successfully completed, open the installation package and follow the prompts to install the ATProgrammer software.
Accept license agreement
Select the destination folder location for installation
Follow the prompts to install the device driver installation wizard.
The device driver installation is completed.
The ATProgrammer software installation is completed.
The Autel XP400 software  is successfully started and the programmer is successfully connected.
After installation of the ATProgrammer, if a new version of the ATProgrammer software is available, you can click the upgrade icon in the lower left corner to upgrade
The tips that the current version is up to date will be displayed if the version is the latest. Upgrade will be prompted if a new version is available.
II. Update Autel XP400 Software & Firmware 
The software and XP400 firmware can be upgraded automatically via ATProgrammer software.
The specific steps are as follows:
Select the upgrade icon in the lower left corner.
The software will automatically detect the latest version and click [Update] to upgrade.
The upgrade process may be slow. Please be patient and do not close the software!
Update package download is completed. Click [OK] and follow the prompts to install the software.
The ATProgrammer has been installed on your computer. Connect XP400 with your computer via USB and open the ATProgrammer.
Firmware detected must be upgraded. Click [OK] to upgrade. (Note: please do not power off during firmware upgrade!)
The tips that the current software version is up to date will be displayed after the firmware upgrade! The upgrade is over
III. Autel XP400 Software Function Introduction 
  • MCU / EEPROM Chip Read / Write
  • ECU Read / Write
  • MC9S12 Encrypted Chip Read / Write
  • Key Reading / Writing
  • Mercedes Infrared Key Reading / Writing
  • Finding the Control Frequency
  • IC Card Reading / Writing
Interface of ATProgrammer Software
Read chip




Write chip


select the chip models to view the corresponding diagrams.
1) EEPROM diagram
2) MCU diagram (The [Programmer IO0-IO7 Pin Diagram] can be clicked to view.)
3) IMMO diagram (The Immobilizer diagram can be enlarged or rotated by double-click.)
Find chip
manually enter the chip model to automatically find the chip type, manufacturer and name.
Detection key
if the key type is unknown, you can select the Automatic Detection for key types. Other types of key functions need to be manually selected.






Generate key
select the chip type that supports generation, and manually enter the required bytes for generation.
Unlock chip
: Select the chip type that supports unlocking.
Other Functions
Language settings
IV. Autel XP400 All-in-one Programmer FAQs
Q: Where to download Autel XP400 software?
A: See Part 1 above.
Q: Does xp400 also do the common readings that UPA does?
A: Yes.
Q: With those readings you would generate the keys, wouldn’t you?
A:  Yes, you can generate key with dump data read by xp400.
Q: Does it consume token? how many tokens?
A: No, no consume token.
Q: XP400 is it compatible with MaxiSys Pro? I bought an MaxiSys Pro, but now i need to buy a MaxiIM IM608, my question is, should i need all the MaxiIM IM608 bundle or only the XP400 key programmer and this will compatible with the maxisys pro?
A:  The MaxiSys Pro does not have the immobilizer software that even mentions using the XP400 key programmer let alone the step by step instructions for using it.
XP400 is not compatible with MaxiSys platforms at this time.
You would think that you would at least be able to purchase a cost effective add on IM508 software App for MaxiSys with the XP400 programmer to bolster the immobilizer capability of the tools.
Q: Is the Im508 can do Mercedes key ?obd? I got G-box2 and XP400?
W204 and W212 I tried to a key when all keys lost and couldn’t get password, connect to ELV and fuse 47. I used G-box and XP400
Is the IM508 can do those cars? or IM508 CAN NOT do Mercedes keys?
A:  Yes. IM508 and XP400 can do the W212. Search youtube video guide.
Q: If the MS908S is able to program with J2534 And xp400?
The XP400 is a key programmer or PIN extractor tool used in conjunction with the IM608/IM508. The IM608 will tell you when you need to use the XP400 and should give instructions steps for doing things. A MS908S software is different and lacks key programming and PIN pulling capability of IM608 and will lack instruction for XP400 , and unfortunately isn’t going to become an IM608 simply by plugging XP400 into your MS908S.
Q: Is it possible to use XP400 with MK908P?
A: No.
Q: What’s the difference between IM608 with XP400 and IM508 with XP400?
A: Check table comparison below:
Q: How to connect XP400 with IM608? Do you have connection diagram?
A: Connect xp400 with APA adapters and the other end to IM608 host. Check image below:
Q: I have im608 and xp400. xp400 won’t read key info or frequency of 6 keys from different manufacturers. Ford, Mercedes, VW, BMW. Haven’t been able to test beyond that.  Any idea?
1. XP400 software too old. Run a update: current latest version V2.51.  see Part 2.
2. Change another USB port to connect to IM608 (IM608 host has 2 USB ports)
3. Correct XP400 with IM608 correctly. DON’T connect XP400 with vehicle directly otherwise will cause damage.
4. If all have been checked without issue, send XP400 S/N back to repair/replace.
Keep updating…

