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How to Read and Write BMW DME MEVD172G with Ktag KTM100


DIY – DME/ECU Read Write and Tuning  2016MY F82 M using Ktag KTM100 master clone ecu tuning tool.


Disclaimer: Credit to su_root on bimmer forum. All information provided is for educational purposes. I am not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur to your property as a result of the information provided here.


BMW-Bosch DME MEVD172G Wiring Guide: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2wjuwxpz0zd53b/NT_BOSCH_MEVD172G_IROM_TC1797_BMW.pdf?dl=0



Parts arrived this morning. Below are pictures of what was included in the box.
KTAG KTM100 Clone (US$349)
-12v/1A AC Adapter
-USB2.0 A-to-B Cable
-Cables to wire up to the DME



Prepping Bench PC:
The instructions provided recommend the use of WinXP/Win7, disabling all network connections and malware detection programs. I was in a rush to stage the software and connect the flashing tool to ensure all was OK so I tested the following setup on a Win10Pro x64 machine. I also made the changes below before starting:
-Disable Driver Signature Enforcement – REQUIRED or Dimsport driver will not install and device will show as ‘Unknown’ under Device Manager
-Disable AV/Malware Software – I use Webroot/Defender and shut them off
-Disable LAN/WLAN adapters

After making the changes above to my PC I powered up the adapter and plugged in the USB cable. Windows warned me of the unsigned driver and continued the install.

Bringing up KTM100 I see all is recognized correctly. You can also see below that the DME is supported and a plugin is available to communicate with that DME and calculate the correct checksum. I think I’m ready to start!




On Sunday I was able to get the car on the dyno and grab some factory numbers.


Phase 1 – Reading the DME:

Here she is. Bosch MEVD172G DME.

Below are a few pictures of the outside of the unit. I cleaned up a bit of sand around the unit to make sure nothing gets in while I attempt to open it up.



After about 30 minutes with a small blade going around the edges of the unit I was able to open the casing up. Luckily the components are not close to the edge of the case so as you’re going around it with a blade you don’t have to worry too much. But as always be careful not to jam the blade too deep; you may accidentally damage some of the surface mounted components.



Wired up the unit to the KTM100 clone using the PDF I posted earlier. Reading procedure is as follows:

1. Connect wires from the provided harnesses to the DME pins as shown in the Bosch PDF including BOOT pin.
2. Power ON KTM100 and connect to USB on PC
3. Launch KTM100 Application
4. Connect the harness side of the cables to the KTM100
5. Click ‘ID’ in KTM100 Application to verify DME communication.
6. Done. Now you can carry out the function you need (read/write/etc)





Phase 2 – Tuning:

You have two options:

1. Acquire and LEARN tuning software like WinOLS, ECM TITANIUM or similar, and spend time and resources on custom dyno tuning the car.

2. Take your dumped files and send them off to a tuner for tuning service. Most US tuners will flat out turn your business away. I wont call them out here but I would encourage you to contact them and listen to their response first hand.


I installed the DME back into the car yesterday afternoon. It was pretty nerve wrecking to sit in the car and push the ‘Start’ button. I was very confident I followed all the right steps but theres always that sense of uncertainty in the back of your mind. What if i damaged something? At that moment I didn’t care if the remaps actually yielded any results; I was just hoping the car would crank back up. I held my breath, pushed ‘Start’ and the car sprung back to life. It was such a sense of accomplishment.



Ktag EU clone v7.020 vs K-tag China clone v6.070 v7.003

There are many versions of Ktag programmers in the markets, some K-tag EU clones, some Ktag China clones. Here, obd365.com made comparison between these copy version ecu tuning tools: Ktag euro vs Ktag china.


EU K-TAG vs China K TAG:

EU clone is different from Chinese clone… The EU version is made on Austria with blue PCB (blue, red, purple, 3 colors of eu clone from different places)… while the Chinese version is made in the China factory with green PCB and high quality components.


