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Does V2018.9 MB Star comes with HHT-WIN software?

This user manual is aimed to help newbies and those who has issues with MB Star diagnostic system – HHT-WIN.
HHT-WIN is Hand Held Tester comes with XODS disks used for Mercedes diagnostics.
In essence HHTWIN is a hi-tech version of the LED blink code readers.
Post 1996 OB2 models are fairly easy to read, however the early diagnostic system HHTWIN encompassed within the very latest Star system is more difficult to get grips with, so this is a trial sticky topic to address any issues encountered using the hhtwin system.
A list to read the manual brief:
HHT-WIN vs Xentry vs DAS
HHT-WIN supports modules
HHT-WIN software install
HHT-WIN error & solutio
HHT-WIN user reviews
In detail….
HHT-WIN vs Xentry vs DAS: software and car support
Xentry took me to DAS, and DAS switched over (automatically) to good old HHT-WIN, again. Guess my 16-year old SUV’s system is a bit ancient in the scheme of Mercedes-Benz technology.
From what I’ve seen:
All MB from late 80’s to 99 = HHT-WIN
All MB from 2001 to 2009 = DAS
All MB from 2010+ = Xentry
The year 2000 is a weird transition period — some MB made in 1999 but the model year is 2000 will be diagnosed from the 38-pin under the hood and thus use HHT-win. Other MB made in early 2000 and sold as a 2000 model will have the OBD port and the SDS will require the OBD cable to diagnosis….and will use DAS.
And then there are orphan cars, like some SLK models — some 2000-2001 SLK require the 38-pin.
I’ve even seen a 2000 E320 that had both 38-pin and OBD port — I could use either port to conduct a full diagnosis. That was funny.
HHT-WIN supports modules on Mercedes vehicles:
HHT-WIN should be able to read all Modules.
Having said that, for Model Years 1990 – 12/1993, the Roadster Soft Top Module has 30 possible fault codes associated with it.
Whereas for Model Years 1/1994 – 1996, the Roadster Soft Top Module has only 11 possible fault codes associated with it.
HHT-WIN software install:
IMPORTANT: HHT-WIN is updated to 09.2018 Mercedes software disk. Software released in 2017 and 2018 doesn’t come with HTT-WIN. But now, it comes again!
HHTWIN directly install on Windows 7 32 bit:
Disable UAC settings to “Never notify” -> Restart system if needed. It`s better to DISABLE idiotic Windows Defender too. Then, you could return UAC settings back.
First simply run HHT.exe, it will install HHT to C:\HHT, then start Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS.HHT.C4.exe/Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS.HHT.C3.exe … that`s all.
Some systems must be restarted at the end.
The problem with “–” version was fixed.
Delete C:\HHT directory and begin from the first step.
If you will update your Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS version … just apply the patch once again.
HHTWIN install on Windows 7 with XP mode:
HHT-WIN – 100% without installation issues:
HHT-WIN error & solution:
  1. HHT-WIN setup on Dell D630 install
Error: I got my SDS last week , initially I chose the external USB disc option but have now installed it on my recently acquired Dell 630. Everything installed well, however when I get to the point of using it and it automatically goes to use HHT(as my car is a 1993 model)it says”diagnostic connector is being initialised” however then it says”com port assigned! close other use!”
I took this to mean I had it on wrong COM port and sure enough I had it on COM 1 but have changed it to COM 2 both on the machine XP and on the virtual XP machine ( I am using the RS232 connector to the 38 pin diagnostic connector) but it said the same thing again.
Solution: go to the windows system menu in control panel and under the harware section look at the com port assignmennts and make sure the com port you designated isn’t already assigned to something else.
also, does the dell630 have a dedicated RS232 com port or are you using a usb/pcmcia/cardbus to RS232 converter.
  1. HHTwin resets the switches:
Error: How do I reset the switches with HHTwin? Or do I need a different software? My MUX is C3.


