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Genuine vs. HQ Clone wiTech Micropod 2 Chrysler Scanner

Here’s a comparison chart of genuine vs. clone witech micropod 2 system, incl. High-quality witech micropod system vs. bad micropod 2 china clone.
Genuine WiTech Micropod2 vs. Clone wiTech Micropod II
witech micropod2 for sale:
– the copy is 1:1 of the genuine, of high quality and good stability, its connector matches the car OBD plug perfectly.
– With high-quality USB cable which transfer data stably and reliably
– The package is anti-static, moisture-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference
– Workable with your current wiTECH software
– No smart cables required
– No drivers needed
micropod 2 ebay?
Ebay should be a good place to buy items. But for professional vehicle diagnostic tools, a site with experienced experts and technical support teams like
witech micropod 2 price:
Original micropod 2: $4599 around
Clone micropod 2: $179 – $525, depends on quality
Note: MicroPod 2 (Item. No SP271-B) is the best quality one among china clones, same as the original.
witech micropod II HQ Clone Customer Review:Just ordered a chinese clone MicroPod II and it has been working exactly like an OEM unit. No errors so far and tested functions on 3 different vehicles. It has been confirmed working with unmodified software wiTECH v17.03.10 (downloaded directly from Chrysler). For now it works fine.
I have tested Dodge also. I just used it on a 2014 dodge avenger just fine. I am able to flash a module update and program a new key with the unit.
I don’t have experience with Windows XP. This version of Witech works fine on Windows 7 and Windows 10.
I have also uploaded pictures of the internals for those who are curious.
witech software download:

How to Install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Win7-Win10

How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, window xp? Here came out the test report of crack ODIS 4.0.0 system requirement and Bluetooth vas504a with OKI chip vag diagnostic tool compatibility, also with odis 4.0.0 reviews and FAQs, released by


ODIS 4.0.0 system requirement report:

VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 Windows 7 32bit………..CONFIRMED!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 10………………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 8………………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 7 64 bit………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows XP………………………..need luck!


ODIS 4.0.0 & VAS 5054A test report:


sp33-b VAS 5054A ODIS……………WORKED



sp33-d…………….NOT worked

sp33-c…………….NOT worked



ODIS 4.0.0 download:

Odis 4.0.0 download on Mega

new ODIS-S 4.0.0 ONLY no launcher

ODIS 4.0 + Postsetup +launcher + Keygen+ licence.rar

ODIS 4.0.0 torrent without password


(Recommend!!) download ODIS 4.0.0: tested working 100% : via



How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 7 32 bit?

Open odis 4.0.0 disk E:

Copy all the files (odis 4.0.0.part1-odis 4.0.0.part17)

Paste them in on a new folder established in local disk D:


Extract the rar file

Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0

Open OffboardDiagSetup-Service application

Select language


Click on OK

Next to begin installation of Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service 4.0.0



License file selection- search: license.dat



Installing odis…

Trust the software and install

Finish ODIS 4.0.0 installation


No need restart the computer now


Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/regedit ODIS 4.0.0/Volkswagen

Copy OffboardDiagLauncher application

Open Offboard Diagnostic Information System Properties on Desktop

Open file location: C:/Program files/Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service

Paste, copy and replace the existed file


Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/Windows6.1-KN3033929-x86

Click on Yes to install Windows software update (KB3033929)


Installation complete


Restart now!


