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Which OBDII Code Scanner for Nissan Pathfinder?

Looking for Nissan Pathfinder OBDII Engine scanners which is hand-held not based on windows? Please read the following test reports and reviews.


  1. Foxwell NT301 scanner review

I use a Foxwell NT301 only 35usd. Thought I’d only use it once or twice, but I was wrong. Having your own scanner is so convenient.



Credits to @ underworld1001.


The editor advise you own Foxwell NT530 ($169), it is dedicated for Nissan cars, which is more powerful than NT301, it can perform special functions.


You can check Foxwell NT530 Nissan Pathfinder function list on official website:




  1. Autel MX808 MaxiCheck review

I use an Autel MX808 MaxiCheck which I picked up about 15 months ago. It works with any passenger car or truck with an OBD II port, but for another $99, you can get the OBD I kit which has the connectors for a number of manufacturers OBD I diagnostic ports. MK808 is the scan tool with the OBD I kit. It’s pretty nice! It’s a lot quicker than my former boss’s X431 Launch diagnostic tool and his older OTC Genesys tool. It does an all system code scan, can monitor/graph/read live datastream info, read freeze frame data, can be used to relearn throttle bodies and register TPMS sensor, relearn idle air volume, relearn steering position and a bunch of other stuff. It can update wirelessly and the updates after the first years are reasonably priced. Autel has a number of tools, both less and more expensive. This one was perfect for me and for what I do at home.




You can check Autel MX808 MaxiCheck Nissan pathfinder function list on official website




  1. Nissan Data Scan II (NDS II) and a compatible ELM327 Bluetooth OBD II dongle

I used Nissan Data Scan II (NDS II) and a compatible ELM327 Bluetooth OBD II dongle. I assume NDS III will apply to the R52’s but don’t know. But I have all of the usual OBD II data plus all of the Nissan CONSULT II data for the engine control module. Does not have ABS, etc…yet.

The NDS team is in Australia so they didn’t know for sure if their software would work with our VQ’s. Now we do…


To be upgrading…

2010 Chevrolet Express ThinkDiag Test Report

Car model and year: 2010 Chevrolet Express Passenger LS
Purpose: clear fault codes, read data stream, perform actuation test, special function etc
Launch Thinkdiag Bluetooth OBD2 full-system code scanner




All right, just finished downloading the ThinkDiag app software of Chevrolet.
I haven’t hit any buttons yet, it just says reading for data, please wait.


Here we go, familiar screens, cool.
Let’s see what a health report looks like first.
It’s going to be getting self-report now.
We definitely have some codes here.
Click on the button “DTC(3)” after “Engine Control Module (ECM)”.


Again, enter “Electronic Brake Control Module” -> Read fault code -> DTC display – it shows fault code.


Back again, tap ” ECM” and have the following functions incl. special functions, I/M System Information.
Go to Special functions and have: Crankshaft Position Variation Learn, Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Heater Learn, Idle Learn Reset, Oil life reset etc.
So they do have the ” Idle Learn Reset”, it is done key on engine off, make sure the engine fully warmed.
Okay, tap “Idle Learn Reset”, then “Ok”.
Reset commanded state none, we’re gonna do reset.
AddDS would be a data stream.
It allows me go back.
We clear the fault codes.




Lets’ verify it, click on “Read fault code”, have option” DTC display, additional DTC Information, Event data.”
No trouble code, system Normal!
Next, let’s go into data stream see how Thinkdiag does data
Let’s start this up here, turn key off, turn key on, give it a second so I waited throttle-body, does the open closed and then start it yeah, it should. Come right back down and it is already geez I wish I had a tachometer, so what you guys could follow along with me, but this thing was racing up pretty high before. Let’s see what let’s go into data stream, see how it does data.




Let’s choose “Desired idle speed” and “Engine Speed”.
Combine -> Ok
A nice feature like pinch and zoom anything like that, so you can change the scaling thereby pinching it this way and then bring it on the screen, can you scroll it that’s actually great..


Finally, it wins at Bi-directional control test.
I mean it could do more quick test here.
Back to BCM -> actuation test ->Interior lighting-> Courtesy lamp








Launch Thinkdiag code reader is an affordable option in my option.
It is great tool for that you paid.

Retrofit Ford Focus Cruise control with Cheap Method

With the purpose to retrofit Ford Focus Cruise control, what tool to use and how to operate?
  1. Use forscan: unstable
Yes: Get extended licence for forscan and activate CC trough modifying central car configuration, it much easier than using AsBuilt codes.
In Central car configuration find cruise control and change it’s value to “with cruise control”.


