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Volvo VOCOM Renault truck diagnosis replace $4000 Renault NG10

Do you know you can use a $500 Volvo VOCOM Interface instead of a $4,000 Renault NG10 to fully diagnose Renault truck? MUCH cheaper solution!

Below Volvo VOCOM diagnose Renault Magnum 2004 as an example!


Two Volvo VOCOM interfaces available for choosing:

Volvo VOCOM 88890300 for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck with PTT 2.03.20 $539


Volvo VCADS VOCOM 88890300 for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck with PTT 2.03.20 $449


Note: Both share same PCB board and same functions. They are difference only in appearance.


Tip: In this case, you use Renault NG3 NG10 Renault Diagnostic, so need 200USD for additional cost.


Volvo VOCOM adapter diagnoses Renault Magnum EURO 3 review:

Connect Volvo VOCOM interface with Renault Magnum using the 12 pin cable.

Open Renault Diagnostic software, click the right truck icon to choose truck model “Magnum”.

Now you can see Volvo VOCOM Renault Magnum main menu as below:


You can diagnose many truck modules like: Engine, Brake, Powertrain, Suspension, Heating/Air conditioning, Speed limiter and Cabin.


In this case, first go to Powertrain system and select “As-Tronic” gearbox ECU.


Turn on ignition. You can see vehicle information listed as below:


Click “Defects present” to check which part get wrong now.


It clearly shows you the EBS system has error. And you can know what exactly the error is and the error solution.



Choose “Defects in memory” and you can see which parts once got wrong.


Go back to choose “Diagnostic” and “Visualization”, you can view truck real-time status.

Input status: Engine speed, gearbox input/output speed, vehicle speed, battery voltage, ECU temperature, oil temperature, air pressure, etc.



Output status: Clutch closing percentage, clutch position, clutch status, etc.


Gearbox actuators engaged.


General visualization allows you to view full system status.


VOLVO VOCOM also allows you to program specific customer parameters for Renault Magnum!


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5 steps to set up Volvo VOCOM 88890300 WiFi

Here is the manual on how to set up WIFI for Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface forVolvo/Renault/UD/Mack truck diagnosis scanner.


Before wifi setup, users had better have a basic understanding of Vocom cables.

There are 5 cables for vocom communication unit:

1 pc x   OBD2 cable

1 pc x   8pin cable

1 pc x   14pin cable

1 pc x   12pin cable for Renault trucks

1 pc x    USB cable


This exactly is the USB cable that connects the Volvo VOCOM adapter to the PC.


Before wifi setup, please make sure you have successfully installed volvo vocom 88890300 software, vocom 88890300 driver, Tech Tool. And the device is working:


How to set up wifi for vocom 8889300 communication unit.

  1. use USB cable , go to Premium Pech Tool (PTT) , setting, Communication unit configuration , configure, ‘USB+Directly to Communication unit’




  1. ‘Direct’ ->’Restore default values’-‘Apply’-‘Ok’



3. Click Ok again, then disconnect usb cable


  1. go to Setting->’Comm.unit Selection’ -. ‘ Communication unit 8889300 ….Nickname’




  1. now your can use signal get wireless signal.


All ok!



NOTE of VOCOM adapter connection:

If you are experiencing connection issues, control unit mismatches, incorrect model or electrical system populate, or operations for that vehicle are missing, do the following. Disconnect the adapter from the truck and PC for at least 2 minutes. Click “Finish Work” on the product page in Tech tool. Go to the “Latest selections” list and remove the VIN you are having the issue with. Power cycle the truck for at least 10 seconds. Now re-connect to the truck.Usually, the issue will be solved.


Note: Volvo Vocom interface Item # SH56 in obdii365.com does not support WiFi, only Item # SH56-B support Wifi connection.


Can Volvo Vocom Premium Tech Tool PTT1.12 program ECU?

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface is compatible both Premium Tech Tool PTT1.12 and PTT2.03 software that is able to diagnose Volvo, Renault, UD and Mack Truck heavy duty models. But is it possible to make PTT software to program ECU parameters (program immo, Recalculate Checksum, remove adblue etc)? Yes, it is.


With Volvo 88890300 Vocom heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool you can diagnose, test, calibrate, and program a product. A product could be a vehicle, engine, or a machine. Volvo 88890300 Vocom truck scanner also provides functions for updating the tool, communication with the product, and other external applications.


Volvo Vocom PTT alone cannot program immo or other module parameters. But PTT1.12/PTT V2.03 is free to work with other Volvo developing and engineering software, such as Volvo IMMO Tool software and VOLVO Intermediate Storage File ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR (EDITOR) software.


For Volvo truck IMMO programming, you need to make PPT work with Volvo IMMO Tool software (135USD). For detail information, please connect obd365.com customer service.


For other parameter programming, you need to order VOLVO Intermediate Storage File ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR (EDITOR) software which allows you to:


  1. AdBlue OFF (do not need to but adblue emulator additionally)
  2. Convert EUR3 to EUR5.
  3. EGR OFF.
  4. NOx Torque Reduction OFF
  5. Build Intel Hex file for chip tuning
  6. Recalculate Checksum of CSW


Software comes with one time free activation. The software can only work with Vocom 88890300 interface, cannot work with VCADS Pro PTT1.12/2.40 and VCADS 88890180/88890020 with yellow color diesel truck scanner.



PTT 1.12/2.40 software can only be loaded on Win XP, if you using the PTT1.12 version, you should installed Intermediate Storage File software Win XP as well. On the contrary, PTT PTT2.03/3.02 software can only be installed on Win 7 professional or ultimate, so the Volvo ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR (EDITOR) software has to be loaded on Win 7 as well.

volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-1 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-2 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-3 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-4 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-5