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How to troubleshoot Porsche 996 airbag with Foxwell NT510

Customer solution:

I picked up a Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner in December,2017, I ordered the Porsche version (you can get one model). Their spec sheet says it works with my car year and model-Porsche 2002 911 Carerra.

I just got around to trying it last night, and it is pretty interesting, lots of good stuff in a small handheld unit.

One if the first things I wanted to do is resetting airbag lights – both of my cars have them on (one because I replaced the seats with the battery connected, and the other because it had racing seats in it before I put the stock seats back in).

The unit works fine, it reads codes, can track real time values, etc. But I can’t figure out how to see the airbag stuff, and I think I’ve looked at all of the menus.

When I google this, the YouTube video shows a guy whose NT510 has a Porsche logo on the home screen, in addition to the OBD II icon. Mine doesn’t have a Porsche (or any other manufacturer) icon, so I’m wondering if I have to install, configure, or download something to activate it.

I do have an email out to their support people.  They replied very quickly and suggested me registering my unit. Users can register and then download/upgrade the software for a specific automaker.  That was exactly what the issue was.
For posterity:

  • I needed to register with Foxwell, get an ID
  • Once I registered, I needed to login to their portal and register my NT510 using a serial number and password that is on the help screen in the device
  • I needed to install their desktop software
  • Remove the microsim from the side of the unit
  • Plug the microsim into the microsim/usb adapter (supplied)
  • Download the Porsche software (select Porsche and click download – the first car brand is free, subsequent car brands are an additional charge)
  • Hit the update button, it updates all of the software OBDII, Porsche, etc.
  • Eject the USB adapter
  • Put the microsim back into the side of the NT510 Foxwell
  • The Porsche icon is now on the home screen
  • The unit updated

I was able to read the airbag codes and reset the airbag light. Mission accomplished.
This information isn’t anywhere on the box, in the printed manual (that I can find).



ps. What NT510 works for Porsche 996?

Foxwell NT301 NT414 NT510 NT630 NT644 GT80 Comparison

Foxwell scanner hardware table comparison, including NT510,NT301,NT630,NT644,NT624, GT80 Plus/Mini etc
NT301  vs. NT510 PRO vs. NT414  vs. NT644 PRO
features NT301 NT510 PRO NT414 NT644 Pro
Support of the control units All All Engine / Transmission / ABS / Airbag All
Read and clear DTC YES YES YES YES
Read real-time data YES YES YES YES
Read Freeze frame data YES YES YES YES
Languages German, English, Spanish, French and
more ..
German English,

French, Spanish and more ..
German, English, French, Spanish and
more …
German, English, French, Spanish and
more …
Read ECU information YES YES YES YES
Help with displayed errors YES YES YES YES
HOTKEY – faster operation YES YES YES YES
AU Test Yes NO NO NO
TFT color screen 2.8 inches 2.8 inches 3.2 inches YES
BI-Directional Control Tests No Yes NO NO
EFB service (brake) No Yes Yes Yes
Oil / Service Reset No Yes Yes Yes
DPF  reset NO Yes

NO Yes

Calibrate the steering angle sensor NO Yes NO NO
TPS / TBA (throttle orientation) NO NO NO YES
Battery configuration NO NO NO NO
Update Long-Life Long-Life Long-Life Long-Life
Updates Yes, for free Yes, for free Yes, for free Yes, for free
Update cost No costs No costs No costs No costs
NT4021 vs. NT402 vs. NT630 vs. NT624
features NT4021 NT402 NT630 NT624
Support of the control units Engine start / stop, EPB Start / Stop ABS, Airbag All
OBD I and OBD II OBD II Yes Yes Yes
Read and clear DTC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Read real-time data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Freeze frame read data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Languages German, English, Spanish, French and
more ..
German English,

French, Spanish and more ..
German, English, French, Spanish and
more …
German, English, French, Spanish and
more …
Read ECU information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Help with displayed errors Yes Yes Yes Yes
HOTKEY – faster operation Yes Yes Yes Yes
AU test Yes NO NO NO
TFT color screen 2.8 inches 2.8 inches 3.2 inches 3.2 inches
BI-Directional Control Tests No No No No
EFB service (brake) Yes No No No
Oil / Service Reset Yes No No No
DPF reset Yes No No No
Calibrate the steering angle sensor No No Yes No
TPS / TBA (throttle orientation) No No No No
Battery configuration Yes Yes NO NO
Update Long-Life Long-Life Long-Life Long-Life
Updates Yes, for free Yes, for free Yes, for free Yes, for free
Update cost No costs No costs No costs No costs
NT401 vs. NT415 vs. GT80 Plus/GT80 Mini
features NT401 NT415 GT80PLUS / MINI
Support of the control units engine brake ALL
OBD I and OBD II Yes Yes Yes
Read and clear DTC Yes Yes Yes
Read real-time data Yes Yes Yes
Freeze frame read data Yes Yes Yes
Languages German, English, Spanish, French and
more ..
German English,

French, Spanish and more ..
German, English, French, Spanish and
more …
Read ECU information Yes Yes Yes
Help with displayed errors Yes Yes Yes
HOTKEY – faster operation NO NO Yes
AU test NO NO Yes
TFT color screen 3.2 inches 3.2 inches 10.1 inch LED / 8 inch LED
BI-Directional Control Tests NO NO Yes
EFB service (brake) NO Yes Yes
Oil / Service Reset Yes NO Yes
DPF reset NO NO Yes

Calibrate the steering angle sensor NO NO Yes
TPS / TBA (throttle orientation) NO NO Yes
Battery configuration NO NO Yes
Update Long-Life Long-Life Free Online update for 18 months
Updates Yes, with costs Yes, with costs Yes, with costs
Update cost No costs No costs 500USD/year
Foxwell NT640, NT641, NT642NT643, NT644 Function and Vehicle Comparison

Best OBD2 Scanners for Hyundai Kia for Serious Diagnosis

Hyundai and Kia dealer level diagnostic scan tool reviews and recommendations.

If you are serious about diagnosing your Hyundai and Kia car problems you need to get an advanced OBD2 scanner. In this article, you will learn how to choose the best OBD2 scanner for Hyundai.

An advanced OBD2 scanner can diagnose the check engine light and anything related to the Engine Control Unit but it can also read, clear and reset fault codes from systems such as:

  • Airbag / SRS – Can help you figure out why the airbag light is on.
  • Transmission – Troubleshoot Hyundai transmission problems and clear codes.
  • Electronic Stability Control – Find out why the traction control light or ABS light are illuminated.
  • Reset TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)

The scanners listed here do just that and provide similar or close functionality to dealer level scanners yet don’t cost as much and are reasonably priced for most DIYers.

Note: If all you need is to check and clear codes related to the Check Engine Light (Service Engine Soon), you can get a simple $20 OBD-II code reader.  See here Cheap OBD2 Code Reader .

Note that the scanners listed here work in both Hyundai and Kia. Even though Kia is a different brand its parent company is Hyundai Motor Group and they both share the same software.

Before we look at some of the best OBD2 diagnostic scanners for Hyundai and Kia, you need to understand what scanner Hyundai dealers use.


hyundai gds scanner

The Hi-Scan Pro was the factory scanner for Hyundai vehicles in the past, currently, G.I.T is the OEM manufacturer of the scan tool called Global Diagnostic System (GDS) which is used at Hyundai and Kia dealers.

Hyundai GDS diagnostic scanner will give you full control of the systems on your Hyundai / Kia. With the GDS you are able to diagnose and reprogram control units. The original GDS scanner can get very expensive for Hyundai/Kia owners.

The Hyundai GDS costs thousands of dollars and requires yearly updates which for Hyundai owner’s doesn’t make sense unless you are an auto repair shop who specializes on Hyundai and Kia. Based on capabilities of the Hyundai GDS scanner below we have listed several OBD2 scanners that provide most of the functions of the GDS but only cost between $150-$500. We have provided links to online retailer sites where we found the lowest price on any of these scanners.

