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Copy T5 Chip by JMD Handy baby or Handy Baby II

Just received my handy baby2. The site i used is http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/jmd-handy-baby-ii-key-copy-machine.html
It looks and feels good, but I have a few feedback about it:
  1. Remote generation is very limited, way, way far behind KD. However, this feature looks good and promising if they will update as promised. The sample JMD remote has super chip soldered into the remote circuit board and I was able to generate 4D63 chip into it. They don’t sell the JMD flip remotes yet, only sample with the handy baby 2.
  1. Chip generation is a hit and miss, but fails a lot. It will fail with handy baby 2, but handy baby 1 will generate the chip with no problem, so its not the chips but definitely the handy baby2.
  1. It also does not read the T5 chip data properly like the handy baby 1. (Images provided)














Something good to know: (also the reason why i got handy baby 2)
Look at the chart:
Car key programmer JMD Handy Baby II JMD Handy Baby
ALL FUNCTIONS that Handy Baby I support (Note 1) Improved Support
Simulate customized 246/28/4D chip Support NOT Support
Decode 246/28/4D remote Support NOT Support
Copy access card Support most access cards Support type T5
Unlock a smart key card Support NOT Support
Generate a remote Support NOT Support
Support a smart voice system Support NOT Support
Copy a garage remote Support NOT Support
Generate/Copy 8C Support NOT Support
Connect to APP via Bluetooth Support NOT Support
Safe all-keys-lost mode (with JMD assistant) Support NOT Support
MQB + Dashboard odometer correction (with JMD assistant) Support Support
Simulate T5/47/AES chips Support NOT Support
Generate/Copy 40/42/44 Support NOT Support
Note: Handy Baby I & II Basic Function:
  • Transponders cloning : 46/4D/4C/64/13/12/11/33/42
  • ID48 cloning: 96 bit ID48(changeable uid), dell-phi immo box, part of VW, Fiat, Audi, Volvo, Honda etc. (requires Assistant Adapter for Handy Baby)
  • DST80 copy: Toyota 72 “G Chip” (requires G Chip Authorization purchase), Ford 4D83 (online), Hyundai/Kia 4D70
  • Chip transfer: 4D60/60 Plus transfer to 4D63/83 cars
  • Transponder simulation
  • Read/write: 46/48/4D/4D Plus/8A
  • Transponders reading: 11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/46/47/48/60/60 Plus/61/62/63/63 Plus 64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/71/72G/73/8A/49 and smart keys etc.
  • Chip generation: 60/61/62/63/64/65/67/68/6A/6B/71/60 Plus/63 Plus/72G etc.
  • Chip generation: different format data of ID46
  • Frequency and modulation remote tester
  • ECU signal/data stream of ID46/key type (all lost) detect
  • Free online updates

How to Copy Fiat 500 ID46 Remote Key with HandyBaby II

We have sucessfuly cloned a ID46 remote key to a Fiat 500 using new JMD Handy baby II key copy machine. Very easy and fast.




Original key: ID46 433MHz




Put original key into coil, identify chip type and ID:PCF7946 (HITAG2) ID46


Press OK to Decode


Put Handybaby II close to the ignition antenna
Insert original key and turn on ignition


Collet data success. Put original key into coil to decode.


Select Offline mode to copy key


Calculating key data in progress, don’t remove key
Read key data success


Input JMD ID46, JMD King chip or red super chip into coil


Copying a new key


Handy baby 2 cloned a new Fiat 500 key success


You can start vehicle with the new key.



JMD Handy baby II and Handy Baby Table Comparison

JMD company  will roll out second generation key chip copy machine- Handy Baby II in September 2018.  What’s new in Handy-baby II? Check the table comparison below:


JMD Handy baby II vs. Handy Baby

Item JMD Handy Baby II JMD Handy Baby
Image handy-baby-ii handy-baby
All the functions of the 1st generation Better Support
Custom 46/48/4Dchip simulation Support Not support
46/48/4D cloud decode Support Not support
Access card copy Support most Support T5
Smart card unlocking Support Not support
Remote control generation Support Not support
Intelligent voice system Support Not support
Remote control copy ofgarage door Support Not support
8C generation & copy Support Not support
Wireless Bluetooth and App Support Not support
35XX All keys lost Support Support
MQB+ adjusting meter Support Not support
T5/47/AES Chip simulation Support Not support
40/42/44 generation & copy Support Not support

Handy baby II key copy machine preview in Locksmith Exhibition 518