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OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 change Fiat 5000 2013 Mileage by OBD

I have managed to change mileage on a Fiat 500 year 2013 successfully using OBDSTAR X300 Pro3key programmer (same as green color OBDSTAR key master) by OBD.
Original Odometer: 74407 KM
Fiat 500 2013 Odometer Correction Procedure:
Connect X300 pro3 host with vehicle via diagnostic socket
Select Vehicles->Mileage Adjustment->Fiat->Fiat V30.64
Loading bin and initializing…
Then choose Fiat 500 model
OBDSTAR key Master is able to change mileage for Fiat, Albea, Brava, Bravo,Croma,Doblo, Ducato,Grande punto,Idea, Linea, Marelli (Auto) and others models as well.
X300 pro3 read the current mileage: 74407 KM is exactly the same as mileage displayed on dashboard.
Press ENTER button to continue
Key master tablet will ask to enter mileage you desired
Customer required to lower odometer to 59861KM
Fiat 500 mileage correction completed.

Program VW Suran G7 K-line Remote Key by OBDSTAR X300 Pro3

Today I have made a new remote key to a Volkswagen Suran g7 msi chip K-line (Mexico model) by using OBDSTAR X300 pro3 (obdstar key master) via OBD successfully.


remote not programmed will not start engine

Easy steps goes below:

Connect X300 pro3 with vehicle via OBD socket

Select Immobilizer->VW->Program remote->09 Central Control





OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 will also program remote for other VW models, i.e B5 central door lock, 46 central comfort, 2015 Jetta, 2015 Polo and many.

Select Program remote



Press LOCK or UNLOCK button to complete



Test the programmed remote



How to Program Toyota Toyota Altis Esport H Chip Remote Key

Obdstar x300 pro3 key master is able to program a Toyota H chip remote now! Here is the test report of how to program a H chip key and program the remote using the key master.
Car: Toyota Altis Esport
Purpose: program a remote with a chip H (47)
Tools to use:
KD900 Remote Maker to make a remote
Obdstar X300 Pro3 to program a H chip key
Two keys- right: original, left: new to be programmed
Two keys
Test process:
First make a remote key with the KD900 and insert the chip H (47)
Then, program the chip through obdstar key master
Select Immobiliser-> Toyota/Lexus-> Toyota/Lexus v31.03
Toyota/Lexus v31.03
Loading software…
Select Immobiliser-> Type 2 (with G/ H)-> Add a key
Type 2 (with G/ H)
add a key
Read the prompt to go on:
1 master key is needed to erase or add other keys!
How to identify a master key and a valet key?
Insert the key into ignition switch, if the immobiliser light isn’t bright, that is the master key; if it is bright for a second and then extinguished, that is the valet key.
Insert the key into ignition switch
So insert the programmed master key, and switch ignition on, then press Enter to continue
programmed master key
Read the prompt to go on:
Insert to match the key and keep the ignition switch off and wait until about 60 seconds until the anti-theft lights go out and the matching is done
anti-theft lights go out
So, insert a new key wait until the security light goes off (need 60s)
insert a new key
The car can start successfully
start successfully
Next, program the remote, also with OBDSTAR Key Master
Go to Immobiliser-> Add a key-> Type 2 (with G/ H)-> Remote-> Type 1
Communication breakdown:
1 ignition switch is turned on
2 mainline is connected
3 battery has power
4 is equipped with this system…
Communication breakdown:
Select Remote-Type 2
Select Remote-Type 2
Add remote
Add remote
Switch ignition on and open the driver door
Press LOCK and UNLOCK together for a sec within 30 sec, press LOCK once
Successfully program a remote!
Successfully program a remote
It’s working
It’s working

Suzuki Swift 2013 Smart Remote Key Programming

Here is the step-by-step instruction on program Suzuki Swift 2013 Smart remote key push start without pin code by OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master key programmer.
We have only 1 key, we need to program a new smart remote.
Select Suzuki
Select Suzuki
Select Suzuki V30.06
Select Smart key system
Select Smart key system
Select Alivio
Select Alivio
Select Program smart key
Program smart key
Select Without PIN
Select Without PIN
After performing this function, all keys will be erased.
Press ENTER to continue,press ESC to return
We have only 1 key
Configuring the system,please wait…
All keys will be erased by OBDSTAR Key Master.
Security light goes on for waiting new key
Security light goes on
Please input current year and month, eg. September 15,2016 and confirm
input current year and month
Stick smart key to the start button
Stick smart key to the start button
Have sound 2 beeps to register key
Security light go off
Program success, whether to program next one? Press ENTER to program Next
Program only 1 key , press ESC to exist
Turn ignition off before try to start car with new key.

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Program Cadillac CT6 2016 Smart Key

Here is the tutorial on programming smart key for Cadillac CT6 2016 under all keys lost situation by using OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master auto key programmer.



Two smart keys

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key programmer

Pin Code to car (get pin code by VPC-100 or other calculators)


Connect OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key programmer with vehicle
Select Vehicles

Select Immobilizer
Select GM
Select GM V30.44

Select Immo/Remote function

Select vehicle make: Cadillac

Select CT6
Select Immobiliser

Select vehicle year: 2016


Select All keys lost
Press start button once

Put the smart key into the card slot,take other smart key out of the car,press ENTER to continue.
The position of card slot is as follows:
1. In the armrests
2.Below the cup holder
3.Near the ashtray
4.Glove compartment


Switch igntion off
Configuring the system,please wait

OBDSTAR Key Master require to enter 4-digit pin code
Enter pin code and confirm

Verifiy the security code
Configuring the system,please wait for about 12 minutes

Erease success

Press start button once

X300 Pro3 prompt whether to program next key? Press ENTER to continue
Remove key from card slot and out of car, and change another smart key, put the seconds key into the card slot
Press start button once
whether to program next key?

Press ENTER, turn ignition OFF

Press start button for 12 sec

Release start button and then press ENTER

Press start button to swtich ignition on

Switch ignition off

Press the brake and press the start button to start the engine

Switch ignition off

Remove smart key, press LOCK, and then press UNLOCK, press ENTER to continue

Test new smart key is working

Program success!


OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 change odometer for Mazda

Original OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master key programmer update software to support mileage correction For Mazda 3/6/CX7/CX9 by OBD directly, we have customers feedback very good for new update, but we also received some feedback which failed, after checking the data from our customer, following are the solutions:

This 2 pin instrument can be done by OBD Directlyobdstar-x300-pro-obd-300x214

This 4 pin instruments need to remove the dashboard, can not be done by OBD directly, please attention:

If you have a vehicle which can not change mileage by OBD, please save your data and shot pictures to give us feedback. Do it as follows:
1 Power on OBDSTAR Key Master – Start – System Settings – Data Logging – Open -ESC return to main menu;

2 Matched vehicle normally, if prompted match fails, unplug the power and the machine;
3 Save the log file data for your matching process to the memory card folder
4 Send the log folder and pictures to our email.Note! Each time when you Unplug the machine, the data record is automatically turned off, so if next time you want to save the data, you need to follow the abovesteps to re-open the data record.