No: I wasn’t able to turn on cruise control using Forscan when I first tried last year. I think it had bugs in the software but so did the IDS version I was using then, but yeah you should be able to.
  1. FoCCCus 0.8.6 running with ELM327 Interface: succeed
Search on Google for FoCCCus 0.8.6. this tool can be used with a simple ELM327 Interface.
I´ve coded several Focus in the past and it worked very well 
Also you can buy extended License for Forscan or also use FoCOM.
The FoCCCus Tool is free and you can easily code BCM and ICM with it.
Simply search in CCC List for Cruise Control and Speed Limiter and activate both. Then Code BCM. That’s all. ICM is not necessary, it only for CCC backup.
But don’t use a cheap or ELM Interface. Also try to code with moderate Baud speed!
To be updating…

Launch CRP423 vs. Autel MD808 vs. CRP123 OBD2 Scanner

Here makes a comparison table of some universal OBDII diagnostic code scanners to help users make qucik decesion.

CRP423 vs. Maxidiag MD808 Pro vs. Innova 3160G

Scanner Launch CRP423 Autel MD808 Pro Full Innova 3160G
Customer Rating  4.4 / 5  3.9 / 5  4.1 / 5
Oil Reset
Injector coding
Update One-click Free Update via WiFi Update online Free update online
Language English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Russian/ Japanese/ Portuguese English,French ,Spanish ,

German ,Dutch,Swedish,

Polish ,

Korean , Italian

English, French, Spanish
Price $195 free shipping $265 Free Shipping $268 Free Shipping
Pros 1.Fast operations thanks to the A5 processor.

2. 2-year warranty.

3. Supports multiple languages.

4. One click update, screenshot, and diagnostic report.

5. Prints diagnostic reports online.

1.Access modules (audio, body, accessory protocol interface and air conditioner).

2.Lifetime free updates.

3.Auto VIN detection

4.Data can be printed off the device by using the Maxi PC suite.

5. Works very fast

1.User-friendly for the DIYer.

2.Has a large colored display screen for showing the results

3.Bluetooth App Compatibility

4. Can reset ABS/oil/SRS/Battery Maintenance Lights, or Initialize Batteries

Cons 1.Doesn’t support ABS bleed function.

2.Cannot reprogram key fob.

1.Slows down when viewing graphs.

2.Must be updated first before use.

3.Doesn’t support bi-directional controls.

4.Doesn’t offer TFT.

1.Price is going to be a little higher.

2.To connect OBD1 you can have Accessories OBD1 Adapter or OBD1 Extension Cable


Launch CRP 423 vs. CRP123

Scanner functions the same, but differs in vehicle coverage.In conclusion:

If you want to diagnose ABS and SRS related issues in your car, then consider getting Launch CRP423. It offers a mix of advanced and basic features such as smog inspection, the freeze frame, read and clear CEL, etc.

MD808 pro supports more language and systems (DPF, SAS etc) than the other two code readers.

For the price, CRP423 lives on the top.

How to Update AUTOPHIX VAG V007 OBDII Scanner

AUTOPHIX VAG V007 is a super scanner for detecting the Volkswagen Series and OBD II vehicles. V-A-G007 is a good assistant for car owners, you could test all VW, AUDI, SKODA and SEAT series vehicles.

Multilingual Menu: English, German

AUTOPHIX V007 OBD2 Scanl Tool Compatible Vehicles:

VW/ AUDI/ SEAT/ Skoda/ Jetta/ Bora/ Santana/ Sagitar/ Magotan/ Golf/ Beetle/ Tiguan/ Touareg/ Passat and so on .

AUTOPHIX VAG007 VW/AUDI Scanner Function:

Read fault codes
Erase codes and turn off the malfunction indicator light
Retrieve vehicle information

Control unit info.
Read fault codes
Clear fault codes
Oil reset
TP Position check
EPB ReplaceBrakepads

OBD II OBD2 function:

Works on all after 1996 OBD II
Compliant US, European and Asian vehicles

Functions for volkswagen Series:

01. MENUCOMM: Engine, Auto_Trans, ABS_Brakes, Auto_HVAC, Cent_Elect, Airbags, Steering_Wheel, Instruments and so on.
02. MENUDRIV: Engnie, DieselPump, AutoTrans, AWD etc.
03. MENUCHAS: ABSBrakes, Susp_Elect, ChassisControl, Airbags, SteeringAssist, TirePressure and so on.
04. MENUCOMF: AutoHVAC, PositionSensing, Steeringwheel, Aux_Heat, LaneChange, CentralConv etc.
05. MENUELEC1: Immobilizer, Instruments, Cent_Elect, Navigation, CANGateway, Towprotection etc.
06. MENUELEC2: DataTransfer, MediaPlayer, CtrlHeadDash, Inform_Electr etc.

