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Ford IDS and ELS27 Forscan which is better?

Ford diagnostics and programming: ELS27 adapter with Forscan and Ford VCM2 with IDS – which one is better?
Ideas from the experienced users…here you go
Forscan is designed for people who want to tinker with settings, clear codes and customize the electronics in their vehicles.
Ford IDS is designed for people to do things exactly the way the manual says – it’s pretty clear that it won’t let you color outside the lines. IDS is much more capable than Forscan, but for most people that doesn’t really matter.
Price and use:
For middle road stuff, Forscan it’s cheaper and easier.
If you register for an extended license it can perform module programming, pats functions, cal steering angle, dpf regens any incodes required are generated
when you perform whatever task you are doing, it will ask if you want Forscan to generate code or if you want to use an external code generator
so far I have found it easier to do basic stuff on
but IDS still has the edge for adding extra’s on like cruise and snowflake as the engineering menu gives you plain text options to add whereas Forscan has to be played with to change parameters.
If someone could do a spreadsheet comparing file details before and after pcm/bcmi software changes it would make the need for IDS nearly redundant
If you have good luck with decent IDS crack, you’ll have no problem with any issues on Ford diagnosis and programming. The crack has no license requirement.
Hardware compatibility:Forscan works with J2534 adapters incl. VCM2, MVCI, GNA600, VXDIAG, but it’s easier if you use a OBD2 connection – you use an ELS27 adapter – and unless you have the VCM for some other reason. ELS27 is the way cheaper too. One thing to note – Ford uses multiple CAN protocols in their modern vehicles. If you’re buying an OBD2 connection tool, make sure it can read the MS CAN signals.
IDS works perfectly with VCM2 also, genuine or good china clone. You can use WiFi for basic obd2 diagnosis, key making, ECU reprogramming and programming. Beside, IDS can work with a lot of auto diagnostic tools, such as VCM IDS3VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford, etc.
Module programming:
For module initializing and updating I personally think I’d trust IDS more.
Forscan is a backward engineered program and I brown trousered myself when I did something with it iirc.
Laptop and mobile compatibility:
Forscan can be used in a PC or a mobile (Android or iOS). The main program is for windows (with a version that runs via Wine on Linux, MacOS, and BSD)(Free) then there’s a “lite” version for android/and Iphone (paid)
To unlock the full potential of Forscan, you need the extended license(Free, valid for 3 months at a time)) requires an account on the Forscan Forums. you can generate a new extended key any time.
But it is better to use a laptop on windows operating system Forscan is available for android mobile devices and others but doesn’t have full functionality
Forscan on MacOS:
Forscan on Windows 10:
IDS is usually used on a laptop, but someone also install the old version on an iOS mobile.
IDS on Windows 7:
IDS v86 on an iOS mobile:

VCM2 Ford IDS 110 Download with Released Notes, FAQs, Reviews

Ford Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) latest version 110 is coming. Here, you can get the IDS v110 for free and the update info, questions frequently asked & answers or reviews given by users.


Here you go.


Ford IDS 110 software download for VCM2/VCM clone or genuine:



Note that Ford IDS crack is not tested and released yet by real pros working for obdii365.com. If you guys want the latest but tested version at a decent price, please go to Ford IDS v109: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/ford-vcm-ids-v10801-full-software.html 100% tested and confirmed to work perfect!

Ford IDS 109 Download Link, Abilities, Reviews, FAQs:



Ford IDS 110 released notes:


The new Ford IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) includes most 1996  2018 MY (produced 1995 – 2017) Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles.

Coverage has been extended with the following additions:

FJDS Provides the same functionality and vehicle coverage as IDS for the model years below, to comply with R2R legislation.


Model additions

North America

2018                  E Series

2018                  F650/750

2018                  CMAX

2018                  Taurus

2018                  Explorer

2018                  Focus

2018                  Mustang

2018                  Fiesta

2018                  Super Duty

2018                  EcoSport

2018                  Expedition/Navigator



Ford IDS 110 questions and answers:


Q: Hi how about Online ? It will be work with original VCMII ?

A: can do online , work with original and clone VCMs


Q: It VCM 1 is compatible?

A: Yes friend


Q: are you using true v109 runtime files, or is this based on v106 or an earlier version?

A: it is IDS v109 files


Q: What’s price for this full software? Works with Vxdiag VCX Nano from China?