Solution: you can’t reset the switches. you can clear error codes, but the switch state is what it is. DAS is telling you what the switch state is. Or at least what it thinks the switch state is.
you’ll need to examine the switches and see if either they are misadjusted, not connected, or not functioning.
HHT-WIN review from real users:
Review 1: so far the SD Connect C4 & HHT has been informative. erased RST codes, top works, going through other functions found some neat ones. Turn on/off headlights, taillights, turn the electric fans onto each of the 4 speeds etc.
Review 2: On my new 2015 GMC Denali pickup, from the dash menu I can change between F and C for outside temp and coolant temp and transmission temp, and between MPH and KPH on the spedo, and between PSI and BAR on the oil pressure. I think I can also change the tire pressure readout between PSI and either BAR or KPascals. And I can even change the shape and location of the various gauges. Spedo and tach stay in the same place, but can change shape and display for oil pressure, transmission temp, voltmeter, coolant temp.
Review 3: I changed F to C with HHTwin. I also activated the rollbar. Kind of underwhelming.
Review 4: I did a short test today again and took pics this time
first pic after short test (F)
pic 2 LH1 (F)
pic 3 says LH1 and LH2 did not answer, but no fault on LH2(pic2)
pic 4 fault memory current faults
pic 5 and 6 stored faults










Review 5: HHT-WIN successfully read the RST (RV) Module for my 1995 SL500.

How to Update DoIP Xentry Connect C5 Software

Here’s the detail guide on how to update software of Mercedes Benz DoIP Xentry Connect C5 MB Star diagnostic scanner.  DoIP C5 comes with both internal hard drive and external Dell HDD .



1.The upgrade procedure fits for DoIP Xentry Connect C5 but no SD Connect C5 (SD C4 in C5 case).


If you have XDOS 2018.3 or  2017.9 not working well, you should update it to version 2018.7.

If you have XDOS 2018.5 works good, it’s not necessary to update to 2018.7.

3. If you feel complicated to update the firmware by yourself.  You can send both Doip C5 HDD and Dell HDD to us to run an upgrade.



Part 1: How to remove Xentry Connect C5 internal HDD

Here’s a video explaining in detail


Part 2: How to update Xentry Connect C5 software

Tools required:

Xentry_Kit_09_2017.iso(copy to the folder:  iodd 2541 _ISO)

U disk with a Windows machine (recommend Bigbaicai WinCE)

IODD 2541 External Encrypted Hard Drive or similar


Panasonic power adapter


Xentry Connect C5 multiplexer


C5 mux in standby mode

connect the Panasonic power adapter to C5

insert IODD 2541 into the USB port on C5



in a standby mode, press “X” and “√” at the same time, then it will pop up “Start Update?”

(if not, it will pop up “Start XENTRY Connect?”. then, when the prompt disappears, it will display “Start Update?”)


When you see “Start Update?”, press “√” and Connect C5 will go into the update mode and IODD 2541 will light up


Press button “5” on IODD 2541 as soon as possible. then, the cross “X” will turn a circle “O”


what’s displayed on C5:




It will take 50-55 minutes to finish the upgrade


The system restarts after installation completes


If your system fail to start, turn off C5 mux and restart again


When C5 starts, take out the hard disk on C5 and install it into the laptop (here: Dell 55220)

Before it, pls install the Windows machine on the U disk


Press F12 when you see the pop-up “F12 Boot Options”


Select USB Storage Device and press “Enter”


Pop up the interface, and select [03] WIN2003 PE Classical


Go to the PE system and create an user account





Note that Windows should be located in disk D:


After path selection, right click on “Create a new admin account” on the left


User name: C5, Password: abc12345678
(You can have any user name and password you want)



Click on Ok

Close the application

Turn off the laptop

Take out the disk off the laptop and install it into C5 multiplexer




Part 3: How to activate Xentry Connect C5 after upgrade

Here’s teamviewer file explaining the step-by-step activation procedure



Files needed to activate C5:

Activation key

2018.7 key

Black list C5


Part 4: How to install EPC WIS software

Video 1

Video 2



Part 5: How to connect C5 SD connect  with Xentry Tab/Laptop

Here’s example on connecting C5 with Xentry tablet, can be also connected with Dell D630 or Lenovo laptop.

