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Which VAS 5054A hardware work with ODIS 4.4.10?

Here is my story of Odis 4.4.10.
Link: thanks to GUSS shared links at cartechnology.co.uk
Vas 5054a and odis 4.4.10:
One of my 2 vas5054a has original amb2300 but does not work with odis-s 4.4.10.
I get a ODS2522E that hardware is not supported. (same as the one without original amb2300)
I have tested amb2300 with softing edic configuration manager. Also tested with PDU api application. All tests ok. Configurator manager did not work with vas5054a without amb2300


Then, tested working PDU api and tried to solves the issue however I am not happy with the result. In theory original amb2300 should work.
Tests:1. 1.20.41 does not work at all with either of my 2 interfaces. So back to 1.20.42
2. Enabled buzzer just to check that my amb2300 is original. Enabled.
3. Tried to connect with bluetooth (amb2300 interface). Laptop connected successfully. Tried to connect odis-s with car and started buzzing continuously and then an error appeared, buzz continued.
In English
there is no mcd project available
I am ditching odis-4.4.10.
Before 4.2.3 test will test 4.3.3 to check if that works, in order to check if the problem is hardware or software.
Then i was advised to make another folder Softing.ori  put ther new Pdu:








Did not work but good try. That made me think that PDU API is the problem.
However found out that VW has locked the D-PDU API directory location (or file names) and managed to install at the 1.20.042 location the 1.20.041 pdu api and renamed 3 files to …..1.20.042 (2 xml 1 dll same as DPDU api test application 3 files mentioned).
now it works, actually tested just vas5054a with fake bluetooth and works.
This is not a straight forward procedure, however after manipulation of D-pdu api (1.20.042 vecom, the 3 files) odis 4.4.10 works.
My amb2300 is original since I have downgraded it to 1.20.041 firmware (with the D-PDU API) test application) however it does not work out of the box with odis 4.4.10. Will test the second one tomorrow.
My conclusion:
First, that pdu api directory (file name) is locked.
Second, amb2300 original does  not work as tested. (problem with 1.20.042 pdu API driver specifically Softing/1.20.042/VeCom/VAS5054a files as seen in second solution below).
Other solutions:
1. Test the PDU API 1.20.042 found in odis 4.3.3 (check pdu_api_root.xml is correct 1.20.042)
2. Want to test original 1.20.042 but to replace in vecom vas5054 folder from 1.20.041 folder. (No other changes, check again pdu_api_root.xml is for 1.20.042 )
Test performed:1. Tested second vas5054a with original amb2300. All tests with usb and bluetooth pass with first solution above. Note in this test I used amb2300 firmware 1.20.041 since I used pdu api 1.20.041 renamed folder to 1.20.042 and 3 files to 1.20.042 as discussed above. Bluetooth works too.
2. Second solution tested with original amb2300. (not tested with clone but most probably will work)
b) reinstall pdu api 1.20.042 pdu api
b) Replace vas5054 folder (from 1.20.041) in softing/1.20.042/vecom/vas5054.
c) update amb2300 firmware to 1.20.042 (this is the difference from solution 1) since I used pdu api 1.20.042.
d) Both usb and bluetooth work. Amazing… I have original amb2300 (but with fake serial number).
For newbies, i suggest tested odis from a reliable source: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/new-odis-5054a-u-disk.html
The files are full
No need search for launcher, license…and NEVER expired
It’s tested 100% by real pros and confirmed to work no issues
Also, remote help can be got if you have any issue of installation

Audi A6 2013 ECU Online Coding by VAS 5054A ODIS

This is the guide on how to do Audi online coding service using ODIS software together with VAG diagnostic tool. It’s coding example of Audi A6 2013.
Audi Online Coding
Audi A6 2013
All needed:
-working odis software (3.0.3/4.0.0)
-a HQ 5054a device:
Vas 5054a clone….confirmed!
Vxdiag vcx nano 5054a….confirmed!
Network status:
Connected; Online
Open VX Manager
It’s connected to the Internet: Online
Open ODIS Audi
Warning/notes: OK
Start diagnosis
Pick up vehicle: Audi A6 2013
Select Engine electronic control system to identify control unit
Then, select Boot function
Select ECU coding and Confirm to continue
Then follow ODIS instruction; do and click on Complete/Continue
Connector the vas 5054 connector to the vehicle
Switch on ignition
The ECU self-test did not find any fault code
Yes to do ECU online coding
Yes to start the comparison of Predetermined value/ Actual value
The test completes
Prepare to comparison of Predetermined value/ Actual value
Please connect a charger to the car
For users with wireless scan tool (VAS5054A or Vxdiag vcx nano 5054), please connect it via the USB cable to avoid any change of Bluetooth connection
Start comparison of Predetermined value/ Actual value
When reading data, connect the  diagnostic tool to the corresponding hardware with working Network
Make sure an appropriate charger is connected
Have read data
Connect the diagnostic tool to the corresponding hardware with working Network
Establish network connection, then go on. Enter user id
Diagnostic report sent
Coding completed.

VAG ODIS Engineering ODIS-E 6.7.5 Test Working

ODIS-E 6.7.5 possible to work? Here are some vag ODIS Engineering software v6.7.5 to download for free and test with vas 5054a or vxdiag vcx nano 5054. Obdii365 engineers now are testing files below, and will report the result here.


(Testing) ODIS-E 6.7.5 full packed

https://mega.nz/#!KgUSwQoL!ViPvSvL0tQa8nXWu9AycUJK_-_M_RwFz5J_SnprYdzc Password: Kurwa


(Testing) Launcher for ODIS Engineering 6.7.5



(Failed) ODIS-E 6.7.5 – PostSetup ISO


The potsetup is correct but does not have the files with xml extension, or which is the way to extrude them

* Obdii365 engineers verified it’s not working


(Testing) Postsetup_eng_6.7.5.txt

https://mega.nz/#F!n8lFEDga!_Vtu2qXOUpvb0bFhIqGleQ Postsetup 6.7.5 from china server with correct folder locations/names on mega server.

(Testing) ODIS-E 6.7.5 KeyGen         https://mega.nz/#!b1BRxaBY (1.8 MB)!RvoPjbvbBTc4dvomSp7DyMUpw1iEpWbcBnRlNAkgQcMNo password needed Here is the KEY Gen software so you can just generate your own KEY
FYI The HW-ID is brought up when you load ODIS-E the first time and any time the hardware is changed.

(Tested OK) ODIS-E 3.0.3


It’s kind of old, but the crack has been tested without any issues. Definitely safe to use it with VAS 5054A, VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 diagnostic tool. Works good in basic diagnosis, key programming, ecu programming, and offline flash also.

(BIG THANKS to all contributor!)