A: Software with price.. http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/ford-vcm-ids-v10801-full-software.htmlhere you go

install ids software

work online offline calibration files
and new model pats need dealer account ı cant sell dealer account
ım ınstall ıds sofwtare u make vcx drıver ınstallatıon not support vcx settıng and drıver
best regards


Q: So your software will program PATS in new cars (after 2011) without having to have online account with Security Access. Is it working same as old cars just by incode and outcode?

A: need dealer account for pats new model


Q: Hi can you install in VMware? I only have a Mac. Also, does your build support programming of newer 2017+ modules? Some builds using v86 or v106 and then upgraded do not work with new modules in 2017+ vehicles.

A: yes you can make it. my installation can work with 2017 vehicles …


Ford IDS 110 review:


Review 1:

Tried and tested !
Even we face some dificulties when he update my vcm2 it went blocked by FORD.he said just buy another vcm but i never surrender coz my vcm is just a week old and never use so i open it and took the sd card out and the top small board seperate from the motherboard then hold the trigger them BOOM! alive again then i chat this gentleman to continue doing my shitty vcm and finally he made it!
I was so happy when i saw my vcm start to work its like amazing !


Review 2:

Software is working and finally I’m going to stop using VMWare station for IDS. I have Chinese clone and it works great with impressive speed. I would definitely recommend this guy.


Review 3:

Everything is working.


Review 4:

I can confirm it all works as promised.
And a really good guy to deal with.


Review 5:

Best guy. Have 108 off obdii365.com

Works with my VCM2 Clone of High Quality.
Installation over TeamViewer is perfect!!!! Thanks man !
Calibration updated itself and program is real 108.04!

and I will have version 110 from obdii365.com also.


Review 6:

Better installation,work good ,very professional
work with clone






Update: Ford IDS 110 crack will be released soon.




Ford IDS V86: Why? How to install on Win XP or Win 7 64/32bit?

Free download Ford IDS 86 without password:

Link 1: https://mega.nz/#!Js0ECICY!4VEkU6VESpUsbH2ZzeCIflmyJJiViOQYeB7F3tzlir8

Link 2: https://mega.nz/#!rFkUTIRL!NUMfu1RPdpLLs3D73bsKJDkftUfxSneO5js7FYY2iSk

Free but unknown risk…try on your own risk


Why do you need IDS V86? What’s the difference from the new version?

IDS v86 crack: install directly on Windows native, for pre-2012 vehicles

IDS new versions original: 3-day trial v91 vmware (fix the day)->v100 (other new ids )

IDS latest version: IDS v109


Source: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/ford-vcm-ids-v10801-full-software.html

Windows 7 32bit and 64bit: confirmed!

Compatibility: Ford VCM 2 china clone incl. SP177-C1, SP177-C, etc.

Tech support: remote installation



Important note:

IDS v86 with v81 calibration can be used for ECU programming offline to old Ford.

With IDS new versions, users can program ECUs online with their own accounts!


How to install Ford IDS V86 software:

IDS 86 Windows 7 64 bit

IDS 86 Windows 7 32 bit

IDS 86 Windows XP


In detail…


running Windows 7 64bit(suggestion from users)


using vcm2 with software version v86

without freezing or otherwise was as follows
Install v86 reboot
patch ids reboot
install calibration files reboot
install extended programming reboot
when installing I just installed in compatibility mode for windows xp sp3 and don’t have a problem, I did have an issue with the wireless because windows wanted to take over everything, its on a dell d531 with 4gb ram, which I use to run a vm image of ids 106 which chris one of the members on here posted, also running on a dell e6320 with 8gb ram, v86 in windows 64bit native and the 106 in vm. ids driver version 5112, only real problem I had was when I tried to upgrade the firmware through vm which left the vcm2 locked, used the bosch manager inside my v86 to reflash back in windows native, took about 25 min and saved my unit.


running Windows 7 32bit(suggestion from users)


Just Installed Version IDS V86 onto fresh laptop running Win7 32bit. The Patch within the the IDSv86.partXX.rar files did not work. But Loaded IDS_v86_patch worked perfect. Had to kill detection manager and probetickhandler in task manager before it worked. Checking IDS Software license Type Evaluation. Days Remaining on Licence Unknown
Will the programming feature expire after 60 days or does it need a fix or does the patch fix that?