C5 is Standby status when not connect with car



C5 has 2 USB connectors and round power connector (power by Panasonic power adapter) on left side


Connect LAN cable and power cable with C5



Press Power button foe 3 sec to turn on Tab


Connect Xentry C5 OBD cable and LAN cable


No car connected. Because it is not connected to vehicle



Xentry Tab main menu


Open Xentry Control


Then come to this interface, wait for the communication


Xentry is connected with SD C5


Click on green icon


Launch Xentry software


Run MB Star diagnostic software and start diagnose Mercedes.





Download and Install 07.2018 Xentry OpenShell

Mb Star diagnostic 07.2018 Xentry OpenShell XDOS download with security:
100% tested and confirmed
07.2018 XDOS Windows 7 Windows 10 Install:
– 07.2018 Xentry/DAS Windows 7 FAQs:
  1. Try install win7 x86?
Install it on win 7 64 Bit or remove the package.
  1. I can try install win7 x86 but not complete. I have error 393. part gives error. How to solution.
try install at fresh windows SP1 also disable UAC..
  1. Have Communication Error 1.53315.9999 on win7 x86 pro. How to solve
everything fine with me, but make sure of the IP, try to do the MUX firmware again and report
– 07.2018 Xentry/DAS Windows 10 FAQs:
  1. Xentry 07.2018 on windows 10?
today i installed at windows 10 64bit. windows download form microsoft site. before installation i stop windows auto update and disable UAC. firewall. defender. everything work good…
  1. I counted a problem after installing 7/2018 on my Windows 10 64bit:
    “Communication Error 1.53315.9999 – Initialization of the multiplexer has failed”
    The XDOS doesn’t see Ignition-On signal.
Ps. Before I used 03/2018 without any problem.
how did you install 7.18 ? did you uninstall 3.18 and install 7.18?
most probably your problem is windows issue, specially windows 10
I suggest you try your mux on other system first and report
– 07.2018 Xentry/DAS errors and solutions:
  1. Xentry.exe application error?
restart and try again, check your memory as well
stop windows defender and UAC
make sure you don’t have viruses
stop antivirus
check if there is any software consuming the memory
check disk usage if it is always 100% in you windows 10 then google its solution which is available online
and if you can do diagnostic for your RAM do that from your laptop
  1. Anyone the missing akktab.csv pkw file for 2018.07 ?
03.2018 akttab for 07.2018 offline coding:
  1. After updating the MB SD Connect C4 MUX firmware I got the cal error 870.
    It seems that the new version has blocked my MUX, even I have applied the blacklisted fix before!!!
Use correct lic.sli and Problem is gone.
  1. Installed this version but when doing a forced regeneration when asked to start engine I am loosing connection with multiplexer?
update full addons and try again
  1. I need Hht diagnostic. Hht only working x86. I can try xentry sim test 212 and 204 not complete. Not working xentry sim. How to solution error. Please help me.
Just finished x32 installation for HHTwin and no problem.
Software Support
Change log
Release Notes 07/2018
  1. New features of XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 systems
New features in Support Tool:
The Support Tool has been given a new icon in a new design.
The “Contact Support” tab contains the email address for the User Help Desk.
The “Support Packages” tab has a “Pin icon” located at the left next to each screenshot. When you
click on the button, the Screenshot Tool marking window appears.
Screenshot Tool: After closing the marking screen, the selection screen for the Screenshot Tool
appears. This makes it easier to create several screenshots than was previously the case.
A graphic set of instructions before the test is available in “VCI self-diagnosis”.
“Network self-diagnosis” shows adapter settings and network settings and a connection check is also
“XENTRY Diagnosis Pad” tab: System information displays the connection status to the backend
servers in the form of an immediate status picture.
The “Client test” button in the “Information” is no longer shown, it is now available as bandwidth selfdiagnosis.
The new overview page in the “XENTRY Diagnosis Pad” shows a summarized view of all the relevant system information.
New features in XENTRY Update Service:
If Retail Data Storage malfunctions because of a defect, ConfigAssist can be used to configure the
“RDS failure” fall-back mode. In this mode the data are loaded directly by the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad
from the Internet. Important note: Please coordinate this in advance with your IT manager!
Connected XENTRY Kit I Kit 2 systems are now visible in the XENTRY Update Service Control
Center in Device Administration
The flashware user interface does not contain any details on Regio or the type of Digital Operator’s
Manual, the HLI information is no longer available
New feature of XENTRY Diagnosis VCI:
The WLAN channel for XENTRY Diagnosis VCI can be configured.
Important: This setting is only to be used when the VCI connection has problems!
  1. Data storage media
1 Blu-ray Disc for XENTRY Diagnosis Software for XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3
1 Blu-ray disc for XENTRY Kit I Kit 2 Update
Telematics and Regio-DVDs, if applicable
Passenger cars:
The following telematics CDs/DVDs are still required (item numbers, market-dependent, plus any special provisions):
1668270859-0001 1718270100-0001 2168274159-0001
1668271300-0001 1718274459-0001 2218270065-0001
1668273900-0001 1978270400-0001 2218270100-0001
1668274600-0001 2048271000-0001 2218270465-0001
1668274700-0001 2128271900-0001 2218270665-0001
The following telematics CDs are still required (item numbers):
Changes since the last release
New documents
No entries available
Updated documents
Installing and configuring XDOS with VCI
User manual XENTRY Diagnostics Open Shell Variants
Help Card XENTRY Diagnosis VCI

