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6 Steps to Program Nissan GTR 2010 Remote by OBDSTAR X300

How to program smart remote key 3-button to Nissan GTR year 2010 (with card slot) using OBDSTAR X300 DP/ Key Master DP tablet key programmer.
Main steps:
Step 1: Read BCM code
Step 2: Calculate Pin Code
Step 3: Release steering wheel lock
Step 4: Program smart key
Step 5: Program chip
Step 6: Synchronize to start
Mark all remotes with number 1, 2,3
Remote number 1, 2 are programmed and number 3 is a new remote
Take all remotes out of the car
Close all doors and lock the steering lock
Step 1: Read 5-digit BCM Nissan code with  X300 DP
Select Nissan->Nissan/Infitini V31.56->4-digital Pin code->Smart key system->Auto search->Button type->with card slot
Take all smart key out of the car and press Start button
Select Read BCM Code
Read 5-digit BCM code success: 8D060
Step 2: Calculate pin code
Select Pincode calculate->4 Digit Pincode->BCM code
Turn ignition off
Confirm BCM code
OBDSTAR X300DP calculated old pin code and new pin code
*GTR pre-2009 use old pincode
post-2009 use new pincode
Step 3 Release steering wheel lock
Select BCM (steering wheel lock)
Turn ignition off
X300 DP will ask pin code to access
This car is year 2010, so we enter new pin code
Steering wheel release success
Step 4: Program smart key with OBDSTAR X300 DP
Put all remotes inside the car
Turn on hazard light
Select With card slot->smart key system
Insert smart key into the slot (The slot is below the start button or the lower left corner
of the steering wheel) and switch ignition on
Select Program smart key
Press Yes if already releases steering wheel lock
Enter new pin code to access
Program successfully
Insert and turn on 5 seconds every keys
Insert 1st remote and turn on 5 seconds
Insert 2nd remote and turn on 5 seconds
Insert 3rd remote and turn on 5 seconds
Turn ignition off and take 3rd remote out
Step 5: Program chip
Insert 1st remote again turn ignition on and take out
Steering wheel lock release
Insert 2nd remote again turn ignition on and take out
Steering wheel lock release
Insert 3rd remote, turn ignition on and press brake to start car for 10 seconds
Step 6: Synchronize to start
Turn off and take out remote
Open and close driver door
Turn off hazard light
Test all remotes
All remote worked.

How to Update DoIP Xentry Connect C5 Software

Here’s the detail guide on how to update software of Mercedes Benz DoIP Xentry Connect C5 MB Star diagnostic scanner.  DoIP C5 comes with both internal hard drive and external Dell HDD .



1.The upgrade procedure fits for DoIP Xentry Connect C5 but no SD Connect C5 (SD C4 in C5 case).


If you have XDOS 2018.3 or  2017.9 not working well, you should update it to version 2018.7.

If you have XDOS 2018.5 works good, it’s not necessary to update to 2018.7.

3. If you feel complicated to update the firmware by yourself.  You can send both Doip C5 HDD and Dell HDD to us to run an upgrade.



Part 1: How to remove Xentry Connect C5 internal HDD

Here’s a video explaining in detail


Part 2: How to update Xentry Connect C5 software

Tools required:

Xentry_Kit_09_2017.iso(copy to the folder:  iodd 2541 _ISO)

U disk with a Windows machine (recommend Bigbaicai WinCE)

IODD 2541 External Encrypted Hard Drive or similar


Panasonic power adapter


Xentry Connect C5 multiplexer


C5 mux in standby mode

connect the Panasonic power adapter to C5

insert IODD 2541 into the USB port on C5



in a standby mode, press “X” and “√” at the same time, then it will pop up “Start Update?”

(if not, it will pop up “Start XENTRY Connect?”. then, when the prompt disappears, it will display “Start Update?”)


When you see “Start Update?”, press “√” and Connect C5 will go into the update mode and IODD 2541 will light up


Press button “5” on IODD 2541 as soon as possible. then, the cross “X” will turn a circle “O”


what’s displayed on C5:




It will take 50-55 minutes to finish the upgrade


The system restarts after installation completes


If your system fail to start, turn off C5 mux and restart again


When C5 starts, take out the hard disk on C5 and install it into the laptop (here: Dell 55220)

Before it, pls install the Windows machine on the U disk


Press F12 when you see the pop-up “F12 Boot Options”


Select USB Storage Device and press “Enter”


Pop up the interface, and select [03] WIN2003 PE Classical


Go to the PE system and create an user account





Note that Windows should be located in disk D:


After path selection, right click on “Create a new admin account” on the left


User name: C5, Password: abc12345678
(You can have any user name and password you want)



Click on Ok

Close the application

Turn off the laptop

Take out the disk off the laptop and install it into C5 multiplexer




Part 3: How to activate Xentry Connect C5 after upgrade

Here’s teamviewer file explaining the step-by-step activation procedure!Gp8lzLLK!-B3Ytw1j-YoC9tWM_atYxgvmer5mbOMNxfH4BYz4D0E


Files needed to activate C5:

Activation key

2018.7 key

Black list C5


Part 4: How to install EPC WIS software

Video 1

Video 2



Part 5: How to connect C5 SD connect  with Xentry Tab/Laptop

Here’s example on connecting C5 with Xentry tablet, can be also connected with Dell D630 or Lenovo laptop.

C5 is Standby status when not connect with car



C5 has 2 USB connectors and round power connector (power by Panasonic power adapter) on left side


Connect LAN cable and power cable with C5



Press Power button foe 3 sec to turn on Tab


Connect Xentry C5 OBD cable and LAN cable


No car connected. Because it is not connected to vehicle



Xentry Tab main menu


Open Xentry Control


Then come to this interface, wait for the communication


Xentry is connected with SD C5


Click on green icon


Launch Xentry software


Run MB Star diagnostic software and start diagnose Mercedes.

Audi S5 2009 Online Coding by Topdon Artipad I

Tested! TOPDON ArtiPad I is verified to do online coding on Audi S5 the year 2009. Works perfectly!


Using TOPDON ArtiPad I diagnostic tablet

Tested by professionals working for


The test…Here you go…


Audi S5 2009


Intelligent Diagnosis


Connect VCI…Read VIN….Decode VIN



Vehicle information

Yeas: 2009

Make: AUDI

Model: S5

VIN: ……

Topdon ArtiPad I Audi software V28.21:

This program diagnoses AUDI electronic control systems coverage from 1996-2017, including Power, Chassis, Body, Info, Seat & Door, A/C, etc.


Audi diagnostic menu:

Health report, System scan

System selection, Special function

Guided functions, Online function



System selection: 01 Engine electronics



Read ECU memory

Read DTC


Diagnostic trouble code




Code search (via Google, automatically)



Clear fault code before online coding


No fault code


Online function: online coding



Read notes before online coding


Download file and then load it for coding

Data acquisition


select a system for online coding:


03 Brake electronics online coding

01 Engine electronics online coding


15 Airbag online coding




Note that ArtiPad I ECU Programming & Coding:


To fix some of these issues, like Drivability, Fuel Efficiency, Power Loss, Fault Codes, and Durability of Mechanical Parts, ArtiPad I, equipped with the best possible coverage for online programming, supports the ECU Programming & Coding function for the most common vehicle makes on the road – BMW, BENZ, AUDI, FORD, GM, and VW. Combined with the APP, the diagnostic tool provides you with the extreme ease of vehicle maintenance.

Online Programming: needs operators to enable the access authority. Contact us for details after purchase.

Coding: also known as Teach-in Program and Component Adaptation, used to reprogram adaptive data for vehicle control modules after repairs or replacements of vehicle parts;

Reprogramming: download newest version of software subscription from the online server database through internet access, and reprogram the software version to vehicle’s ECU.

BMW F, G and I Series Coding Guide for Beginners

Anyone can do it if you report well to beginners. This guide is tralsted from Korean. Just for sharing purpose. You are at your risk.


-PC (laptop, desktop, etc.)


– coding data (Psdzdata or SDP)


1. PC: OS Win 10 can be up to 64bit

2. Programs

-BMW program: E-sys

-BMW and others: E-sys Launcher Premium

※ There is a paid version E-sys Launcher Pro version, but if you are coding only my car, it is enough for Premium version.

3. Coding data (Psdzdata)

To code a vehicle, you need to have the data for that vehicle.

The coding data required for F, G, and I series is called Psdzdata (or SDP).

– Lite (for coding), Full (for programming) → Lite version is used for coding.

4. Cable (Interface)

The cable (interface) for connection with F, G, I series vehicles is called “ENET cable“.


or ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface


※ BMW ICOM is a little bit specialized, but E-net cable is enough for coding only.


▶ Install the program

• Preinstallation program

– Microsoft Netframework 4.5 or later: LINK

– JAVA latest version: LINK

• E-sys installation (E-sys 3.27.1 or E-sys 3.30.1): LINK

• E-sys Launcher Premium 2.8.0: LINK

▶ Loading coded data (Psdzdata)

☞ Shortcut Latest Psdzdata 4.12.12 Lite: LINK

☞ Unzip the downloaded Psdzdata and copy it to C: \ Data \ psdzdata


※ Psdzdata Target / Chassis code


▣ Normal coding (FDL coding)

Run the E-sys LauncherPremium to proceed with the coding.