Run Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop

Run ODIS as administrator

Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/regedit ODIS 4.0.0/Volkswagen

Run KEY application

Copy the Hardware ID in odis to generate the registration key


Then copy the the registration key to odis to register


In Offboard Diagnostic Information System Postsetup

Select local directory: disk D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/postsetup

Enter user name: abc, keyword: abc


Select the Postsetup language:: Here: English (US)


Postsetup update result



Downloading files…

Then go to diagnosis


Read the Warnings/notes, then OK

Then end ODIS


Prompt: installing device driver software

Prompt: vas5054 device driver software installed successfully


Go to computer management

Select device manager->softing vehicle interface->vas5054



Again, open Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop

Cancel to open a file

Release notes: OK

Read the Warnings/notes, then OK

Click on Starting diagnosis


Check ignition ON, continue

Select a vehicle: volkswagen 3c passat 2007 (7) sedan engine: bsf 1.6l simos/75kw


Vas 5054a odis 4.0.0 read fault codes of 3c passat 2007 (7)


vas-5054a-odis-v4-win7-install-12 vas-5054a-odis-v4-win7-install-13




This is the how-to’s of vas 5054 odis 4.0.0 customer installation:

If you want to use only one brand:
1. Install OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_4_0_0-B40_5_0_1
2. When asking for licence, use licence provided in 1st post (Audi, VW or SK). The licence you use will determine what car brand your ODIS will cover.
3. After install, reboot
4. Replace ODIS launcher with the one provided
5. Run the launcher, copy the hardware ID. close it.
6. run the keygen, create your key from the Hardware ID, (I personnaly ticked “Executions” and input “1000” so I can run it 1000 times before the licence expires.
7. Run ODIS launcher AS ADMINISTATOR, paste your key.
8. ODIS will launch and ask for post setup.
9. UNZIP post setup archive and point ODIS to your UNZIP folder.
10. Enjoy.

If you want to use multiple brands:
1. Install OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_4_0_0-B40_5_0_1
2. When asking for licence, use licence provided in 1st post (Audi, VW or SK). The licence you use will determine what car brand your ODIS will cover.
3. After install, reboot
4. Replace ODIS launcher with the one provided
5. Run the launcher, copy the hardware ID. close it.
6. run the keygen, create your key from the Hardware ID, (I personnaly ticked “Executions” and input “1000” so I can run it 1000 times before the licence expires.
7. Run ODIS launcher AS ADMINISTATOR, paste your key.
8. ODIS will launch and ask for post setup… close the program.
9. Rename ODIS installation folder (example ….. AU or ….. VW)
10. Change your desktop shortcut
12. UNZIP post setup archive and point ODIS to your UNZIP folder.
13. Repeat for each brand
14. Enjoy.



ODIS 4.0.0 officially released notes:

This release contains new features and bug fixes.
New functions
 Support for Windows 10 operating system
 Performance optimization in the diagnostic entry
 Detection of the VAS 6154 via subnets
 Support for non-converging measurements in the GFF
 Integration of the brand Bugatti
 Deviation in the EcuCom job for “ECU coding” KWP2000
 ODIS installation error message – Could not call proc – Actia PDU API
 Flashing with large data container, flash session is not started
 Fuel system can not be vented // Level not readable
 Flash abort ERROR PROGRAMMING at Audi A1 Bremse (TPI 2033217/3)
 ODIS crashed when switching from USB to Bluetooth
 Bluetooth connection type: No new connection was established after the diagnostic test was again within range of the VAS5054A.
 Crash at application start
 Update to 3.0.2 fails with ODS4010E: UpdateProcess failed with 11
 Query error memory hangs: “Read control units (33%)”
 Connection setup when changing from Bluetooth to USB takes too long

