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Vediamo Caesar Hardware Not Support Win7 64bit Solution

I have SD Connect C4 multiplexer.
It works great with Xentry with cable connection.
O/S: Windows 7 64 Bits.

But Vediamo V05.00.05 has issue connecting to MB SD C4.
After opened up Vediamo, I press on update. Then, i got error message

“The Caesar-Hardware Part A / Part C (ISA) / Part Y is not supported under Windows (7) – 64Bits.”

Possible reason :
Vediamo is not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit.
Solution 1:
Solution 1 is provide by customer.

“I just fixed it.

There is no Part D needed. or Part …etc.

All i did is, change Device ID 0 to 01 in INI file
Because my SD C4 is 01 .

I modified Vediamo_c.ini in ProgramData/Vediamo/Config

You will see 3rd Line from top, DefaultDeviceNumber=xx

Change xx to your device number.

Hope this helps!!

Solution 2:
If solution 1 does not work, please change another laptop with Windows 7 32-bit. We have tested Vediamo and MB SD Connect C4 on 32bit system perfectly.


SD Connect C4 Failed to Configure Error Solution

If you failed to set up or configure Star diagnosis SD Connect C4, showing 00 error on main unit, you can follow firmware reflash steps below to solve the problem.


Error on main unit.


Unscrew and disassemble sd c4 unit



This is correct wiring diagram.


Right click on the icon “StartKeyCenter”, then “Properties” – “Find target

On the desktop, right click on “StartKeyCenter”, then option “Properties” – “Find target” – C:\programmer \SDconnect Toolkit file, find out last 3 folder: update_automatic, update_manual;update_special. , correct names by deleting the final letter”x”





At the right corner of the desktop, click “Administrator”.


This toolkit is being initialized


Click “00/Cable Accessible”


Click on “Register / Configure”


Update “CSD_2_11.zip”


The system software was successfully updated.


Back to update “Bootimage_2_3.zip”


The system software was successfully updated.


Back to click on “00/ Cable Accessible”

You see it’s accessible.


Click on “Software update”, then “03 PMpic29_cpld13.zip”


The system software was successfully updated.


Check the information


Back to the desktop, right click on “StartKeyCenter”, then option “Properties” – “Find target” – C:\programmer \SDconnect Toolkit file, rename the last 3 folder, add a suffix “x“, the final folder name will be update_automaticx, update_manualx; update_specialx.








SDC4 tech support supplied by  www.obdii365.com


MB SD Connect C4 dead, not power up solution

Share an easy way to repair SD connect c4 multiplexer if your multiplexer is dead, not powering up via any adapter cable.
First open the MB SD C4 main unit. Slide PCB out a little bit, from the connector side, so you can see the units buttons wiring. Carefully pry the lock out & up, after that you can pull the wiring and PCB out.
Then Open 4 Main PCB screws, Carefully wiggle the PCB off from another, it might be pretty tight, so carefully, side from side!
Disconnect the LAN cable, carefully, pretty easy to break the small clip.
Then you can disconnect the Connector PCB, very carefully, might be really thight! Again slowly from both sides. You now have access to the small Fuses.
You can use multi-meter to see if they work, usually the LAN connector side 5A is burnt. So desolder the broken one, install new & enjoy your powering up mux again!
This repairing above requires experienced and professional techniques; or you are suggested to buy a cheap clone MB SD Connect C4 of high quality to replace it. Google to get the good one. I helped to put the first site here for you (no affiliation to the vendor)
(special thanks to JarsaR)

SD Connect C4 error on Mercedes Tourismo bus

Mercedes Benz MB Star diagnostic SD connect c4 cannot power on when connected with Mercedes Tourismo bus? Mb star c3 get communication error also when connected to Tourismo? Here’s the customer solution of Mercedes Tourismo bus diagnosis or programming.


Multiplexer complaints:

“I have tried 2 different sd connect c4 on Tourismo buses and sd connect does not power on.
In the meantime those MB sd connect C4 works normally to any other MB Truck and car.
also on Tourismo have check MB Star C3 and works normally.”


Device used:

SD connect c4


You should check:

bus with OBD
pin 4 + 5
both must be connected and ground

In SDConnect “-” is 5 pin only. There is 4 contact not used in 16pin OBD connector.



Communication complaints:

“i’m getting an communication error when connecting xentry to a Mercedes tourismo.”

Tourismo-bus-communication-error-1 Tourismo-bus-communication-error-2 Tourismo-bus-communication-error-3

Device used:

Mb Star c3 multiplexer


You can try:

– turn OFF/ON BUS ground switch (our remove battery – cable). FPS1 wake up and Star diagnostic recognized FPS1/VIN code.


