Cummins Insite Software Patch Installation

Cummins Insite 8.5.0 is released and tested OK with Inline 6 and Inline 7 HQ china clone.Here’s the installation instruction of Insite program + driver + patch and test report on Inline 6 adapter. Hope it’s helpful.
you should have:folder: driveszip file: INSITE 8.5.0zip file: INSITE 8.5.0 patch


operating system:windows 7 32 bit: tested!(need luck for other windows edition)
youtube video:
steps to install cummins insite 8.5.0:
step 1: install insite 8.5.0 programstep 2: install driver for cummins inline 6step 3: install insite 8.5.0 patch
in detail…
step 1: install insite 8.5.0
establish a new folder: 8.5 on Desktopextract INSITE 8.5.0.exe to the new folder 8.5open folder 8.5run AdminInstall as adminselect a setup language (here: English)


start to install insite 8


items required to install:Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7.1 FullMicrosoft_Visual_C++_2017_Redistributable_Package_(x86)TooLicenseServiceINSITE Data Pack
start to install items one by onenote 1: accept insite software license agreementnote 2: insite data pack is installed successfully


finish, but you will get an error: some files may be missing from the installation or computed. please reinstall or repair and relaunch applicationleave the error aside and continue your installationnote 3: install insite – installshield wizardnext – tick on “I have verified…”, next – accept the license agreement, next – next – install


insite is installed successfully


automatically install insite 8.5.0, insite manager, fault viewer


then click on OK on the error
go to folder 8.5 – UpdateManageropen fix applicationgo to Help –fix bug, then exit


step 2: install insite 8.5.0 driver
go to Computer Properties to confirm your system typehere: 32 bit operating system


go to the removable disk INISTE 8.5.0, then folder drives – inline 6 driversopen the zip file: inline-6-9-0-0-32bit, then do extraction from itautomatically running…will install Cummins INLINE 6 -32bit on your systemnext…finished installing Cummins INLINE 6finish
step 3: install insite 8.5.0 patch
copy the zip file INSITE 8.5.0 patch from the removable disk to Desktopextract the pactch file on Desktop, then open the folderopen “康明斯8.5.0注册” (cummins 8.5.0 registration) application


accept cummins license agreementcummins inline 6 driver software will  be installed automatically
step 4: configure cummins inline 6 connection
open Cummins INSITE appaccept insite software license agreementadd new to create a connection to a datalink adapter or ecm simulator


rp1210 adapter: connect using a rp1210 adapter


connection settings:vendor: cummins inc. inline 6adapter: inline 6 usbprotocol: auto detect


connection name: INLINE 6.USB (Auto Detect) Connectionto make this connection active, select this box and then click FInish


successfully configured the new connection


fault codes in cummins insite 8.5.0


inline 6 clone adapter is confirmed to work with insite 8.5.0.aslo, it can be used with Cummins inline 7 china clone. tested and worked good.

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