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Which tool to read VAG BOSCH EDC15P+ ECU on bench

Question before entering:
I have some trouble with my spare EDC15P+ ECUs.  I have now invested in a MPPS V21 because of its booting capabilities!  But No matter what i do, MPPS keeps saying “Booting of ECU failed” or it freezes during connection establishment. I have tried this om 3 different ECU’s with bad flash and 2 PC’s.
The procedure i use:
Generic -> Micro Boot -> EDC15P -> Pin 24 to ground and Power On -> Remove ground from Pin 24 -> Select ECU ID
Happens every time and it’s driving me nuts. I have bought MPPS for the sole purpose of recovering bad ECU’s, so i really hope that some of you maybe can help me with this.
Expert solutions:

Solution 1: with MPPS

With MPPS V21, you need luck. V21 maybe too new to this ecu.
Check with multimeter pin140 to pin44 and pin104 to pin24.
I bought MPPS HW12 china clone, software v16 for hardware 12. For a long time ago I had a similar problem with VW Sharan , I do not remember exactly how I was reinstall the firmware on it.  But finally it works. Here are some pictures:

Solution 2:

MPPS V13 no problem on this ecu
I try read with kess v2 and mpps v21 edc15p+ and I get error, but with mpps v13 no problem to reading this ecu on table.
So i finally got my spare ECU’s working again. I ordered a MPPS v13 ecu flasher, and that one was able to bootflash all the ECU’s.

Solution 3:

Kess v2 master read EDC15P+ on bench on issues
Testing edc15p+ of a Seat Ibiza

Solution 4: 

Fgtech Galletto V54 on bench Writing vw EDC 15 P+ no problem
VW pasat 1.9 PD writing edc 15p+ 115 mph up to 130mph and egr off.

Xprog read CLIO 4 Flash SPC560 to reset crash clear

Reading Flash SPC560 with XPROG CLIO 4 resetting crash clear 100% working by using Xprog 5.60 ecu programmer.

Check detail below:
Remove airbag control unit:
Connect xprog m 5.60 with airbag
Select airbag SPC560->Renault SPC560P50L3->Data flash
Save data flash, named “CLIO 4 CRASH ORIGINAL”
Open Hex editor
Open “CLIO 4 CRASH ORIGINAL” and airbag clio change vin only bin file
Change vin
Save changed airbag bin file
Write back to xprog v5.60
Reset crash clear 100% working.
Install airbag unit back to Clio 4.

Auro OtoSys IM600 read and write chip EEPROM 93C66

AURO OtoSys IM600 read and write chip EEPROM 93C66 success.

Remove 93C66 chip IC from ecu
Connect EEPROM clamp, IC with UP400 adapter
Connect UP400 adapter with IM600 host with USB cable


Select Programming->Chip read & write->EEPROM->MICROCHIP->93CXXXX->93C66->Read Operation


Read eeprom data and save it


Select Write operation to write eeprom


Write eeprom success
Check the eeprom data again

*Note: If you need IM600, please contact Email:


Volvo EDC15C11 Read and Write by Kess Ktag or MPPS

Here are optional solutions of Volvo V70 EDC15C11 ECU read and write using different ECU programmers, incl. Kess V2, Ktag, MPPS cable, FgTech Galletto 4 V54.
Car: Volvo V70 D5 2004 163hp
Ecu: I think the car has either a EDC15C2 or EDC15C11 ecu. (K-suite states EDC15C2)
Option 1: You can use Fgtech Galletto V54
Rread/write work only in bootmode at this car.
volvo s60 D5 163 hp euro 3 with edc 15c11.
Option 2: Ktag can do it
You can use me 7 boot edc15 ecu
I’ve done it with many volvo edc15c11 with kess pinned from obd to Ecu and ground pin 24!
Option 3: Kess v2 makes it
Some Volvo EDC15C11 just refuses to be read with a ktag tool. KessV2 bootmode always solved me this problem – wake up error
Reasons were that my power supply was playing up so used an old atx computer supply.
I’ve managed to do it by a kess v2 as well
For those wanting to read/write and ecu containing the AM29F400, AM29F800 chip with kess v2 just follow theses steps.
Connect ecu to the appropriate pins.
Put it into boot mode by grounding pin 24.
Open ksuite and in protocol menu select boot St… Once in there select Bosch MED 7 29F400. The protocol 114 and is the same for for 29f800 as well.
Just proceed to read and write as normal.
But beware the ksuite doesn’t do checksum this way so be sure to check your files.
Hopefully this can help a few ppl
Btw, you can write this with kess. never used ktag but should be the same tbh
never used i/0 terminal.
Option 4: MPPS cable works good via boot mode
Is the ECU going into “Boot mode”? if its not going into boot mode then you have no other option but to remove the eeprom and put into an external programmer. TBH its not that bad.
Have you got MPPS? Mpps is by far the best for boot mode and recovery and will do all 29f*** series under “EDC15 generic mode” but you must be able to get ecu into boot mode.
Another important note:
To tune the EDC15c11 you only need the 512kb file!!!! Also going through generic mode on mpps, kess, ktag with edc15c11 you must make sure cheksums are done as the software will not correct them!”
Have fun!

