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Auro OtoSys IM600 UP400 Hardware too Low Solution

Auro OtoSys IM100/ IM600 updated Immo Program, China, International models on 2018/09/04. Adding BMW, VW, Volvo and GM IMMO models.


Immo Program Version Number V1.53  2018/09/04

1.HiTag BMW reading key ID, reading information, write page data for UP200
2.VW Magotan CC key making, find the 7th byte, unlockk function for UP200 & UP400
3. CAS4_1L15Y chip write function for UP400
4. MC9S12XEP100_RWUNLOCK chip unlock, lock, write, read function for UP400
5. VOLVO_KVM_TYPE1 chip read function for UP400

1. The firmware upgrade
China Version number V3.87 Release date 2018/09/05

NEW: Independent upgrade

international models Version number V2.30 Release data 2018/09/04

1.The function of GM: Pontiac/G6/2005-2009/Blade Key/Remote System
2. The keyless system function of Volvo model as follow:
S80 ( 2008-2016), V60 ( 2011-2017 ), XC60 ( 2008-2018 ), S60 ( 2010-2018 )
,XC70 ( 2007-2016 ), V70 ( 2009-2016 ), V40 2012-2018 )


I request technical support because with the Auro otosys IM600 I want to read a cas4 module from bmw and at the time of reading I get a legend that says CONTACT YOUR DEALER BECAUSE THE HARDWARE VERSION OF THE PROGRAMMER IS TOO LOW.  The newest upgrade says it will write BMW CAS4.
Hi, the new upgrade requires higher version UP400, you can send the up400 to where you bought the equipment to be updated in hardware. Then it will compatible with new features.
Don’t forget to provide your Auro serial number, including, IM600/IM100 tablet, J2534 box and UP200/UP400 programmer. You can find S/N on the back of the main host.


If you find your IM600/IM100 don’t work on these features, try to contact your dealer first. Then send the UP200/UP400 programmer back for upgrade if necessary.
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