Ktag eu clone programmer:

K-tag eu with blue board:


Eu ktag clone with red board:


Ktag eu clone with purple pcb:




Note: the purple ktag is the newest eu version with firmware v7.020.


Ktag china clone ecu tuning tool:

Ktag clone with green pcb:

Ktag V6.070



Note: there are different chinese ktag, all with green pcb. And the pcb designed as above is the most popular one. The ktag firmware v6.070 can work with ksuite v2.13 for lots of ECU types without token limitation, including the newest BMW Gasoline F Chassis and Mercedes W222.

Ktag v6.070 car list: k-tag-ksuit-supported-list.xlsx


Ktag ktm100:



Note: this is the newest ktag firmware v7.003 with one button for token reset. And this KTM100 K-TAG is 100% J-Tag compatible.

Ktag ktm100 car list: ktm100-ktag-car-list.pdf


Ktag v6.070 vs ktag ktm100 v7.003:

Product Ktag v6.070 Ktag KTM100 v7.003
Image se80-c-ktag se80-d-ktag-ktm100
Firmware version V6.070 V7.003
Software version Ksuite V2.13 KTM100 V2.13
Token charging Through PC programming With one renew button
BMW F chassis petrol NO YES
Mercedes-Benz W222 NO YES
Language English/ Italian/ German/ French/ Portuguese/ Spanish English/ Italian/ Portuguese,
Protocol over 95%(BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx) More than ktag ksuite(BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx)



The differences of Ktag clones with purple 2016, blue, red or green PCB:

The green board Ktag have been worked much more as technicians and users tested on various ECUs without issues along the way. Also, the professionals have been fitting all with much better optical connectors.

Ktag clone with green PCB wins!


Dimsport Trasdata Problems Solved by Ktag KTM100 7.003

Last week, I did a test on Trasdata with my China clone KTAG KTM100, for I got info that Trasdata is compatible with K-Tag firmware v7.003- supports the same cars/ecus but shows how many tokens you have left and can supposedly be used with internet connection (ksuite cannot).


I downloaded Dimsport Trasdata software on the web:Dimsport Trasdata.zip


But KTAG ecu tuning master has no tokens showing on trasdata and when switch back to ktag.ept when opening ksuite it says “update not complete connect tool to internet to complete update”? I have noticed though on the old laptop when you open trasdata it has pop up message saying “there is update available”, possibly installing today update automatically and block ktag


Then problem solved! Trasdata is automatically downloading an update now and blocking unit so be careful! I had to flash ktag.ept back, put 6.070 update files in 2.08 update folder and put 6.070 sd files on a NEW sd card.


Unluckily, connection damaged the KTAG! A friend in mhhauto said something about this, that “you will have to switch back to ktag.ept and put new sd card in with sd files on to fix, when installing this now trasdata automatically updates to the latest version, if you had installed it before the update was released then you just receive a message asking to update when starting trasdata.”


Having read lots of post on forums to find a way around this at present for new installations, and finally, the problem is resolved by taking a version of Chinese KTM100 FW 7.003 ecu programmer, installing and replacing Trasdata.exe; ChksumDll.dll; TrsdtDLL.dll from the download software.
Infoplugins.dat file I left by Chinese because the reserves more info from Chinese, you have to try … And everything works fine.
Thar is,

First, install KTM 100 from China, then they replace files from the download zip, all as described by in but no update !!!
(((Copy Trasdata.exe from archive to “Program Files / Dimsport / Trasdata”. CopyFolder “Settings” to “Program Data / Dimsport“. Copy files from folder system32 to “Windows / System32)))
Next, use the program online.
Because of an error:
“K-Tag work OK.I try VAG edc17cp20 i have same error (Crp file not found ). K-tag read and write .”

The correct Protocol of KTM100 HW 7.003 are located in “Program Data / Dimsport / pack / ntdpack.zip” they should upgrade to SD card, einetlich to 7003


Ps. Free download KTM100 2.13.ISO [1.58 GB]