How to solve Benz DAS Online SCN Coding CAL Comm Error

Here’s working solution to MB Star diagnostic software online SCN coding failed to carry out problem which happened all around the world these days.


Error in XENTRY

Data transfer has failed (DAS <-> XENTRY)

Possible cause and remedy:

– Incorrect data were received.

– Unknown command or incorrect data in command

Do you went to repeat this procedure?


Error in DAS

The coding could not be carried out (CAL_Comm_Error)

Fault 8.561.6113

The coding may be wrong. (00001)

SCN coding must be carried out again.

If the problem persists, please contact the User Help Desk .


Go to  C:\programm files\mecredez-benz\addons centerxx
Change folder name “addons centerxx” to “addons center” (delete “XX” letters)
Restart the computer
Run c:\programm files\mecredez-benz\addons center\addonscenter.exe
It will run auto update with network connection .

V2017.9 Xentry OpenShell InstallShield Wizard Interrupted Solution

Provide solution to MB Star diagnostic SD Connect C4 V2017.9 Xentry OpenShell XDOS installation error “The InstallShield Wizard was interrupted before Xentry Diagnostics Openshell could be completely installed.”


Attach installation error picture:

xentry diagnostics OpenShell error

Possible reasons:

1- from virus

2- or Microsoft Message Queue Service is not enable


Please make sure you do like these tips:

  1. You need absolute clean windows. choose win 7 32bit
  2. Click to show you the log file and read that. It will be specified what has gone wrong with your install.
  3. Be sure to run your install with administrator rights and have enough room on your HDD.


Finally, the problem is solved.

it was the Microsoft Message Queue Service not enabled now is installing fine.



Thanks to http://www.obdii365.com engineer who helped me solve the problem, thumb up for their service.


Free Download Kontext.gmf file for 2017.5 MB Star Xentry


When diagnose 2012 E550 4matic motor electronics module with MB Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 and latest 2017.5 Xentry software.  It gave me error:


No more updates can be installed on the diagnostic system.

The following functions are not available.

Initial startup

SCN coding

Control unit update”

2012 E550 4matic sd c4 error

Solution from obdii365.com engineer:

Download the Kontext.gmf file here


and replace it  at C:\ Program Files(x86\Mercedes-Benz\Xentry\Kontexte


Problem solved!