– enter the DAS ATEGO truck come and place manually and then it will work perfect



Coding complaints:

“Currently the speed limit is set to 100 km/h. I’m trying to set it to higher value (with DAS using modified EOL files). On the menu it tells me that I can, because there are higher values (105 km/h. 112 km/h, etc). But when I try to set the speed limit to higher than 100 km/h it doesn’t allow me to do it (can’t save the changes). When I try to set it below 100 km/h everything goes fine.


Device used:

MB SD C4 mux


You should:

Access special settings


DAS Fault (1.1)-1.501.9551 Initialization Failed (Fixed)

This is solution of Mercedes-Benz diagnosis DAS unsuccessful initialization with fault (1.1)-1.501.9551. Hope this helps.


Tool used with:

MB SD C5 Connect multiplexer

MB Star Software D630 SSD



Mercedes-Bnez W208 ’2003


Error message:

Die Initialisierung des Multiplexers ist fehlgeschlagen (The initialization of the multiplexer failed)

DAS-Initialization-Failed (1)


Fault (1.1)-1.501.9551

Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed

Possible cause:

The link between this diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic socket is interrupted

The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic unit is interrupted

The voltage supply at the diagnostic socket (circuit 30 and (or) circuit 31) is faulty


When using MB SD C4, check the connection status using the Toolkit

DAS-Initialization-Failed (2)

Analysis from technician at mbstartool.com:


pay attention to the icon in the bottom right corner

When the computer starts, connect to the Device 21(SDconnect multiplexer)

The cross “x” there means bad communication or some other causes


Optional solutions for bad communication:

1- cable problem

1) the cable from the car to the mux

you may replace it if the mux is not light on
2) the cable from the laptop to the mux

Go to Local Network Connection

Plug and unplug the SD C5 com port for times to see if there is change in Local Network Connection or not.

If not, change another computer to try again, also in this way.

But, if still not any change in any computer, you may replace the LAN cable with another one to have a try.


2- mux problem

If you still have the same problem, it means that the mux is not ok
you may run star utilities you have 2 ways
1) if you hear the mux ticking means you have to check the car-mux cable
2) if you did not hear mux ticking means the laptop-mux cable is not ok OR the mux is not ok


But if unluckily with all solutions before, please send back your unit to the vendor for repairing.



Solutions of DAS Fault (1.1)-1.501.9551 are for MB STAR C3, SD C4, SD C5 Connect diagnostic tool.


MB SD C4 failed to read auto MAP data solution

One of the Mercedes MB Star diagnostic MB SD Connect C4 user failed to read auto repairing information/ data with EPC.net software. Here’s the proper solution provided.



– Map data cannot be read.


– or EPC Warnung: Die Berechtigung zum Lesen dieser Information fehit 

(Warning: The permission to read this information is missing)

Auto data for car cannot be read.



Solution by experienced technicians at obdii365.com:

Send the LAN ID to our engineer and then re-activated


Detailed steps to activate EPC:

Run “EPC & WIS” on Desktop and Login with user name: admin & password: 12345

Go to “server”-> “edit the access authorization

Copy current MAC address (LAN ID) and send to our engineer

Open notepad to copy the new EPC & WIS password.

MB SD Connect C4 VMware Network Configuration

Here is the customer solution on Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect Compact 4 Network configuration on Virtual Machine.

“Troubled with connecting the MB SD Connect C4 MUX with the VM for a couple of days, and after many tries, I managed to work SD Connect with Green LAN Cable through VMWare. ”


VMWare has it’s own way of doing things.

Here is the solution for LAN cable:

* Open Virtual Network Editor and setup. (Do not remove any of the networks, somehow VMWare manages to not bridge the connection successfully)


* From the Virtual Machine Settings, configure the network


* From the Host Computer, configure the TCP\IP settings


* From the Virtual Machine, configure the TCP\IP settings


* You should be successfully pinging from VM


* SDNetControll will see your MB SD C4 multiplexer successfully ”

Hope it would help you if you also have the same problem.



MB SD Connect C4 and Dell D630 Full Kits Review

Here is the review on MB SD Connect c4 with dell d630 4GB full diagnostic system by a Poland  customer.



” It’s Philip From Poland, I bought one of these full kits after doing a lot of research from various vendors. The Service from from mbstartool.com always responded quickly, answering all questions I had. Shipping was very quickly, Help us declare a lower orice on the invoice, package ship via DHL  (approx. 3 days arrival).

The Dell630 is understandably second hand, and seems old, and had be resprayed (painted) but is otherwise fully functional. The latest 2015.12 MB software was installed and everything seems to work OK right out of the box, which is exactly as stated.

