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Volvo Tech Tool PTT 2.04.55 Free Download and Installation

Volvo/Renault/Mack Premium Tech Tool 2.04.55 truck diagnostic software free download and step-by-step installation guide on Windows 7.


Free download Volvo Tech Tool 2.04.55: (unknown security)!DdRkAaDY!BKmQE6QYYkNUXNwzbwZUeA

It’s free but never tested by professionals;

For safety, you’re advised to use a tested version:

Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.5.75: (safe to use)

Volvo Tech Tool 2.04.87: (safe to use)

Tech Tool crack versions should be ok.



Then  volvo ptt 2.04.55 installation guide….. here you go.


volvo ptt2.04.55 needs the updated operating system

disable antivirus and firewall

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (1)

mount the image file with Daemon tools ….
start the setup as an administrator ..

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (2)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (3)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (4)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (5)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (6)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (7)

Client id: 123456


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (8)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (9)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (10)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (11)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (12)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (13)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (14)


volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (15)

Wait… installation continue…..

finished installing all applications… Restart pc

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (16)

after reboot .. Open client update

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (17)

Search update

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (18)

Install all update

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (19)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (20)

No other update available….. close this windows

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (21)

Open folder.. Patches, open folder.. 05

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (22)

install in order of appearance the various applications

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (23)

when you have this warning, click on .. no.
continue installing all other applications ….. finished installing all … reboot the pc

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (24)

After reboot… open folder 06….. install all

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (25)

Folder 15.. install all

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (26)

Folder 30.. install all

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (27)

when you have this warning, click on .. no.
continue installing all other applications ….. finished installing all … reboot the pc

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (28)

After reboot… open folder..31   install all

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (29)

Folder..32.. install all

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (30)

when you have this warning, click on .. no.
continue installing all other applications ….. finished installing all … reboot the pc

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (31)

After reboot  open folder   35.. install all

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (32)

Folder.. 40 install all

..same for all….to the folder 55

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (33)

when you have this warning, click on .. no.
continue installing all other applications ….. finished installing all … reboot the pc

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (34)

After reboot… click.. Start->all program->Tech tool->Log Manager…. run as administrator

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (35)

Click on… stop baf service..wait stop service…..

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (36)

Ok… do not close the page.. ( minimize)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (37)

Open folder ..activator , copy this file

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (38)

Paste in: C:\programdata\techtool   replace

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (39)

From folder activator… copy this file

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (40)

Paste in: C:\ program files\tech tool\tech tool\baldolocal   replace

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (41)

From folder activator 2.04.40, copy this file

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (42)

Paste in : C:\ program files\tech tool\ tech tool\ login   replace

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (43)

Click start baf service

Wait message

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (44)


Close all


TechTool start from the desktop as administrator … to start … more

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (45)

Select.. work offline

User ID: xx40645   ok



volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (46)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (47)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (48)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (49)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (50)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (51)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (52)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (53)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (54)

volvo-tech-tool-2.04-download-install (55)

Tech tool installation success!



The important note-

If you have difficulty in Tech Tool installation, please ask help for– a good man of his word to trust in. He can offer working Volvo tech tool crack version for you and help finish installation on your laptop/computer via TeamViewer.

Which PTT Version can do Volvo B7R B9R B11R B12R?

This blog here will answer you this question: Which PTT Premium Tech Tool can diagnose Volvo B7R B9R B11R B12R bus? And which tool to use?

Check professional answer as below:


Some guys tested that Volvo PTT 2.04.87 diagnose Volvo B11R and B12R buses OK. Is that true?

Yes. To diagnose Volvo Bus B7R, B9R, B11R and B12R bus you can use Volvo PTT 2.04.87 and newly released Volvo PTT 2.5.75! (Technicians from confirmed that)


Volvo Tech Tool 2.05.75 What’s new?

Special Login id and own Info

Lasted Apci+ Update

Volvo Trucks (Older electrical system, Vehicle electrical system ’98);

Volvo Trucks (Version2, Version3 Parameter Programming);

Volvo Trucks (Version4 FH4/FM4 Parameter Programming);

Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed V2, Multiplexed V3 [/b]);

Volvo Construction Equipment Parameter Programming;

Volvo Penta (Version2, Version3);

Volvo OEM Component Customer (Version2, Version3);

Mack Trucks (V-MAC I/II/III, ITC, IV, IV+) Parameter Programming);

Renault Trucks (Version2, Version3, Version4) Parameter Programming;

UD Trucks (Version2, Version3,Version4) Parameter Programming;


Which tool can work with Volvo PTT 2.04.87 or Volvo PTT 2.5.75?

Note: Both Volvo PTT 2.04.87 and Volvo PTT 2.5.75 software are tested 100% working with Volvo VOCOM and VCADS VOCOM.

