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How to use Tango to Program Lexus 450h All Keys Lost

Guide to program smart key on a Lexus GS 450h under all keys lost situation using Tango key programmer and emulator by OBD.
 Device need:
Smart keys to be programmed
Connect Tango transponder programmer with vehicle via OBD socket
Insert SLK-03 emulator into Tango
Open laptop and start Tango.exe
Click on Transponder icon and read the emulator
Select TangoPlus software tab->Toyota
Click “Connect to Car”
Connect okay
Select “Read data from car”
Reading eeprom…
Save eeprom bin file
Keys 88 has been detected. Use SLK-03 transponder.
Select a key position
Click “Write emulator”
Specify SLK-03 tranponsder
Emulator now is ready.
Attach the SLK-03 emulator to the Start button
Dashboard turns on
Press on Start once and attach SLK-03 emulator to Start button again
Immo indicator flashes.
Tango program Lexus GS 450h all smart keys lost success.
Test the new key.

Tango SLK-05 Emulator adds Toyota Smart Key 128BIT clone

Original Tango Key Programmer new software 1.110.1 released at the end of Nov, 2017.

[+] SLK-05 Transponder launched! Supports Toyota’s Smart Key AES
(Page1 39)emulation.

This feature allows to start an engine, to
Learn new keys.
[+] TangoPlus for Toyota V6.5
True Emulation via OBD of all Smart Keys Page1 39*
The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem.
[+] Image generator Toyota Page139 on SLK-05.

The generated
Transpinder is fully compatible to Toyota requirements that A
Customer is able to learn it vla OBD.*
[+] Cloning Toyota Smart Key 128BIT(Page1 39) to SLK-05*
[+] Key maker BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5(95320,PCF7945AC)*
[+] Key maker BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5(NEC,PCF7945AC)*
[+] Key maker Ford Transit 2017-(NEC,DST80)*
[.] Improved Toyota Certification ECU maker: compatibility for keys
[.] Improved operations with PCF7930,31,35. Now it is possible to make Individual settings to each type of transponders.


Emulator SLK-05 – Supports work with DSTAES smart keys [Page1 39 ]. SLK-05 supports emulation/cloning/image generation – functionality of the emulator requires activation of SLK-05 additional software.  Added in Tango update 1.110 (November 2017)



Program Toyota Smart Key All Keys Lost via Tango Emulator

Here’s Toyota Lexus SMART KEY All Keys Lost programming guide with Tango emulators.


Toyota Camry 2013 Smart key 128 bit all keys lost:
Connect Toyota techstream OBD cable with car via vehicle’s diagnostic connector


Open Tango key programmer software on desktop

Click on TangoPlus->Toyota


Click on Settings
Check Pass thru Devices has been selected as MVCI


Click on Connect to car

Click on Read data from car

eeprom reading

Click on Save file to save data


Keys 88 has been detected
Use SLK-03 transponder


Insret Scorpio-LK SLK-03 emulator into Tango
click on Write Emulator on tango software

Tick SLK-03 and press OK

Remove SK03 tranposnker and attach it to car Start button

The dashboard indicators flash
Tango Emulator programmed successfully.


How to Clone DST Transponder by Tango Key Programmer

Here is the tutorial on cloning DST Transponder by using original Tango key programmer.


Note: The document is only for education purpose. You can check the instruction on original website scorpio-lk as well.

Currently only Toyota and Yamaha keys are supported.For more details, Toyota supported keys have the 1-st page from the following set:

X4*-only european market supported.


Cloning DST Transponder by Tango:
Run the Clone Mode selecting the appropriate menu item:


The next screen will appear:


Place an original key on the Tango and click “Read original key” button

Once the TIRIS DST or DST+ transponder detected the “Decode Transponder” button appears:


Click the “Decode Transponder” button. Tango software will prompt to to decode transponder:


Tango transponder programmer will run the decoding process:


In case the decoding finishes successfully the “Write Clone” button will appears:


Now,remove the original key and replace it with EH2 (battery emulator) or TPX2 transponder. You are all set to make a clone. Click “Write Clone” button and Tango will do it.




Can AK90 Key Programmer read BMW E9x Key mileage?

Question before entering:

I’m  looking for a tool to read mileage from BMW KEY from BMW E91 year 2007. I want only read it not change it.
Someone knows which tool i can do that? I heard that Tango will do, but i am not willing to spend that money if only need to read it. AK90 key programmer possible?


BMW expert solution:

AK90+ will identify keys for all EWS and CAS , showing VIN , key No. and mileage from 1995-2009.

BMW AK90 key programmer can read km from key.  I read some for E46 2005 before. I test E91 2007 today. It reads no problem.



But if you need to change/correct mileage on E9x, you can go for Tango key programmer or  Digimaster 3 odometer correction master.


What tool to do VW Passat 09 all keys lost

Which tool will do VW Passat 2009 all keys lost? Here are the solution provided.

Customer question:
I haven’t done any VAG group programming in my career mainly because we don’t have this cars in my market. However I got customer who has Passat 2009 and needs to program a key in. I have the mechanical key already.

I would appreciate if anyone can give pointers on where to start with. I have heard its precoding and about 7th byte etc, but i don’t the exact steps

Can anyone guide me through? I think i have all the equipment necessary for the job for ex; tango, tagkey tool. Thanks.


Solution 1:

Remove comfort access and program key with Tango. In tango maker help, they show you how to differentiate ID48 and 46.

Modulo comfort, eeprom it, and dump the tango key programmer records. TagKey also writes.

Solution 2:

Remove comfort it s being glovebox
Read 95320 u then put dump here and someone give you all 7 bits
Make dealer key ID48 can for vw and put with vcds
Or write your transponder in dump ready to start Tango or TM100 create image.


Program Benz ML350 05 remote with D3 and TM100

Here is the instruction on Mercedes Benz ML350 2005 year remote key programming. Though the car is old, still some asked how to program the remote.


Old Mercedes ML350 immobilizer system= Key +AAM/EAM+ DEM



  1. Dissemble AAM computer which located under the left side of the dashboard. The ML350 AAM contains two computer board, one bigger size and another small size. Each board contains MC68HC705X32 Motorola ECU with 0G47V.


  1. Read CPU data

We only need to read the 0G47V data on the small AAM CPU board. Do not need to read data from bigger AAM board. This is very important.



Which ECU programmer is better to read MC68HC705X32(0G47V)chip data. We recommend Digimaster III(D3) or Xprog M, it is up to you, but it must be stable. For example, if you use Digimaster 3, solder the cpu to D3 adapter.


  1. Read and write key

You can use Tango,TM100, VVDI MB BGA Tool to write key, i.e in TM100,we select Generate Key->Mercedes Benz->ML->AAM(7935)


Update load data just read by Digimaster3. Select proper key position and insert brand new 7935 chip into TM100 key programmer’s adapter. Follow system prompts to generate ignition key, do not need to re-write key data to 0G47V.  It is difficult to add remote key for old Mercedes. You can buy folding flip Remote Key Shell Case for Benz like picture below.


Insert the adapter to one end of the original ML350 AAM computer and plug the another end  into the key shell case adapter. The two folding remote key can be used to replace original remote control function.

Then we insert the 7935 chip generated above to folding remote key, a new remote key has been generated.