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Program CGDI ELV Emulator Step by Step

How-to: program CGDI ELV Emulator with CGDI Prog MB Benz key programmer step by step.
In CGDI MB Software, choose Compute Password option->Collect Data-> The 1 generation key
We start with insert key in EIS
Remove key and insert it in CGDI IR shown as picture
We have to wait till its is 100% loaded without touching the key
Remove key from CGDI MB and insert it back in EIS
Pull key out of EIS
Reinsert key into EIS
Pull key out and count to 5 seconds then insert it back again, then press OK
Insert key into CGDI IR
Save generated data, choose wherever you want to save data
Then we can upload the data to server
Press Query Result and wait till the password is calculated
Calculate pass success. Press Copy button
We choose EIS now and press Read EIS Data
Then paste the copied password previously
Save EIS data
Now we go to ELV option
Choose Simulator
Load EIS data saved previously
Press Write
It will give you message Connect the yellow Kline from the OBD cable to the CGDI ELV emulator
Writing success, now you can use the emulator
Turn on ignition switch to activate it.

Where to Buy Genuine Lishi DAT17 for Subaru?

What is LISHI DAT17 2-in-1 locksmith tool?
LISHI DAT17 is a lock pick and decoder 2-in-1 locksmith tool.
It can be used for Subaru:
  • Tribeca (2007 Onwards)
  • Forester (2008 Onwards)
  • Imprezza (2004 Onwards)
  • Legacy (2004 Onwards)
  • Legacy Outback (2004 Onwards)
  • Outback (2004 Onwards)
  • B9 Tribeca (2004 Onwards)
Where to get the original LISHI DAT17 2-in-1?
Link to buy the genuine LISHI DAT17:
The genuine should be like this:
How to use LISHI DAT17 lock pick and decoder 2 in 1?

































OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Program Fiat Panda 169 Remote Key

How-to: read pin code and add a remote key on a Fiat Panda 169 with OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS via OBD. Remote control is automatically programmed after program the key.

Got to IMMO-Fiat-select from type-SIEMENS/Continental 9S12DG128 (ID46)
Read EERPOM (9S12DG128)
Save eeprom data


Show Immo info by select saved eeprom bin


x300 dp plus displays Immo Info, 5-digit pin code, key number and key ID
Select Program Keys function


Turn on ignition switch


Automatically  fill in pin code to access


Turn off ignition
Insert a new key and turn on ignition switch


choose to program more key or quit


Program key successfully


Start engine with new key and test remote control





How to Add Sprinter W906 2006 key with Autel IM608?

Test report:  Autel MaxiIM IM608 added key to a Mercedes Sprinter W209 2006- via OBD successfully. No EIS removal.
Select Immobilizer-Sprinter-Smart Mode
Reading vehicle information
It is a Mercedes Sprinter 906 2006-
Select Add key
Follow 7 steps to complete key programming
1. Read EIS data
2. Read ignition key information
3. Read blank key information
4. Calculate key password
5. Generate key file
6. Write key file
7. Test if the new key works normally.
Let’s get into the details:
Detecting frequency. Put the ignition key close to the programmer remote reception position and press any button of the key
Insert the ignition key into IR keyhole on the XP400 programmer and press OK
Check if the ignition key is a smart key. Here press NO
Autel IM608 displayed number of possible existing keys: 3 and No smart key, press OK to continue
Detecting frequency. Put the blank key close to the XP400 programmer remote reception position and press any button of the key
If cannot detect blank frequency, press Yes to re-test
Insert the blank key into IR keyhole on the XP400 programmer and press OK
Communicating with the key
IM608 ask do you have a key password, if no press OK to enter Password Calculation process
Follow steps below to calculate key password
1. Insert the ignition key into the EIS and wait for 5s
2. Remove the ignition key
3. Insert the key into the EIS and wait for 2s
4. After pulling the ignition key out, insert it into the IR keyhole on the XP400 programmer
5. Collecting data, calculating password
(The whole process takes about 10-30m)
Calculate password success
6. Insert the ignition key into the EIS and wait for 30s
After the key password is calculated, it may be required to insert and remove the ignition key for multiple times before it can start the vehicle.
Password calculation completed.
Press OK to return to Key Addition process and proceed to the next step
Generating key file
Insert the blank key into the IR keyhole on the XP400, press OK
Detecting key
Writing key file
Add key completed. Press OK, check if the new key can be used normally
Insert the new key into EIS. If the red indicator on the key turns on and goes off, the key learning is successful
If the red indicator stays on, try inserting and removing the key for several times, if still not working, add key failed.
Autel MaxiIM added Sprinter W906 key success.