Volvo 88890300 VOCOM Interface


VCADS Volvo 88890300 VOCOM


Scania SDP3 2.31 + SDP3 2.30 free download for VCI2 VCI3

Good news for sharing!

Here you can free download Scania SDP3 2.31 (05.2017) and Scania SDP3 2.30 (04.2017) software for Scania VCI2 and Scania VCI3 SDP3 Scanner!


(05.2017) Scania SDP3 2.31 software free download in mega:!DYExVD7Y!Z7vVu-KB6hwABJ8LOyYeyd4VyhuI7w6nAqsVDYUzbrw

Password: cimi

(04.2017) Scania SDP3 2.31 software free download in mega:!dcU3WLJL!iNjRAo_zKbkEoI0ArlBoXfcBvRvrLlKlB7IJnqN6SLo

No pass!


Note: Latest Scania SDP3 2.31 and Scania SDP3 2.30 should work with Scania SDP3 VCI3 truck diagnostic scanner. But please still enjoy at your own risk since software now is still individually tested.


What software is tested OK with Scania VCI 3 by professional?

Scania SDP3 V2.27 without USB Dongle

NO need Activation

Scania XCOM 2.27 without USB Dongle

Read, save and modify ECU data

Volvo VOCOM Renault truck diagnosis replace $4000 Renault NG10

Do you know you can use a $500 Volvo VOCOM Interface instead of a $4,000 Renault NG10 to fully diagnose Renault truck? MUCH cheaper solution!

Below Volvo VOCOM diagnose Renault Magnum 2004 as an example!


Two Volvo VOCOM interfaces available for choosing:

Volvo VOCOM 88890300 for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck with PTT 2.03.20 $539


Volvo VCADS VOCOM 88890300 for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck with PTT 2.03.20 $449


Note: Both share same PCB board and same functions. They are difference only in appearance.


Tip: In this case, you use Renault NG3 NG10 Renault Diagnostic, so need 200USD for additional cost.


Volvo VOCOM adapter diagnoses Renault Magnum EURO 3 review:

Connect Volvo VOCOM interface with Renault Magnum using the 12 pin cable.

Open Renault Diagnostic software, click the right truck icon to choose truck model “Magnum”.

Now you can see Volvo VOCOM Renault Magnum main menu as below:


You can diagnose many truck modules like: Engine, Brake, Powertrain, Suspension, Heating/Air conditioning, Speed limiter and Cabin.


In this case, first go to Powertrain system and select “As-Tronic” gearbox ECU.


Turn on ignition. You can see vehicle information listed as below:


Click “Defects present” to check which part get wrong now.


It clearly shows you the EBS system has error. And you can know what exactly the error is and the error solution.



Choose “Defects in memory” and you can see which parts once got wrong.


Go back to choose “Diagnostic” and “Visualization”, you can view truck real-time status.

Input status: Engine speed, gearbox input/output speed, vehicle speed, battery voltage, ECU temperature, oil temperature, air pressure, etc.



Output status: Clutch closing percentage, clutch position, clutch status, etc.


Gearbox actuators engaged.


General visualization allows you to view full system status.


VOLVO VOCOM also allows you to program specific customer parameters for Renault Magnum!

volvo-vocom-diagnose-renault-magnum-truck-review-16 all rights reserved, original post Why Volvo VOCOM replace $4000 Renault NG10 for Renault truck?

Volvo VCADS Pro PTT 2.40 56001 Error Solution

I have got 56001 communication error when diagnose Volvo truck with Volvo VCADS pro.I have connected VCADS to 8-PIN diagnostic connector and the J1708 indicator did not flash. Volvo PTT 2.40 cannot communicate with ECU and prompt error code  56001.


volvo-vcads-error-1 engineer solution:
Volvo VCADS Pro PTT 2.40 software must be installed on Dell D630 laptop.

If you had the communication error 56001, please dissemble the Volvo VCADS Pro main unit, and connect Pin2 to Pin5 (shown as picture below


Xtuner T1 WiFi Bluetooth Truck Scanner for Multi-Brands Reviews

2017 new arrival XTUNER T1 Heavy Duty Trucks Auto Intelligent Diagnostic Tool  is new professional diesel scan tool for multi-brands released by TDINLTEL Tech. Xtuner T1 provide you great convenient in diagnosing Heavy duty trucks via Bluetooth or WiFi VCI connection. Here is the full review of Xtuner truck scanner.



