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Free Download and Install Toyota Techstream 12.00.127

The newest Toyota Techstream software v12.00.127 is verified to work 100% with the MINI VCIcable, Xhorse MVCI ,VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota, Toyota OTC 2 diagnostic tool. So, Techstream 12.00.127 Windows 7 / Windows XP, how to install? Here are the Tis Techstream
12.00.127 installation demos and step-by-step installation guides of.
How to install Toyota Techstream 12.00.127 on Windows 7
Operation system:  Windows 7 (Windows XP also no issues)
Install Toyota Techstream V12.00.127 for MINI VCI/Xhorse MVCI:
Go to disk E: toyota mangoose
Open GTS_12.00.127_TME_NDSI application
Choose the Techstream setup language
Begin to install Techstream software
Accept the agreement
Enter the name and company
Techstream software is configuring your new software installation…
Click on Finish
Successfully installed Techstream 12.00.127 software!
Copy MainMenu application
Go to Techstream properties
Open File Location:…Program files/Toyota diagnostics/Techstream/bin
Copy and replace MainMen
Run MVCI Driver for TOYOTA to install (it’s in disk E:)
Begin to install MVCI driver
Installing MVCI driver for toyota tis…
Finish MVCI driver installation

Pop-up: instilling device driver software
Pop-up: your device is ready to use
Run MVCI Firmware Update Tool on Desktop

Run Techstream on Desktop
Pop-up: Java can be obtained from the web? NO!
Go to Setup->Techstream Configuration
Select Area: Europe, Language: English,
Add caption
Connect to Vehicle
Enter the new key with the help of “key” text in software disk:
Initializing USB communication
Connecting to vehicle…
Techstream 12.00.127 diagnose VIOS ok
This how-to’s is for users with MINI VCI, MVCI 3 in 1
For users with Toyota OTC2 diagnostic tool , please refer the video below:
How to install Techstream v12.00.127 for Toyota OTC2

Only differs from the driver installation!
Have fun!

Toyota Techstream V11.00.017 No Password

Toyota TIS Techstream 11.00.017 diagnosis and programming software has been tested and verified 100% working with VXDIAG diagnostic tools by obdii365.com technician.
VXDIAG Toyota Techstream v11.00.017 software free download:
Toyota Techstream 11.00.017.exe
VX Manager
Software features:
Tested OK by professional!
1000000% works with VXDIAG toyota!
Compatible with:
Vxdiag multi diagnostic tool for Toyota, Honda, LandRover & Jaguar
(We have not tested this software with Mini VCI cables. You can try it yourself.)
Languages available: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, ect.
OS Required: Windows XP, Windows 7 32Bit
How to install Techstream for VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota:
Install Techstream software
Install VX Manager
Install software for “USB Serial Converter”
Install software for “USB Serial Port”
Install VCX Driver, Toyota TIS
Run Teachstream
* How-to guides from
Teschstream used for:
OBDII diagnosis
Key programming
ECU programming
Personal customization
Cars can be tested incl.:
Toyota, Lexus (up to the 2015 year)
12V and 24V communication
heavy truck and diesel models
Case: How to use Toyota Techstream v11 with vxdiag nano toyota
Connect VXDIAG NANO toyota to LX570 and the laptop
Run Techstream v11.00.019 interface
Connect to vehicle
Finish vehicle information and click Next to go on
Select Smart Access
Click Utility on the left column
Then Smart code reset
Tick on I understand and confirm the drivers door open, then Next
Input VIN, then Next
Input Pass-Code number, then Next
Smart code reset failed, and try again
Back to the interface of “Welcome to the Smart Code Reset utility”
Again, tick on I understand and confirm the drivers door open to continue
Again, input VIN, then Next
Go to Techstream ImmoReset PassCode Calculator
Select versions and input VIN
Then click Get Pass-Code
Copy the Seed number to Techstream ImmoReset PassCode Calculator
Then click Generate to get Pass Code
Copy the Pass Code to Pass-Code Number, then Next
It will take 16 minutes for the reset to complete
Smart code reset by Techstream v11 SUCCESS.