How to use Xtool X100 PAD3 to Read EEPROM?

The Xtool EEPROM adapter can be used to read pin code, initialize data, read eeprom and adjust mileage when using with x100 pad2 or x100 pad3.

Xtool x100 pad3 and eeprom adapter can read following eeprom chips:
24C01  24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 25010 25020 25040 25080 25160 25320 25640 25128 25256 93C46 93C56 93C57 93C66 93C76 93C86 95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256

Here is the example on reading 93c46 eeprom with pad3 and adapter.

Connect the EEPROM chip to the EEPROM adapter, then connect with x100 pad3 via main cable.
Connect the power supply, be sure to connect the power supply adapter before operating.


In x100 pad 3, select Diagnosis->Other service- >EEPROM Adapter-> EEPROM Program






Make sure the adapter is connected and powered on, the status light is turned on


Select 93CXX series->93C46->Read EEPROM data






Input data name to be saved


Read data success


You can check saved file in Report->File Management->Adapter folder.



2012 BMW X5 DME N55 Cloning by Yanhua Mini ACDP

2012 BMW X5 DME, possible to clone it with Yanhua mini acdp, by transfer the whole file to another DME?


The DME is N55 (MEVD172) type. Yanhua ACDP will clone the DME.
Device required:
Step 1: Prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, interface board and DME
Step 2: Connect the interface board correctly to the DME interface as shown above
Step 3: Shorten the CAN resistor on the OBP + ICP adapter to the “CAN-R Join”
Step 4: Connect the ACDP, OBP+ ICP adapter, interface board and DME
Step 5: Run ACDP App
Select BMW->ECU Clone->Fxx->N55(MEVD172)






Follow ACDP Mini guide to Read/write EEPROM, then Read/Write PFLASH.