Wondering what’s the best obd2 scanner for Hyundai cars? Let us look the Top alternatives to Hyundai GDS




5. G-scan Scanner for Hyundai Kia


G.I.T. who makes the OEM diagnostic scanner for Hyundai and Kia dealers makes a second scanner called G-Scan (seconds generation G-scan2) with similar capabilities to the Hyundai GDS scanner but can be used by auto repair shops. The G-scan tool provides dealer lever control and functionality and is able to access all the systems on your Hyundai vehicles. The main difference between Hyundai G-Scan tool and Hyundai GDS is that the G-Scan can not access the Hyundai dealer network and it can not do reflashing. The G-scan is much cheaper than the Hyundai GDS scanner but it is still expensive for Hyundai and Kia owners. There are other OBD2 scanners that provide in-depth diagnostic that still cost less than Hyundai G-Scan tool.


4. Hyundai Kia GDS VCI Diagnostic System


The Global Diagnostic System (GDS) is the OEM diagnostic tool for Hyundai. GDS VCI with Trigger Module is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for all Hyundai vehicles including all Hybrid cars. GDS provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information. 

GDS VCI Scan Tool for KIA Hyundai Features:

1) Completely Integrated Diagnostic System with User Specific information & settings
2) Complete Technical Service Information
3) Comprehensive & Customized Diagnostic Solution
4) Guided Troubleshooting Procedures
5) Mobile Data-recording Function
6) Real-time Software Management

Trigger Module (Flight record)

Intensified recording function of vehicle conditions at idling or driving
Recorded data VCI can be reviewed and analyzed precisely and the terminal
Exact Analysis of data trend
Data storing in PC and sharing for remote control diagnosis and further diagnosis
Actuator Driving
Sample Operation and multi-record with large memory up to PC HD memory
Easy to use and fast procedure




This is an OBD2 scanner that is affordable for Hyundai owners and is able to scan the ABS, SRS/Airbag, Engine and Transmission on Hyundai and Kia cars, SUVs and VANs. As a Hyundai owner who needs to know why the transmission is not shifting or why the ABS or SRS lights are on, this is a great scanner. It is easy to use and it costs as much as one visit to the mechanic. The main advantage of the Launch Creader is that it can diagnose over 20 different car brands, not just Hyundai and Kia.


  • Works on most European, Asian and Domestic vehicles
  • Can troubleshoot Engine, Transmission, ABS, and SRS/Airbag
  • Can read and clear Engine DTC Code.
  • Live Data Stream
  • Oxygen Sensor Testing
  • Works on vehicles manufactured after 1996 until now.
  • Multi-Language Support


Creader VII+ Vehicle Coverage:

Asian: Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Infiniti, Lexus, Accura, Isuzu.

Domestic: Ford, GM, Chrysler.

European: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Landrover, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Saab, Jaguar, VW.


2.  AUTEL MAXIDAS DS708/Autel DS808


The MaxiDAS DS708 provides in-depth troubleshooting and diagnostic similar to Hyundai GDS and G-Scan. It is able to access most of the systems on your Hyundai/Kia, not just the ABS, SRS, ECU and TCU. This is the best alternative to Hyundai GDS. The MaxiDAS is able to erase, clear, activate sensors, program and initialize control units. Even though it is a professional level diagnostic scanner it is relatively easy to use and much less expensive than Hyundai GDS. You see this scanner often used at independent auto repair shops. While it is one of the least expensive professional OBDII scan tools, it is on the expensive side for most Hyundai and Kia owners that do occasional repairs.


  • Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 50 Domestic, Asian and European vehicle makes
  • Dealer level capability including live data, ECU programming.
  • Key Coding functionality, Component Activation testing.
  • Sensor Initializations, ECU Adoption, Coding & Module Set Up functionality.

Average Price: $850 – $1000



Foxwell Nt510 Full_0

If you do your own Hyundai / Kia repairs and are looking for a scanner a cheap multi-system scanner that goes beyond the basic OBD2 troubleshooting this is a perfect choice. Not only is the Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner affordable but it provides several capabilities that you only find on professional level diagnostic scanners. Besides being able to scan the ABS, SRS/Airbag, ECU and Transmission codes it offers several other features such as:

  • Reset the service oil reminder
  • TPMS programming
  • Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) calibration
  • Program and code control units.
  • Diagnose chassis, powertrain and body systems.
  • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes. Reset CEL/MIL light.
  • Live sensors data streaming.
  • ABS/SRS/Airbag, ECU and Transmission Diagnostics

Note that the Foxwell NT510 comes loaded with the software for certain manufacturers in this case for Hyundai/Kia. While Foxwell scanners work on other makes you will need a scanner loaded with the correct software for that specific brand.