Reprogram Honda CR-V 2015 Acceleration Body with AURO OTOSYS IM600

How to: Reprogram Honda CR-V 2015 acceleration body by using Auro OtoSys IM600 tablet diagnostic and programming system.

Select Programming->Honda->Diagnostic->Auto Scan, IM600 will read VIN, select control module: Engine


Diagnostic system initializing

Select Special Function->TP Position check


Honda software will reset the TP learning value
Need to clean the throttle body at the same time if reset the TP learning value


TP learning value has been cleared.
Clean the throttle body.


Do the idle learn procedure when the engine speed is unstable.

1. Make sure all electrical items (A/C,audio, rear window defogger, lights etc) are off.
2.Turn the ignition switch on, wait for 2 seconds
3.Start the engine and hold it at 3000 rpm with no load (in Park or neutral) until the radiator fan comes on or until the engine coolant temperature reaches 90 degree
4. Let the engine idle for a minimum of 5 minutes with no load.

Note: if the radiator fan from running. Don;t count its running time for 5 minutes.



Note: If you need IM600, please contact our customer service online: Email:


Auro OtoSys IM600 and UP400 Read EEPROM ST95040

Auro OtoSys IM600 is a diagnostic, key programming and ecu coding 3-in-1 tools. Here’s a real test report on reading EEPROM ST95040 together UP400 eeprom adapter.

Remove ecu
Connect IM600 with UP400 adapter and computer
Select Programming->Chip Read & Write->EEPROM->ST->M95XXXX->M95040->View Diagram














OtoSys IM600 will show you identification for direction of eeprom chip, which adapter and how to connect etc
Follow wiring diagram to connect UP400 adapter with eeprom




Select Read Operation
If Auro IM600 prompts no chip response, you can
1.check whether the chip is connected
2.check whether the chip type is correct
3.check whether the chip is placed correctly or in good contact.


If all okay, IM600 will read eeprom  ST 95040 chip data

Save eeprom data.

TL866II Plus vs. TL866A vs. TL866CS USB Programmer

Mini Pro TL886A and TL866CS in-circuit USB serial programmer are out of production and it is replaced by new TL866 II Plus programmer.


TL866II Plus vs. TL866A vs. TL866CS Programmer

Description TL866 II Plus TL866A TL866CS
Pin Dectected YES No No
1.8V supported YES No No
ISP for 24/93/25 MCU YES only MCU No
25 Nor Flash Maximum capacity 512M 128M 128M
Multi Programming (4) YES YES YES
VPP Max.Voltage 18V 21V 21V
VCC Voltage 1.8V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5
W29C020 P+V (S) 10.2S+2.4S 12.9S+4.3S 12.9S+4.3S
W25X80 P+V (S) 9.3S+1.7S 21.5S+10.3S 21.5S+10.3S
W25Q64 P+V (S) 69S+14.5S 128S+82S 128S+82S
Device List 15000+ 13000+ 13000+
Status In Production Stop Production Stop Production


XGecu TL866II Plus USB High Performance Programmer

Latest software version: V7.07

tl866-ii-plus tl866-ii-plus-software-2

Update: Free online

Language: English/Chinese

Operating  System: WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN 2003/WIN 2008/WIN VISTA /WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 (32BIit/64Bit)


Support wide range of chips:

15130 supported devices from hundreds of manufacturers by 7.07 version of software (Mar. , 2018).