2016.7V MB SD C4 DAS Win7 Win8 HDD SSD

Mbstartool.com is currently rolling out latest Mercedes-Benz MB Star diagnostic DAS Xentry software 2016.07V for MB SD Connect C4 and MB Star C3 diagnostic system.


Software version: 2016.07V

Software optional:

500GB 2016.7V DELL D630/C4 External Format HDD Supports Win7/win8

256GB V2016.7 MB SD Connect C4/MB Star C3 SSD DELL D630 Format


Software Language: Chinese, English, Croatian ; Czech; Danish; Dutch; Finish;French; German; Greek; Hungarian;Italian; Japanese; Korean; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian;Russian; Spanish; Swedish;  & Turkish.

You can log in Daimler AG program without user name and password needed, it is used to check price for Benz vehicle accessories.

WIN7 HDD do not support HHT-WIN! Software version newer than V2015.12 do not support HHT-WIN!


2016.7V MB Star diagnosis software including:

1.D-A-S / Xentry 2016.7 : the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System ,Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
2.W-I-S net 2016.06: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car,component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.
3.EPC.net 2016.06: Electronic Parts Catalog
4.ST Finder 2016:Part location finder
5. STARUTILITIES: the movement management system and self-test
6. SDMEDIA 2014
7. PL70
MB SD Connect C4 2016.7V Software Display:
Star Finder 2016
EPC 2016.06
V2016.7 MB SD C4 Software Functions:
1.1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;
2.All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
3.reading trouble code
4.erasing trouble code
7.component testing
9.information consultation
10.component location diagram
11.wiring diagram
Testable system:

WIS error “No write access for installation folders”

When I started installation of MB Star diagnostic WIS standalone 01/2012 on DAS 03/2012 (clean install) on Windows Xp Pro ENG with 1G virtual drive. i did standalone key first, and used 1st DVD and used SDSwitch.
i got the error message “no write access for the specified installation folders ! ”


First, share some tips/ solutions i found on forums:

  1. Extract all the images in a folder for each dvd

Or use the virtual drive and mount the 2 images

Use pwr iso Kolo


  1. First install WIS standalone

As a part of MB SD Connect C4 DAS x 2012

Then mod d2ksetup


  1. Un-Install ANYTHING > Use the CleanEWAInstallation.vbs> Reboot > DELETE any Folders witch they remain > Re-Install again!

Good luck



Then i found the problem is “Information at 15:36:43 : Executing in CMD: cacls C:\Programme\ewa /T /E /G U|_ytkownicy:F


WIS installer did not recognize diacritics – should be “Użytkownicy” not “U|_ytkownicy”


So I changed name “Użytkownicy” to other word without diacritics – for example to “Users” or “Uzytkownicy”. To solve it, ran compmgmt.msc and went to “Users and local groups” ->”Groups” and rename “Użytkownicy”.


Finally SOLVED!


It is said that it’s possible to install standalone WIS on any language version of WINXP.

SD connect C4 error SDnetControl “no signal”

Can the old MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer work with the new XENTRY/DAS, etc.? Here is a case ans solution also, which helps error SDnetControl “no signal”.

2015.12v MB SD C4 software cannot work with 2013 sd connect c4 diagnostic system.

Operating system:
Windows XP

Error interface:
No signal


Self test results:



Go to learn
“How to setup SD C4 software in HDD/ SSD”
Video guide:

Main Steps:
Set date and time same as the current
Step 1 – Run StartKeyCenter
Step 2 – Action to avoid Xentry reactivation
Step 3- Run Get Hardware ID
Step 4 – Run EPC & WIS
Step 5 – Add “license” to registry
Step 6 – Run EPC & WIS with new password
Step 7 – Network setup
Step 8 – Run SDconnect Toolkit
Step 9 – Diagnosis

For details of SD C4 xentry/das, epc, wis activation(setup), pls refer to

MB SD C4 No Access Authorization Code Final Solution

Here is a final solution on how to fix the Mercedes Benz MB Star diagnostic (MB SD C4 or MB star C3)“No access authorization code! You must contact the User Help Desk” error.