  • Extensive vehicle coverage for heavy-duty trucks.
  • Complete function capability including DTC, DTC freeze Info, Live data, Actuation test and Special function.
  • Support standard protocol J1939, J1708 and J1587 for diesel OBD.
  • Supply USB and WIFI connection for the VCI communication.
  • Intelligent new software update from the internet.
  • Support wireless VCI firmware update by WIFI.
  • Supply OBDII and other 10 connectors.
  • Hardware architecture uses a new design with multiple protection, interference and stability. Built-in overvoltage protection module is applied, in order to protect VCI and vehicle against accidental damage during checking.
  • Can work well and stably in high and low temperature environment.
  • The genuine Windows XP – Windows 10 operating systems allows for more stable performances, better compatibility and expandability.
  • Extremely easy-to-use with touch-screen operation and intuitive operation in the windows.


Vehicle coverage:



Electronic control system: BENDIX, CUMMINS


Standard OBD: Diesel OBD


Special Functions:

DPF Reset,Nozzle Or Injector,Fuel Pump,Exhaust Pressure Adjustment,EGR,ECM,Vehicle Speed Control,Cylinder,VIN,Write Engine Serial Number,Turbo Control


Language: English (more language will be added in the near feature)


Update: Free software upgrade within 1 year


Xtuner T1 Truck OBD Scanner User Manual



Operating System Windows XP/7/8/10
Processor ARM 32-bit Cortex processor
Communications 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN
Input Voltage DC 8-28V
Operating Temperature -10 to 70 °C(14-158°F),Relative Humidity:<90%
Storage Temperature -30 to 120°C(-22 to 248°F),Relative Humidity:<90%
Communication model Wi-Fi or USB
Protocols UDS,ISO 9141-2, K/L lines, SAE-J1850 VPW,SAE-J1850 PWM,CAN ISO 11898 ISO 15765-4,High speed, Middle speed ,low speed and Single wire CAN,SAE-J1939,SAE-J1708,SAE-J1587

Xtuner T1 Heavy Duty Scanner Software Display:


XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.14339

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.14395

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.14513

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.15266

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.15317

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.16121

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.16124

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.16127

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.17196

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.17464

XTUNER-T1 User Manual V8.17468

Xtuner T1 Truck diagnostic tool hardware display:





Packing List

Main Units XTUNER T1 VCI 1
Main Test Cable with OBDII connector 1
Test Connectors BENZ-14 1
CAT-9 1
DENSO-12 1
ISUZU-20 1
IVECO-30 1
OBD-16 1
Universal Cable 1
Accessories Battery Cable 1
Cigar Lighter Cable 1
USB Cable 1
Packing List 1
Quick Start Guide 1

Cost-effective solutions to DAF Key Programming

There are three optional solutions of programming a DAF key using different DAF diagnostic tools/key programmers (FVDI2, VCI Lite (V1), VCI 560), which may help make keys in a cost-effective method.


Option I: Flyobd FVDI2 DAF commander: $409

It’s the cheapest way to program a DAF key with FVDI2 commander.


How to making a DAF key with FVDI2 DAF?

Note: Before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed on the same immobilizer only.


Start FVDI2 software for DAF

Select “Key learning”


Press “Next” to go on


Put the key to be programmed into the contact and switch it to position contact-ON

Insert Key 1 and press “Next”


The key is programmed successfully!

Amount of keys programmed: 1

To learn the next key, press “Next”

To fish key learning, press “Exit”


Option II: DAF VCI 560 (genuine): $3550

Option III: VCI Lite (V1) (copy version of VCI-560): $800


First, DAF VCI lite or VCI 560? Here list the differences.

* price

new DAF VCI lite (V1)for $800, original VCI 560 for $3550


* connection

DAF VCI lite used via USB connection, VCI 560 used via WIFI & USB connection


* LED display

VCI lite without LED display, VCI-560 kit with LED indicators


* PCB (hardware)

VCI lite hardware lacks one part on PCB, compared to VCI-560

(that missed part is not needed for any diagnosis, reprogramming, configuration)


* via OBD

VCI lite cannot see ignition via OBD, VCI-560 can do that via OBD


* function

DAF VCI 560 supports SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming with DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK)

VCI-560 also supports special programming and Service Level see DAVIE Developer Tool (DEVIE DT)

However, functions above are not listed in the DAF VCI lite package; that is, you need to buy in the DAF company.


In short, no matter VCI 560 or the replacement VCI Lite (V1), both work well on DAF trucks almost the same except some aspects above. If you do not care about original or not, VCI Lite should be a good choice for you, which almost has the same functions as VCI-560 but at a lower cost. DAF VCI Lite (V1) is more cost-effective.



So, how to program a DAF key using VCI 560 or VCI Lite (V1)?

Start DAVIE software

Go to Immobilizer (safety/security system)


Then programming


Program keys

before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed again in the same immobilizer only



Match immobilizer

Before installing a new immobilizer unit, perform the following actions:

1- switch off contact

2- exchange the immobilizer unit

3- switch on contact



Good luck when program daf keys with FVDI2 or VCI Lite / VCI 560.