Xtool KC501 Key and Chip programmer vs. KC100 Immo Adapter

Xtool KC501 Key & Chip programmer, working together with Xtool tablets, is an upgrade version of KC100 IMMO adapter. The following parts are about their details.
Part 1: Table compatible 
Xtool KC501 Xtool KC100
Image kc501 kc100
Release time 2020 2017
Applicable key programmer Xtool X100 PAD2X100 PAD3 (X100 Elite), H6, H6 Pro, i80, Auto pro pad X100 PAD3, X100 PAD2,  EZ500,
PS80, PS90, A80 etc
Generate dealer keys Yes, when working with Xtool X100 PAD3 No
Read and write Mercedes Infrared keys Yes No
Detect key ID Yes No
Detect key frequency Yes No
Connect to PC (stand-alone) Yes. Download PC software on official site. No
Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 4th key programming Yes Yes
Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 5th key programming Yes Yes
MQB key programming Yes Yes
Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 4th generation 96-bit online Yes Yes
Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 5th IMMO generation online Yes Yes
MQB online key  programming Yes Yes
BMW CAS1-CAS3++ key  programming Yes Yes
BMW EWS2 EWS3 EWS4 key programming Yes Yes
Land Rover after 2015 year smart key write start key Yes Yes
Fiat Viaggio, 500, Palio and other models IMMO key programming Yes Yes
Toyota/Lexus all smart keys lost key programming without dismantling, including 94, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 simulation key generation. Yes, require KS-01 emulator as well Yes,require KS-01 emulator as well
In sum:
1). KC501= KC100+BENZ IR+ Detect key ID + detect key frequency
2). KC501 can be used stand-alone based on PC software. KC100 cannot.
3). KC501 performs similar function as Autel XP400 to IM608.
Xtool KC501 is a professional Key & chip programmer which can not only read, write keys and read key remote frequency, but also generate dealer keys. It support read and write MCU/EEPROM chips, read and write Mercedes Infrared keys. Moreover, it support PC connection which brings you better user experience.
Xtool KC501 function
Powerful chip reading and writing 
Can read, write, erase various chips including registers, single-chip computers, anti-theft, etc., and can read and write more than 120 EEPROM, 7 MCU, and 11 ECUs.
Full-featured key
It supports automatic key recognition, partial key reading and writing, key generation, key information reading, key checking and locking, key unlocking etc.
Compatible with multiple devices, expanding anti-theft matching
It can be connected to the tablet as a immo key programmer, and supports the connection of i80 PAD, X100Pad2, and Auto pro pad.
KC501 PC Software:
Display Screen: 320×480 dpi TFT Colorful Screen
Working Voltage: 9V-18V
Working Temperature: -10℃-60℃
Storage Temperature: -20-60℃
Power supply: 12V DC
Appearance Size: 177 mm* 85 mm* 32 mm
Weight: 0.32 KG
How does Xtool KC501 work?
The anti-theft matching function is an operation to synchronize the car key with the anti-theft data of the vehicle
Synchronize key data to car
Write vehicle data to the key
Key data reading and writing
Method 1: Ignition coil.
Method 2: by programmer
Car immo data reading and writing
Method 1: Read through OBD port
Method 2: Physical reading
Buttons description:
  1. Power connector
    2. USB communication port
    3.DB26 port
    4. Cross signal pin
    5. EEPROM locker
    6. EEPROM slot
    7. Indicator
    8. Display
    9. Frequency detection button
    10. ID detection button
    11. Key chip hole
    12. Key slot
    13. Remote sensing area
    14. Mercedes-Benz Infrared Hole
Scenes to be used:
Xtool KC501 parts and accessories:
Part 3: Xtool KC100 IMMO adapter highlights:
Support Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 4th generation, 5th generation, MQB key programming
Support Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 4th-generation 96-bit online, 5th-generation online, MQB online key programming
Support BMW CAS1-CAS3++ key matching
Support writing start smart key for Land Rover after 2015 year.
Support Fiat Viaggio, 500, Palio and other models
Support Toyota/Lexus all lost key programming without dismantling, can realize 94, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 simulation key generation (require KS-01 emulator).
Size: 140mm x 60mm x 26mm
Working voltage: USB  5V
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃
Sending and receiving distance: ≤2CM
Frequency: 125KHz
Storage temperature: -30℃ ~ 80℃
Key data reading and writing:
Method 1: via the ignition coil
Method 2: Xtool X100 PAD2 key programmer + KC100 adapter
Car immo data reading and writing:
Method 1: read via OBD port.
Method 2: Read and write by disassembling.





