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Techstream Program Key fob on Toyota Rav4 2016 Easily

This blog will show you how to program new fob ( Frequency Operating Button ) for Toyota Rav4 2016 with cheap MINI VCI Cable and Techstream V10.30.029.



TIS Techstream Ver 10.30.029

Work with: MINI VCI J2534 diagnostic cable


Vehicle model and year: Toyota Rav4 2016


First connect MINI VCI 16pin connector to car obd port and the other side connect to USB port of computer


Then Switch ignition on

Run Techstream V10.30.029 and click “Connect to vehicle”


Toyota Techstream software will read out vehicle information, you should choose “w/ Smart Key” and “RADAR CRUISE” like the picture shows, then click next


Choose “Smart Key” option in System Selection Menu


Then select “Utility”


Select “Smart Code Registration”


Then press “Next” after all check boxed are checked


Press “Pre-Start CHK” button to review registration process, then press “Start” button to begin the process.


Note: you should carry out process below as soon as possible

Touch Engine Start Button with a registered key, then move the registered key out of the vehicle


Touch Engine Start Button with a new key


Done! The key code registration is complete


Finally, test your new key and enjoy!


Note: you don’t need to pay Extra cost for V10.30.029 techstream, it will come with MINI VCI diagnostic cable. Or you can free download this software from obdii365.com official blog! Thanks.

Camry Hybrid & FR-S Customerization with TIS Techstream

I end up buying the China Toyota Mini VCI cable with TIS TechStream sofwtare  from http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/mini-vci-for-toyota-tis-techstreamsingle-cable-free-shipping.html

The “real” Techstream package with the cables, CD software is in the ballpark of $26.


I installed and ran Techstream via virtual box on my MacBook with no issues. The key is to use the correct drivers though. I tried to download free TechStream online, but not worked. People in the forum said it should be driver issues.
On a side note: the j2534 cables that come with these kits can be easily hacked to work as an openport (no hardware, just a software hack) with any other software that normally requires an openport uuid like brzedit for $26 vs. $160+.


Did couple of twiks in the the process and successfully updated all Customizable settings in both my Toyotas: Camry Hybrid and FR-S.
Made the sound of locking car more loud (with 3 pushed on remote lock button car makes 2 loud buzzes and one horn beep).
Changed to open trunk with 2 quick clicks on remote.
Silenced the front occupant seat alarm (decided not to silence driver side).
DRL decided not to turn off – but turned it off on Camry.
On Camry change the settings of open/close doors – now with long push on open button – window is rolling down.
Also, when driver door get unlock via remote access – all doors got unlocked.

Anyway, I like it.