 Authentication problem in WLAN infrastructure mode with RADIUS server
 VAS 6154 is searched for on the wrong interface after completion of the diagnostic session
 ODIS service SingleBuild installation, setup message “Runtime Error” for recovered testers
 DA_14 in the AU48X DSD not possible
 VCI 5054 Connection termination for Windows user change
 ODIS Interface texts: German texts have been deleted from the XML files (vaudas.texts)
 ODIS Service does not display the version of the diagnostic data for MAN in the correct format.
 Calibration instruction must be adjusted
 Buttons are displayed partially in the wrong language (German instead of English).
 The symbol of the status icon changes with the ODIS close
 Buttons to start the JRC and choose your own exam is missing
 The date in disclaimer with EN-US language is not displayed correctly
 In the installation dialog, the language en_US is displayed twice
 Speech caseback leads to corrupt feedback file (invalides XML)
 Vehicle project VW VIN can not be opened // ODS8003E Execution in system state PROJECT_OPENED not possible.
 VCI-Number on DISS-protocol
Vehicle restrictions
 For brand AUDI, the Flash mode is supported.
 For brand Volkswagen PKW, the Flash mode is only partly supported. The usage is only allowed if described in TPI.
 For all other brands, Flash mode is restricted.
Supported Vehicles
All supported vehicles are listed below.
Supported AUDI-Models
 All AUDI-Models are supported.
Supported Volkswagen-Models
 All Volkswagen-Models are supported.
Supported Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models
 All Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models are supported.
 Only immobilizer components in LT2 vehicles can be diagnosed.
Supported Seat-Models
 All Seat-Models are supported.
Supported Skoda-Models
 All Skoda-Models are supported.
Supported Bentley-Models
 All Bentley-Models are supported.
Supported Lamborghini-



ODIS 4.0.0 reviews from vas5054a users:

– for me i got it working vw and audi ,just used 2 difrent pc’s but i got it working by running launcher in xp service pack3 compatibilty mode and as administrator this is on my Win7 64bit.
did not test it yet but audi and vw is running will see later if it actualy works but so far so good


– I can make online programming


– All online functions​ needs a valid subscription


– Do not use the idiotic Windows 8 or 10 and install under Windows 7 64bit 


– Running on win7 as admin.


Win 7 need to use.


– I have ODIS-S 4.0.0 and ODIS-E 6.7.5 all marks in one license



Vas 5054a odis 4.0.0 FAQ:

Here are frequently asked and questions of odis 4.0.0.

Anyone knows if the post setup are different for USA and euro market ?

– The PS is different for Eu vs. Usa since Odis v3.x.x


I tried several times to include multiple brands. It looks as licensing is the problem and post-setup update is not picking up brands other than the one that is licensed. 

– To fix the license issue you need to go into the installation directory and open license location with notepad++ and make the change like you did to the installation directory for e.g. (…… AU or ……. VW)

or just use X-COPY and make a single starter file with choices. all rights reserved, original post How to Install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Win 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP

How to enable Cruise Control in BMW F45 F46 F48

Once you have your BMW Cruise Control switch physically installed, you will need to enable your Cruise Control feature in your car through “VO coding”.


Note that the procedure is also applicable to enable “Enhanced Bluetooth” feature or other VO code procedure. The modules that are required to be coded will be different though. For example, “Enhanced Bluetooth” will require HU_ENTRYNAV module only.

1) Start your BMW ENET cable E-Sys coding software for F-series, Click “Read” button and then “Active FA”:
VO Code 1

2)  Go to “SALAPA-Element” and right click and select “Edit”:
VO Code 2
3) Add the value “544,” into the SALAPA-Element and click the save button on the right as highlighted.
VO Code 3
4)  Click the “save” button to save the file into a XML file with your desired file name.
VO Code 4
5) Go to “VCM” section and load the same XML file that you had saved.
VO Code 5
6) Right click “calculate FP” and you will see the E-sys software Vehicle Profile generated.
VO Code 5VO Code 6

7) Click the “Write FA FP” button once you are satisfied with your settings which will writes into your ECU memory.

VO Code 7

8) To enable Cruise Control for F45/F46/F48, you will need to VO code these 4 modules for F45/F46/ F48:




4) DSC2

9) Go to “Coding” section, click “Read ECU” button on the right and then right click on the above-mentioned modules and select “Code”. This will enable the settings required for your Cruise Control. Note that the engine need not be switched off for this operation to work successfully.

10) Test your Cruise Control switch to ensure that it has been enabled successfully.