Techstream Program Key fob on Toyota Rav4 2016 Easily

This blog will show you how to program new fob ( Frequency Operating Button ) for Toyota Rav4 2016 with cheap MINI VCI Cable and Techstream V10.30.029.



TIS Techstream Ver 10.30.029

Work with: MINI VCI J2534 diagnostic cable


Vehicle model and year: Toyota Rav4 2016


First connect MINI VCI 16pin connector to car obd port and the other side connect to USB port of computer


Then Switch ignition on

Run Techstream V10.30.029 and click “Connect to vehicle”


Toyota Techstream software will read out vehicle information, you should choose “w/ Smart Key” and “RADAR CRUISE” like the picture shows, then click next


Choose “Smart Key” option in System Selection Menu


Then select “Utility”


Select “Smart Code Registration”


Then press “Next” after all check boxed are checked


Press “Pre-Start CHK” button to review registration process, then press “Start” button to begin the process.


Note: you should carry out process below as soon as possible

Touch Engine Start Button with a registered key, then move the registered key out of the vehicle


Touch Engine Start Button with a new key


Done! The key code registration is complete


Finally, test your new key and enjoy!


Note: you don’t need to pay Extra cost for V10.30.029 techstream, it will come with MINI VCI diagnostic cable. Or you can free download this software from obdii365.com official blog! Thanks.

How to install Toyota Techstream 10.20.030 on Win10x 64bit

Here is the step-by-step instruction on installing Toyota Techstream diagnostic software on Windows 10 64-bit operating system.


Test version: Techstrea V10.20.030

Test cable: XHorse MVCI cable (Xhorse MINI VCI cable with firmware 2.0.4 should work as well)


This manual is made for 64-bit editions of Windows. If you are using 32-bit Windows, then simply replace “PROGRAM FILES (X86)” with “PROGRAM FILES” everywhere you see it in this manual. Your computer will restart during the installation process, so save all your open files and close all unused windows. There is no need to connect your Toyota Techstream diagnostics cable to the PC for now. This manual applies to ALL WINDOWS VERSIONS – simply follow the instructions below.

1. Open the folder with the software on the CD you have received with your cable. Run the file named “MVCI DRIVER FOR TOYOTA”, located inside:





2. Wait for the application to load and select ”Next”:


3. Select “Install”:


4. If you see the following error, select “Finish” to continue – this is something normal and part of the installation process! Otherwise, when you see a successful installation message, select “Finish” to continue.


ATTENTION! If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, please follow the directions below step-by-step. If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, proceed straight to Step №16!

5. Open the folder “C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)”. Inside it create a new folder named “XHorse Electronics”. If a warning window appears, select “Continue”. Be careful – if the folder isn’t called this way, the drivers may not install successfully!




6. Open the folder with the software on the CD you have received with your cable. Copy the file “MVCI DRIVER FOR TOYOTA TIS X64” and paste it in the newly created folder “C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\XHORSE ELECTRONICS”. If you see the following warning window, again select “Continue”:


7. Right-click this file and select “Extract All…”:


8. In the text field in the new windows enter only “C:\Program Files (x86)\XHorse Electronics\” (without the quotes) or simply delete the rest of the text. Remove the checkmark below and select “Extract”. When prompted, confirm the operation with “Continue”:

toyota-techstream-win10-11 toyota-techstream-win10-12

9. You can now connect your Toyota Techstream diagnostics cable to the computer. Open the start menu, type ‘device’ and from the results choose “Device Manager”:


10. In the tab “UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLERS” you will find an entry named “USB SERIAL CONVERTER”. Right-click it and select “Update Driver Software…”:


11. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”:


12. In the new window select “Browse”:

13. Locate and select the folder “C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\XHORSE ELECTRONICS” and select “OK”:


14. Select “Next”:


15. When the driver installation completes, you should see the following screen:


16. You can then close all windows. Then find and run the file named “GTS_10.20.030_TME_NDSI”, also located on the CD with the software:


17. Select English language and press “Next”:


18. Select “Next”:


19. Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and click on “Next”:


20. You can type something random in the USER NAME and COMPANY NAME fields – this will not affect the way you can use the software later. After filling them, select “Next”:


