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BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.02 ISTA-P 3.60 Windows 7 HDD

Latest V2016.12 BMW ICOM Software ISTA-D 4.02.12 ISTA-P With Engineer programming windows 7 hard drive is released in obdii365.com.


Works along with BMW ICOM, BMW ICOM A2, BMW ICOM A3, BMW ICOM Next


BMW ICOM Software Version:

ISTA-D 4.02.12
VIN: 2016.9.12
Not connected 9000 days remaining

BMW ETK: 2016.12
BMW KSD 09.2016 Multilanguage
With free BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS, WinKFP, E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0), BMW FSC code generator and BMW AiCoder

Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

BMW ICOM System Requirements:

Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory

Supported Model:

We recommend you use this ICOM Software with Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.


2016.12V BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.02 ISTA-P 3.60 Software Display:

v201612-bmw-icom-software-1 v201612-bmw-icom-software-2 v201612-bmw-icom-software-3 v201612-bmw-icom-software-4 v201612-bmw-icom-software-5 v201612-bmw-icom-software-6 v201612-bmw-icom-software-8 v201612-bmw-icom-software-9

Change F20 CBS oil interval without changing V.O

I have made an interesting found regarding change the oil service interval for F series. Despite the success of some, I don’t believe it is necessary to change FA and flash DME to have this interval changed. I believe that Rheingold can do it with less effort, and less risk.


My car came with oil service interval defined in the V.O. as 8KP = 8.000 km. However, the CBS was set to 6.000 km (probably, it was changed by the dealer). So, as V.O. remains the same (I read it with esys and is still 8KP), it means one can change the interval without changing the V.O.


Some friends say that with BMW ICOM Rheingold you can simply set the interval with CBS reset.


I gave it a try with Rheingold (I have 3.54), and used function CBS RESET UDS as below:

This set my oil interval back to what was specified in the V.O. (8.000 km), however, it didn’t pop up to request which interval is to be applied. So, probably there is some other function that allow to choose this interval.


Some day I’ll give it another try and post results here.


How to set up BMW ENET cable for ISTA-P Programming

It’s a good solution to set up BMW ENET cable to work with BMW ICOM ISTA-P software to do ecu programming for BMW F series.


Download BMW ISTA-P Loader V4.8.7 and install it on Windows XP

Plug the BMW ENET(Ethernet to OBD) interface in the car
Set in In ISTA-P
HO-ICOM/ENET direct in VCI Config
In Network Connection – right click in your ENET – properties – TCP/IPv4 – Properties set
Subnet Mask

Subnet Mask

NOTE:Disable anti virus, firewall & WIFI connection.

Check ENET cable is well connected to car and PC. Turn on ignition and wait for a minute or two.

Start the ISTA P loader.

Click on the “start ENET ICOM emulator button” once. ZGW search will now open.

Enter your cars ZGW IP and click “continue”. Then wait for emulator running notifications to appear.
emulator running notifications

ista-p loader

Click on BMW, Mini, or Rolls Royce brand. ISTA/P will now launch.

Select ENET in connection manager.

Select ENET in connection manager
Note: wSTA/P asks for ignition ON/OFF during programming use the KL15 controls located in the notification area of the taskbar (right click on ISTA/P notification icon). Default setting is “ON”. Obviously actual car ignition will need to be turned ON/OFF also.
ISTA/P notification icon

Where to download ISTA-P software?

ISTA-P software 3.59 can be downloaded free here. ISTA-P is multilingual, so software is EN.

ISTA-P En version .exe


paste the 2 files in a directory and run the .exe

a phone and loader

Access to ista-P file

More features


the executable file


the file




And the SHIFT

ICOM A2 and ICOM D best for BMW Motorcycle troubleshoots


I wanna a new diagnostic tool for my motorcycle club. Most of them are BMW models like K 1300 S, R 1200 RS, S 1000 RR, K 1600 GT… The tool needs for basic diagnosis (read & clear faults) and programming sometimes. Any useful tips of this?



For BMW motorcycle diagnostics and programming, we usually offer three options to you:

1- BMW ICOM A2 + ICOM D interface (BEST)

2- MOTO BMW Motorcycle-specific diagnostic scanner

3- GS-911 scanner for BMW motorcycle

4- MOTO 7000TW Motorcycle Scanner

(if you can’t search tools above at obd365.com, please contact the customer service via “Chat online” at the top right column)


Generally, we strongly recommend you to choose ICOM A2 + ICOM D… Kind of expensive but most people use this kit. So far, it is the TOP 1 in the BMW motor diagnostics list, with the most powerful & stable function and the best reputation. ICOM A2 and ICOM D do well in diagnostic and programming. A cool BMW motor deserves the best diagnostic kit.


But, if you really cannot afford to ICOM A2 + ICOM D for diagnosis, we suggest you try the cheap kit – INPA K+DCAN cable and ICOM D. Attention only for diagnosis, not programming!


Ps. K+DCAN Cable & ICOM D BMW DIY Motorcycle diagnosis


Here, some customer feedback via pics:

This user use BMW ICOM A2 ista/p + ICOM D to do flash programming on BMW motorrad k1300s












BMW E-sys disable M5 ASD Active Sound Design

Here are two ways to disable Active Sound Design on M5 by coding with BMW ICOM A2 + E-sys interface, or by removing the ASD module from the trunk.


Method 1 – coding with BMW ICOM emulator

Connect to your car

esys-disable-ASD (1)

Choose target chassis F010

esys-disable-ASD (2)

Read FA

esys-disable-ASD (3)

Read SVT

esys-disable-ASD (4)

Right click on the ASD module -> “Read Coding data

then right click on the CAFD and “Edit”.

Enter your PIN and edit the following parameters: (Disable Active Sound Design Values)

esys-disable-ASD (5)

Save the changes, click back, “Activate FA” and “Code FDL

Disabling ASD complete.


Note: This mod should work on all BMW F10 M5 cars


Method II – removing the ASD Module

Turn down the back seat. You have to remove the covers on the floor (the big one) and the left one. You also have to lift the rubber seal a little beat so that you can remove the backplane.

Almost everything is fixed with press buttons which you can remove safely. Finally you can use them again to put everything together.

After you remove the left cover you have access to the ASD module. Just unplug the connector and fix it with a cable strap.

We’re currently working on a switch/button to enable/disable ASD from the rear trunk

ASD with the original exhaust is fine.


esys-disable-ASD (6)

esys-disable-ASD (7)

esys-disable-ASD (8)


It is pretty invasive and done by removing the ASD module from the trunk; while it`s much easier to disable ASD by coding with E-sys software and the car will remain stock, in case you want to sell it you can always revert back to the default settings in 5 minutes. Some people like the feeling of having your head under the hood, and the sound gets even louder when changing on Sport and Sport+ modes.


DIY Coding BMW MAF Mass Air flow with DIS

Here is the instruction on how to code your BMW MAF, recoding your BMW air flow meter step-by-step.

Hot-film air mass meter (HFM)
E38, E39, E46 / with M47, M57

This details how to code your car to accept the newer MAFs that replaced the now obsolete MAF that was present on the e46 320d’s launch up till 2001 September. Intermittent boost problems can be down to an uncoded new part number MAF.

This requires access to BMW OPS DIS diagnostic tool software and for you to understand how to use it. Neither I nor our website www.obd365.com will be held responsible for any damage you may do to your ECU if something goes wrong!

Situation: 1. In the BMW dealer organisation, the hot-film air mass meter is often replaced unnecessarily on vehicles with M47 or M57 engines.
The diagnosis procedures for finding the cause of a customer’s claim regarding the response of the engine and the vehicle’s performance are often only used if the replacement of the HFM has not resulted in the complaint being rectified.
2. Since November 2001, the BMW Parts Service has only supplied the air mass meter version fitted to vehicles with M57 engine from January 2001 and on vehicles with M47 engine from September 2001. This means a revised procedure for retrofitting.

Affected vehicles: E38, E39, E46 with M47 or M57 engine.

Procedure: In case of customer complaint, the DDE fault memory should first be read.
[Note] Hot-film air mass meters sent in through warranty/goodwill can only be processed in conjunction with the diagnosis report. In countries where return is not obligatory, the diagnosis report should be filed in the vehicle records for reliable auditing.
Proceed as follows if the fault memory entries or the nature of the complaint indicate an HFM malfunction:

A. M47 engine with DDE 3.0
With the DIS tester, work through test module “air mass meter”.
The test module can be found in the function selection on the DIS tester under => Complete vehicle => Drive => DDE 3.0 engine management => Air supply => Air mass meter
The air mass meter must only be replaced if the nominal values specified in the test module “air mass meter” are not achieved and an instruction is given to replace the HFM.

A. M57 engine with DDE 4.0
With the DIS tester, work through test module “air-mass system test”.
The test module can be found in the function selection on the DIS tester under => Complete vehicle => Drive => DDE 4.0 engine management => Air-mass system test
In the air-mass system test, the cause of the fault in the air-mass system is isolated clearly to the defective component group and the test module for the component group concerned is automatically drawn into the testing schedule for working through.
The HFM is then only to be replaced if an appropriate instruction to replace the HFM is given in the test module “Air-mass system test”.

The following applies to both engines:
On no account should just the sensor element in the housing be converted. The position of the sensor element is assigned to the housing and cannot be set in service!

Before programming, it must be noted that programming may abort on the E38 and E39 under the following conditions:
1. Programming abort on vehicles with DSC III (E38 and E39 from date of manufacture September 1998 to December 1999)
2. Programming abort on vehicles without DSC III

The cause of a program abort could be the ignition being switched off during programming, by the connection between DIS/MoDiC III and the control unit being broken or by the system voltage dropping below approx. 9 volts.
The functionality of the control units with FLASH technology are designed such that programming can be repeated following a program abort.

