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JLR Mangoose Cable SP116 SP205 SP205-B Difference

What’s the main difference of JLR Mangoose SDD cable SP116 SP205 SP205-B and is it good to have a cloned unit?
What is SP116 and SP205SP205-b?
The supplier numbers of the different Mangoose versions.
For the manufacturer codes
SP116 means Mongoose
SP205 means Mongoose Pro (-B I guess is just a revision)
I have been using the Mongoose clones for years.
Supplier was http://www.obdii365.com/. I am using JLR 130 and 134 on a designated 8,9″ Netbook and that’s absolutely sufficient.
I bought all around 10 adapters from them to also provide friends with that functionality. each of them worked fine so far.
I have used them so far on my X308 (2001), on a X308 (1997), X100 (1999), X350 (2005), X400 (2001). So far they never failed.
I have been screening DTCs but also programmed keys out of and into the safety module in a X308 and a X400. Even new keys could be programmed into a X400 so far. I will try this with my X308 this year too.
I also added a new instrument cluster (odometer) into a X400 when it had been immobilized by the change of the odometer.
All of this had been done in the JLR 130 in XP Pro SP3 on a Acer Netbook.
For me it makes more sense to have a “handy” device for fault detection and/or programming.
But this, of course, is up to everyone himself and it could be from 8,9″ to 14″ as I tested here:

I once opened both – the original Mongoose Pro and the clone.

From the components being used there was no difference – might just be the programming.


But you have always to be aware what you are doing there.
Writing code into control modules is always a risk – power loss, loosened plugs. Always double check your arrangement.
Best regards

JLR DoIP VCI Original vs. China Clone

Confirmed! You have luck with a cloned JLR DoIP VCI at a decent price but the same features as the dealer to have diagnostic tests or do coding/programming on a Jaguar/Land Rover, new or old.


Features/Interfaces Genuine JLR DoIP VCI Clone JLR DoIP VCI
Image jlr-doip-vci-original jlr-doip-vci-clone
Price $1,130.55 $599
Pathfinder software YesSoftware from the dealer YesCrack software
JLR SDD software YesSoftware from the dealer YesCrack software
Diagnostics Yes Yes
Coding Yes Yes
ECU programming YesOnline programming with your own account YesOnline programming with your own account
Key programming Yes Yes
MY2006-2014 cars YesWith JLR SDD YesWith JLR SDD
MY2014-2018 cars without DoIP YesWith JLR SDD YesWith JLR SDD
MY2018- cars with DoIP:· Range Rover L405

· Range Rover Sport L494

YesWith Pathfinder YesWith Pathfinder
MY2014-2018 cars with Multi-CAN:· XE X760
· F-Pace X761
· F-Type X152
· XF X260
· XJ X351 – 2016MY only
· Evoque L538
· Discovery Sport L550
· Range Rover L405

· Range Rover Sport L494

YesWith Pathfinder YesWith Pathfinder
Tech support The dealer JLR Obdii365.com


In conclusion,

The original and China clone differs in the look and price only!

If you are looking for a tool works for new and old Jaguar and Land Rover, a JLR DoIP VCI clone unit is perfect for personal use – save a lot. It works as well as the original.

Look here: the video helps confirm the copy versions works well with SDD & Pathfinder


But you want a tool from the dealer and show respect to the original, the genuine will be better for you.


Ps. Tips and guides to hep you use JLR SDD and Pathfinder software:


How to fix Land Rover OCC Occupant Sensor Fault P046


How to Fix Land Rover(2012-2016) OCC fault without replace parts (use SDD)

Introduce you how to upgrade calibration file in OCC module (Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module).

Disclaimer: Here’s TSB file from repair.alldata.com. It is for professional technician with knowledge. You are at your risk.

Safety Recall: Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Warning Lamp Illuminated
Fault code: P046: Update Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module software

Range Rover Evoque (LV)
Model year: 2012-2013

LR2 (LF)
Model year: 2010-2015


This Service Instruction may be performed on all affected vehicles from SDD-DVD139.00 v184 software release.

A concern has been identified with the Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) passenger airbag which may be totally or partially disabled as a result of physical cell wear out of the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) within the Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module (OCSCM). When this condition is detected by the SRS system self-test, completed at ignition on, the OCSCM will shut down. This condition results in Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) U0154-00 being set in the Restraints Control Module (RCM) along with continuous illumination of the SRS warning lamp on the Instrument Cluster. Range Rover Evoque vehicles will also illuminate the Passenger Airbag Disable indicator (PADi) lamp in the overhead console. The condition may clear on the next subsequent ignition cycle.