Solved! CGDI Prog MB Load File Failed Error

Here’s the final solution to CGDI MB key programmer error: “Load File Failed, error code: 27E1” (shown picture below)
Possible reasons that cause the error:
1).  Device fell on the ground and damaged
2).  Take apart the CGDI main unit manually
CGDI Prog MB host is equipped with an encrypted battery. If you disassemble the programmer, the encrypted battery will power off automatically.  BenzMonster software refuses to run properly.
What is more, the battery cannot be purchased separately nor installed by yourself.
The ONLY solution is to send CGDI back to repair.
Always read CGMB label and directions carefully before beginning use.

Program Peugeot 207 Remote Key with Lonsdor K518ISE

New test report: Lonsdor K518 can read pin code and program remote key for Peugeot 207.


Devices used:

Original key

Keydiy universal remote

Keydiy KD-X2 remote maker

Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S key programmer



Step 1: Generate  remote




In Keydiy app, select wired NB multi-function 433MHz universal remote for Peugeot 207


Write/generate remote success.


Step 2: Read Pin Code

Turn on ignition switch

In Lonsdor, select Immobilizer->Peugeot->Read Pin Code->Type 1

Turn off ignition. Do not insert key.


Turn on ignition

Turn off ignition

Turn on ignition again

Turn off ignition


Read pin code success


Step 3: Program key

Select Immobilizer->Peugeot->Select from vehicle->207->Immobilizer->Type 2->Program key


Turn on ignition switch

K518 will read vehicle information, VIN, software number etc

Enter 4-digit pin code to access


Turn ignition off and on with keydiy remote (1st key) within 15s



Program first key success


Turn ignition off, replace new key and turn on ignition



Follow same procedure to program 3rd key (original key)



Step 4: Program remote control

Manually program remote control

1.Turn off ignition and remove key

2.Insert a key and switch on ignition

3. Press any button of the remote key for 10s and then release within 20s

4.Switch off ignition and remove key

5. For more keys, repeat step 2-4



Test the remote control and start engine



Audi a4 2004 RB8 Key Learning with VVDI2, FVDI and AVDI

Have collected all about Audi a4 post-2004 RB8 cluster key learn/program using Xhorse VVDI2 or Abrites AVDI or Fly FVDI.
Look here:
Part 1: VVDI2 and Audi a4 RB8 2004+ key learn (all keys lost)
Part 2: AVDI and Audi a4 RB8 2004+ key program
Part 3: FVDI and Audi a4 RB8 2004+ key learn
in detail…
Part 1: Xhorse VVDI2 – Key learn – Audi a4 RB8 2009 (all keys lost)
With Xhorse vvdi2, the procedure to program a new key if all keys are lost is the same as for adding key, the only difference is that at some point you have to disconnect the BCM2 power and reconnect it. Just read the instruction below.
take out BCM and read BDM file with VVDI2 BDM cable . Then load file, make dealer key and learn keys .
1.Connect VVDI2 with computer and your car.
2.Put the new key into VVDI2 programmer.
3.Start VVDI2 software, and choose Audi.
4.Click on “Key Learn>>5th immobilizer system”.
5.Read BCM Data (OBDII).
6.Insert a working key to turn on ignition before continue.
If the key is already in car, you also need to remove it then insert it again.
If you lost all keys, you need to open car headlight and step on the brake before continue.
7.Read data success, save the eeprom bin file.
8.Make Dealer Key.
If car is A4/A5/Q5, press YES button to continue, no need working key.
If car is A6/A7/A8/VW Touareg, press NO button because it needs working key. Click on YES.
9.If you want to program an OEM key, make sure the new key support change ID. Click on YES.
Choose Program normal dealer key option, click Next and OK to load the BCM file.
10.OK and VVDI 2 start to program new key.
Wait a minute and VVDI2 make new dealer key successfully!
11.Change key number from 1 to 2.
Click on Key Learning then OK to load the BCM bin file.
VVDI2 start learn key.
Use the working key to turn on ignition then insert the new key to learn.
  1. Test the new key; it’s working
VVDI2 is able to program a new key to Audi A4 B8 successfully!
Part 2: Abrites AVDI – key program – Audi a4 RB8 2004+
Here are steps of Audi a4 2004+ RB8 cluster key programming
Dealer key preparing and key learning on Audi a4 2004 onwards with abrites 7.4.
Open your Abrites vag commander programme and confirm that the programme finds your interface and your programmer. You should see the following screens if everything is connected.