Tested it with Ford PCM on the bench with using 3x different VCM’s.
First VCM
1. Original VCM Ver79 => V86 Worked Perfect + Programming PCM .PASS
Second VCM
This one had issue running on V53 not stable, but works great Now
2. Clone VCM Ver53 => V86 Worked Perfect + Programming PCM. PASS
Third VCM
3. Clone VCM Ver79 => V86 Work ok for diagnostics but fails to Programming PCM. FAIL


running Windows XP: (Tech support from obdii365.com)


1 Install a new fresh windows

  1. Make sure o firewall activated no antivirus
  2. Install the Ford IDS V86 Software, then reboot PC
  3. Update it if you have the upgrades files till v86.04 ( the last one )
  4. Then reboot
  5. Apply the patch and choose to be for VCM 86.01A and for what kind of tool do you have.
  6. Reboot and start the IDS V86 software for use


Hope it’s helpful.


Ford IDS 109.01 Reviews and FAQs

(03-04-2018) Download FORD VCM IDS 109.01+(Online+Offline) Calibration Native Install with Remote Support.


Ford IDS V109 link:



PC requirement:



A 64 bit operating system is required. Virtualization also needs to be enabled on your computer / laptop, most modern systems come with this enabled, if you need to enable it, this can be done through the systems BIOS.



native installation

you can use it unlimited time

installation and activation service for FREE via obdii365.com

support online programming function also included calibration file

also included incode calculator for key programming or module installation

works on all vcm1-vcm2-vcmx nano original or clone…….



* Automatic vehicle recognition

* Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

* Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs

* Guided Fault Finding

* New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs

* Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)

* Program New Keys (for additional fee)

* Injector Coding

* Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors

* DPF Regeneration

* Brake Bleeding

* Steering Angle Resets

* All Other Offline and online Dealer Functions





Ford IDS 109 Review:

109 start and work, VCM1 clone (but oldest one), Windows 7
Installation from clear Windows start, and for end
friendly, responsive, fast


make a great install to me on win 7. all I had to do is drink coffee during install. works perfect no limitation


Trusted seller. Installed and activated without problems. V109 + incode calculator. Windows 7 64bit and VCM1 original. Very happy.


Online programming work %100



Ford IDS 109 FAQs:


It VCM 1 is compatible?

Yes, it can work with Ford VCM 1 clone


Works good with VCM2 clone?

I have Chinese clone VCM2 SP177-C1 and it works great with impressive speed. I would definitely recommend this guy.


Hi how about Online ? It will be work with cloned VCMII ?

can do online , work with original and clone VCMs


So just to confirm the testman.exe and other DLLs in the Runtime folder are all v109? I’ve found that many other hacked versions are build using v106 and not all features work with 2017+ vehicles. 

i know , some softwares can not work with 2017 cars , i know what to do for supporting 2017 cars .
i will change some files for it .


What is the price??? and where to?

$79.99 with free shipping, installation & activation service

The link: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/ford-vcm-ids-v10801-full-software.html


Someone please test 2017 f150 key programming north america model

For F150 2017 need minimum IDS and NASTF account !!!


I have a vmware version of IDS 108.07, that appears to be built on 106 based on the file versions of a lot of the DLLs in the Runtime folder. Using a genuine VCM II with the firmware, I canNOT do TCM module programming on a 2017. 

Never tried TCM on 2017+ but that’s a possibility.
All hack I’ve seen are based on v86, v101 or v106.
Never seen a hack based on v109 executables and DLLs .. that’s why I’m asking but he won’t answer that question.


What vcm2 firmware are you using ??

My point is.. all “good” clone can upgrade firmware to no problem.

On newer vehicle’s BCM replacement, the procedure requires to get configuration restored ( looks like JLR process ). After you done PMI of the said BCM you must complete that configuration restore or the BCM installation won’t be completed and so DTC will show up and/or the bcm won’t work correctly. I’m not talking about PATS functions which do need a dealer login or other tools to complete.

Once again my point is you do require firmware for this procedure on most newer cars like 2015 + focus or escape and probably other model too. Running this procedure with or older firmware will show error in the process.

Now that being said, if your software allow the use of firmware, and has the v109 testman.exe and other executable files, then it should be working. But if you are using v86 testman.exe and other executable files and DLL with odler firmware, I strongly recommend not trying to install BCMs on newer car. And so other functionality might not work too.


Here is a bcm replacement failed with firmware and IDS 107. Same I’d happening with v108 and v109. You do require newer firmware.




