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OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Program Toyota 2016 Smart 88/A8 chip

How to: program Toyota year 2016 smart key with 88/A8 chip when all keys lost using OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus (X300 PAD2)/Key Master DP PLUS full version and P001 programmer (with smart key emulators).
OBDSTAR X300 DP  (Key Master DP) full version will perform the feature as well. But you need to connect to VCI  box and purchase P001 programmer additionally.  Procedure is similar. Check: LINK
All keys have lost. No key identified.
Step 1: Backup EEPROM
Connect X300 DP PLUS tablet with vehicle via OBD socket
Select Immobilizer->Toyota->Toyota/Scion/Lexus V32.02->Smart key system->Type 5 All smart keys lost->Read EEPROM
This function can read and backup vehicle eeprom data.
After backup eeprom data. the simulated card is generated with the data.
Using simulated card attach start button to turn on instrument and the simulated key can be used as original car key to add smart key.
Save eeprom data
EEPROM data backup succeed. Execute the Make Simulated Card function.
Step 2: Program Smart Card
Select Make Simulated Card function
This function can generate an simulated card when all keys lost.
Use the simulated card instead of original car key to approach the start button and turn on the
instrument and add smart key.
Make sure the simulated card is fully charged, otherwise the Add Smart Key procedure may fail
Select EEPROM data to generate simulated key
This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the internet connection is normal.
Put No.3 simulated card (red) into P001 programmer
Insert battery into simulated card and switch on
Simulated key 1 applies to the vehicle with 94/D4 type of smart key;
Simulated key 2 applies to the vehicle with 98 type of smart key;
Simulated key 3 applies to the vehicle with 88/A8 type of smart key;
Simulated key 4 applies to the vehicle with A9 type of smart key;
Insert read simulated card into P001 programmer
Generating simulated card
Generate smart card success.
Attach the simulated card close to the Start button and try to turn on instrument.
If you turn on the dash normally, use the simulated card as original key to add smart key.

OBDSTAR P001 Programmer for X300 DP Overview

On the basis of original adapter features, OBDSTAR P001 programmer, integrated with the EEPROM adapter, RFID adapter and Key Renew adapter, is a multifunctional programmer.
OBDSTAR P001= EEPROM adapter+ RFID adapter + Key Renew adapter +Toyota Smart key emulators
It brings a brand new experience, which not only allows auto technician to reduce more cumbersome procedures, but also can be compatible with simulated smart keys to realize the Toyota all keys lost.
P001 programmer uses dual coils with stronger signal, supporting a wider range of RFID. It is also required in recent model upgrades, as follow:
  • Ferrari 458/F12/F149;
  • Maserati mechanical key;
  • Fiat 500/Viaggio/Palio/Siena/Boyue/Pailang/Ottimo, etc.
  • Iveco;
  • Alfa Romeo;
  • Volkswagen MQB;
  • Toyota  simulated cards;
  • BMW;
  • Porsche;
What device does P001 programmer work with?
P001 works with OBDSTAR X300 DP/Key Master DP/X300 DP Plus both full and standard version.  Cannot used with other OBDSTAR key programmers, X100 Pro/X300 pro3 etc. Please provide your X300 tablet Serial Number when purchase the P001 adapter.
P001 programmer (full package):
P001 programmer unit + C001 circuit board + C002 circuit board + W001 data cable + W002 data cable + W003 data cable + Toyota simulated smart keys (free);
Remark: Customer purchasing P001 programmer can obtain a set of Toyota simulated smart keys for free.
OBDSTAR P001 Programmer Accessories

Accessory 1: C001 circuit board
C001 circuit board is compatible with old NO. 3 and 4 circuit boards, applying to EEPROM chip dismantling and reading, Tianjin FAW and VIZHI immobilizer coil initialization and other functions.
Accessory 2: C002 circuit board
The newly developed C002 circuit board is connected by W001, W002 or W003 without welding the chip.
Accessory 3: W001 data cable
W001 data cable can read or write data by linking the chip with a bonding wire
Accessory 4: W002 data cable 
W002 data cable can read or write data by clamping the chip (SOP 8-pin) directly without welding EEPROM.
Accessory 5: W003 data cable 
W003 data cable can read or write data by clamping positive pole and negative pole with red and black clips and contacting the data interface with yellow and blue probes.
Wiring Instruction
To better understand the connection among P001 programmer and its accessories, examples for W001 and W003 wiring instructions are as below. (During the actual operation process, there is a diagram of wiring inside tablet)
Way 1.  W001 Connecting
Way 2.  W003 Connecting
About Toyota simulated smart key  
1.Why use a Toyota simulated smart key?

For the Toyota/Lexus 2007-2016 models, if all smart keys are lost, the instrument table must be removed and the ECU must be replaced. The cost is very expensive.
This Toyota simulated smart key can generate a Toyota key with our devices in the case of all keys lost, so the ignition switch can be turned on, and then a new smart key can be added and programmed with our devices.
2.What are the advantages of the Toyota simulated smart key?

  • Save costs;
  • Reusable.
3.  How many types of Toyota simulated smart keys in total? 
There are 4 types at present, and the 5th one is in development.
4. Which type of smart keys can be simulated?

Simulated key 1 applies to the vehicle with 94/D4 type of smart key;
Simulated key 2 applies to the vehicle with 98 type of smart key;
Simulated key 3 applies to the vehicle with 88/A8 type of smart key;
Simulated key 4 applies to the vehicle with A9 type of smart key;
5. Can i use these smart keys with other key programmers?
Yes.  Besides OBDSTAR X300 DP series, you can use these smart key emulators on Tango key programmer as well. But cannot be used with Lonsdor K518ISE.