Click OK.
Set up a new text document on Desktop.
Otworz za pomocq (open with) WordPad. Then open and minimize it.


Open STAR UTILITIES on Desktop.
Click StartKey manager.
Select Application: XENTRY Diagnostics. Then copy the HW-ID and AppID on the Wordpad just be established on Desktop.


Open EWA net (admin 12345) on Desktop.
Enter name and password to log in.

Select Serwer (server)>>Edytuj uprawnienie dostepu (Edit privilege access).
Copy (LAN-ID): C2575C0C9A6C on the the Wordpad. Then minimize the two interfaces


Open Get HardwareID_NoRING0.exe on Desktop.
Copy the Hardware ID to the Wordpad. Minimize it!

Then click Open your star diagnostic MB SD Connect C4-2015.7.pdf to see the STAR version.
Then write down the version on the Wordpad. Save data and close it.


Open My Computer>>Star (C:)>>Documents and Settings>>All Users>>Application Data>>LicDir, to copy and paste lc_key_2.dat here. And rename the new one as “lc_key_2.x4711”.
Right click “lc_key_2.x4711 for Properties, tick on the last line “Read-only”. Click OK.
Then delete the original “lc_key_2.dat”.

Then please send the ID file (wordpad saved just now) to the related customer service staff to get the activation code.

TeamViewer is running. Please zamknij (close) it.
TeamViewer is running. Please zamknij (close) it.

Click the ID Wordpad, otworz za pomocq (open with) WordPad.
Copy XENTRY ID to STAR UNTILITIES to paste it as StartKey, then save it.



Copy EPCnet and WISnet ID on Wordpad to EWA net Edytuj uprawnienie dostepu (Edit privilege access). Then zapisz (save) it.


Go to the left menu to select Programy>>EPC.
Tick for Do not show the next time EPC starts, and click Close.

Then exit EPC.

Extract license.rar on Desktop.
Open the extracted file “license.reg”.
Select Tak (Yes).
Click OK.

Open XENTRY on Desktop.
Select Mercedes-Benz.
Select vehicle model S(140).
Click Xentry Diagnostics (icon is the third from the top).
Prompt: This application has been registered to 2-. Click OK.


If this message below (the current key has been located on a different machine…) appears, please send the Hardware ID resend the personel of the service to obtain the license file. Click OK.



Open Get HardwareID_NoRING0.exe on Desktop.
Copy the Hardware ID to the ID Wordpad.
Hardware ID is the same as LAN ID.
Close the Wordpad. Save? Nie (No).

Delete license.rar and its extracted file “license.reg” on Desktop.
Team Viewer is running.
Another license.rar appear on Desktop. Extract here.
Open the new extracted file “license.reg”.
Select Tak (Yes).
Click OK.
Click zamknij (close) on the running Team Viewer.

Open XENTRY on Desktop.
Select Mercedes-Benz.
Select vehicle model S(140).
Prompt: This application has been registered to 3-. Click OK.
If the message below (No valid DAS license; DAS will now be closed.), please send the DAS ID, the personnel of DAS service will obtain license code. Click OK.


Quit Xentry.

Open STAR UTILITIES on Desktop.
Click StartKey manager.
Select Application:DAS.
Write down the LanID to the ID Wordpad. Then save data and close the Wordpad.



Team Viewer is running.
Click zamknij (close) on the running Team Viewer.

Open ID Wordpad on Desktop.
Copy the last line license code, to paste as StartKey in STAR UTILITIES. Then save it.

Open XENTRY on Desktop.
Select Mercedes-Benz.
Select vehicle model B(245).
Click Xentry Diagnostics (icon is the third from the top).
Prompt: the active diagnosis application is the Diagnosis Assistance System…



Click ESC.
Click OK.
Quit Xentry.