5 steps to set up Volvo VOCOM 88890300 WiFi

Here is the manual on how to set up WIFI for Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface forVolvo/Renault/UD/Mack truck diagnosis scanner.


Before wifi setup, users had better have a basic understanding of Vocom cables.

There are 5 cables for vocom communication unit:

1 pc x   OBD2 cable

1 pc x   8pin cable

1 pc x   14pin cable

1 pc x   12pin cable for Renault trucks

1 pc x    USB cable


This exactly is the USB cable that connects the Volvo VOCOM adapter to the PC.


Before wifi setup, please make sure you have successfully installed volvo vocom 88890300 software, vocom 88890300 driver, Tech Tool. And the device is working:


How to set up wifi for vocom 8889300 communication unit.

  1. use USB cable , go to Premium Pech Tool (PTT) , setting, Communication unit configuration , configure, ‘USB+Directly to Communication unit’




  1. ‘Direct’ ->’Restore default values’-‘Apply’-‘Ok’



3. Click Ok again, then disconnect usb cable


  1. go to Setting->’Comm.unit Selection’ -. ‘ Communication unit 8889300 ….Nickname’




  1. now your can use signal get wireless signal.


All ok!



NOTE of VOCOM adapter connection:

If you are experiencing connection issues, control unit mismatches, incorrect model or electrical system populate, or operations for that vehicle are missing, do the following. Disconnect the adapter from the truck and PC for at least 2 minutes. Click “Finish Work” on the product page in Tech tool. Go to the “Latest selections” list and remove the VIN you are having the issue with. Power cycle the truck for at least 10 seconds. Now re-connect to the truck.Usually, the issue will be solved.


Note: Volvo Vocom interface Item # SH56 in does not support WiFi, only Item # SH56-B support Wifi connection.

2016 DAF VCI Lite (V1) replaces DAF VCI 560 MUX

Original DAF VCI 560 MUX (DAVIE XDc II) is a original diagnostic tool designed for DAF heavy duty vehicles like trucks, buses and DAF marine or industry grade engines. But VCI560 is too expensive to afford to most of technician. So the DAF VCI Lite (V1) comes to replace the VCI-560 with same function and cheaper price.


DAF VCI Lite Top features: with all DAF trucks from oldest till newest EU6

2. Much cheaper than DAF VCI 560 (VCI560 original US$3,550, VCI Lite US$800)

3.With full cables and connectors


5.No activation


DAF VCI Lite Compatible Software (can be updated by official updates):

DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 (Windows 7 supported)
DAF Davie Application 80.01
DAF Davie Parts Rapido Subset 15.31.F0

Software will be provided in the format of acronis images, no DVD or CD software will be provided.

Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, French, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Turkish.


DAF VCI Lite Diagnostic Scanner Description

With this kit you can diagnose, troubleshoot and program:

After treatment system.
Auxialiary system.
Break system.
CAB climate system.
Communication system.
Door control system.
Engine system.
Instrumentation system.
Power supply and ground.
Retarder system.
Safety system.
Security system.
Steering control system.
Suspension system.
Transmission system.
Vehicle control system.

Direct Testing mode allows immediate selection of individual control units and direct test of their components and functions.

Guided Diagnosis. Using the combination of self-diagnosis symptoms (content of fault memory) and observed symptoms (complaints from customer), the system generates a test plan and guides the user along the shortest route to the suspect component.

HD-OBD mode allows immediate selection of DAF independent control units and direct testing of their components and functions.

EOL (End Of Line) mode used in stations of the production area and allows programming, calibration, health check and diagnosing of newly produced vehicles.

You can switch between HD-OBD mode and EOL mode.

For special programming and Service Level see DAVIE Developer Tool (DEVIE DT).(This is not included in the package)

For SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming see DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK).(This is not included in the package)

DAVIE XDc II Software Display: daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-1 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-2 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-3 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-4 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-5 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-6 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-7 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-8 daf-vci-lite-v1-professional-scaner-software-9

Customer test photo


MAN Truck Euro 5 real test with CAT T200

Today we troubleshot a new MAN Bus Euro 5 2016 model. This is test MAN Euro 5 Real test.

Device used:

MAN CAT 200 truck diagnostic scan tool (for MAN brand only)


Our shop has ordered the brand new Dell laptop with MAN CAT 200 diagnostic system. Package includes T200 communication interface main unit, main cable,OBDII cable,USB cable and 12-pin round cable.







MAN CAT 200 scanner is able to access following systems (have been tested by our mechanic):

• Electronic brake systems (EBS).
• Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS).
• Engine regulation (EDC).
• Retarder.
• Gearbox.
• Air-conditioning systems.
• Central computer.
• Instrumentation.
• Door module.
• Airbag.
• And much more

CAT will also programming some basic modules offline.

Display full truck information and quickly erase fault


Module and function selection menu