BMW Models and Corresponding IMMO CAS FEM Type List

Is there a page or does someone have a list where all bmw models with the corresponding ews/cas type are listed?
Yes,  here provides 2000 to 2019 year BMW CAS FEM system list:
2000-2019 Year BMW CAS Systems
MODELS CAS1  912DG128(3K91D) CAS2 9S12DG256(2K79X) CAS3 9S12DG256(0L01Y) CAS3+ 9S12XDP512(0L15Y) CAS4   9S12XDP512(1L15Y) 9S12XEP100(5M48H) FEM/BDC BDC2
BMW 1 Series No 2004-2006(E87) 2007(E87) 2008-2011(E87) No 2012-2019(F20) No
BMW 2 Series No No No No No 2014-2019(F45) No
BMW 3 Series No 2005-2006(E90) 2007(E90) 2008-2012(E90) No 2013-2019(F30/F35) 2019.06-(G20)
BMW 5 Series No 2004-2006(E60) 2007(E60) 2008-2010(E60) 2010-2018(F07/F10/F11/F18) No 2018.06-(G30/G38)
BMW 6 Series No 2004-2007(E63/E64) 2008(E63/E64) 2009-2010(E63/E64) 2011-2018(F12/F13) No 2018.06-(G32)
BMW 7 Series 2001-2004(E65) 2004-2008(E66) No No 2009-2015(F01/F02) No 2016-(G12)
BMW X1 Series No No No 2010-2016(E84) No 2016-2019(F49) No
BMW X2 Series No No No No No 2017-2019(F39) No
BMW X3 Series No No No No 2011-2018(F25) No 2018.06-(G08)
BMW X4 Series No No No No 2014-2018(F26) No 2018.06-(G02)
BMW X5 Series No No 2007(E70) 2008-2013(E70) No 2014-2018(F15) 2018.06-(G05)
BMW X6 Series No No No 2008-2014(E71) No 2014-2018(F16) No
BMW X7 Series No No No No No No 2019-(G07)
Note Odometer correction:Yes, via OBD or BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming:Yes, via OBD or BDM
Odometer correction:Yes, via BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming:Yes, via BDM
Odometer correction:Yes, via OBD or BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming:Yes, via OBD or BDM
Odometer correction:Yes, via OBD or BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming: via OBD or BCM (CAS3+ via OBD)
Odometer correction:Yes, via BDM, need to remove Dashboard.

Key programming: Yes, via BDM. Support CAS4 till 2012.06. Does not support 2012.06- CAS+ with CPU 5m48h
Odometer Correction:Yes, reset FEM/BDC.  by FEM filter. 2 ways:
1 directly add on FEM module
2. add on the backside of the dashboard. Key programming: Yes
Odometer Correction:
Bosch dash: Add Filter and adjust mileage on chip 32128.
VDO dash: need emulator and filterKey programming: No
CAS1-CAS4, FEM Immo system images:
CAS1 912DG128 (0K05E)
CAS1 912DG128 (0K05E)
CAS2  9s12dg256
CAS2 Version 1 9S12DG256 (2K79X) used on E66
CAS2 Version 2 9S12DG256 (XK79X)
CAS3 9S12DG256 (0L01Y)
CAS3 9S12DG256 (0L01Y)
CAS3+ 9S12XDP512 (0L15Y)
CAS3+ 9S12XDP512 (0L15Y)
CAS4 Version 1 9S12XDP512 (1L15Y)
CAS4 Version 1 9S12XDP512 (1L15Y)
CAS4 Version 2: 9S12XEP100 (5M48H)
CAS4 Version 2: 9S12XEP100 (5M48H)
FEM module
2 versions.
X5 is new version. The Filter is connected to backside of the dashboard.
The datasheet can be downloaded here as well:
Top BMW key programming tools:

Program Toyota All Smart Keys Lost by Xtool and KS-01 Simulator

Xtool Tech released Toyota/Lexus OBD all smart keys lost solution using KS-01 emulator 5-in-1.
The reusable KS-1 simulator supports Toyota 94 / D4, 98, 39, 88 / A8, A9 type smart key all key lost programming.
Compatible device: Xtool X100 pad2H6 Elite , H6 Pro, X100 Pad3
Lost all smart keys
Step 1: Backup IMMO data
Connect x100 pad2 with vehicle, select Diagnosis->Immobilization->Toyota->All smart key lost->Read Immobilizer data




Press the Start button once
Reading data in progress
Save immo data
EEPROM data backup succeed.
Step 2: Generate emulator key
Select Generate emulated key
Enable network connection to perform this function.
Select the backup immo file in step 1
Select file and identify key type: 88
Connect the KC100 adapter with xtool tablets, press OK to continue
Activating KC100 and check version information
Input ks-01 simulator smart card into KC100
Generate emulator key successfully
The emulator key generated will start vehicle
You can perform Add key function to add another key using the simulator key.

Autel MaxiIM J2534 IMMO Diagnostic Programming List

The Autel MaxiIM IM608 is better bang for buck you can do vehicle programming through j2534 anyway. With a MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU programmer, you can do a bit more with the OEM subscription.
Autel MaxiIM IM608 J2534 programming: reprogramming / key programming / multi-line OEM diagnostics
  • supports over 2,000 vehicle protocols
  • Ethernet & USB programming connectivity
  • Wi-fi upgradable thru firmware updates
  • built-in operating system / internal program
To perform J2534 programming with MaxiIM,  you’ll need:
Autel MaxiIM IM608 & MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU programmer (IM508 cannot)
A PC/laptop
Network connection
manufacturer’s online account / OEM subscription
A vehicle
Look at Autel MaxiIM J2534 function list:
Each OEM has a special site that allows you to gain access to their programming software. All you need is a credit card to purchase a subscription , and knowledge on how to download and install the software ( This is the most difficult part about programming).
Acura Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Audi Yes – Dealer Level Yes★★
BMW Yes – Dealer Level Yes – Key Synchronization (not new leys).
Chrysler Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2004+ (CAN vehicles)★ ◆
Ford Yes -2018+ Yes★
General Motors (GM) Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Honda Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Hyundai Yes-2018+
Infiniti Yes-2018+
Isuzu Yes – Dealer Level Yes
Jaguar Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2017> (DOIP Required) ★
Kia Yes-2018+
Lamborghini Yes – Dealer Level Yes★ ◆
Land Rover Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2017+ (DOIP Required)★
Lexus Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Mazda Yes-2018+ Yes★
Mercedes Benz Yes-2018+
Mini Yes – Dealer Level Yes – Key Synchronization (not new keys)◆
Mitsubishi Yes – CAN Vehicles Yes • CAN Vehicles ★
Nissan Yes – 2018+
Porsche Yes – Dealer Level Yes
Subaru Yes – Dealer Level Yes – 2015+ most models)
Toyota Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Volkswagen Yes – Dealer Level Yes★◆
Volvo Yes – Dealer Level Yes – 2017+ DOIP (Nol all) ★
★ Required NASTE for keys
◆ To use J2534 Needs precoded dealer key
Autel IM608 J2534 Programming FAQs:
Q: Does the IM608 do any pcm programming through the j2534 or does it just use the j2534 for key and immobilizer programing?
A: Yes you can use the j2534 to program PCM ( you need an OEM subscription and a laptop to do this).  You can do key coding directly from the scanner. You don’t need an OEM subscription.
Q: Will the im608 retain all of its key programming abilities if I don’t continue the subscription to Autel??
A: Generally speaking you can use the im608 doesn’t need a subscription in order to work. But there are some manufacturers that require a valid subscription in order to connect to the internet to do the key learning procedure.
Q: Will the Im608 reprogram/program a 2008 Chevrolet suburban Transmission control module?
A: The J2534 and and OEM subscription will allow you to do that . It comes with the IM608.
Q: Will IM608 do Mercedes and BMW online programming like MaxiSys Elite?
A: The Im608 doesn’t have BMW or Benz Programming available on the tablet. It can read and write EEPROM data from the old ecu to new ecu for both Mercedes and BMW.But can’t do online calibration for both cars.You can do BMW and Mercedes programming if you have old ECUs. Thats where G-BOX 2 comes in. But do not worry,the IM608 J2534 can do BMW & Mercedes Benz online calibration /Programming at maximum of $60 for daily subscription. 