Retailers are required to HOLD all affected vehicles that are within your control and refrain from releasing the vehicles for new or used vehicle sale pending completion of the rework action detailed in this Technical Bulletin. Unsold vehicles should have this performed as part of the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) process but must have it completed prior to vehicle handover to the customer. Affected vehicles already in the hands of customers should be updated at the next available opportunity.

No parts required


NOTE: this document is an ‘Active Bulletin’ that will display a functional programming shortcut if accessed within a diagnostic session using JLR SDD diagnostic interface.

SDD with latest SDD-DVD and Calibration File
Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics Battery Power Supply



CAUTION: a Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics battery power supply must be connected to the vehicle battery during SDD diagnosis / module programming.

CAUTION: ensure all ignition ‘ON’ / ignition ‘OFF’ requests are carried out; failure to perform these steps may cause damage to control modules in the vehicle.

NOTE: SDD must be loaded with DVD139.00 v.184 or later.

1. Connect the Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics battery power supply to the vehicle battery. 2. Turn ignition ‘ON’ (engine not running).
3. Connect the Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) system to the vehicle and begin a new session.
4. Follow the on-screen prompts, allowing SDD to read the VIN and identify the vehicle and initiating the data collect sequence.
5. Select ‘Diagnosis’ from the Session Type screen.
6. Select the ‘Selected Symptoms’ tab, and then select the following: ^ Electrical > Instruments > Warning lamps > Air bag warning lamp
7. Select the ‘Recommendations’ tab.
8. Locate any of the recommended publications listed there and select ‘Read’.
9. Close the document selected in step 8.
10. Select the ‘Extras’ tab.
11. From the Recommendations list, select Run to perform the ‘Configure existing module – Restraints occupant classification system module’ option.
12. NOTE: due to constraints within the Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module hardware design, the software download may fail on the first attempt and display ‘An unspecified error has occurred’. In order to minimize this, the following instructions should be followed:
Once the software download parts confirmation screen is presented:
^ Turn the ignition ‘OFF’.
^ Press the on-screen green check mark (tick) to continue.
^ Turn the ignition ‘ON’ when SDD displays a blue scroll bar in the center of the screen.
^ This should be within 10 seconds of pressing the green check mark (tick) on the software      download confirmation screen.
^ If the software download fails, there will be an option presented to ‘retry’.
^ Select ‘retry’ and perform the above steps again.
^ Should the download fail two (2) consecutive times, continue to the next step.
13. NOTE: this step only needs to be run if the software download above has failed two (2) times. Once the software download parts confirmation screen is presented, remove the OCSCM fuse.
^ The fuse box is located in the passenger compartment:


^ ‘1’ – Range Rover Evoque: fuse 56P [fuse rating 10A]
^ ‘2’ – LR2: fuse FS2 [fuse rating 10A] – 2010-2012MY; fuse FP60 [fuse rating 10A] – 2013-2015MY
^ Press the on-screen green check mark (tick) to continue.
^ Install the previously removed OCSCM fuse when SDD displays a blue scroll bar in the center of the screen.
^ This should be within 10 seconds of pressing the green check mark (tick) on the software download confirmation screen.
^ If the download is completed successfully, continue to the next step.
^ If the download fails again, please contact your local Technical HelpLine for assistance.
14. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete this task.
15. Exit the current session.
16. Disconnect the SDD and the battery power supply from the vehicle.


Difference Between JLR Pathfinder and SDD software

Here, i’ll chip in words of “Goodbye JLR SDD and Hello Pathfinder”
What’s the difference between Pathfinder and SDD software?
1.The JLR Pathfinder software
(You must have a online account to work with it; obdii365.com won’t offer it)
It is the only unit that will be compatible with the Pathfinder software and all JLR vehicles with the new vehicle architectures found in 2017 and newer vehicles (from the Range Rover/Range Rover Sport L405/L494). In addition to the 2017 and newer vehicles, the JLR DoIP VCI will also be capable of interfacing with 2014 through 2016 Multi-CAN architecture vehicles (see application list below).
2.The SDD software
(If you want to do programming, you must have an online account)
All 2014-2017 with no DOIP and earlier (2006 to 2014) land rover and Jaguar will still use the JLR SDDsoftware.
Why we use JLR Pathfinder instead of SDD?
The reason for SDD being retired and Pathfinder being introduced is more because of the contract with Ford expiring, as the SDD is based on the Ford IDS, so JLR has to pay Ford to keep using it.
The major change to the cars themselves is the infotainment system, the Next Generation Infotainment (NGI) is an ethernet-based system, vs the older MOST fibre-optic infotainment i.e. the IAM2.1
So yeah, you could not (easily or economically) retrofit the NGI system into an IAM2.1 car, for example. The components and network are totally different.
But… the NGI has been in some JLR vehicles since 2016, and is supported by SDD. There will be a cutoff where new models are no longer supported by SDD and only by Pathfinder. But Pathfinder also works on older vehicles too, back to 2014MY (approximately).
What tool can be used with Pathfinder software?
The  JLR DoIP VCI interface! Both original and clone are okay.
It is the only unit that will be compatible with the Pathfinder Software and all JLR vehicles with the new vehicle architectures found in 2017 and newer vehicles (from the Range Rover/Range Rover Sport L405/L494). In addition to the 2017 and newer vehicles.
the DoIP VCI will also be capable of interfacing with 2014 through 2016 Multi-CAN architecture vehicles (see application list below). Vehicles 2014 and older vehicles not detailed here will continue to use the current diagnostic system and VCIs.
It’s tested by professionals.
Look here: Pathfinder is being tested with JLR DoIP VCI diagnostic and programming tool
Parh finder, SDD, Jaguar InControl, Land Rover InControl, New Update Tool, TOP
Updating firmware of JLR VCI DoIP
Auto scan
Find vehicle via VIN
or manual select vehicle info: Land Rover 405 (DoIP) 2017
Vehicle info: Land Rover 405 (DoIP)
Systems of Land Rover 405 (DoIP)
ECU diagnostics interface
Service function
Add or remove tow bar
Customer personalsation features
Deployable sidestep
OBDII readiness tests
Pre-delivery inspection
Select CCF
Tire size (rolling circumference)
Software download updates
Where is the concern on the vehicle?


JLR SDD V141 Review on 2004 Jaguar S-Type & Vanden Plas

It’s my personal experience of JLR SDD V130 (now v141) running on Windows 7 system on SDD.
For the time being I have given up on SDD DVD 139 V7 because my big laptop needs sorting out.
I have now set up SDD DVD130 V7, which I acquired from http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/wifi-vxdiag-for-honda-ford-mazda-4-in-1.html, on my Acer Netbook, with a 1.6 Mhz processor,1 Gb RAM and a 255 GB HDD.
(ps: Do not use JLR Mangoose cable, it is not able to transfer IDS from SDD)
It runs Windows 7 Starter(32 bit version), with Internet Explorer 8,Adobe Reader 10,and Java 1.6.26 and Mongoose Driver from China(I could not find my copy of the original Drew Tech driver). I reset the computer date to September, 2012.
It loaded in about 5hrs and works perfectly on my 04 S-Type in IDS mode and my 04 Vanden Plas in SDD mode.
Here, I have attached some screens from my Windows 7 SDD install with my 2004 S-Type and 2004 Vanden Plas.
Computer Specification
SDD Opening Screen
System Information Screen
System Status
My 2004 s Type
Transfer to IDS
Proceeding To IDS
Vehicle ID in IDS
Identifying my 2004 Vanden Plas
2004 Vanden Plas ID 2

How to change JLR SDD V146 to Engineering mode

Here is the instruction on setting up JLR SDD software from normal mode to engineer mode.


Optional device running SDD engineering version:

V146 JLR SDD2 for Landrover/Jaguar diagnosis and programming tool(the only JLR device with engineering mode currently, tested ok, safe)



Engineering mode setup process:

1 click on the golden key icon marked arrow picture below


2 find out the Seed


3.Calculate engineering password with JLR SDD Coded Access Password Calculator according to the Seed (see last two pics.)

Then click on Activate to get fully activated


4 the bottom status bar on the SDD interface turns yellow


5 SDD engineering mode is activated and ready for use


Options available for engineering mode password calculator:
Land Rover/Range Rover:

  • CCF Editor
  • Taiwan Vehicle Update
  • Software Download
  • L316/L322 Odometer
  • L322 Recover Keys
  • L322 Erase Keys
  • Option 8


  • VIN Bypass
  • VID Block Eitor
  • CCF Editor
  • Software download
  • X150/X250/X351 Odometer
  • X351 Recover Keys

 Fly-OBD-Terminator-FVDI2-calculate-pin-code-10 Fly-OBD-Terminator-FVDI2-calculate-pin-code-11



JLR Mangoose SDD V143 No Deep Freeze password

When I install JLR mangoose cable SDD V143 software for Jaguar and Land rover diagnostic, i had errors:

“Connecting the communication device”


“No Deep Freeze password has been defined”


Possible cause:

  1. Do not connect the JLR mangoose SDD cable with vehicle to build communication
  2. Enter the wrong Deep Freeze password


You need to copy the Deep Freeze password from txt file in the software CD. After JLR SDD software has been set up, connect the interface with vehicle.