Free Download and Install Toyota Techstream 12.00.127

The newest Toyota Techstream software v12.00.127 is verified to work 100% with the MINI VCIcable, Xhorse MVCI ,VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota, Toyota OTC 2 diagnostic tool. So, Techstream 12.00.127 Windows 7 / Windows XP, how to install? Here are the Tis Techstream
12.00.127 installation demos and step-by-step installation guides of.
How to install Toyota Techstream 12.00.127 on Windows 7
Operation system:  Windows 7 (Windows XP also no issues)
Install Toyota Techstream V12.00.127 for MINI VCI/Xhorse MVCI:
Go to disk E: toyota mangoose
Open GTS_12.00.127_TME_NDSI application
Choose the Techstream setup language
Begin to install Techstream software
Accept the agreement
Enter the name and company
Techstream software is configuring your new software installation…
Click on Finish
Successfully installed Techstream 12.00.127 software!
Copy MainMenu application
Go to Techstream properties
Open File Location:…Program files/Toyota diagnostics/Techstream/bin
Copy and replace MainMen
Run MVCI Driver for TOYOTA to install (it’s in disk E:)
Begin to install MVCI driver
Installing MVCI driver for toyota tis…
Finish MVCI driver installation

Pop-up: instilling device driver software
Pop-up: your device is ready to use
Run MVCI Firmware Update Tool on Desktop

Run Techstream on Desktop
Pop-up: Java can be obtained from the web? NO!
Go to Setup->Techstream Configuration
Select Area: Europe, Language: English,
Add caption
Connect to Vehicle
Enter the new key with the help of “key” text in software disk:
Initializing USB communication
Connecting to vehicle…
Techstream 12.00.127 diagnose VIOS ok
This how-to’s is for users with MINI VCI, MVCI 3 in 1
For users with Toyota OTC2 diagnostic tool , please refer the video below:
How to install Techstream v12.00.127 for Toyota OTC2

Only differs from the driver installation!
Have fun!

Autel MaxiTPMS,AutoLink, Elite,MaxiCheck Scanner Update Guide

Official Autel diagnostic scanners software update manual for MaxiDiag Elite MD802,MD701,MD704MaxiCheck ,MaxiTPMS TS501TS601, AL609, AutoLink AL619MaxiService EBS301,OLS301VAG505 and MOT PRO.
Register the Tool:
Please go to our website to register an Autel ID.
Then sign in our website with your Autel ID and password to register your tool:
Note: when registering the tool on our website, please make sure that the serial number and register password that you input are correct.
On the tool itself, you can press on Setup->About to double check the serial number and register password. If you only have the S/N, please contact our technical support to check out the register password.
Update via Computer:
1. Log in our website with your Autel ID and password, and then download the latest PC Suite for your tool from your account.
2. Then please install the PC Suite on a Windows computer that can get Internet access.
3. Insert the SD card to USB port of the computer via a SD card reader, run the PC Suit, then input your Autel ID and password to log in our system. If you forget your password unintentionally, you may always click the [Forget Password?] to link to our website and reset your password.
4. Then wait for the Update window to display.
You can use the pull-down menu on the right corner to select the correct SD card if two or more SD cards have been connected to the PC. And you can click on the Install button to download the software updates.
To ensure the good performance of the scan tool, it is recommended to download and install all the software updates.
5. After downloading all the software, please insert the SD card back to the Autel scan tool; then you can enjoy the new software.

How to add Honda CR-V Keyless Access Remote by G-Scan2

Original G-Scan2 is the best Asian diagnostic scanner for Asian cars and trucks. Here is the guide to register a new Keyless Access Remote to a 2012 Honda CR-V.

This strange and lengthy process requires turning the IG switch On and Off for more than ten times, but don’t panic, you can just follow the on-screen instruction of G-scan2. Check it out.
G-scan Adding Keyless Access Remote to a 2012 Honda CR-V

The original key is working well, but the new key is not working


Turn ignition on

Go go G Scan 2 Main and Enter procedure:
Select Honda-> International->Passenger Car->ALL Model->All Type->
16PIN Connector->Immobilizer/One Push Start->Registration->Special Function->
Add a keyless access remote




Step 1,
Add a keyless access remote

Step 2
Turn the ignition switch to OFF
(Don’t press the foot brake and press the ENGINE START/STOP button)

Step 3
Please take one original keyless access remote into the vehicle

Do not insert the keyless access remote even if the Keyless access remote slot is available.
Remove all other keyless access remote from the vehicle

Take one original key remote inside the car and other key remotes need to be outside.

Step 4
Turn the ignition switch ON

Take all key remotes outside of the vehicle.


Take just one new keyless access remote into the vehicle


Step 21
This keyless access remote is now registered

Step 22
Turn the ignition switch to OFF

Step 23
Do not insert the keyless access remote even if the Keyless access remote slot is available.
Turn the ignition switch ON
Step 24
Does the keyless access remote and immobilizer indicator light go off?
Press Yes.

Step 66
Turn the ignition switch to OFF
Step 67
Turn the ignition switch ON

Step 36
Keyless Function is registered too.

(Registration of keyless access system.Since this keyless remote is united with Keyless Access System, Key Access System has been registered at the same time by this operation.
It is not necessary to register Keyless Access System seperately)

Step 70
Turn the ignition switch to OFF

Step 71
Turn the ignition switch ON

Step 103
Hold the original key on start/stop switch within 90 seconds.
Press OK if it is ready for registration.

Step 42
Hold the original key on start/stop switch within 90 seconds.
Press OK if it is ready for registration.

Step 44
Registrtaion is COMPLETED
The keyless access remote held is recognized and registered correctly to the vehicle

Step 45
Turn the ignition switch to OFF

Step 46
Turn the ignition switch ON

Step 48

Does the keyless access remote and immobilizer indicator light go off?
Press Yes.
Step 49

Turn the ignition switch to OFF
Step 50

Turn the ignition switch ON

Step 53
The registration has been completed by G-Scan 2.
Turn the ignition switch off.


Step 54
Check all keyless access remote to ensure each will start the engine

Check all keyless access remote to ensure each will lock and unlock the doors.
Turn the ignition switch ON

Now the new key is working very well.

Vxdiag Vcx Nano GM Do Online Programming on Buick GL8 2008

Vxdiag Vcx Nano for GM/Opel online programming test report… Here you go. Definitely work perfectly on a 2008 Buick GL8 car. Both OK in ECM & TCM online programming!



Using: Vxdiag Vcx Nano for GM diagnostic tool


Car: Buick 2008 GL8 Firstland

Engine: (C) 3.0L V6 LZC


Purpose: ECU programming

Modules to be programmed: ECM, TCM


Online/ offline: online



How to program Buick ECM & TCM with Vxdiag vcx nano for gm:

Accept the terms and conditions of use


Read the service and programming information


Access your subscription



Go to service programming system


Start SPS (skip the driver installation)



Select diagnostic tool: J2534 VXDIAG and programming process: Programming ECU




Connect J2534 device (vxdiag vcx nano gm) to the vehicle and PC:

Turn ignition off

Verify the vehicle battery fully charged

Turn ignition on, engine off

Connect the J2534 device to Data Link Connector

Connect the J2534 device to the PC

Switch the J2534 device on and wait for the device to get ready

After programming, the technician will be given the opportunity to clear diagnostic trouble codes from all ecus on this vehicle. The technician may want to record DTCs and freeze frame data before continuing.


Select a car: Buick 2008 passenger car GL8 Firstland (C) 3.0L V6 LZC


Vin, then next


SPS supports CCP, ECM, PSDM, TCM controllers to program

Here: normally program engine control module (ECM)









ECM Programming complete!


Follow the specific controller instruction:

M5741: clearing DTCs will erase stored history data from all controllers on the Data Link Connector currently in use. Move your interface to any additional Auxiliary Data Connectors on the vehicle to clear DTCs from other controllers. When finished, return the interface to the Data Link Connector.

