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Rework PCB to solve MPPS V16 Wrong Voltage Problem

I just picked up a MPPS v16 ecu tuning kit china clone. It seems to work but shows the wrong voltage. Maybe there is something wrong with the hardware. Here are some tips of how to modify and fix it. Big thanks to the folk in the MH community. Helped me a lot!


My working clone has the blue board in it.


R13 and R7 and R8 bad because 3digit resistor bigger tolerance 5%
Check only R13 value

it is wrong in most of Clones


Use 4 digit resistor tolerance 1% or less
and change 3 resistors.
R13 47kohm

R7. 4.7kohm

R8. 120ohm Size 0805.
For a farnell codes for R7 ,R8 and R13 Resistors:

Just go to any electronics part store such as and type in the 4 digit numbers for search 4702, 4701, 1200.
it will pull up lots of the correct surface mount resistors and they will let you order only what you need


After that voltage is correct. Very small resistors, solder carefully.



Here is my test result: OK!

Reworked one unit after showing wrong voltage 30 volt.
Reworked with normal size resistors 1% percent tolerance.

R8-120ohm 1%.
R7-4.7kohm 5% stock resistor not changed, i’m going to change it but i think there is no difference.
R13-47kohm 1%.

Tested with the car switched on and also off, all good voltage is ok.
Read, write ok.




Have seen my friend’s mpps v18 ecu flasher pcb. It seems much more better in design and quality. He says it’s working more stable and fast. Maybe i need buy a new one.



New VVDI Prog Programmer V4.5.6 Software Free on Mega

Xhorse VVDI Prog ecu programmer software released to V4.5.6 (2017-03-21)

Free Download VVDIProg software V4.5.6

V4.5.6 VVDI-Prog Update Information
VVDI Prog v4.5.6 (2017-03-21)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.6  version in Doc folder
+ Support operate software while opening the diagram
* Fix MC9S12G192,
MC9S12GA240 options
PFLASH write error problem
+ Add PIC12F635,
PIC12F683 options
in <2-MCU>->
+ Add PIC16F631,
PIC16F690 options
in <2-MCU>->
+ Add JIEFANG-J6-BCM option
(Need to use with VVDI2)
option in <8-OTHER>-><BENZ>

Free Download Kess V2 Ksuite 2.32 for WinXP- Win10

Kess V2 master China clone ecu tuning kit newer software Ksuite 2.32 has released and verified working by engineer.


Software version: K-suite V2.32

Free Download Kess V2 Ksuite 2.32 Software

kess-v2-ksuite-2.32-how-to-install (1) kess-v2-ksuite-2.32-how-to-install (6)

Operating system: Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Compatible hardware:

Item# SE87 KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit (No Tokens Limitation) FW 3.099 Master Version with new LPC2478 Chip

Item# SE87-C KESS V2 Unlimited Token Version Firmware V4.036

Item# SE87-K  Truck Version KESS V2 Firmware V4.024 Manager Tuning Kit Master Version

Item# SE87-CK KESS V2 Master Manager Tuning Kit Firmware V4.036 Truck Version

Item# SE87-D  KESS V2 Firmware V4.036 Manager Tuning Kit master

Ksuite 2.3.2 installation tips

1.Ksuite 2.32 with hardware Item#87, SE87-C, SE87-K, SE87-CK should follow kess v2 ksuite 2.28 software installation video guide to install.

2. Ksuite 2.32 with hardware Item#87-D should follow kess v2 2.25 software installation video guide to install.


How to install Kess V2 FWV4.0366 Ksuite V2.08-V2.28

How to install Kess V2 V4.036 Ksuite V1.89-V2.25

Note: Ksuite 2.32 does not work with Ktag k-tag master clone. 

Xprog, R280 and VVDI Prog BMW CAS4 5M48H Read/Write

It’s known to all that Xprog, R280 plus BDM programmer and VVDI Prog all can read and write BMW CAS4 5M48H. So, which one should you take for CAS4 5M48H R/W? Here is the buying guide of ecu programmers for 5M48H R/W.



(Cheapest) Option 1: Xprog v5.70 read/write CAS4 5M48H

Xprog price: $139

Note: 5.7.0 is the only version XPROG-M can decypte BMW CAS4


5M48H R/W process:

Run xprog software

Click on New

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (1)


Read 5M48H

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (2)

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (3)

Then write 5M48H

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (4)

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (5)

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (6)

Again, click on Read after verifying the device

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (7)

Xprog-read-write-CAS4-5M48H (8)

Xprog read and write CAS4 5M48H successfully.



Option 2: R280 plus CAS4 programmer read/write CAS4 5M48H

R280 plus price: $469


5M48H R/W process:

R280 CAS+ IN CIRCUIT Programmer read 5M48H eeprom

R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(1) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(2) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(3) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(4) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(5) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(6) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(7) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(8)

R280 BDM programmer correct EIS/CAS odometer






R280 plus cas4 programmer write dumps to MCU





Cas4 programmer read MCU 5M48H







R280 programmer check EIS/CAS odometer






(Best) Option 3: XhorseVVDI Prog Programmer read/write CAS4 5M48H

Vvdi prog price: $429


5M48H R/W process:

Open VVDI Prog software, select type, manufacture and model as MC9S12XEP100)

Click “Wiring Diagram”

Maximize wiring diagram: right click and select “zoom window”, then pull down window.

Follow the wiring diagram to connect CAS to the VVDI Programmer.

Start to connect the cable.

The left zone is done, next is to do the right zone.

In this wiring diagram, it only need to remove one 0 ohm resistor to read out data, but one CAS ECU structure is different another one, some needs remove more electronic parts; we will show how to do in the other videos.

Next is to remove this 0 ohm resistor.

Wiring is done, 0 ohm resistor is removed

Plug adapter into VVDI Pro.

Close wiring diagram.

Select “New” – ” Read”

You see it is reading data very fast.

Reading data successfully, click “Save”

Next is to check data.
Open the data, drag the mouse to check, okay, data is all read out, close it.


Attach photos of the reading procedure

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (1)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (2)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (3)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (4)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (5)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (6)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (7)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (8)

VVDI-Prog-read-cas4-5M48H (9)

In sum,

Xprog 5.7.0 is the only solution for BMW CAS4 among Xprog programmers; and it’s the CHEAPEST compared with vvdi prog and r280 plus.


Vvdi prog programmer is the best choice; cost-effective! It’s worth the money coz it covers the most chips (much more than r280)

Read Opel Insignia ECU EDC17C59 via KTAG

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use V2.13 KTAG V6.070 ECU Programmer reading Opel Insignia ECU EDC17 C59 in EEPROM TC1767.



To read opel insignia EDC17 C59 in a cheap way


First, you need the main unit—ktag ksuite V2.13 ECU master , $79 at here:

Material needed:

Cable 14P600KT02

16-way rainbow ribbon cable 144300T105

Two 470 Ohm resistors

Solder wires


You can start reading Opel Insignia ECU now!

Take apart the ECU from vehicle, open the ECU unit and connect ECU with KTAG




If you don’t know how to connect to ECU, you can choose “Plug-in 688…” to check detailed connection instruction, or it may cause damage to ECU, good luck for you!


Select vehicle model and ECU: OPEL-> Insignia -> BOSCH EDC17C59

Ktag-clone-read-Opel-Insignia-ECU-EDC17C59-5After reading the instruction in detail and solder wires, successfully connect to ECU with KTAG v6.070

Then click OK to continue

Select the plug-in 688


Click “Read”


Ktag is identifying ECU…wait for a while

Then it is reading EEPROM…the operation may take several minutes


KTAG ECU Programmer Reading ECU17C59 successfully! You can save the file to “OPEL-Insignia-2012-ECU17C59”


Finally, Remove the soldered wires and the resistors before re-installing the ECU to vehicle.

China vs. EU made Kess V2 Tricore Cable Pinout

How to rework Kess V2 master ecu tuning kit Tricore adapter cable to work as a real EU Made cable? Here are Kess V2 Tricore cable pinout china vs. eu made.


Kess Tricore cable china clone


Kess Tricore cable EU made


Chinese Kess V2 tricore cable pinouts:

This is correct wiring for tricore adapter cable

pin 1 = brown
pin 2 = purple
pin 3 = not connected
pin 4 = blue
pin 5 = 2x red
pin 6 = not connected
pin 7 = white
pin 8 = not connected
pin 9 = orange
pin 10 = gray
pin 11 = 2x black
pin 12 = not connected
pin 13 = not connected
pin 14 = yellow
pin 15 = green

on some chinese clone cables. pin 1, pin 2, pin 14 and pin 15 to be wrong  and this seems to be the case with a lot of them after researching.

The Colours above are correct for the Tricore adapter to work.


EU kess v2 Tricore cable pin out:

PIN 1 = brown –> reset (output)

PIN 2 = purple –> VPP switched voltage

PIN 3 = not connected

PIN 4 = blue –>CNF1 (multifunction boot support)

PIN 5 = red –> +12V supply

PIN 6 = not connected

PIN 7 = white –> CAN-High

PIN 8 = not connected

PIN 9 = orange –> +12V switched voltage

PIN 10 = grey –> Boot (low switched)

PIN 11 = black –> GND

PIN 12 = not connected

PIN 13 = not connected

PIN 14 = yellow –> K-Line

PIN 15 = green –> CAN-Low


Kess V2 Tricore cable China vs. EU made


Check the differences and wire up to EU pinout:

PIN 1 = green

PIN 2 = yellow

PIN 14 = purple

PIN 15 = brown

Change differences and now it works


To avoid issues, quality guaranteed cables should be a good choice. has kess v2 kits with a working Tricore cable, all tested by professionals:


Good luck!

MPPS V18 or MPPS V16 to Read Opel Astra 1.9cdti EDC16C9

How to remap Opel Astra 1.9cdti Bosch EDC16C9 with ECU tuning tools? Using MPPS V18 (V18.12.3.8) china or MPPS V16 (V16.1.02) clone? Here is a tutorial of Astra EDC16C9 remap with mpps ecu flasher.


Using MPPS V16 clone or MPPS V18 china?


Mpps v18 wins in functions and connections. It can read and write more ecu types through CAN/ K-LINE/OBD/BOOT (MAIN, Tricore boot, multi boot). And in the package, one more cable is added for ECUs not supported OBD.

But for personal diyers, if just for some specific ecu that both support, Mpps v16 should be ok,same as mpps v18 and save a lot.


How to remap Opel Astra EDC16C9 with MPPS V16?








MPPS V18.12.3.8 china clone also support Opel Astra 1.9cdti Bosch EDC16C9.


You can check it on MPPS V18 car list:

Xprog M V5.70 Box ECU Programmer works on Win7

2016 latest version Xprog V5.70 Box ECU programmer with USB dongle has been tested and verified working in Here are update information and the test result of xprog m 5.70.


Xprog info:

Xprog software: v5.7.0

Xprog firmware: v3.9

Type: XPROG-box

Link: USB dongle

High quality with one year warranty.

Operating system: Win XP/Win 7


Xprog v5.70 authorization:

BASIC SET Authorized

AUTH-0023 Authorized

AUTH-0024 Authorized

AUTH-0025 Authorized

AUTH-0027 Authorized


More authorization:

AUTH-0001 Motorola HC05 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0002 Motorola HC08 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0003 Motorola HC11 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0004 Motorola HC12, 9S12 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0005 Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0006 Motorola HC05Bxx and HC05Xxx family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0007 ST M35080 authorization. Read/Write/Erase device to delivery state.
AUTH-0008 BMW EWS3 authorization
AUTH-0009 ATMEGA family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0010 MB ZGS001 authorization
AUTH-0011 Motorola HC11EA9/E9 bypass security authorization (allows to bypass security bit and read EEPROM and RAM memory)
AUTH-0012 National CR16 authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM memory)
AUTH-0014 ST7, ST10 family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash)
AUTH-0015 MPC5xx authorization (depending on device program automatically detects MPC5xx, M95xxx device type, flash, external flash and configuration memory size)
AUTH-0018 Motorola HC12, HC912, MC9S12, MC9S12X bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0020 ARM (Micronas, …) Family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash and external serial EEPROM)
AUTH-0021 ARM (Micronas, …) Family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured and non-secured internal flash and external serial EEPROM, view/change mileage,chassis number (VIN), serial number and PIN code).
AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx
AUTH-0023-2 XC23xx
AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx
AUTH-0024-2 MC9S12XE
AUTH-0024-4 MC9S12HA/HY/P
AUTH-0025-1 MPC/SPC5xxx Authorized 11/4/2014