Q: I want to replace and program the PCM for Chrysler Town And Country. Is this possible with the im608? Where do i get the software for the laptop?

A: Yes you can do it with the IM608. You can get the directory of all the OEMS tech info site from  The actual programming files for the new blank ECU came off an online OE program with a purchased subscription from Chrysler using the Maxi J2534 as the Pass through device between the Windows PC and the vehicle .The car needs a battery maintainer connected. The J2534 needs a USB cable attached between it and the laptop, and the laptop needs a good high speed internet connection. Not always easy to pull off when working mobile.
And the right connection among MaxiIM IM608, XP400, J2534 and the vehicle:


IM608 J2534 ECU programming example:

Autel IM608 OBD Program VW Audi MQB All Keys Lost

Autel MaxiIM IM608 and IM508 (need XP400) V4.1 VW/Audi software adds VW and Audi MQB (blade key) all keys lost function via OBD. No need to take off any module.
Here’s the demo guide to program MQB AKL via OBD.
Only VW & Audi MQB blade key all keys lost can be done with IM608 via OBD currently.
Skoda, Seat MQB all keys lost is not supported.
Car model example: Audi A3 2015
Needed tools:
Autel MaxiIM IM608 or IM508 with XP400 programmer
Blank MQB key (original or aftermarket MQB remote)
MQB AKL subscription,  costs US$30 for each car. The payment is done within the tablet from Autel server.
The function requires network connection as well.
*No dealer key can be made from Xhorse MQB remote. Use original or aftermarket remote.
Xhorse remote failed, here used aftermarket remote and complete key programming.
The demo guide is in Turkish. It does not matter.  English version share the same procedure.
Main steps:
1.Read Vehicle IMMO data
2.Make dealer key
3.Key adaptation to the vehicle
Plug Autel IM608 into the OBD2 port of the car.
In IM608, Select  IMMO->  Audi  ->Advanced mode->A3 /Q2 /S3 /RS3 / TT (MQB beta)->2015->All keys lost






1.Read IMMO data
This function is available on a pay-per-use basis. Continue or Exit?
Contact status
Please open the driver door.
If there is a KESSY system:
Press the Start / Stop button, if there are no KESSY:
Please insert a blank key and continue
Read IMMO data 100% okay. You can see the VCI is connected successfully and the battery is 13.5V.
Confirm MQB AKL payment is done
Calculation is complete!
Please press the [OK] key of the next operation.
2. Make dealer key
Do you need to make dealer key?
Put the key into the Autel IM608‘s XP400 Programmer key hole, and then click OK.
make dealer key in process
Please put the key to programmed in the key hole of the XP400 Programmer and then press [OK].
Make a dealer key success. Continue to create the next key?
Is there a Kessy / Keyless in the vehicle?
3. Key adaptation to the vehicle
Enter number of keys to be programmed.
Turn the ignition switch.
Insert the keys that need to be programmed into the ignition and turn on the ignition for 2 seconds. Their controls should be changed in less than 5 seconds. When programming all the keys is completed, click OK.
Test the new MQB key see if it is working.

Make Renew TCU 722.9 VGS3 which tool works best?