Price: $150-$200



Which is the best OBD2 scanner for Hyundai and Kia? It really depends on your needs and budget. Choosing an OBD2 scanner that will allow you to perform advanced troubleshooting can be tricky. As we mentioned earlier, if your main goal is only to read and clear the Check Engine Light than all you need is a basic OBD2 code reader. If your goal is to perform in-depth troubleshooting these are your top choices.


Which is the best OBD2 scanner for Hyundai and Kia? It really depends on your needs and budget. Choosing an OBD2 scanner that will allow you to perform advanced troubleshooting can be tricky. As we mentioned earlier, if your main goal is only to read and clear the Check Engine Light than all you need is a basic OBD2 code reader. If your goal is to perform in-depth troubleshooting these are your top choices.


Best Overall OBD2 Scanner

If you are looking for a reasonably priced scanner that goes beyond the basic OBD-2 troubleshooting and works with all your car then Launch Creader CRP123 would be a good choice. You will be able to use it on multiple makes and models and will be able to scan the Engine, Transmission, SRS/Airbag and ABS systems.


Least Expensive Scanner for Hyundai/Kia

If you need an affordable Hyundai scanner that offers similar functions to Hyundai dealer tool then the Foxwell NT510 for Hyundai  is the best choice. It won’t work on other brands since it will have the software just for Hyundai/Kia, but it can diagnose more problems than the Launch Creader.

Best Diagnostic Scanner for Hyundai mechanics

If money is not a concern or if you are an auto repair shop and need to have a true professional scanner the best choice is the Autel MaxiDAS DS808 . It provides similar troubleshooting capabilities to the dealer scanner. It works on over 20 car makes and is the least expensive scanner that provides such level of diagnostics.

Foxwell NT510 New Added Porsche Function and Model List

Foxwell NT510 multi-system diagnostic scanner Porsche available now? What Porsche models can be tested using the nt510 scanner?


(Mar. 3rd, 2017) Engineers and foxwell technicians working for obdii365.com has been tested lost of Porsche cars. And today, the Foxwell NT510 Porsche test report is released.


Scanner: Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner


Software version: Porsche V5.00


Functions: obdii diagnosis, register new battery, DPF regeneration, ABS, TPS, EPB, oil reset tool, abs bleeding, coding


Cars: post 1996 Porsche models


Test content: read ecu info, read/clear fault codes, read live data, have an active test


Test result: Some successful, some failed

Some functions cannot be realized in some models


Foxwell NT510 Porsche car list:




√ This function is supported.


○ This function is not supported.


※ This function may be supported, which depends on the actual condition of the vehicle. ▲ This function is the new feature in this version.


As for special function please refer to the special function table.

Type of car Year System ECU Info Read Erase Live Active
Codes Codes Data Test
Cayenne(from 2011) DME
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Airbag
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Gateway
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Instrument cluster
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Air conditioning
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- A/C compressor
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Adaptive cruise control
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Additional instrument:watch
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Additional compass instrument
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- All-wheel drive
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Auxiliary heating
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Driver’s door
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Driver-side seat memory
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- External amplifier
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Front-end electronics
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- High-voltage battery
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- High-voltage power electronics
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Lane Change Assistant
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Left headlight
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Level control/PASM
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Park Assist
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Park brake
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Passenger’s door
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Passenger-side seat memory
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- PCM/CDR
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- PDCC
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- PSM
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Read lid
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Read-end electronics
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Rear differential lock
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Rear left door
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Rear right door
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Reversing camera
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Right headlight
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Steering aid
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Steering wheel electronics
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Tiptronic transmission control
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- Trailer hitch
Cayenne(from 2011) 2011- TV tuner
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 DME
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 Tiptronic
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 Airbag
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 TPM
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 AHK
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 Air conditioning
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 AWS
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 GATEWAY
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 AUXILIARY HEATER
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 Headlight CU left
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 Headlight CU right
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 Instrument cluster
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 PCM
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 LEFT HBA


Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 LEVEL CONTROL
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 MAG.FIELD SENSOR
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 NEW HBA
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 KESSY
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 New Kessy <= MY04
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 New Kessy from MY05
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 PANORAMA ROOF
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 PARKASSISTANT
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 PDCC/ORS
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 PSM
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 REAR/DOORS
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 RIGHT HBA
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 SEAT MEMORY,DRIVER
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 SEAT MEMORY,PASS.
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 STEERING COL.SWITCH
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 TALLGATE
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 TRANSFER CASE
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 TRANSVERSE LOCK
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 VEH.ELECTRICAL SYS.
Cayenne(up to 2010) 2002-2011 WIPER
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 DME
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 AWS
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 Air conditioning
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 Instrument cluster
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 GATEWAY
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 CHRONOMETER
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 CORNERING LIGHT
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 DRIVER’S DOOR
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 FRONT
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 PARKASSISTANT
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 PAS
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 PASM
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 PASSENGER’S DOOR
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 PDK SELECTOR LEVER
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 PDK/TIPTRONIC
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 POSIP
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 PSM
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 REAR
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 SEAT MEMORY
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 STEERING COL.SWITCH
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 TPM
Cayman(987) 2006-2011 VEH.ELECTRICAL SYS.
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 DME
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 AWS
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 Air conditioning
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 TPM
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 Instrument cluster
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 GATEWAY
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 CHRONOMETER
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 CORNERING LIGHT
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 DRIVER’S DOOR
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 FRONT
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 PARKASSISTANT
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 PAS
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 PASM
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 PASSENGER’S DOOR
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 PDK SELECTOR LEVER
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 PDK/TIPTRONIC
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 POSIP
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 PSM
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 REAR
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 SEAT MEMORY
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 STEERING COL.SWITCH
Boxster(987) 2004-2011 VEH.ELECTRICAL SYS.
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- DME
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Airbag
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Gateway
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Transmission control
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Selector lever
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Instrument cluster


Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Steering wheel electronics
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Additional instrument:clock
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- PCM/CDR
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- TV tuner
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- EXternal amplifier
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Air conditioning
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Park Assist
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Parking brake
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Tyre pressure monitoring
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- PASM
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Power steering
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- PSM
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Convertible top
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Front-end electronics
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Rear-end electronics
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Left headlight
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- headlight,right
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Driver-side seat memory
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Passenger-side seat memory
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012- Driver’s door
Boxster/Cayman(981) 2012-
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 DME
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 Tiptronic
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 ABS
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 Air conditioning
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 Airbag
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 Alarm system
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 Instrument cluster
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 PARKASSISTANT
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 SEAT MEMORY
Boxster(986) 1996-2003 HBA
Panamera 2009- DME
Panamera 2009- A/C compressor
Panamera 2009- Adaptive cruise control
Panamera 2009- Air conditioner
Panamera 2009- Airbag
Panamera 2009- Auxiliary heating
Panamera 2009- Driver’s door
Panamera 2009- Driver-side seat memory
Panamera 2009- EXternal amplifier
Panamera 2009- Front-end electronics
Panamera 2009- Geteway
Panamera 2009- High-voltage battery
Panamera 2009- High-voltage power electronics
Panamera 2009- Instrument cluster
Panamera 2009- Lane Change Assist
Panamera 2009- Left headlight
Panamera 2009- Level control/PASM
Panamera 2009- Park Assist
Panamera 2009- Parking brake
Panamera 2009- Passenger’s door
Panamera 2009- Passenger-side seat memory
Panamera 2009- PCM/CDR
Panamera 2009- PDCC
Panamera 2009- PSM
Panamera 2009- Rear left door