NAND FLASH: Samsung K9xxx, SK Hynix (ex Hynix) HY27xxx, H27xxx, Micron MT29Fxxx, NANDxxx, Spansion S34xxx, NAND Toshiba TH58NVGxxx.

Serial NAND FLASH: Micron MT29Fxxx.

Serial Flash: standard SPI, high performance Dual I/O SPI and Quad I/O SPI (25Bxxx, 25Dxxx, 25Fxxx, 25Lxxx, 25Pxxx, 25Qxxx, 25Sxxx, 25Txxx, 25Uxxx, 25Vxxx, 25Wxxx, 25Xxxx, 26Vxxx, 45PExx, MX26Lxxx ).DataFlash (AT45Dxxx, AT26Dxxx)

Parallel NOR Flash: 28Fxxx, 29Cxxx, 29Fxxx, 29BVxxx, 29LVxxx, 29Wxxx, 49Fxxx series, Samsung’sK8Pxxxx, K8Dxxxx series, …

EPROM: NMOS/CMOS, 27xxx and 27Cxxx series

EEPROM: NMOS/CMOS, 28xxx, 28Cxxx, 27EExxx series,

Serial E(E)PROM: 24XXX,25XXX series,

Microcontrollers MCS51 series:89Cxxx, 89Sxxx, 89EXXX,89VXX

Microcontrollers Atmel AVR 8bit/16bit: AT90Sxxxx, ATtiny, ATmega series

Microcontrollers Microchip PICmicro: PIC10xxx, PIC12xxx, PIC16xxx, PIC17Cxxx, PIC18xxx, PIC24xxx series

GAL Programmable logic device programming and SRAM test

I.C. Tester: TTL type: 54,74 S/LS/ALS/H/HC/HCT series; CMOS type: 4000, 4500 series;
Static RAM: 6116 ..


TL866 II Plus USB Programmer User Manual

TL866 II Plus Supported Detail Device List


Upgrade History:

Version: V7.07 Support:15130 –2018.03.17

ADD: IC to 15130
Fix: SST39LF/VFxxxx TSOP48 Pin Detect function
Fix: Some 25 serials auto selection
Version: V7.05 Support:15118 –2018.03.01

Add English instruction
Version: V7.03 Support:15118 –2018.02.26

TL866II Plus Release First.tl866-ii-plus-software tl866-ii-plus-software

How to replace and program Opel Zafira B 1.7L ECM with opcom

Opel Zafira B 1.7L year 2008 ECM replacement and programming guide is provided below.

Today I will describe the process of replacement / programming used the engine control unit (ECM) from the diesel Opel Zafira B A17DTJ 1.7L MT 2008Y. The owner have removed the unit from the car, disassembled, found many oxides, a few soldered field effect transistors, burnt tracks, etc., i.e. the unit had already been opened – repaired, and possibly poor sealing influenced the subsequent demise of the unit. You can certainly dig to warm up, etc., I rarely take even in diagnostics, only replacement, only hardcore, but to work stably.

The old ecu, a view from the outside, he lives near the front left wheel under the protection of the arch:

Check the ecu on both sides

The identity of the old ecu with opcom interface:

Identifier: 0x1225
VIN: W0L0AHM759G ******
Hardware number: 17172225
Motor type: A17DTJ
Part Number: 98113173
Software version number: NCLZQ51JAU14
Programming Date: 20100330
Hardware key number: S001000988
System description: DENSO0100
Type approval number: D07008
Alpha code: MF
Software Freeze Date: 05.02.2010
Software version: NCLZQ51J
ECU variant coding: 0xE5104C5A
ECU variant coding: 0xE5100E02 Injector

and home run codes 353134. km:

Although the car shows 288 thousand km:

It says that almost everyone shakes, but they try to make it clean, so if I had to drive this car before I bought it, then this moment would be checked first …
Now we connect Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 ecu flash cable , we start PCMFlash with an open Denso module . We read Flash as well as Eeprom1, Eeprom2, Eeprom3, all the same 93c86. :

