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TM100 Key Programmer V3.52 adds VW Audi 7945 Key Unlock

TM100 transponder key programmer full/basic module software released to V3.52 (2017-1-4)

Free Download FLY TM100 key programmer V3.52 software:


TM100 3.52 Update Feature:

1. Add VW Audi 7945 key unlock function
2. enhance chip recognition speed
3. improve 7935 chip generation speed
4.Fix bugs (on some cars cannot write start problem).

 How to unlock VW Audi 7945 key: (NOTE: INTERNET ACCESS IS MANDATORY)

Select Tool on menu->select Unlock->Select BCM2-> load eeprom and save,click on Unlock. Then put the key in the coil, and click on Unlock 7945AC button.




Program Volvo S80 Key Fob When All Keys Lost

Here is the step-by-step guide to program Volvo S80 2005 new key fob under all keys lost by using Xprog and TM100 key programmer.
Step 1:  Read EEPROM Data
Disassemble  Engine Control Module (ECM) under dashboard, remove and open ECU




Locate 93C86 chip on CPU

Desolder chip and read 93C86 data via ECU programmer,i.e Xprog, then save eeprom data


Step 2: Write key

Some key programming tool optional options you can write key on this model, i.e TM100, VVDI orTango.
Here take an example of TM100 key programmer.

Connect TM100 with computer, open software, select KeyMaker
Select Volvo-S80-(-2003 28F400)


Then select Open Dump File, upload 93c86 eeprom data just read
Wait some minutes to upload file. Then TM100 will display key information, key number, key position etc.

Select unused key position, place a new ordinary ID48 chip into coil of TM100 , then select Write Key

TM100 will re-write ID48 key chip data to car original 93C86 chip and generate a new 93C86 dump file in a few minutes.


Re-write the new 93C86 chip data to car original 93C86 chip via ecu programmer.

Reinstall ECM back to car, now you can start car with the ID48 chip.

Re-write the new 93C86 dump file back to car original 93C86 chip with ecu programmer.

Reinstall the ECU back to car. The new ID48 chip will start car.


What tool to do VW Passat 09 all keys lost

Which tool will do VW Passat 2009 all keys lost? Here are the solution provided.

Customer question:
I haven’t done any VAG group programming in my career mainly because we don’t have this cars in my market. However I got customer who has Passat 2009 and needs to program a key in. I have the mechanical key already.

I would appreciate if anyone can give pointers on where to start with. I have heard its precoding and about 7th byte etc, but i don’t the exact steps

Can anyone guide me through? I think i have all the equipment necessary for the job for ex; tango, tagkey tool. Thanks.


Solution 1:

Remove comfort access and program key with Tango. In tango maker help, they show you how to differentiate ID48 and 46.

Modulo comfort, eeprom it, and dump the tango key programmer records. TagKey also writes.

Solution 2:

Remove comfort it s being glovebox
Read 95320 u then put dump here and someone give you all 7 bits
Make dealer key ID48 can for vw and put with vcds
Or write your transponder in dump ready to start Tango or TM100 create image.


YS-01 chip tested OK key programmers

Questions before entering:
The web says YS-01 chip just for copy 4C chips,but did not mention what key programmer will it works with,CN900,Zedbull or TMPro?

CN1, CN2 and YS01 are all the same transponder, currently. They are
manufactured from the same manufacturer. They might have been different in the past but now they are the same transponder on the inside. Also a while ago there were some YS01 which were described like a bad batch. Those had many problems like deteriorating signal over time and problems when writing 4D on them(especially on Ford and Toyota) – if you find any of them I recommend using only for 4C(less problems). So if you buying YS 01 chip clone, do not use it to copy 4D.


The YS-01 transponder ship

CN1 or YS01 can be written by most tools, but need to unlock first.

1) works well with Tmpro2 as TPX1 or TPX2 In fact for all TMpro2 Module software using the usual glass TPX2 transponder, you can use the YS-01 and even when locked you can still configure back this transponder as TPX1.It meant for all TMpro2 module software using the TPX1.
2) works well with the Clone Zed bull + EFfi software only as TPX2. for all EFfi Module using as transponder tobe used the TPX2.But as compared with TMpro, once this transponder has been programmed via the EFfi software and locked,it can not be unlocked for further use.Works also for TOYOTA ID 67; 68, 69, 70 Key cloning.

3) I also have confirmation from the Chinese that CN2 and YS 01don’t support ID64. ID64 need bigger memory and CN2/YS01 don’t have enough.
You can’t exactly unlock it – there’s no special function for this. But
you can copy an empty transponder over it. Can unlock using TM100, TS888 or CN900/China version ND900. Just overwrite the locked transponder with blank YS01(copy a blank YS-01 over the locked YS-01) and it will be as good as new. CN2 can be unlocked with CN900/ND900 and sometimes with China ZedBull – you need to clear the ticks and write 00 in all pages. Then you can write again.

TMPRO2 can unlock YS-01 or CN2 even if locked by EFfi and program any of these back as ID4C (TPX1) or ID60,61………70 ( TPX2) except the ID64. In fact i have especially tried YS-01 with Jeep Cherokee(ID64) dump and Tmpro2 without success and got confirmation that is does not work.

To summarized, so far, locksmith have tested YS01 with TMPro2, TS800, ND900/CN900 and Zed-Bull and it works. TRS5000 clone/Megacopy/AD900Pro doesn’t support it.

Also some used CN chip ( same as YS-01 ) with Effi. To program CN chip (4D) with effi, need to unlock all pages.

Some information in this post are provided by DK locksmith.

Program Benz ML350 05 remote with D3 and TM100

Here is the instruction on Mercedes Benz ML350 2005 year remote key programming. Though the car is old, still some asked how to program the remote.


Old Mercedes ML350 immobilizer system= Key +AAM/EAM+ DEM



  1. Dissemble AAM computer which located under the left side of the dashboard. The ML350 AAM contains two computer board, one bigger size and another small size. Each board contains MC68HC705X32 Motorola ECU with 0G47V.


  1. Read CPU data

We only need to read the 0G47V data on the small AAM CPU board. Do not need to read data from bigger AAM board. This is very important.



Which ECU programmer is better to read MC68HC705X32(0G47V)chip data. We recommend Digimaster III(D3) or Xprog M, it is up to you, but it must be stable. For example, if you use Digimaster 3, solder the cpu to D3 adapter.


  1. Read and write key

You can use Tango,TM100, VVDI MB BGA Tool to write key, i.e in TM100,we select Generate Key->Mercedes Benz->ML->AAM(7935)


Update load data just read by Digimaster3. Select proper key position and insert brand new 7935 chip into TM100 key programmer’s adapter. Follow system prompts to generate ignition key, do not need to re-write key data to 0G47V.  It is difficult to add remote key for old Mercedes. You can buy folding flip Remote Key Shell Case for Benz like picture below.


Insert the adapter to one end of the original ML350 AAM computer and plug the another end  into the key shell case adapter. The two folding remote key can be used to replace original remote control function.

Then we insert the 7935 chip generated above to folding remote key, a new remote key has been generated.