Once open you should be prompted with the screen below. Under the special functions tab select key learning.
Once you have selected key learning you should be shown the following screen.
Select the down tab and select the Audi A4 2004+ [RB8 instrument cluster KW2000] selection.
Once you have selected this you should get the following screen.
Once you have entered your new key count then if you have a dealer key ordered to the vin number then select “Learn” this will start the key learning procedure follow any prompts that appear.
Once completed you will be prompted with a window saying all keys successfully programmed.
Key programming is now complete and you should turn ignition off and back on and now try to start the vehicle.
If you are using the special transponder chips to create a dealer key the follow this procedure. Enter your new key count as described above and then select  “Program dealer key“.
It will now connect to the RB8 to retrieve the component security to prepare the dealer key.
Once it’s retrieved the component security then it will prompt you saying place a TA5 into the programmer to prepare the dealer key. Once you have done this select ok and at the bottom left of the window you will see the message communicating with the transponder (this may take some time).
Once this process is completed you will be prompted saying transponder is now prepared and can be learnt to instrument cluster. Select ok.
Make sure that the transponder is key blank and this is in the ‘On’ position in the ignition. Now you can learn the key as if you had bought it from the dealer to the vin number.
To programme the key follow the procedure above as if it is a dealer supplied key
Part 3: Fly FVDI – key learn – Audi a4 RB8 2004+
It’s OviStar67’s story with Audi A6 2006 lost key situation:
The client had lost remote key and did tried to start the car with service plastic key (with id48 tp inside) and no success. Maybe somebody before did program other keys and forgot about the service key.
Dash shows “L7 2-2” instead of mileage.
I did precoded id48 for Audi with Tag Key tool from FVDI and did program again using both options standard/wizard learning option from VAG Commander v24. If not detected automatically select “Audi RB8 2004+ …” option, fill how many keys you want to program and hit learn without filling the PIN.
The system will work smooth and program the keys just follow on screen instructions.
Tip: Because RB4/RB8 is crypto even if you have good PIN is not accepting the code.
In this case after learning the system did not return to L6 state (normal mode) and immediately shows mileage.
In some cases “L0 2-2” it shows when accidental learning procedure is stopped (power lost etc).
To solve this read instrument cluster eeprom and change the state from 7 to 6 and hit update.
some advice
before do any key programming on any of the cars that need pre coded chips with component security then always make some backups first before playing.
Back up the eeprom in dash board and also the ecu config data . That way can go back to start and avoid having to fix def or L7 2-2 errors
That it.
Good luck and please excuse my rough language or my lack of technical details.

How to use a FEM test platform with VVDI2 CGDI?

Do I need a FEM test platform to do FEM keys using VVDI2?
The answer can be “yes or no”.
That is, you can program a fem key with or without a test platform.
Because with the test platform, you can do it on the car directly. It will take less time. A little bit more work to do, though.
Fyi, the FEM test platform not only can be used VVDI2, but compatible with a lot of key programmers such as  Yanhua BMW-FEM programmer,BMW ExplorerCGDI BMW, etc
Here are good tips and guides for educational purposes.
Part 1: How to use a FEM test platform
Part 2: How to program a FEM key with VVDI2
Part 3: How to program a FEM key with CGDI BMW
  1. FEM Test Platform User Manual
This is the FEM test platform to help add a FEM key on the car directly
The wiring and connection explanation:
The connection the real FEM (it’s F20)
Connect well to the port, then the power supply
When the second yellow power indicator light flashes, put the key coil close to the back of the key
Then press the start switch twice, and the red instrument indicator light will flash
Then you can add a FEM key
Pls ensure the key is put on the best sensor position
It’s very easy to use as long as the CN7 plug and CN8 plus are connected well, also the key sensor is inside of sensor coil.
Press twice to open the key.
If the normal car is the same, switch to off the key with a long press
When the instrument light on, it means it can communicate for making key.
Tip: the power supply is required to be 14V 3A or above for more stable especially when programming
  1. VVDI2 Xhorse: program a new FEM key
First, you must have a vvdi2 full version with FEM/BDC authorization enabled
If not, you will get an error below and fail to add a FEW key
Then connect FEM and the test platform and VVDI2
(put the key marked with red on the coil)