Crankshaft Postion Variation Relearn Procedure using Special Function on TECH2 may be needed after programming. Refer to Service Manual DTC P1336/ p0315.


Next to normally program transmission control module (TCM), the same









TCM Programming complete!


Have fun!

Launch X431 V 8″ troubleshoot Skoda Rapid 2016

This morning, i have received the 2017 version of Launch X431 V 8 inch tablet, for my repair work in the garage.
Each item was packed well in a box, incl the  X-431 V 8inch tablet and all full cables (OBDI and OBDII), a password envelope, a scanner protection sleeve, a x431 v user manual, some connectors, looks good.
In the afternoon, i tested on the first car; it’s Skoda Rapid the 2016 year.
For the first time to use it, i went to Launch x431 v 8″ tablet application via the tablet and registered it first, with the user name and pass
Then downloaded VW software to test Rapid 2016
Went to European, then VW
This Launch x431 V scanner supports VW full system, incl. Power, chassis, body, info, seat & door, A/C,etc.
Next, plug the connector to the DLC socket on the car
Ps. The connection diagram from the manual
Then had a quick test for the car
Test result: all ok.
Also, i tried the special function… did a steering angle learning
steps as the tablet displays:
1 start the vehicle
2 drive in a short distance straight line on a level surface at a speed not higher than 20km/h
3 while driving turn the steering wheel one turn to the right and one turn to the left
4 when having the steering wheel straight again stop the vehicle with the wheel’s pointed straight
5 ensure that the steering wheel is not moved again
6 keep the engine running and do not switch off the ignition
7 system voltage at least 12.0v
My thoughts:
If i rate my old Autel DS708 7/10, then the new version of 8-inch x431 v scan tool can be scored 9/10. The language and vehicle coverage is what i wanna share with all. x431 v has 23 languages available (it’s said to add more) and it’s very easy to change the setup language by users (no need any help from the factory; ds708 needs that). And the new Launch x431 v covers almost full European and USA cars. Of course, no problem with Asian cars. And works good Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian cars also.

How to use G-Scan 2 to Code Injectors on 2014 Isuzu DMAX

Original G-Scan 2 is a Wifi/Bluetooth based diagnostic tool which enables the continued provision of unchallenged in-depth diagnostic capability on Asian passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Here is the example of coding injectors on a 2014 Isuzu DMAX by using GScan 2 scanner.



Go to Special Function

Select ISUZU-> International->Isuzu UTE-> 4UI-TC

Select Injector programming

Follow prompt:
Check vehicle condition!!

-Function only during engine stop!


Read current injector code


Input new injector code

Confirm injetcor code


GScan2 diagnostic tool Codes injector completed.



JLR SDD V141 Review on 2004 Jaguar S-Type & Vanden Plas

It’s my personal experience of JLR SDD V130 (now v141) running on Windows 7 system on SDD.
For the time being I have given up on SDD DVD 139 V7 because my big laptop needs sorting out.
I have now set up SDD DVD130 V7, which I acquired from, on my Acer Netbook, with a 1.6 Mhz processor,1 Gb RAM and a 255 GB HDD.
(ps: Do not use JLR Mangoose cable, it is not able to transfer IDS from SDD)
It runs Windows 7 Starter(32 bit version), with Internet Explorer 8,Adobe Reader 10,and Java 1.6.26 and Mongoose Driver from China(I could not find my copy of the original Drew Tech driver). I reset the computer date to September, 2012.
It loaded in about 5hrs and works perfectly on my 04 S-Type in IDS mode and my 04 Vanden Plas in SDD mode.
Here, I have attached some screens from my Windows 7 SDD install with my 2004 S-Type and 2004 Vanden Plas.
Computer Specification
SDD Opening Screen
System Information Screen
System Status
My 2004 s Type
Transfer to IDS
Proceeding To IDS
Vehicle ID in IDS
Identifying my 2004 Vanden Plas
2004 Vanden Plas ID 2