Cables, connectors and mux all appear to be pretty good quality, although the C4 didn’t have batteries installed (not sure you really need these anyway).

Wireless connection to the MB SD C4 seems to be intermittent – I got a few disconnects and crashes in Xentry (javaw.exe) on wireless, but on cable it has worked consistently well so far.

For people considering buying a kit like this for newer cars (e.g. New C Class), the only advice I can give is that the Xentry software on modern cars will only let you do tests – (i.e. No Adaptations or coding); everything requiring change will need Online SCN coding. It’s a great toolkit to have for diagnostics alone though.

Overall – I can highly recommend buying from this vendor since everything was as advertised, plus you have fast response on emails if you have issues or questions.

Thank you , would buy from you again ”


MB SD C4 No Access Authorization Code Final Solution

Here is a final solution on how to fix the Mercedes Benz MB Star diagnostic (MB SD C4 or MB star C3)“No access authorization code! You must contact the User Help Desk” error.


Click OK.
Set up a new text document on Desktop.
Otworz za pomocq (open with) WordPad. Then open and minimize it.


Open STAR UTILITIES on Desktop.
Click StartKey manager.
Select Application: XENTRY Diagnostics. Then copy the HW-ID and AppID on the Wordpad just be established on Desktop.


Open EWA net (admin 12345) on Desktop.
Enter name and password to log in.

Select Serwer (server)>>Edytuj uprawnienie dostepu (Edit privilege access).
Copy (LAN-ID): C2575C0C9A6C on the the Wordpad. Then minimize the two interfaces


Open Get HardwareID_NoRING0.exe on Desktop.
Copy the Hardware ID to the Wordpad. Minimize it!

Then click Open your star diagnostic MB SD Connect C4-2015.7.pdf to see the STAR version.
Then write down the version on the Wordpad. Save data and close it.


Open My Computer>>Star (C:)>>Documents and Settings>>All Users>>Application Data>>LicDir, to copy and paste lc_key_2.dat here. And rename the new one as “lc_key_2.x4711”.
Right click “lc_key_2.x4711 for Properties, tick on the last line “Read-only”. Click OK.
Then delete the original “lc_key_2.dat”.

Then please send the ID file (wordpad saved just now) to the related customer service staff to get the activation code.

TeamViewer is running. Please zamknij (close) it.
TeamViewer is running. Please zamknij (close) it.

Click the ID Wordpad, otworz za pomocq (open with) WordPad.
Copy XENTRY ID to STAR UNTILITIES to paste it as StartKey, then save it.



Copy EPCnet and WISnet ID on Wordpad to EWA net Edytuj uprawnienie dostepu (Edit privilege access). Then zapisz (save) it.


Go to the left menu to select Programy>>EPC.
Tick for Do not show the next time EPC starts, and click Close.

Then exit EPC.

Extract license.rar on Desktop.
Open the extracted file “license.reg”.
Select Tak (Yes).
Click OK.

Open XENTRY on Desktop.
Select Mercedes-Benz.
Select vehicle model S(140).
Click Xentry Diagnostics (icon is the third from the top).
Prompt: This application has been registered to 2-. Click OK.


If this message below (the current key has been located on a different machine…) appears, please send the Hardware ID resend the personel of the service to obtain the license file. Click OK.



Open Get HardwareID_NoRING0.exe on Desktop.
Copy the Hardware ID to the ID Wordpad.
Hardware ID is the same as LAN ID.
Close the Wordpad. Save? Nie (No).

Delete license.rar and its extracted file “license.reg” on Desktop.
Team Viewer is running.
Another license.rar appear on Desktop. Extract here.
Open the new extracted file “license.reg”.
Select Tak (Yes).
Click OK.
Click zamknij (close) on the running Team Viewer.

Open XENTRY on Desktop.
Select Mercedes-Benz.
Select vehicle model S(140).
Prompt: This application has been registered to 3-. Click OK.
If the message below (No valid DAS license; DAS will now be closed.), please send the DAS ID, the personnel of DAS service will obtain license code. Click OK.


Quit Xentry.

Open STAR UTILITIES on Desktop.
Click StartKey manager.
Select Application:DAS.
Write down the LanID to the ID Wordpad. Then save data and close the Wordpad.



Team Viewer is running.
Click zamknij (close) on the running Team Viewer.

Open ID Wordpad on Desktop.
Copy the last line license code, to paste as StartKey in STAR UTILITIES. Then save it.

Open XENTRY on Desktop.
Select Mercedes-Benz.
Select vehicle model B(245).
Click Xentry Diagnostics (icon is the third from the top).
Prompt: the active diagnosis application is the Diagnosis Assistance System…



Click ESC.
Click OK.
Quit Xentry.