VVDI2 learns a FEM/BDC key with 3 steps done
step 1: get key info
step 2: program the FEM/BDC system
step 3: prepare the dealer key with the ignition witch
VVDI2 programs a FEM/BDC key with 5 steps
step 1:
  1. read FEM/BDC coding via OBDII or on the bench
  2. you’d better not close this window after starting this procedure
step 2:
  1. open FEM/BDC shell, find out where the 95128/95256 chip is, read EEPROM dump via BDM programmer
  2. load original EEPROM dump and save special EEPROM dump, write special EEPROM dump back to the 95128/95256 chip
  3. restore FEM/BDC shell, provide -12v and connect it via OBD
step 3:
  1. this operation requires connecting FEM/BDC on the bench, and make sure you finish step 1 ans step 2
  2. provide +12v to FEM.BDC and connect it via OBD
step 4:
  1. open FEM/BDC shell, write original EEPROM dump (read step 2) back to the 95128/95256 chip
  2. restore FEM/BDC shell and connect it via OBD
step 5:
loading coding file (read step 1), write to FEM/BDC via OBDII, finish FEM/BDC programming
Attention please!!!
– You can directly backup/restore coding
– You have to pre-setup the FEM/BDC module before deleting/adding keys or resetting keys
– You’ll be told other tools need to be used first to program the FEM/BDC system, then setup FEM/BDC via VVDI2. It happens when you do FEM/BDC key learning, and you don’t have a working software version
– You’d better not close the VVDI2 interface when you pre-setup FEM/BDC
– You need do with 95128(FEM) or 95256(BDC) chip when pre-setup FEM/BDC
Note: there are two 8-pin chips; do not disassemble the wrong chip; better refer to the wiring diagram
– You must restore original EEPROM data, restore coding when pre-setup FEM/BDC. If you fail to restore coding or the remote cannot start or something wrong with the window (or other failures probably) after coding restore and FEM/BDC installation, please use other tools to do re-coding FEM/BDC
– Ask tech support for help, if the replay sounds continuously after supplying power to the FEM/BDC. Usually, it needs programming.
  1. CGDI BMW: F-series FEM Key Programming
It’s tested 100% to do FEM key programming, ecu coding and programming successfully on F series.
Here you go.
In detail…
CGDI BMW F-series FEM key programming
CGDI BMW will add key & program all keys lost on FEM/BDC system
Here’s the step-by-step guide:
The last, you’d better have a decent power supply for BMW FEM/BDC programming
Used for BMW FEM / BDC when you are programming the system
Multiple protection:
Short circuit, over current, over voltage, over power, lightning protection
Input: 100- 240V
Output: 14V 5A
USB: 5V 3A

How to add Hyundai i20 smart key and Xtool X100 Pad2

How-to: generate and program Hyundai i20 smart key with VVDI Mini Key Tool and Xtool X100 Pad2.

Step 1: Generate remote with VVDI Mini Key Tool
Insert Xhorse universal smart key into detection coil








Select Vehicle Remote->Hyundai->Elite i20 C7000 ID46 433 15+ 3BTn 2432
Press Generate


Generating remote in progress


Generate remote succeed

Step 2: Program smart key with xtool x100 pad2
Connect X100 pad 2 with vehicle via OBD socket
Select Hyundai->Security Code->47 Authorization code (smart card)




Enable network connection before reading security code
Turn on ignition switch


Read security code success
Select Program Immobilizer/remote->Smart key system->China-> Type 5 (without card slot)








Press Start button to continue


Select Program smart keys


Xtool X100 pad 2 will ask to enter security code to access


Put the original key close to the Start button


Program success. Press YES to program next key


Put the smart key to be programmed close to the Start button


Program smart key success




Test remote control and start car.

SEC-E9 Supported BMW Cars and Motorcycles Vehicle List

Look here: what kind of BMW keys can be decoded and cut with SEC-E9 CNC key cutting machine?