X-prog 5.70 new functions:

xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-1 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-2 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-3 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-4 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-5 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-6 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-7 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-8 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-9 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-10 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-11 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-12 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-13 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-14 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-15 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-16 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-17 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-18 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-19 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-20 xprog-m-5-7-0-update-info-21

Xprog-m v5.70 test on MCU MC68HC908GR16_FLASH+security:


1- use “read security bytes” if security bytes (SS) unknown

2- click on “read security pass” button on the tool bar to “bypass security and read out SS”

3- obtain SS will be placed in to SS data base file and in the future never needs do “bypass security”

4- “bypass security” time -5 min…60mini


xprog-software-v5-7-0-read-write-mcu-1 xprog-software-v5-7-0-read-write-mcu-22



Ktag EU clone v7.020 vs K-tag China clone v6.070 v7.003

There are many versions of Ktag programmers in the markets, some K-tag EU clones, some Ktag China clones. Here, made comparison between these copy version ecu tuning tools: Ktag euro vs Ktag china.


EU K-TAG vs China K TAG:

EU clone is different from Chinese clone… The EU version is made on Austria with blue PCB (blue, red, purple, 3 colors of eu clone from different places)… while the Chinese version is made in the China factory with green PCB and high quality components.


Ktag eu clone programmer:

K-tag eu with blue board:


Eu ktag clone with red board:


Ktag eu clone with purple pcb:




Note: the purple ktag is the newest eu version with firmware v7.020.


Ktag china clone ecu tuning tool:

Ktag clone with green pcb:

Ktag V6.070



Note: there are different chinese ktag, all with green pcb. And the pcb designed as above is the most popular one. The ktag firmware v6.070 can work with ksuite v2.13 for lots of ECU types without token limitation, including the newest BMW Gasoline F Chassis and Mercedes W222.

Ktag v6.070 car list: k-tag-ksuit-supported-list.xlsx


Ktag ktm100:



Note: this is the newest ktag firmware v7.003 with one button for token reset. And this KTM100 K-TAG is 100% J-Tag compatible.

Ktag ktm100 car list: ktm100-ktag-car-list.pdf


Ktag v6.070 vs ktag ktm100 v7.003:

Product Ktag v6.070 Ktag KTM100 v7.003
Image se80-c-ktag se80-d-ktag-ktm100
Firmware version V6.070 V7.003
Software version Ksuite V2.13 KTM100 V2.13
Token charging Through PC programming With one renew button
BMW F chassis petrol NO YES
Mercedes-Benz W222 NO YES
Language English/ Italian/ German/ French/ Portuguese/ Spanish English/ Italian/ Portuguese,
Protocol over 95%(BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx) More than ktag ksuite(BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx)



The differences of Ktag clones with purple 2016, blue, red or green PCB:

The green board Ktag have been worked much more as technicians and users tested on various ECUs without issues along the way. Also, the professionals have been fitting all with much better optical connectors.

Ktag clone with green PCB wins!

Fgtech Galletto Read VAG ECU EDC16U34 via BDM

Have tried to flash EDC16 with KESS V2 clone, but i can not see anymore HW and VIN from the EDC16 ECU and the car not starts! Then worked with Fgtech Galletto v54 master, all EDC 16 on BDM without any problem… (BIG thanks to maki1)
Here is what i did with the EDC16U34 from VAG ECU, using Fgtech galletto v54.
The BDM pad here
The BDM pad here
Now carefully align with the adapter springs drop and secure frame
 align with the adapter springs drop 1
 align with the adapter springs drop 2
 align with the adapter springs drop 3
Connect FgTech galletto correctly
Connect FgTech galletto correctly
Open FgTech software
Make sure you have 12v+ feeding FG Tech and the intermediate adapter
12v+ feeding FG Tech
Switch the intermediate adapter ON
Red LED will illuminate
Red LED will illuminate
Click on Select Driver-> BDM/Jtag-> Connect
If everything is ok, the green bar will start loading and finally display ECU info
the green bar will start loading
When finished, turn off the switch and exit program
turn off the switch
Same procedure applies to all EDC16
In short,
we need flash the ECU with BDM if we have full flash for this ECU…
open ECU and read all with BDM…
must find full flash hw and sw version for this ECU…
when write chose flash,not not all (eeprom and MCU not need).
Note: This method applies to all Bosch EDC16 and Me9 ECUs.