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How to solve Benz DAS Online SCN Coding CAL Comm Error

Here’s working solution to MB Star diagnostic software online SCN coding failed to carry out problem which happened all around the world these days.


Error in XENTRY

Data transfer has failed (DAS <-> XENTRY)

Possible cause and remedy:

– Incorrect data were received.

– Unknown command or incorrect data in command

Do you went to repeat this procedure?


Error in DAS

The coding could not be carried out (CAL_Comm_Error)

Fault 8.561.6113

The coding may be wrong. (00001)

SCN coding must be carried out again.

If the problem persists, please contact the User Help Desk .


Go to  C:\programm files\mecredez-benz\addons centerxx
Change folder name “addons centerxx” to “addons center” (delete “XX” letters)
Restart the computer
Run c:\programm files\mecredez-benz\addons center\addonscenter.exe
It will run auto update with network connection .