Which cheap or clone device can virgin a VGS3-NAG2(Gen3) unit without costing the earth?  I need do make renew TCU 722.9 VGS3 which tool works best?
Abrites is too expensive and I don’t want any subscriptions.
VGS Conductor Plate
There are three conductor plates for the Mercedes-Benz 7-Speed 722.9 automatic transmission. The conductor plates are designated as models:
  • VGS 1 – Requires Replacement of Valve Body and Conductor Plate
  • VGS 2
  • VGS 3
How do I know which VGS conductor plate I have?
Look for a number printed on top of the VGS / VDO. You should have a number such as VGS 3.
What tools can virgin VGS3? 
FVDI: most failed, risky
VVDI MB: failed
Genuine AVDI Abrites: worked, and easy
MBCAN tool: Yes
Vediamo:  requires a MB Star diagnostic system
VGS2 is ok, VGS3 need luck.  Only the older versions do this. The new SVCI failed most of the time.
Working experience:
1).Have tested vgs3 with FVDI2014 and FVDI2015 but not work.
VGS1 and VGS2 work.
I had a faulty VGS3 module, I bought one from ebay and it was not virgin. I used FVDI Chinese clone (FVDI 2016 fitted with a dongle ) to make it virgin, then used the same FVDI to write my VIN number and the variant coding decimal string of my faulty module which I extracted using Vediamo. I also used the same FVDI to release transport et assign the new unit to my car. Then using Vediamo I wrote the variant coding 4 characters into the new unit.
Cannot virgin VGS3 (confirmed by Xhorse engineer)
Working experience:
Im facing a problem with couple of 7g etc plates which is not being virgin..
It can find the password but it can’t do the personalization to no, it is stuck at yes.
CGDI Prog MB can make virgen like avdi…confirm it works well.
The CGDI virgine 722.9 TCU 1time in Day free! when you need second virgine you must pay 4$ (one token for single purpose), and the CGDI can virgine ISM,DSM,ECU, only numbers 1,2 and 3! the CGDI can’t virgine FBS 4 plate only original Abrites FVDI can virgine FBS 4 TCU.
CGDI MB renew TCU guide can be found here.
Error 1:
Erase failed error when reading on car via OBD, read fine but cannot erase
check pin out between vgs 3 and cgdi mb.
Error 2:
Erase password not found error when renew 7gtronic 03 plate
CGDI MB will renew VGS 1, 2 and 3. Take a screenshot of your TCU. Some need to write file 41.
Save the file and send to CGDI engineer. They will try to calculate the erase password for you.
AVDI Abrites:
Yes, works 100%, but very expensive.
AVDI = 890 euro interface + 2510 euro MB software module.
connect to 7G on bench with avdi
1-can h
2-can low
4-positiv 12v
5-31 grund
use between can h and low120ohm resistor and connect to obd plug star diag.
Working experience:
If you hear it buzzing you have connected it with hydraulic blok/magnet solenoids connected.
if yes, you need to put the shift level to P gear so that the magnetic valves are using much less power, or connect it with a more powerful power supply..
or simply disconecct the tcu from the hydraulic plate.
i make those everyday on bench with avdi and everything is working perfect.. Das manager, and regular diagnostic. btw you don’t need the 120ohm resistor on avdi.. only on vediamo/das.
MBCAN tool:
can make 7G units VGS1 VGS2 VGS3 virgin.
MBCAN is able to virginise the unit on the bench by using the Special hash reset.
  • CR3.xx
  • CR4.xx
  • CR5
  • CR6(working)
  • CR60.xx(working)
  • CRD.11
  • CRD2.xx
  • CRD3 (working)
  • ME9.7
  • MED17.7.x
  • SIM4LE
  • SIM266
  • SIM271DE2.0
  • SIM271KE2.0
  • 7G units VGS1 VGS2 VGS3
  • ISM – SIEMENS+CONTINENTAL (Updated finished, old customers please contact us for new software)
Board mark 2 (VGS2) is possible to renew thru vediamo!  VGS3 need luck.
Vediamo require SD connect C4.
The working solution you found does not VGS3 units because their EEPROM memory is double sized and TCU code cannot properly execute internal procedures. So it will not work on 3rd generation units with part number A 0034460310. However, in many cases and cars produced even after year 2008, which was factory equipped with VGS3 you can still use VGS2 as replacement.
Vediamo with VGS2 NAG2
Vediamo with VGS3 NAG2
Demo guide:
In sum:
CGDI MB – low cost and many possibility!
Abritus – fine instrument but many money.
All its tool can calculate Sander Has – its need force renew VGS. Or manual send command of CAN to EGS but need buy sander Hash.
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