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Xhorse vs. none Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota Techstream cable

There are mainly 2 type of Toyota MINI VCI Techstream TIS cable in the markets, one from Xhorse and one is not.Read and know how to get the genuine mini vci cable.


mini vci j2534 cable with firmware v2.0.4 (original from Xhorse factory)

The xhorse v2.0.4 cable 100% works with all modern Toyota (K-line and CAN BUS) except you get no L line support for flashing ECUs. It will definitely no do. This is tested by most of Toyota owner.


Toyota mini vci none-Xhorse cable with firmware v1.4.1


different hardware versions manufactured by different factories


None xhorse techstream  cable – customer received


Xhorse mini  vci cable – working on Tundra 2014










  1. genuine Xhorse mini vci adapter PCB
  2. :mini-vci-techstream-cable-pcb-1mini-vci-techstream-cable-pcb-2
  3. www.obdii365.com


v11.10.034 Toyota Mini VCI Techstream Free Download

Free download mini vci software Toyota TIS Techstream v11.10.034 here. With techstream 11.10.034, technicians can better simultaneously read/analyze on-board vehicle data, browse relevant TIS service documents, and reprogram vehicles all from the driver’s seat via wireless connection to TIS.


Free download:

TOYOTA Techstream V11.10.034 (being tested)

Activation code:

EU : 436c0d33401a3b2a777af0d16518315650001610121430

JP : 3766e7ba2b9e81fff7430fd7b2422e5950001610121430
NA : 441845f1503e4af5645026ec40f7874450001610121430
OT : cd92c2e8d8e89ed6851ec2581e99fde950001610121430

TIS Techstream v10.30.029 (tested, cracked, no pass)

MVCI driver 8.30.023/ 8.10.021.zip


Basic info:

Version: V11.10.034

OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7

Languages: English, Multilanguge


Compatible device:

Toyota MINI VCI cable

Xhorse MVCI cable


Techstream v11.30.034 release notes:

— Vehicle Coverage (*Added in Current Release TIS V11.10.034)

Support TOYOTA, LEXUS, SCION (-2016) diagnosis requires the diagnosis of PassThru J2534 compatible adapter.

Lexus Toyota Scion
’17 CT200h* ’17 Sienna ’17 iM
’17 GX460* ’17 Prius V ’17 FR-S
’17 RC-F* ’17 Prius PHV
’17 Corolla
’17 Yaris H/B
’17 Yaris S/D Mex Prod
’17 Camry*
’17 Camry HV*
’17 Hiace*
’17 Prius C*
’17 Rav4*
’17 Rav4 HV*
’17 Tundra*


If you download previous version 10.00.028,10.10.018,10.20.030,10.30.029,11.00.017,11.00.019, you can send license ID to our technician Sales@obd365.com, they will help activate the software.


— Enhancements

Forced Actuator Refresh

(This function occurs during the Air Bleed Utility. The process was redesigned to be more efficient with the amount of fluid used and time spent.)

Applicable Models/Systems:
2015 – NX – ABS/VSC/TRAC

System Path:
To access the Forced Actuator Refresh Utility:
– ABS/VSC/TRAC / Utility / Air Bleeding


— Software Corrections

This release addresses a number of software bugs. For more details, please refer to the v11.10.034 Known Bugs List. In the event you experience a software anomaly with v11.10.034, please submit an error report using the F12 key. Your feedback will help ensure software quality for future releases.


MINI VCI Techstream 11.10.034 display: