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Volvo EDC15C11 Read and Write by Kess Ktag or MPPS

Here are optional solutions of Volvo V70 EDC15C11 ECU read and write using different ECU programmers, incl. Kess V2, Ktag, MPPS cable, FgTech Galletto 4 V54.
Car: Volvo V70 D5 2004 163hp
Ecu: I think the car has either a EDC15C2 or EDC15C11 ecu. (K-suite states EDC15C2)
Option 1: You can use Fgtech Galletto V54
Rread/write work only in bootmode at this car.
volvo s60 D5 163 hp euro 3 with edc 15c11.
Option 2: Ktag can do it
You can use me 7 boot edc15 ecu
I’ve done it with many volvo edc15c11 with kess pinned from obd to Ecu and ground pin 24!
Option 3: Kess v2 makes it
Some Volvo EDC15C11 just refuses to be read with a ktag tool. KessV2 bootmode always solved me this problem – wake up error
Reasons were that my power supply was playing up so used an old atx computer supply.
I’ve managed to do it by a kess v2 as well
For those wanting to read/write and ecu containing the AM29F400, AM29F800 chip with kess v2 just follow theses steps.
Connect ecu to the appropriate pins.
Put it into boot mode by grounding pin 24.
Open ksuite and in protocol menu select boot St… Once in there select Bosch MED 7 29F400. The protocol 114 and is the same for for 29f800 as well.
Just proceed to read and write as normal.
But beware the ksuite doesn’t do checksum this way so be sure to check your files.
Hopefully this can help a few ppl
Btw, you can write this with kess. never used ktag but should be the same tbh
never used i/0 terminal.
Option 4: MPPS cable works good via boot mode
Is the ECU going into “Boot mode”? if its not going into boot mode then you have no other option but to remove the eeprom and put into an external programmer. TBH its not that bad.
Have you got MPPS? Mpps is by far the best for boot mode and recovery and will do all 29f*** series under “EDC15 generic mode” but you must be able to get ecu into boot mode.
Another important note:
To tune the EDC15c11 you only need the 512kb file!!!! Also going through generic mode on mpps, kess, ktag with edc15c11 you must make sure cheksums are done as the software will not correct them!”
Have fun!

Fgtech Galletto Read VAG ECU EDC16U34 via BDM

Have tried to flash EDC16 with KESS V2 clone, but i can not see anymore HW and VIN from the EDC16 ECU and the car not starts! Then worked with Fgtech Galletto v54 master, all EDC 16 on BDM without any problem… (BIG thanks to maki1)
Here is what i did with the EDC16U34 from VAG ECU, using Fgtech galletto v54.
The BDM pad here
The BDM pad here
Now carefully align with the adapter springs drop and secure frame
 align with the adapter springs drop 1
 align with the adapter springs drop 2
 align with the adapter springs drop 3
Connect FgTech galletto correctly
Connect FgTech galletto correctly
Open FgTech software
Make sure you have 12v+ feeding FG Tech and the intermediate adapter
12v+ feeding FG Tech
Switch the intermediate adapter ON
Red LED will illuminate
Red LED will illuminate
Click on Select Driver-> BDM/Jtag-> Connect
If everything is ok, the green bar will start loading and finally display ECU info
the green bar will start loading
When finished, turn off the switch and exit program
turn off the switch
Same procedure applies to all EDC16
In short,
we need flash the ECU with BDM if we have full flash for this ECU…
open ECU and read all with BDM…
must find full flash hw and sw version for this ECU…
when write chose flash,not not all (eeprom and MCU not need).
Note: This method applies to all Bosch EDC16 and Me9 ECUs.

Fgtech Galletto 2 EU cannot write EDC17 solution

A customer shared his problem and solution when read and write EDC17 with the FGTech Galletto 2 master ecu programmer.
“I tried to read in boot mode the ECU EDC17 C41 – TC1797 from bmw 116 F20 bosch nr. 0281030980,
with FGTech Galletto 2 EU and when click in “ECU Data” button appear this info from ecu :
“Infineon Tricore TC1797
Internal Flash ID = 0053C001
Internal Flash 4096Kb Protected
OTP Protect: 0x14000 — 0x17FFF
Internal Flash2 ID = 0055C001
Internal Flash 4096Kb Protected
EEprom 64Kb Protected
I tried to use the TRICORE PASSWORD TPROT V08 from menu without boot mode but i can’t.
Says the message fgtech error
Then how can I read / write this ecu for tuning with my tool FGTech Galletto EU version?
Now obd365.com engineer give you an answer:
Forget about F series with FGTECH, you can’t do it.
Including KTAG, it can only on Exx series BMW, NOT Fxx.
So far, the ideal ECU programmer is DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader, a part of senior engineers have proved it can worked out EDC17, while KESS V2 can’t.
General introduction about DS17 ECU Programmer(DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader).
DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader is an updated version for BDM100, it takes direct access on processor and EPROM memory of the ECU over a dedicated port like the BDM system. DS17 supports EDC17,  MED17,  ME17,  MEV17,  MEVD17,  PCF2.1,  SD13,  SD14,  SD16,  SID208,  SID807.

Fgtech Galletto master required new tool 2012 solution

One of obdii365 customer want to program Citroen 1.6 HDi EDC16 and vw golf 6 1.6 tdi pcr 2.1 online with Fgtech galletto 4 v54 master BDM-Tricore-OBD programmer, but the fgtech v54 software prompts error message “required new tool 2012


Check if the Fgtech galletto driver is well installed and change another laptop running Win XP mode.
If still not working,sorry the galletto will not work on your ECU.