How to Install Ford IDS v108.01 full software

Latest Ford IDS V108.01 Full Software for Ford VCM II support online programming released on Jan. 2018.
Software Version: 108.01
Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7 32/64 bit
Ford IDS 108 activation: install and activation help via Teamviewer
Tested with Ford VCM2 clone and VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford: Never failed!!
Online programming: Supported! but you should have an account yourself.
Ford IDS v108.01 function: Confirmed!
1.Able to download the very latest calibration files/software from Ford server if the network connection available at the time of connecting to vehicles
2.Read and decode fault codes
3.Delete fault codes
4.Display System current parameters in digital form
5.Combined displaying of data
6.Logs Keeping: write and keep of digital parameters in memory
7.Special functions: changing of permissible seeting of blocks, programming etc.
Q: Whether it can work with Ford VCM 1 Clone?
A: Yes, it can work with Ford VCM 1 clone
Q: Is this vmware or native
A: This is native, install on new and clean windows xp/7
How to install Ford IDS V108 step by step?
1. Please backup the important files on the desktop and disk C because the next operation will cover the content in the disk C.
2.Disable both local area and wireless network connection
3. If your computer hard drive only has one partition, please prepare a 16 GB U flash drive, if has 2 partitions, please unzip the software of CD into another partition except disk C
Step 1: Recover System
Open Software D (Disk D)
Create new folder Ford 108
Copy all zip file on Ford 108-2 software CD to Ford 108 folder
Eject Ford 108-2 DVD-ROM to DVD/CD-RW Drive
Copy all contents to Ford 108 folder again
Extract ford108.part01 zip files to Ford 108 folder
Then delete all other zip files, ford108.part01-ford108.part33
(only 3 files left)
Open Ghost 8.0
Recover system, choose destination D:/Ford 108/ford108.GHD
Restart computer and recover system
Step 2: Install Ford IDS 108 Setup
Run Ford Module Programming Limit as Administrator
Ford Extension Success, press OK
Module programming has been extended to 2018/05.26
Click on Start menu->All Program->Bosch->VCM Manager (Ford-VCM-II)
If system prompt PC software initialization error, press OK to ignore
Open Disk C/Progam Files/Ford Motor Company->IDS->Runtime->install3rdparty->
ETAS, Run setup as Administrator
Install Bosch VCI software Ford VCM II
click Next
Select Remove Bosch VIC software from your computer, click Next
Press Remove
Click Finish
Again run setup as Administrator
click Next
Ready to install the program
Click Finish
Install setup completed.
Step 3: Make Connection 
Click Start menu->VCI Manger (Ford-VCM-II)
Connect VCMII with computer follow the diagram below
Open Computer->Manager->Device Manger->Network adapters->ETAS VCI USB RNDIS Device
to check connection is built
Open Network and Sharing center->Change adapter settings
Make sure you have disable both local area and wireless network connection
Step 4: Run software
Open Ford IDS v108 software on desktop
Network test, gathering vehicle data
check language options, programming modules and options


How to program PCM with As-Built data with Ford IDS software

To program the PCM with As-built information via Ford IDS diagnostic software:


Enter the Module Programming menu in the IDS

Select As-built and then the PCM

If the PCM is not listed in the As-built tab, use the following process to manually enter the information.

Select the IDS logo in the upper left corner of the screen.

Select the Pocket knife in the lower left corner of the screen.

Select “Update/Special Functions” from the Miscellaneous menu.


Enter 53061 into the blue box and click the tick.

Return to the Module Programming menu and select PMI then the PCM.

Follow the on-screen prompts and enter the As-built data when the IDS prompts for it. This data is available from the OASIS report for this VIN under the As-built tab. It has also been provided below for your convenience.

Complete the PMI process by continuing with the on-screen directions.

Complete the PMI process by continuing with the on-screen directions.

To get As Built Data, go to Motorcraftservice.com

Under Non-Subscription Resources, click on Quick Guides.

13 dot points down you will fine, “Module Build Data (As-Built)”

Enter “Module Build Data”

Enter the VIN# then submit. As Built Data will then be displayed in Ford VCM2 IDS interface.



Some codes/info listed here as an example:


Use at your own risk!