How to Update AUTOPHIX VAG007 VW/AUDI OBDII Scanl Tool?

The upgrade process:
Step 1: First, you need to connect the V007 to the PC via usb cable.
Step 2: Open the software.
Install the driver.
The installation would be completed after clicking “OK” and then you should exit the
driver installation interface.
Step 3: Open the upgrade software again.
Select the correct COM port (COM 4)
You can get the option and serial port COM port number by checking your Device Manager.
Step 4: Click the “Main File” to select upgrade file path.
Select the upgrade file, then click “Open“. <Upgrade file format is FlashFile_V2.6.bin >
Click the “Open Port” to open the serial port.
Click the “Main Update” to upgrade.
Upgrade successful prompt:
After update successful , pull out the upgrade line after the device’s main
interface appear.
Note: If you can’t find the COM port, please check whether the equipment
connected to PC successfully, and then reopen the software to upgrade.
Step 5:  Replug the data cable, click “Close String” and “Open String” again!
Click “FLASH File” to select MainFile_V6.4.bin in the popup dialog.
Click “FLASH upgrade“, then the upgrade begins, this process may be longer
Please wait patiently!
Upgrade success will appear boot interface, at this point you can rest assured
to use!
Note: Please refer to the upgrade instructions in detail during the upgrade
process. If the upgrade fails, do not worry about it. Re-upgrade according to
the upgrade steps and will not affect the normal use of the device.

Foxwell NT4141 vs. MD802 vs. CRP129 vs. Vident iLink440

Some 4-system diagnostic scanner comparison: Vident iLink440 Pro vs. Foxwell NT414 vs. Autel MD802 4-system vs. Launch CRP129 code scanner:

Product iLink440 Pro NT414 MD802 4-system CRP129 Premium
Company Vident Foxwell Autel Launch
Scanning Features (1996 to Present)
Reads generic data and monitors (Mode 1) Yes Yes Yes
Systems Engine, ABS ,AT, SRS Engine, ABS ,AT, SRS Engine, ABS ,AT, SRS Engine, ABS ,AT, SRS
Displays freeze frame data (Mode 2) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reads trouble codes (Mode 3) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clears all trouble codes  (Mode 4) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reads test results for oxygen sensors (Mode 5) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reads test results (Mode 6) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reads pending codes (Mode 7) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bi-directional control (actuator tests) (Mode 8) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle information -VIN (Mode 9) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reads permanent DTCs (Mode 0A) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Functions
Enhance bi-directional
Reset oil lights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inspection interval lights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electronic brake service Yes Yes Yes
Steering angel service Yes
Battery Configuration Yes
Record and play back OBDII live data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graph live data on screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graph multiple values on screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-theft/key duplication
Live Data Stream– Digital
Enhanced engine coverage (codes, data or both) Both Both Both Both
Enhanced transmission coverage (codes, data or both) Both Both Both Both
ABS coverage (codes, data or both) Both Both Both Both
SRS coverage (codes, data or both) Both Both Both Both
HVAC coverage (codes, data or both) Both Both Both Both
Graphs live data on screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graphs multiple values on screen simultaneously (list how many) 2 2 2 2
OBDI Adapters (Pre-1996)
Domestic Coverage
Asian Coverage
European Coverage
Vehicle Coverage
Quanty of makes 76 76 Not clear Not clear
Tool Features
Operating system
Multilingual – on screen definitions in English/Spanish/French Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes internal battery
High resolution color screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Touchscreen interface (size in inches) 4.3”(non-touch) 4.3”(non-touch) 2.8”(non-touch) 4.0”(non-touch)
Print vehicle diagnostic report capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Requires separate laptop or PC
VGA port
HDM port
Wireless-to-car capabilities (VCI Dongle, etc.)
Built-in J2534
Wifi/ internet capable

How to use Carista App, ELM327 Bluetooth and Android

I came across the ELM327 adapter and the Android application Carista. It was the application that really interested me. I decided to test it and finally I want to talk more about it.


I have been using ELM327 Bluetooth OBDII scanner for no two years in the car, and Torque has been installed on the smartphone thanks to which it is possible to take readings from the sensors installed in the car (temperature, speed, engine speed, acceleration, etc.). A cool application, there are a bunch of plug-ins, but I did not really like it, I played it a couple of times and that’s it.

Installed Carista on my Android smartphone. I’m very surprised with the functionality of the application! Firstly, he can adequately read errors. Secondly, the most important thing is how to code additional functions (auto-closing doors, change the amount of flickering of comfortable turn signals, etc.)! You can absolutely encode the available additional functions without a VAG-com and a complicated ODIS-diagnostics. And so we will dwell on this in more detail.

The first thing we need is the adapter ELM327 . In China, such an adapter costs about a couple of dollars. The adapter has built-in Bluetooth. Somebody said Carista does not recognize the ELM327 version 2.1, however the ELM327 version 1.5 no issue, if you recognize them and make the diagnosis.  So better choose  ELM327 1.5 interface.

The adapter is extremely simple to use. First turn off the ignition, and then:

1). Find the diagnostic connector.


2). Usually the connector is located under the steering column, at the very bottom of the dashboard. If you are first looking for a diagnostic connector in your car and it is not helping with your fingers, you can kneel down and look under the dashboard. The result will not take long.


3). We stick the ELM327 BT adapter into the socket. If you can not stuck – turn it upside down and try again (like with a USB stick).


4). After that, turn on the ignition and take your precious smartphone, which you must first download and install Carista .

Here’s a free version to try:
5). The first time you connect the adapter to the phone via Bluetooth, you need to pair them. On the smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and look for available devices for pairing.

6). After we found the device OBDII select it. For pairing, you must enter the password 1234.


7). Now the ELM327 scanner adapter and smartphone are interfaced and the next time you plug the adapter into the connector, it will automatically connect to the smartphone.


8). We launch on the smartphone Carista. And we see two sections:


CHECK FAULTS allows you to read errors from all blocks. Also a list of found errors can be forwarded to yourself by e-mail. Convenient for debriefing. This is how the error search process looks:


I found two mistakes myself – something connected with the headlights.


The most interesting is in CUSTOMIZE . Here you can activate hidden functions . We open:


Available custom hidden functions are divided into four categories:
– Doors / Windows / Remote ( Doors / Windows / Remote control );
– Instruments / Display / Dings ( Tools / Display / Signals );
– Lights ( lighting );
– Other (Other );


Going into each of the sections we see separately each function that can be activated or deactivated. Here is a list of what is available from me. The list is actually much larger, here is a list of what is activated / deactivated from me:

Doors / Windows / Remote ( Doors / Windows / Remote control ): 
– Auto-lock doors when moving;
– Auto-unlock doors when key is taken out of ignition (Auto unlocking of doors when the key is removed from the ignition lock);
– Auto-lock trunk when moving (Automatic luggage compartment lock when driving);
– Unlock trunk when the doors are unlocked (unlocking the luggage compartment when unlocking the doors);
– Blink turn signals when locking / unlocking with remote (Flashing indicators when setting / removing from the signal);
– Beep when locking with remote (Horn by a horn when signaling);
– Beep when unlocking with remote (Horn by a horn at removal from the alarm system);
– Beep when alarm is armed (Horn by a horn when an alarm is triggered);

Instruments / Display / Dings ( Tools / Display / Signals ): 
– Instrument cluster language (System language, voice control);
– Instrument cluster region;
– Time display format (Time format format 24H / 12H AM PM);
– Multi-Function Display ( Multifunction display );
– Lane-change turn signal auto-flasher (function of comfort turn signals)
– Lane-change turn signal auto-flasher count (Number of flickers of comfortable turn signals);

Lights ( Lighting ) 
– Cornering lights (Backlight turns with fog lights when the dipped beam is on);
– Turn on the interior lights when the key is taken out of ignition (Turn on the interior lighting when the key is removed from the ignition switch);

Other (Other ) 
– the Activate side by mirror heaters are the when REAR window defroster is on (mirrors heating, when the heated rear window);
– Speed-dependent windshield wiper speed (wiper speed, depending on the speed of the vehicle);
– Auto-enable rear wiper when front wipers on and reverse gear engaged (Turn on rear wiper, when reverse gear is on);
– Horn works even when ignition is off (the horn works with the ignition switched off);

This is what I got to activate / deactivate. Still available, but it did not turn out to activate the daytime running lights (those that are installed in the fog-lights, I do not have one), the Coming / leaving-home functions (but you need a light sensor) and a couple of small things.

In general, for those who want to read errors and without activate / deactivate hidden functions – ELM327 + Carista are ideal thing. I recommend!

Note: The document was translated form Russian. Credit to Mr.WanDerWin.

Torque App tested working Code Scanner Adapters List

This is a list of adapters that Torque application has been tested with which work with OBD2 compliant vehicles:

(Note: All the adapters offer the same access to all the available OBD2 sensors in the vehicle. The adapters do not determine what sensors are or are not available, they are all the same in this respect)


Working Bluetooth Adapters

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments
OBDLink MXobdlink-mx-1

Small unit Power, Host, Bluetooth and OBD status lights, High speed PID readingDevice Security $199.95 Flash upgradable firmware, Powersave/sleep function,Reports of good customer support. This is the best adapter if you want the fastest PID read speed. Read speeds can be as fast as 100PIDs/sec over Bluetooth (Tested on a Galaxy S4, CANBUS protocol) This device also offers security to prevent unauthorized use


Small unit Power, Host, Bluetooth and OBD status lights, High speed PID readingDevice Security $69.94 (special offer), $99.95 normally Flash upgradable firmware, Powersave/sleep function,Reports of good customer support. This is the best adapter if you want the fastest PID read speed. Read speeds can be as fast as 100PIDs/sec over Bluetooth (Tested on a Galaxy S4, CANBUS protocol) This device also offers security to prevent unauthorized use

Adapter and cable (adapter can be separated from cable) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $149.90(Special offer), $179.90 Normal Flash upgradable firmware, Powersave/sleep function,Reports of good customer support. Fast PID read speeds, in excess of 160PIDs/second using a Motorola Xoom and USB
ELM327 Adapter obdscan-elm327

Moulded adapter (single unit) Power, OBD, and PC(Host) status lights $6.99 Fully checked and tested before dispatch – This is the official version of this adapter

Adapter and cable (adapter can be separated from cable) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $84.95 + BT option at $74.95 = $159.90 Upgradable firmware
Diamex DX70 & DXM


Adapter in single unit RX/TX status light, Power Light 149EUR Not the fastest adapter, but good construction, reliable.
PLX Devices Kiwi Bluetoothkiwi-bluetooth

Adapter and cable (adapter cannot be separated from cable) On/off switch, link light $99.99 New versions of this adapter appear to require a manual ‘link’ button to be pressed to wake it up before Torque will be able to connect. If you use automatic logging you may wish to avoid this adapterThere have been user reports of some of these adapters being faulty like some of the clone adapters. If Torque reports there is an issue with the adapter, check with PLX devices support for more help or getting a replacement
ELM327 BluetoothAdapter

Vgate Bluetooth

Single moulded unit (though there are several different coloured ‘stickers’ used) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $8.00 to $15.00 Some units seem to suffer poor build quality and reliability issues. Other units are perfectly fine. Make sure you purchase with a buyer who has a decent returns policy should the unit turn out to be defective. If you have connection issues, or displays randomly ‘pausing’ in the app then it is most likely an adapter issue.If you are using the USB version of this adapter then be aware that you will need to make sure the adapter uses an FTDI or Prolific usb to serial converter chip and have an android device running Android 3.1 or 4.0(or above) and supports USB host mode – you will also need the Pro version of Torque for USB support (though this will be ported to the lite app eventually)If you are using adapters with a bluetooth MAC address of 11:22:33:DD:EE:FF then be aware that these adapters will not work with other adapters nearby with the same address (and should be avoided if you plan to use multiple adapters) Some of these units also appear to have pairing issues – some of the super mini adapters have this flaw

Working WiFi Adapters (non ad-hoc mode)

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments
Vgate WiFi Vgate-wifi

Small moulded adapter WiFi connection using infrastructure mode, not ad-hoc About 34ukp (from ebay) Suitable for use with Blackberry Q10 & Z10 devices – adapter can get warm, but has an inbuilt powersaving mode

Working USB Adapters

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments OBDLink


USB Adapter Activity/status light $49.95(Special offer), $74.95 Normal User upgradeable via free downloadsReports of good customer support. Fast PID read speeds, in excess of 165 PIDs/sec with USB to a Samsung Note 3

Supported Non-OBD2 adapters

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments
Track Electronics ConsultBTtrack-consult-bt

Moulded plug Works with Nissan Consult systems (using special non-OBD2 socket, beta testing in Torque)


Moulded plug Works with WV/Seat/Audi using VW’s native protocols (beta testing in Torque)


Adapters that are not currently supported

Adapter Form factor Other features Comments
Garmin EcoRoute Moulded plug attached to cable, not detatchable Works with EcoRoute HD navigation, “offline” data storage Non ELM327 compatible. The protocol was discovered, however the adapter proved to be too slow to be of any use.
GoPoint BT1 Moulded plug Non ELM327 compatible. Uses their own closed protocol.

Actron U-Scan

Large moulded plug Not ELM327 compatible, uses their own closed protocol. Not interoperable with other industry standard ELM327 OBD software