21. Select “Install” to begin the software installation:


22. When it completes, select “Finish”:


23. Locate the file named “MVCI-X64” on the CD and run it. You will see a warning window, where you have to select “Yes”, and after the process completes, select “OK”. Close all windows and restart your computer!

toyota-techstream-win10-28 toyota-techstream-win10-29

24. Go back to the CD with the software that you have received and copy the file “MAINMENU.EXE”:


25. Go to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\bin” if you are using 64-bit Windows or to “C:\Program Files\Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\bin” if you are using a 32-bit Windows


26. Right click somewhere in the free space and select “Paste”.


27. When you are prompted if you agree to replace the file, just select “Yes” or “Replace the file in the destination


ATTENTION! Disconnect your diagnostics interface from your computer, before you continue!

28. Start the Toyota Techstream software from the desktop shortcut.


29. Open the “Setup” tab above and select “VIM Select”:





30. Choose “Xhorse MVCI” from the drop-down menu:


31. Select “OK” and then close the application completely. You can now connect your diagnostics interface and start using the provided software to its full potential.

32. After you have done this, select Connect to Vehicle. You will be asked to put in a registry key. The registry key is this : “ 1111111111111111111111111111111150001511111111

33. Or go to the CD and open “serie.txt” file. You can copy the registry key from there.
34. Please note you will have to register it again if you change the region of the software for example if you are working on a Japan or US spec Toyota vehicle.


Camry Hybrid & FR-S Customerization with TIS Techstream

I end up buying the China Toyota Mini VCI cable with TIS TechStream sofwtare  from http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/mini-vci-for-toyota-tis-techstreamsingle-cable-free-shipping.html

The “real” Techstream package with the cables, CD software is in the ballpark of $26.


I installed and ran Techstream via virtual box on my MacBook with no issues. The key is to use the correct drivers though. I tried to download free TechStream online, but not worked. People in the forum said it should be driver issues.
On a side note: the j2534 cables that come with these kits can be easily hacked to work as an openport (no hardware, just a software hack) with any other software that normally requires an openport uuid like brzedit for $26 vs. $160+.


Did couple of twiks in the the process and successfully updated all Customizable settings in both my Toyotas: Camry Hybrid and FR-S.
Made the sound of locking car more loud (with 3 pushed on remote lock button car makes 2 loud buzzes and one horn beep).
Changed to open trunk with 2 quick clicks on remote.
Silenced the front occupant seat alarm (decided not to silence driver side).
DRL decided not to turn off – but turned it off on Camry.
On Camry change the settings of open/close doors – now with long push on open button – window is rolling down.
Also, when driver door get unlock via remote access – all doors got unlocked.

Anyway, I like it.


Toyota Techstream check trans temperature & fluid level

Here’s an instruction on how to check transmission temperature and access to trans fluid level for Camry 2009, using Toyota diagnostic software Techstream TIS for the knock off mini vci cable.


Connect MINI VCI cable to the car

then run the Techtream software:

Click on Connect to vehicle

Initializing USB communication…

Connecting to vehicle…

Select model: Toyota Camry 2009 2AZ-FE w/o VSC


Click on OK to continue

Select Engine and ECT


DTC monitors are incomplete


Click on Data List


Read parameters





Shift status from P to 4-D


Dashboard display


In Toyota Techstream, shift status (D) value: ON


and 47 seconds to increased 0.6 degree C





Once the car reaches 10-15 degree C, it’s ok to check the trans fluid level


V11.00.017 TOYOTA OTC 2 diagnosis and programming 2-in-1

2016 new TOYOTA OTC 2 Diagnosis /Vehicle Reprogramming / Immobilizer and Smart key programming tool for All Toyota and Lexus with latest V11.00.017 Techstream software is rolled out in obdii365.com.

Software version: Techstream V11.00.017

Note:Latest software version V11.00.017, software needs activation, we recommend you choose area as North-America when install the software and send us code, we will send you Register code for free.