In case 1: During the programming procedure, the DSC III control unit interferes with telegram traffic between the control unit being programmed and the DIS/MoDiC III.

In case 2: The control unit being programmed refuses to communicate with the DIS/MoDiC III because of interference on the diagnosis cable.

Always connect up a battery charger before programming as a measure against a programming abort. Never connect or disconnect the charger during programming.

The vehicle voltage must not drop below approx. 9 volts during programming.

In case 1: Programming can only be correctly performed if the DSC III control unit is rendered free of current throughout programming. This is done by pulling the following fuse:
E38: fuse 17 (engine compartment)
E39: fuse 31 (glove compartment)

In case 2: If programming is aborted and the situation is not described under 1 above, the control unit should be disconnected for approx. 1 minute. After this, reconnect, switch on the ignition and perform programming again.

The most recent version of the air mass meter (part number 13 62 7 787 076) can be recognised by the protective grille for deflecting particles of dirt and moisture (see illustration 1).

Illustration 1: Most recent version of air mass meter.
This version can be retrofitted on all E38, E39 and E46 vehicles with M57 engine and on all E39 and E46 vehicles with M47 engine, providing the current DDE data status is programmed with the installation.

[Note] The part number of the programmed control unit must be entered manually.
[Note] If programming is not performed, the DDE control unit will misinterpret the air-mass signals, affecting the engine’s power output and exhaust emission characteristics.

When reprogramming the DDE control unit, proceed in the same way as when renewing the control unit, even though the existing control unit is notbeing replaced:

1. Identify and print out the DDE control unit using => Diagnosis => Control unit functions.

Identification of the control unit is purely for reading off the part number of the basic control unit and of the control unit to be programmed.

2. The control unit can now be reprogrammed using => Programming => DDE programming => Replace control unit.

3. The following prompt appears in the DIS tester: => “First determine basic control unit”.

4. Answer the question =>”Is the defective control unit still installed in the vehicle?” with “No”.

5. Enter the part number of the basic control unit from the control unit identification.

6. Enter vehicle identification number.

7. Enter the new part number of programmed control unit.
This part number can be found in various enclosures according to model series, engine and transmission versions (please refer to Enclosures 1 to 9):
Find the old part number of the programmed control unit read out from the control unit identification in the appropriate table (column “Old part number”) and read off the new part number of the programmed control unit (column “New part number”).

8. Perform automatic programming and then a DDE/EWS calibration.

9. Perform ” DDE control unit identification” again and check whether the new part number of the programmed control unit has been taken over.

Enclosure 1: E46, M47 with manual transmission
Enclosure 2: E46, M47 with automatic transmission
Enclosure 3: E39, M47
Enclosure 4: E46, M57 with manual transmission
Enclosure 5: E46, M57 with automatic transmission
Enclosure 6: E39, M57 D25
Enclosure 7: E39, M57 D30 with manual transmission
Enclosure 8: E39, M57 D30 with automatic transmission
Enclosure 9: E38, M57

Description: HFM for M47 and M57 engines
Part number: 13 62 7 787 076

If you do not have OPS DIS SSS,then you go for BMW ICOM which will do the same function as well.


Pinout to BMW Motorcycle 10-pin and ICOM D

BMW Motorcycle is compatible with 10 pin diagnostic connector. The diagnostic plug is located under the seats, just behind the fusebox.


BMW motorcycle 10-pin diagnostic connector pinout:



BMW Motorcycle/Motorbike diagnostic connector location:


ICOM-D Diagnostic Cable can works together with BMW ICOM or BMW ICOM A2 to diagnose BMW Motorcycles.


BWM ICOM D module Support BMW Motorcycle till year 2013.


BMW motorcycle 10Pin to 16Pin ICOM D diagnostic Cable pinout:


High quality cable. Better than expected.


Prices are coming down on the adapter cables. $22 free shipping.


BMW ICOM ISIS ISID Fault code 5/7 error solution

Following text provides the BMW ICOM A+B+C ISIS ISID software expired error notification and solution.



Integrated Service Information Server (ISIS) two servers (one backup) + ISTA

Integrated Service Information Display (ISID) portable tablet device



When install BMW ICOM A+B+C ISIS ISID diagnostic software HDD on VMware, the system displays an error message BMW ICOM software expired notification.


“An error has occurred. The application is closing

Fault code: 5/7

Fault text:

The requested brand is not available”


Error screenshots were taken below:






Possible solution:


1) Check the date on the virtual machine


Run BMW ICOM software, if it shows the notification as the pictures, that’s mean software is expired, please restart your computer , press “delete” to enter the BIOS system, change the system time same as software time.


2) If the first solution does not work, please try the second way.


Restore a snapshot of VMware. Re-install the VMware system.

Re-extract the files on BMW ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P software to computer