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Will SD Connect C5 Clone diagnose Mitsubishi Fuso?

This is for Mitsubishi Fuso owners:
Possible to use FUSO Xentry diagnostics with a cloned SDconnect C4 or C5?
What can I do if I have FUSO Xentry diagnostic software?
Obdii365.com tech support:
With the genuine, definitely Yes. But you will spend a lot with it.
With the clone, possible. You should have a decent diagnostic tool for Mitsubishi trucks. FYI, not all C4/C5 cloned units can work with it.
The decent Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic tool should be
It’s kind of different from the normal SD connect C5 for Mercedes:
Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic software download:
You can have the same interface with normal SD connect C4/C5.
BUT actually Mitsubishi Fuso diagnosis doesn’t work.
This is the only version confirmed to work with mitsubishi!
It can work for FUSO Mitsubishi, Cobus, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach, Setra, Bharat-Benz, FotonDaimler , while normal SD connect C4/C5 software only work for Mercedes-Benz and Smart.
Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic software:
Version: 09.2018
English,Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, French, Spanish,Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Swedish, Chinese, Czech, German, Finish, Hungarian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Slovenian
Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic functions:
  • Read and Clear Codes
  • View live data
  • View lifetime and trip totals
  • Perform bi-directional diagnostic commands such as DPF regeneration, re-learn commands, injector tests, and more
Mitsubishi Fuso vehicle coverage:
covers Mitsubishi model from year 2012 to year 2016
Mitsubishi Fuso Xentry Connect C5 diagnostic connector:
1pcs X Fuso Connect Interface C5 XENTRY
1pcs X Fuso Harness (OBD 2)
1pcs X Fuso Lan Cable








This multiplexer now is able to connected with a Lan cable for wireless diagnosis
The Connector adopts military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
All core accessories come with the original new packing chip, and 24hours test, the quality guarantee of the products

How to Update DoIP Xentry Connect C5 Software

Here’s the detail guide on how to update software of Mercedes Benz DoIP Xentry Connect C5 MB Star diagnostic scanner.  DoIP C5 comes with both internal hard drive and external Dell HDD .



1.The upgrade procedure fits for DoIP Xentry Connect C5 but no SD Connect C5 (SD C4 in C5 case).


If you have XDOS 2018.3 or  2017.9 not working well, you should update it to version 2018.7.

If you have XDOS 2018.5 works good, it’s not necessary to update to 2018.7.

3. If you feel complicated to update the firmware by yourself.  You can send both Doip C5 HDD and Dell HDD to us to run an upgrade.



Part 1: How to remove Xentry Connect C5 internal HDD

Here’s a video explaining in detail


Part 2: How to update Xentry Connect C5 software

Tools required:

Xentry_Kit_09_2017.iso(copy to the folder:  iodd 2541 _ISO)

U disk with a Windows machine (recommend Bigbaicai WinCE)

IODD 2541 External Encrypted Hard Drive or similar


Panasonic power adapter


Xentry Connect C5 multiplexer


C5 mux in standby mode

connect the Panasonic power adapter to C5

insert IODD 2541 into the USB port on C5



in a standby mode, press “X” and “√” at the same time, then it will pop up “Start Update?”

(if not, it will pop up “Start XENTRY Connect?”. then, when the prompt disappears, it will display “Start Update?”)


When you see “Start Update?”, press “√” and Connect C5 will go into the update mode and IODD 2541 will light up


Press button “5” on IODD 2541 as soon as possible. then, the cross “X” will turn a circle “O”


what’s displayed on C5:




It will take 50-55 minutes to finish the upgrade


The system restarts after installation completes


If your system fail to start, turn off C5 mux and restart again


When C5 starts, take out the hard disk on C5 and install it into the laptop (here: Dell 55220)

Before it, pls install the Windows machine on the U disk


Press F12 when you see the pop-up “F12 Boot Options”


Select USB Storage Device and press “Enter”


Pop up the interface, and select [03] WIN2003 PE Classical


Go to the PE system and create an user account





Note that Windows should be located in disk D:


After path selection, right click on “Create a new admin account” on the left


User name: C5, Password: abc12345678
(You can have any user name and password you want)



Click on Ok

Close the application

Turn off the laptop

Take out the disk off the laptop and install it into C5 multiplexer




Part 3: How to activate Xentry Connect C5 after upgrade

Here’s teamviewer file explaining the step-by-step activation procedure



Files needed to activate C5:

Activation key

2018.7 key

Black list C5


Part 4: How to install EPC WIS software

Video 1

Video 2



Part 5: How to connect C5 SD connect  with Xentry Tab/Laptop

Here’s example on connecting C5 with Xentry tablet, can be also connected with Dell D630 or Lenovo laptop.