Operating system:Windows XP(SP2 or later),win 7,win 8 and win 10

Spanish, Slovenian, English, Greek, German, Danish, Czech, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (China), American English, Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese language (Brazil), Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Hungarian, French, French (Canadian), Finnish, Spanish (Mexico)

TOYOTA OTC 2 Techstream Feature:

1. GTS is based-on-Windows software and specially designed for Toyota and Lexus.
2. VIM is connected to the vehicle when the technician use GTS to diagnose.
3. ”Legacy” module can work with all DLC3 (OBDII) port from 1993
4. Own all the function of”ITII” except Oscilloscope and voltmeters function.
5. User-friendly graphical User Interface displays the trouble codes on the PC monitor, it is easy to understand.
6. Its memory is larger than that of”ITII”.




Xhorse vs. none Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota Techstream cable

There are mainly 2 type of Toyota MINI VCI Techstream TIS cable in the markets, one from Xhorse and one is not.Read and know how to get the genuine mini vci cable.


mini vci j2534 cable with firmware v2.0.4 (original from Xhorse factory)

The xhorse v2.0.4 cable 100% works with all modern Toyota (K-line and CAN BUS) except you get no L line support for flashing ECUs. It will definitely no do. This is tested by most of Toyota owner.


Toyota mini vci none-Xhorse cable with firmware v1.4.1


different hardware versions manufactured by different factories


None xhorse techstream  cable – customer received


Xhorse mini  vci cable – working on Tundra 2014










  1. genuine Xhorse mini vci adapter PCB
  2. :mini-vci-techstream-cable-pcb-1mini-vci-techstream-cable-pcb-2
  3. www.obdii365.com


v11.10.034 Toyota Mini VCI Techstream Free Download

Free download mini vci software Toyota TIS Techstream v11.10.034 here. With techstream 11.10.034, technicians can better simultaneously read/analyze on-board vehicle data, browse relevant TIS service documents, and reprogram vehicles all from the driver’s seat via wireless connection to TIS.


Free download:

TOYOTA Techstream V11.10.034 (being tested)

Activation code:

EU : 436c0d33401a3b2a777af0d16518315650001610121430

JP : 3766e7ba2b9e81fff7430fd7b2422e5950001610121430
NA : 441845f1503e4af5645026ec40f7874450001610121430
OT : cd92c2e8d8e89ed6851ec2581e99fde950001610121430

TIS Techstream v10.30.029 (tested, cracked, no pass)

MVCI driver 8.30.023/ 8.10.021.zip


Basic info:

Version: V11.10.034

OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7

Languages: English, Multilanguge


Compatible device:

Toyota MINI VCI cable

Xhorse MVCI cable


Techstream v11.30.034 release notes:

— Vehicle Coverage (*Added in Current Release TIS V11.10.034)

Support TOYOTA, LEXUS, SCION (-2016) diagnosis requires the diagnosis of PassThru J2534 compatible adapter.

Lexus Toyota Scion
’17 CT200h* ’17 Sienna ’17 iM
’17 GX460* ’17 Prius V ’17 FR-S
’17 RC-F* ’17 Prius PHV
’17 Corolla
’17 Yaris H/B
’17 Yaris S/D Mex Prod
’17 Camry*
’17 Camry HV*
’17 Hiace*
’17 Prius C*
’17 Rav4*
’17 Rav4 HV*
’17 Tundra*


If you download previous version 10.00.028,10.10.018,10.20.030,10.30.029,11.00.017,11.00.019, you can send license ID to our technician Sales@obd365.com, they will help activate the software.


— Enhancements

Forced Actuator Refresh

(This function occurs during the Air Bleed Utility. The process was redesigned to be more efficient with the amount of fluid used and time spent.)

Applicable Models/Systems:
2015 – NX – ABS/VSC/TRAC

System Path:
To access the Forced Actuator Refresh Utility:
– ABS/VSC/TRAC / Utility / Air Bleeding


— Software Corrections

This release addresses a number of software bugs. For more details, please refer to the v11.10.034 Known Bugs List. In the event you experience a software anomaly with v11.10.034, please submit an error report using the F12 key. Your feedback will help ensure software quality for future releases.


MINI VCI Techstream 11.10.034 display: