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How to copy T5 key chip by JMD Handy baby

JMD Handy baby key programmer is a solid reliable tool that can clone 4D/46/48/T5/G chip (with authorization).

I have managed to copy T5 transponder chip successfully with handy baby key copy machine.


Handy baby v6.2.0 can recognize T5 Type 11/12, Type 13 ATA5577/EM4305, Type 33 PCF7930/31 chip


Recognize T5 Type 11 ID



Handy baby key programmer update to V5.2.0

Handy Baby 4D/46/48 car key copy machine V5.2.0 is released. Here, obdii365 offers the handy baby 5.2.0 software free download, update instruction and the newest reviews on this version.
Software version:
Free download:
Handy-baby 5.2.0 functions:
1) Copy transponder:46/4D/4C/13/some of 48 tansponders.
2) Write data to tansponders:46/48/4D/4D+/8A.
3) Identify transponders:
11/12/13/40/42/44/46/ 47/4C/48/61/62/63/64/65/67/68/6A/6B/70/71/72G/83/8A.
4) Generate 4D transponders:61/62/63/64/65/67/68/70/71.
5) Generate JMD8 to fixed 48 transponder(unrepeatable).
6) Copied fixed transponders:46/4D/4C.
7) Update online.
How to update Handy-baby key programmer 5.2.0:
1) Turn off the key programmer, connect the device with computer using USB cable
2) Open the update tool JDM.exe
3) Open and click “Open the files”
4) Locate the update tool and open it
5) Back to the software update program
6) Power on the device, the screen will display “Updating…”
7) Update is in progress
8) Update successfully
New Customer review on new CBAY key programmer (clone):
MAZDA/ Ford 4d 83 chip..ok
hany-baby-5.2.0-review (1)
46 chip..ok
   hany-baby-5.2.0-review (2)
Land Rover decoding..ok
hany-baby-5.2.0-review (3)