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How to Install DAF VCI Lite Davie XDc II 5.6.1 on WIN7

Here you can download DAF Davie 5.6.1 APP 84.00 PRSubset 16.51.F3 and know how to install DAF Davie heavy duty diagnostic software on Windows 7!


Note: Tested $769 DAF VCI Lite work ALMOST same as $3550 original DAF VCI 560!


DAF VCI Lite  interface support diagnosis and programming for ALL DAF trucks old or newer EURO 6, but currently cannot do Cummins ECU.


Free download DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1+ Application 84.00+ Parts Rapido Subset16.51.F3


Password: t00g0g?4m#

Download WKSCode file WKSCODE_ISO.iso for installation



Before install DAF VCI Lite software, you need to know:

Now DAF Davie 5.6.1 will come with DAF VCI Lite V1 DAF Truck Scanner, tested working 100% YES.

Software will be provided in the format of Acronis images, not DVD or CD format

So software no need activation, no need installation!


If you are sure to install it by yourself, you can check below DAF Davie 5.6.1 installation steps:

Prepare a laptop with Windows 7 32bit. Win 8 and Win 10 haven’t been tested.

DAF Davie 5.6.1 installation need at least 30GB hard disk space!

Burn the ISO files to DVD discs or use Alcohol120% software to emulate DVDRW Drive.


Steps to start:

  1. Insert DAVIE 5.6.1 disc and install DAF Davie as usual
  2. Run DAF DAvie

Click on Login button


Password ADMIN (two times)

  1. You’ll get the message

“Your user code is not installed. Install your user code per instructions”

Copy WKSCode file to USB flash and insert it to the laptop

Click OK in the message window

If everything is going right, you’ll see “Logout” and “Administration” buttons

If you get the message “Wrong code”, download WKS ISO file and insert it in Alcohol120%. Then click OK and the code will be installed.

  1. Insert ISO disc AS84_PRS16.40 to Alcohol120%

Click on Administration button in DAVIE

Choose Install Update, then Browse, choose Application folder, click OK and choose required language, then OK and OK again

Wait till it will be installed.

Click OK

Program will be restarted.

  1. Enter ADMIN/ADMIN

Click on Administration button in DAVIE

Choose Install Update, then Browse, choose Parts Rapido Subset folder – OPEN -PRS 16.40.F0 will be installed – OK

It will take more time for installation than App update.

  1. Extract files from 16.51 update. Click on Administration button in DAVIE

Choose Install Update, then Browse, choose folder with extracted files – Open – OK. Wait a little.

  1. Add user account and name it TECH. Click on Master technician to higher user rights. Click on Password and type TECH.

You will use this account for trucks diagnosing.

  1. Reboot pc and start DAF software and type TECH and password TECH.



Cost-effective solutions to DAF Key Programming

There are three optional solutions of programming a DAF key using different DAF diagnostic tools/key programmers (FVDI2, VCI Lite (V1), VCI 560), which may help make keys in a cost-effective method.


Option I: Flyobd FVDI2 DAF commander: $409

It’s the cheapest way to program a DAF key with FVDI2 commander.


How to making a DAF key with FVDI2 DAF?

Note: Before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed on the same immobilizer only.


Start FVDI2 software for DAF

Select “Key learning”


Press “Next” to go on


Put the key to be programmed into the contact and switch it to position contact-ON

Insert Key 1 and press “Next”


The key is programmed successfully!

Amount of keys programmed: 1

To learn the next key, press “Next”

To fish key learning, press “Exit”


Option II: DAF VCI 560 (genuine): $3550

Option III: VCI Lite (V1) (copy version of VCI-560): $800


First, DAF VCI lite or VCI 560? Here list the differences.

* price

new DAF VCI lite (V1)for $800, original VCI 560 for $3550


* connection

DAF VCI lite used via USB connection, VCI 560 used via WIFI & USB connection


* LED display

VCI lite without LED display, VCI-560 kit with LED indicators


* PCB (hardware)

VCI lite hardware lacks one part on PCB, compared to VCI-560

(that missed part is not needed for any diagnosis, reprogramming, configuration)


* via OBD

VCI lite cannot see ignition via OBD, VCI-560 can do that via OBD


* function

DAF VCI 560 supports SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming with DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK)

VCI-560 also supports special programming and Service Level see DAVIE Developer Tool (DEVIE DT)

However, functions above are not listed in the DAF VCI lite package; that is, you need to buy in the DAF company.


In short, no matter VCI 560 or the replacement VCI Lite (V1), both work well on DAF trucks almost the same except some aspects above. If you do not care about original or not, VCI Lite should be a good choice for you, which almost has the same functions as VCI-560 but at a lower cost. DAF VCI Lite (V1) is more cost-effective.



So, how to program a DAF key using VCI 560 or VCI Lite (V1)?

Start DAVIE software

Go to Immobilizer (safety/security system)


Then programming


Program keys

before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed again in the same immobilizer only



Match immobilizer

Before installing a new immobilizer unit, perform the following actions:

1- switch off contact

2- exchange the immobilizer unit

3- switch on contact



Good luck when program daf keys with FVDI2 or VCI Lite / VCI 560.

2016 DAF VCI Lite (V1) replaces DAF VCI 560 MUX

Original DAF VCI 560 MUX (DAVIE XDc II) is a original diagnostic tool designed for DAF heavy duty vehicles like trucks, buses and DAF marine or industry grade engines. But VCI560 is too expensive to afford to most of technician. So the DAF VCI Lite (V1) comes to replace the VCI-560 with same function and cheaper price.


DAF VCI Lite Top features:

1.works with all DAF trucks from oldest till newest EU6

2. Much cheaper than DAF VCI 560 (VCI560 original US$3,550, VCI Lite US$800)

3.With full cables and connectors


5.No activation


DAF VCI Lite Compatible Software (can be updated by official updates):

DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 (Windows 7 supported)
DAF Davie Application 80.01
DAF Davie Parts Rapido Subset 15.31.F0

Software will be provided in the format of acronis images, no DVD or CD software will be provided.

Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, French, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Turkish.


DAF VCI Lite Diagnostic Scanner Description

With this kit you can diagnose, troubleshoot and program:

After treatment system.
Auxialiary system.
Break system.
CAB climate system.
Communication system.
Door control system.
Engine system.
Instrumentation system.
Power supply and ground.
Retarder system.
Safety system.
Security system.
Steering control system.
Suspension system.
Transmission system.
Vehicle control system.

Direct Testing mode allows immediate selection of individual control units and direct test of their components and functions.

Guided Diagnosis. Using the combination of self-diagnosis symptoms (content of fault memory) and observed symptoms (complaints from customer), the system generates a test plan and guides the user along the shortest route to the suspect component.

HD-OBD mode allows immediate selection of DAF independent control units and direct testing of their components and functions.

EOL (End Of Line) mode used in stations of the production area and allows programming, calibration, health check and diagnosing of newly produced vehicles.

You can switch between HD-OBD mode and EOL mode.

For special programming and Service Level see DAVIE Developer Tool (DEVIE DT).(This is not included in the package)

For SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming see DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK).(This is not included in the package)

DAVIE XDc II Software Display: daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-1 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-2 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-3 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-4 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-5 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-6 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-7 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-8 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-9

Customer test photo