C5 is Standby status when not connect with car



C5 has 2 USB connectors and round power connector (power by Panasonic power adapter) on left side


Connect LAN cable and power cable with C5



Press Power button foe 3 sec to turn on Tab


Connect Xentry C5 OBD cable and LAN cable


No car connected. Because it is not connected to vehicle



Xentry Tab main menu


Open Xentry Control


Then come to this interface, wait for the communication


Xentry is connected with SD C5


Click on green icon


Launch Xentry software


Run MB Star diagnostic software and start diagnose Mercedes.





How to rework SD connect C4 PCB for DoIP diagnosis

About: How to rework a cloned MB star diagnosis SD connect C4 PCB to support DoIP, working as well as Xentry Connect C5


Details included:

What is DoIP?

What’s the advantage of DoIP?

Why DoIP is applied to automotive / cars?

What is a SDconnect DoIP device?

What is a DoIP cable?

How to rework clone SDConnect C4 PCB for DoIP diagnosis?



What is DoIP?


Diagnostic Communication over Internet Protocol


Short and simple: “DoIP is the packaging of diagnostic messages

in Ethernet frames for communication of a diagnostic tester with a vehicle”

  • DoIP is a standardized diagnostic transport protocol according to

ISO 13400 (see the note below)

  • DoIP is used in combination with the standardized diagnostic protocol

UDS (ISO 14229-5: UDSonIP)

  • Services of UDSonIP are identical to UDSonCAN
  • DoIP with Ethernet 100 Base-TX instead of CAN enables substantial

higher bandwidth

  • Vehicle access with DoIP is backwards compatible using discretionary

pins of the existing diagnostic connector

  • DoIP enables easy integration into various network structures,

even with WLAN



Note:  ISO 13400

ISO 13400-1:2011 describes the general use cases and communication scenarios which are covered by an Internet Protocol-based vehicle communication standard. Each use case drives specific communication capabilities of the vehicle communication interface, for instance in order to be interoperable in an existing computer network.

The diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol (DoIP) protocol supports the standardized service primitive interface as specified in ISO 14229-2.

The descriptions in ISO 13400-1:2011 cover different application layer implementations, such as:

enhanced vehicle diagnostics (system diagnostics beyond legislated functionality, non-emissions-related system diagnostics);
WWH-OBD (World-Wide Harmonized On-Board Diagnostics) as specified in ISO 27145-2 and ISO 27145-3.


What’s the advantage of DoIP?


Performant handling of huge data volumes

Time-saving at ECU Flash Programming

Cost-efficient because no VCI is necessary

Simple integration to IT Infrastructure

Flexible use because of standardized communication

Integrated with other standards for vehicle diagnosis

Future-proof technology enables various use cases


Why DoIP is applied to automotive / cars?

xentry-connect-c5-doipxentry-connect-c5-doipincreasing interconnection of vehicles and their environment

Driving assistance and infotainment systems cause huge data volume

Increasing time for flash programming at production line and after-sales service

DoIP as a performant and flexible vehicle access



What is a SDconnect DoIP device?


SDconnect DoIP devices for diagnosis of the model 222 S-Class have “SDconnect DoIP” on the model plate of the device (system number 170000 or higher). SDconnect DoIP includes an Ethernet switch, which switches the TCP/IP messages in the event of DoIP diagnosis to the vehicle side.


DoIP diagnostic tool for Mercedes:

SD connect C4 genuine (the clone need rework)

DoIP Xentry Connect C5, clone or genuine


What is a DoIP cable?

It’s a cable used to updated to DoIP with SD connect C4 clone.


What is a DoIP cable?


The difference between DoIP and non-DoIP is pcb with Ethernet switch or not.


For SDConnect C4 china clone: rework and update to DoIP


You need:

Here is a parts kit to upgrade your SDConnect to DoIP:

DoIP piggyback board, power board and new DoIP cable.
If your SDConnect is china made you have to solder one missing connector.



What has been done:

Keyboard replaced
Side metal covers replaced
Top plastic cover replaced
Battery case with sensor and battery lock replaced
Full set of screws replaced

LCD board replaced
SDCard replaced
Connectors board replaced
LAN connector replaced
DoIP piggyback board added

Processor board
MPC processor replaced
C161 processor replaced
PIC replaced
Full set of RAM(6 chips) replaced
Full set of ROM(4 chips) replaced
PHY LAN controller replaced
PCMCIA slot replaced
20pin aux connector added
SD slot added
Some minor improvements, resoldering, cleaning etc.

Relay board
Can chokes added
All capacitors replaced
Main power regulators and inductors replaced
Some minor improvments, resoldering, cleaning etc.


Done! And your SD connect C4 DoIP now.



Credit to Anturage who made such great job. Note that experienced tech is required to PCB rework; otherwise, you would damage your device- TRYING ON YOUR OWN RISK.


Also, you have another way for W222 DoIP diagnosis, that is: go for Xentry Connect C5. No matter it’s original or not, it has good compatibility of DoIP diagnosis.