Panamera 2009- Rear lid
Panamera 2009- Rear right door
Panamera 2009- Rear-end electronics
Panamera 2009- Reversing camera
Panamera 2009- Right headlight
Panamera 2009- Selector lever
Panamera 2009- Steering aid
Panamera 2009- Steering wheel electronics
Panamera 2009- Additional instrument-clock
Panamera 2009- Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Panamera 2009- Trailer hitch
Panamera 2009- Transmission control
Panamera 2009- TV tuner
911(997) 2005-2011 DME
911(997) 2005-2011 PDK/TIPTRONIC
911(997) 2005-2011 PDK SELECTOR LEVER
911(997) 2005-2011 PSM
911(997) 2005-2011 PAS
911(997) 2005-2011 Instrument cluster
911(997) 2005-2011 GATEWAY
911(997) 2005-2011 Air conditioning
911(997) 2005-2011 AWS
911(997) 2005-2011 CHRONOMETER
911(997) 2005-2011 Convertible top
911(997) 2005-2011 CORNERING LIGHT
911(997) 2005-2011 DRIVER’S DOOR
911(997) 2005-2011 FRONT
911(997) 2005-2011 PARKASSISTANT
911(997) 2005-2011 PASM
911(997) 2005-2011 PASSENGER’S DOOR
911(997) 2005-2011 POSIP
911(997) 2005-2011 PTM
911(997) 2005-2011 REAR
911(997) 2005-2011 SEAT MEMORY
911(997) 2005-2011 STEERING COL.SWITCH
911(997) 2005-2011 TARGA ROOF
911(997) 2005-2011 TPM
911(997) 2005-2011 UNIT SUPPORT
911(997) 2005-2011 VEH.ELECTRICAL SYS.
911(991) 2012- Air conditioning
911(991) 2012- Airbag
911(991) 2012- Convertible top
911(991) 2012- DME
911(991) 2012- Driver’s door
911(991) 2012- Driver-side seat memory
911(991) 2012- EPS(power steering)
911(991) 2012- External amplifier
911(991) 2012- Front-end electronics
911(991) 2012- Gateway
911(991) 2012- Instrument cluster
911(991) 2012- Left headlight
911(991) 2012- Park Assist
911(991) 2012- Parking brake
911(991) 2012- PASM
911(991) 2012- Passenger’s door
911(991) 2012- Passenger-side seat memory
911(991) 2012- PCM/CDR
911(991) 2012- PDCC
911(991) 2012- PSM
911(991) 2012- Rear left door
911(991) 2012- Rear right door
911(991) 2012- Rear-end electronics
911(991) 2012- Right headlight
911(991) 2012- Selector lever
911(991) 2012- Steering wheel electronics
911(991) 2012- Additional instrument:clock
911(991) 2012- TPM
911(991) 2012- Transmission control
911(991) 2012- TV tuner
911(996) 1999-2004 DME
911(996) 1999-2004 Tiptronic
911(996) 1999-2004 ABS
911(996) 1999-2004 Alarm system
911(996) 1999-2004 Airbag
911(996) 1999-2004 Air conditioning
911(996) 1999-2004 Instrument cluster
911(996) 1999-2004 SEAT MEMORY


911(996) 1999-2004 PARKASSISTANT
911(996) 1999-2004 Convertible top
911(996) 1999-2004 Roll-over protection
911(996) 1999-2004 HBA
Carrera GT 2005-2007 TPM
Carrera GT 2005-2007 ABS
Carrera GT 2005-2007 Airbag
Carrera GT 2005-2007 Air conditioning
Carrera GT 2005-2007 Instrument cluster
Carrera GT 2005-2007 Alarm system
GT3(996) Unknown DME
GT3(996) Unknown ABS 5
GT3(996) Unknown Airbag
GT3(996) Unknown Air conditioning
GT3(996) Unknown Alarm system
GT3(996) Unknown Instrument cluster
GT3(996) Unknown HBA
GT2(996) Unknown DME
GT2(996) Unknown ABS
GT2(996) Unknown Airbag
GT2(996) Unknown Air conditioning
GT2(996) Unknown Alarm system
GT2(996) Unknown Instrument cluster
GT2(996) Unknown HBA

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So far all BMW’s supported auto vin & autoscan, was able to get a quick easy accurate report of issues.


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