With the old ecm finished.
Let’s move on to the new used ECM unit :

In my opinion, this engine control unit has also been opened, the sealant is not factory-made … well, whatever it brought.We  plug the unit, look at the identification data:
ECU inited!
Read Info …
Identifier: 0x1215
VIN: W0L0AHL35B2 ******
Hardware number: 17172225
Motor type: A17DTJ
Part Number: 55590157
Software version number: NCLAQ60JAU16
Programming Date: 20120629
Hardware key number: O100057651
System description: DENSO0100
Type approval number: D08002
Alpha code: WH
Software Freeze Date: 13.01.2012
Hardware manufacturer system name: DECe01
Software version: NCLAQ60J
ECU variant coding: 0xF5044C41
ECU variant coding: 0xF5040000 See

We see P1614 and P1616 for IMMO , as well as P042A and P0435 for EGT . It is clear, then the old unit was stitched, well, I flushed it off from it, so it’s not a problem.
The injector codes from the new used motor vehicle and its run are 193 thousand km:

We connect Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 again , start PCMFlash with the Denso module open . We read Flash as well as Eeprom1, Eeprom2, Eeprom3, all the same 93c86. , but with a new block:

Now we write to the new ecm all three Eeproms from the old one:

After this record, errors on Immo are gone, but remained on EGT:

As I wrote above, you need to pour the flush. We overflow:

Thus, this procedure simplifies the process of programming the used diesel engine control unit.
I went through all the units, everywhere it’s clean, except – SDM , there’s B0083 in them – an error on the electronical front impact sensor:

In the task set, this issue was not included, local electricians think that it will be sorted out, either wiring / connectors, or the sensor itself.

Front of car immobilizer:

Side view:

For diagnosis, the Op-Com clone diagnostic scan tool is used :

For the firmware flash, i use Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 :

And also the correct flasher PCMFlash program :

Note: The tutorial is translated from Russian. Just for education purpose. You are at your risk. Credit to Russian engineer P1on3R91.

How to install CG Pro 9S12 Software on Windows 7

New CG Pro 9S12 freescale programmer is come to replace CG100 Prog III. CG-Pro can change mileage on BMW, Mercedes-Benz and file make key on BMW, Land Rover and Porsche. Here’s guide on software download, installation and operation.


Step 1: Download software

Free download software on official website :


Step 2: Install CGPro Setup
Run CGPro_Setup as Administrator

Click Next to install CG Pro Setup

Select destination folder: C:/Program Files/Changguang/CG Pro
Click Install

Finish install setup
Generate 9s CG Pro software on desktop


Step 3: Install device driver
Install CG Pro driver

Click Next
Accept license agreement

Finish install driver


Step 4: Make connection

Connect M35080-V adapter with CG Pro
CG Pro red indicator flashes
Connect CG Pro with laptop

Connect CG-Pro with DB25 adapter




Go to CG Pro software

Driver has been successfully installed

Open Computer->Manager->Device Maneger ->Ports (COM & LPT) ->USB Serial Port(COM4)
to check well connection is built


Step 5: Run CG Pro 9s12 software
Run 9S12 CG Pro software shortcut as Administrator 

Select Language-> English


Upgrade Firmware
If it it is the latest version,CG Pro will prompt “Firmware is the latest version”

Check available Immo ECU, Dash type, Chip list




For example:

Change BMW E91 35080 VP/V6 dash mileage 

Select BMW->Dashboard->35080 VP/V6

Click on Read


Read and save  chip data


Close CG Pro software and open it again as Administrator

Click on Open and upload BMW original eeprom data


Click on Adjust mileage


Enter mileage you desired and press OK

Change BMW CAS4 1L15Y mileage


Select BMW->Anti-Theft->CAS4 1L15Y

Click on Diagram icon to check wiring connection of DB25 adapter and CAS




Connect adapters and CAS following the wiring


Upload BMW CAS4 1L15Y eeprom

CG Pro 9s12 programmer will show current mileage

Click on Adjust mileage icon


Enter mileage you desired and press OK to change km in CAS

You can also upload original CAS eeprom data to make key



To check CGPro formation and ecu/immo/chip list, please go to