How to install V143 JLR Mangoose SDD video guide

Main steps:

Part 1 Install SDD

Part 2 Install VDF_JA

Part 3 Install VDF_JV

Part 4 Install Additional Pinpoint Tests

Part 5 Install SDD 143.01.001

Part 6 Install VDF_LA

Part 7 Install VDF_LV

Part 8 Install J2534 MongoosePro JLR Setup

Part 9 Install software for MongoosePro JLR J2534 Interface

Part 10 Run JLR SDD

Part 11 Install Deep Freeze

Open “DFStd” on Desktop.

Click Next.

Click “I accept…agreement” to go on.

Open “DFStd_KEY” on Desktop, to copy the license key for entering. Click Next.

Click Next, with the only selection of C: (cancel ticks on D: & E:)

Click Install.

Then restart your computer after installation Deep Freeze.


Free download JLR Mangoose SDD V145

SDD Land Rover/Jaguar is a dealer diagnostic program for Land Rover/Jaguar.
SDD works with Land Rover/Range Rover since 2005 and Jaguars from 1995.

Here obd365.com provide the free V145 SDD software
Works with:

JLR SDD V145 fee download link:


– O.S.: Windows XP; Windows 7
– Acrobat Reader 10
– Internet Explorer 8 or 9
– Hard Drive: 30 GB of available space

02.04.2016 – added 145.01.002 update
08.04.2016 – added 145.02 update
08.04.2016 – added 145.03 update
15.04.2016 – added 145.04 update, add new mirror for SDD installers

LanguagesGermany/ Russian/ French/ Dutch/ Portuguese/ Japanese/ Spanish/ Italian/ English/ Simplified Chinese.



How to install JLR Mangoose SDD V144 on WinXP Win 7

Jaguar and Land rover diagnostic software JLR Mangoose SDD V144 is released. Here is the instruction on the installation of SDD V144 for Mangoose cable or Mangoose pro interface, to diagnosis Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles (-2014).


Free download JLR SDD V144 diagnostic software:

JLR PanasonicScript-Setup v17.zip

SDD 144_143 UPDATE.exe














Operation system:

Windows XP (Mangoose pro can only available on Win XP)

Win 7 32 bit


How to install JLR SDD V144 on Panasonic Windows XP

  1. Download “JLR PanasonicScript-Setup v17.zip” to the SDD machine Desktop.
  2. Double click “JLR PanasonicScript-Setup v17.zip”
  3. From the “Folder Tasks“, select “Extract all files
  4. The “Extraction Wizard” will run, then select “Next
  5. Select a Destination to extract the files to and select “Next
  6. Select “Finish
  7. Locate and double click Folder “V2.9.1.0
  8. Double click “PanasonicScript-Setup.exe

(DO NOT select “PanasonicScriptSetup.exe.manifest”)

  1. Several “MS Dos” pop ups will be seen during this application
  2. The machine will be rebooted automatically
  3. Following the “Reboot” there could be more “MS Dos” pop ups, once these have completed, the script has been run successfully.


How to install Mangoose SDD V144 on Panasonic on a Windows 7:

  1. Download “JLR PanasonicScript-Setup v17.zip” to the SDD machine Desktop.
  2. Double click “JLR PanasonicScript-Setup v17.zip”
  3. From the “Folder Tasks“, select “Extract all files
  4. A pop up will be displayed “Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders, select a Destination to extract the files to and then select “Extract
  5. Locate and double click Folder “V2.9.1.0
  6. Double click “PanasonicScript-Setup

(DO NOT select “PanasonicScriptSetup.exe.manifest”)

  1. Several “MS Dos”pop ups will be seen during this application
  2. A pop up will be displayed – “Unit Reboot – Configuration is complete a reboot is required to finalise settings“– Click “OK“to reboot the unit
  3. Following the “Reboot” there could be more “MS Dos”pop ups, once these have completed, the script has been run successfully.