BMW automobile:
Brand Model Year IC Card
BMW 5 Series 0-1993 8985
BMW 5 Series 0-1993 8986
BMW 5 Series 1993-2004 8987
BMW 5 Series 2005-0 8988
BMW 3 Series 0-1993 8989
BMW 3 Series 0-1993 8990
BMW 3 Series 1993-2000 8991
BMW 3 Series 1998-0 8992
BMW 3 Series 2010-0 8993
BMW Old Models 0-0 8994
BMW Old Models 0-0 8995
BMW 6 Series 0-1993 8996
BMW 6 Series 0-1993 8997
BMW 6 Series 2003-0 8998
BMW 6 Series 2011-0 8999
BMW Old Models 0-0 9000
BMW 7 Series 0-1993 9001
BMW 7 Series 0-1993 9002
BMW 7 Series 2003-2004 9003
BMW 7 Series 2005-0 9004
BMW 7 Series 2011-0 9005
BMW X6 0-0 9006
BMW X1 0-0 9007
BMW 1 Series 2013-0 9008
BMW 2 Series 2014-0 9009
BMW 4 Series 2014-0 9010
BMW 1 Series 0-0 5575
BMW 8 Series 1988-1999 5728
BMW ActiveHybrid7 2010-0 5730
BMW Bavarid 1967-1977 5731
BMW Bavarid 1968-1977 5732
BMW M3 1986-1992 5733
BMW M3 1986-1992 5734
BMW M3 1991-2000 5735
BMW M3 2000-2011 5736
BMW M5 1981-1987 5737
BMW M5 1982-1988 5738
BMW M5 1987-2003 5739
BMW M5 2004-0 5740
BMW M535 1972-1981 5741
BMW M535 1981-1988 5742
BMW M6 1986-1989 5743
BMW M6 1986-1989 5744
BMW M6 2006-2011 5745
BMW X3 2002-0 5746
BMW X5 2001-2002 5747
BMW X5 2002-2006 5748
BMW X5 2006-0 5749
BMW Z3 1996-2002 5750
BMW Z4 2002-0 5751
BMW Z8 2003-2005 5752
BMW motorcycle:
Brand Model Year IC Card
BMW Cycles 400 RS 1984-1985 532
BMW Cycles 400 RS 1984-1985 533
BMW Cycles 450 1984-1986 534
BMW Cycles 650 1984-1986 535
BMW Cycles F650 2005-0 536
BMW Cycles K1 1987-1992 537
BMW Cycles K1 1993-1993 538
BMW Cycles K100 1993-1993 539
BMW Cycles K100 RS 1993-1993 540
BMW Cycles K1100 LS 1994-0 541
BMW Cycles K1100 LS 1994-0 542
BMW Cycles K1100 LT 1994-0 543
BMW Cycles K1100 LT 1994-0 544
BMW Cycles K1100 RS-LT 1993-1993 545
BMW Cycles K75 1984-1986 546
BMW Cycles K75 1987-1992 547
BMW Cycles K75-S-RT 1993-1993 548
BMW Cycles R100 1993-1994 549
BMW Cycles R100 R-RS-RT-GS 1993-1994 550
BMW Cycles R100-7 0-0 551
BMW Cycles R100-7 0-0 552
BMW Cycles R100-7 0-0 553
BMW Cycles R100-7 0-0 554
BMW Cycles R100-RS 0-0 555
BMW Cycles R100-RS 0-0 556
BMW Cycles R100-RS 0-0 557
BMW Cycles R100-RS 0-0 558
BMW Cycles R100-S 0-0 559
BMW Cycles R100-S 0-0 560
BMW Cycles R100-S 0-0 561
BMW Cycles R100-S 0-0 562
BMW Cycles R1100 GS 1994-0 563
BMW Cycles R1100 GS 1994-0 564
BMW Cycles R1100 R 1994-0 565
BMW Cycles R1100 R 1994-0 566
BMW Cycles R1100 RT 1994-0 567
BMW Cycles R1100 RT 1994-0 568
BMW Cycles R45 1984-1986 569
BMW Cycles R60 0-0 570
BMW Cycles R60-6 0-0 571
BMW Cycles R60-6 0-0 572
BMW Cycles R60-7 0-0 573
BMW Cycles R60-7 0-0 574
BMW Cycles R60-7 0-0 575
BMW Cycles R60-7 0-0 576
BMW Cycles R65 1984-1986 577
BMW Cycles R65 1987-1992 578
BMW Cycles R75 0-0 579
BMW Cycles R75-6 0-0 580
BMW Cycles R75-6 0-0 581
BMW Cycles R75-7 0-0 582
BMW Cycles R75-7 0-0 583
BMW Cycles R75-7 0-0 584
BMW Cycles R75-7 0-0 585
BMW Cycles R80 1984-1986 586
BMW Cycles R80 1987-1992 587
BMW Cycles R80-7 0-0 588
BMW Cycles R80-7 0-0 589
BMW Cycles R80-R-RT-GS 1993-1994 590
BMW Cycles R90 0-0 591
BMW Cycles R90-6 0-0 592
BMW Cycles R90-6 0-0 593
BMW Cycles R90-S 0-0 594
BMW Cycles R90-S 0-0 595
BMW Cycles Various Models 0-0 596
BMW Cycles Various Models 0-0 597
BMW Cycles Various Models 0-0 598
BMW Cycles Various Models 0-0 599
BMW Cycles Various Models 0-0 600
BMW Cycles F650 2008-0 8493
BMW Cycles F800 2006-0 8494
BMW Cycles K1200 2005-0 8495
BMW Cycles R1200 2005-0 8496
Test: SEC-E9 key machine cut key on BMW motorcycle F800 2006-