71863 – IDENT_MCP1

Ford Focus 2008 PCM Reprogramming via Ford IDS

This how-to guide is aimed to help Ford PCM power-train control module programming with a VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford– a redesign of the Ford VCM2 unit.
If you change the new original ECU, then can directly to program. If you want to use used ECU to change the broken ECU, first use this software to work on the car with broken ECU, then choose the option, see the prompt then change the used ECU for programming.
Need 14v when you do programming!!
Put battery charger on battery and retry.
This is a new Focus PCM to be programmed by Ford IDS.
Vehicle specification:
Focus 2008
Module programming
Programmable module installation: PCM
Module programming notice:
You are about to program a procedure using the module programming application you purchased. The reason for this module programming may pertain to a Field Service Action that has been recommended by the manufacturer for the customer’s vehicle. In many instances, such services are provided free of charge to the customer when that service is provided by the manufacturer’s dealer. As part of the terms and conditions of your use of this application, you are obligated to inform the customer of this fact. Prior to performing any service on their vehicle, you must allow them the opportunity ti check with their local dealer to determine if their vehicle is in fact eligible for the repair free of charge. The manufacturer will not reimburse a customer for such services if not performed by a dealer
Establish an internet connection
Set ignition switch to OFF
During the module programming, this module goes through a VIN verification process.
This process compares the VIN in this module with the VIN in other modules on the vehicle. You may see the VIN verification screen more than once depending upon your response to the question.
VIN is correct?
Install a new module in vehicle
Do not start a reprogramming section with a low battery in the vehicle and/or programming tool.
The fuel pump and the engine cooling fans may run during the following procedure
If you are programming a 6.0L diesel, the FICM relay must be removed before programming
Set ignition switch to ON
Erase procedure in process
PCM reprogramming
Set ignition switch to OFF
Set ignition switch to ON
Set ignition switch to OFF
Calibration has been loaded and checked
If you programmed 6.0L diesel, please reinstall the FICM relay
If required, obtain a PCM reprogramming label and complete as the screen displays
Start engine
Set ignition switch to OFF
Set ignition switch to ON
Clearing fault codes
Set ignition switch to OFF
Run programmable module installation to correct the VIN
Note: the modules listed may not be installed on the vehicle. Verify that the modules are installed before performing diagnostics
VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford programmed the PCM module successfully.

How to add Cruise Control to Ford F150 with IDS

I have a 2016 F150 502a, that I have added the adaptive Cruise Control components to yesterday. I’ve got Ford VCM2 IDS diagnostic scanner. Here are some clues to follow:










To summarize progress thus far:

1. I’ve programmed from an AB and calibrated the CCM
2. Enabled ACC in the BCM
3. Enabled collision warning and HUD in the IPC.

You need IDS and the Ford VCMII in order to initiate the calibration of the CCM.
The ACC system is still not active yet because of (2) modules:

1. The steering controls control module (SCCM) recognizes the new switch on the wheel and has thrown a communication fault. Pressing the on/off button does not produce a response on the IPC yet.

2. The ABS module appears to need a change in the instructions to enable the automatic braking function. The pigtail leading into the module has the HS CAN II wires ran, as well as a fuse in place for the automatic braking which I why I am confident the fix is in the programming.

The modules that I am certain are involved with ACC are the following:


How to Program Key for Ford F250 550

Here is the instruction on how to program keys for FORD F250 550 Super Duty.


NOTE: Only fitted to models below 8500 lbs GVW.

System operation

A.System arms after switching ignition OFF.

B.Switch ignition ON.

C.Ensure system warning lamp illuminates for approximately 3 seconds.

D.If system warning lamp does not extinguish or flashes;

a. A system fault is indicated.



A.Keys added or replaced.

B.System malfunction.


A.Obtain 2 programmed keys (A and B).

B.Insert key A into ignition switch.

C.Turn ignition switch ON. Wait 1 second.

D.Switch ignition OFF. Remove key A.

E.Within 5 seconds:

a. Insert key B into ignition switch.

F.Turn ignition switch ON. Wait 1 second.

G.Switch ignition OFF. Remove key B.

H.Within 10 seconds;

a.Insert key to be programmed into ignition switch.

I.Turn ignition switch ON. Wait 1 second.

J.Switch ignition OFF.

K.Star engine.

L.If engine does not start and system warning lamp flashes;

a.Switch ignition OFF. Repeat programming procedure.

M.Repeat above procedure to program remaining keys.

N.Keys can also be programmed using diagnostic equipment.

NOTE: A maximum of 8 keys can be programmed.

NOTE: If the system is in spare key programming disabled mode, the above procedure will not work.

Diagnostic equipment will be required to change to spare key programming enabled mode.

Ford Key Programmer Option:

OBDSTAR F100 OBD Key Programmer for Ford/Mazda