→ Automatically recalls E-sys.



☞ Coordinate file by model: LINK

☞ CheatKey file by car: LINK (from ‘Coding Sharing Center’)

VO (FA) coding (Vehicle Order)

Used to change the option status of the vehicle

☞ ‘FA (VO) coding’ go to:

※ TokenMaster’s NCD / CAFD Tool V 0.5.2

Useful program to know the contents of NCD / CAFD file, comparison, FA, etc.

☞ NCD / CAFD Tool V 0.5.2 Program: LINK

☞ ‘How to use NCD / CAFD Tool’:

If you want to study about other coding, please refer to the forum.


VCM2 Ford IDS 110 Download with Released Notes, FAQs, Reviews

Ford Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) latest version 110 is coming. Here, you can get the IDS v110 for free and the update info, questions frequently asked & answers or reviews given by users.


Here you go.


Ford IDS 110 software download for VCM2/VCM clone or genuine:


Note that Ford IDS crack is not tested and released yet by real pros working for If you guys want the latest but tested version at a decent price, please go to Ford IDS v109: 100% tested and confirmed to work perfect!

Ford IDS 109 Download Link, Abilities, Reviews, FAQs:


Ford IDS 110 released notes:


The new Ford IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) includes most 1996  2018 MY (produced 1995 – 2017) Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles.

Coverage has been extended with the following additions:

FJDS Provides the same functionality and vehicle coverage as IDS for the model years below, to comply with R2R legislation.


Model additions

North America

2018                  E Series

2018                  F650/750

2018                  CMAX

2018                  Taurus

2018                  Explorer

2018                  Focus

2018                  Mustang

2018                  Fiesta

2018                  Super Duty

2018                  EcoSport

2018                  Expedition/Navigator



Ford IDS 110 questions and answers:


Q: Hi how about Online ? It will be work with original VCMII ?

A: can do online , work with original and clone VCMs


Q: It VCM 1 is compatible?

A: Yes friend


Q: are you using true v109 runtime files, or is this based on v106 or an earlier version?

A: it is IDS v109 files


Q: What’s price for this full software? Works with Vxdiag VCX Nano from China?

A: Software with price.. you go

install ids software

work online offline calibration files
and new model pats need dealer account ı cant sell dealer account
ım ınstall ıds sofwtare u make vcx drıver ınstallatıon not support vcx settıng and drıver
best regards


Q: So your software will program PATS in new cars (after 2011) without having to have online account with Security Access. Is it working same as old cars just by incode and outcode?

A: need dealer account for pats new model


Q: Hi can you install in VMware? I only have a Mac. Also, does your build support programming of newer 2017+ modules? Some builds using v86 or v106 and then upgraded do not work with new modules in 2017+ vehicles.

A: yes you can make it. my installation can work with 2017 vehicles …


Ford IDS 110 review:


Review 1:

Tried and tested !
Even we face some dificulties when he update my vcm2 it went blocked by FORD.he said just buy another vcm but i never surrender coz my vcm is just a week old and never use so i open it and took the sd card out and the top small board seperate from the motherboard then hold the trigger them BOOM! alive again then i chat this gentleman to continue doing my shitty vcm and finally he made it!
I was so happy when i saw my vcm start to work its like amazing !


Review 2:

Software is working and finally I’m going to stop using VMWare station for IDS. I have Chinese clone and it works great with impressive speed. I would definitely recommend this guy.


Review 3:

Everything is working.


Review 4:

I can confirm it all works as promised.
And a really good guy to deal with.


Review 5:

Best guy. Have 108 off

Works with my VCM2 Clone of High Quality.
Installation over TeamViewer is perfect!!!! Thanks man !
Calibration updated itself and program is real 108.04!

and I will have version 110 from also.


Review 6:

Better installation,work good ,very professional
work with clone






Update: Ford IDS 110 crack will be released soon.



Download and Install 07.2018 Xentry OpenShell

Mb Star diagnostic 07.2018 Xentry OpenShell XDOS download with security:
100% tested and confirmed
07.2018 XDOS Windows 7 Windows 10 Install:
– 07.2018 Xentry/DAS Windows 7 FAQs:
  1. Try install win7 x86?
Install it on win 7 64 Bit or remove the package.
  1. I can try install win7 x86 but not complete. I have error 393. part gives error. How to solution.
try install at fresh windows SP1 also disable UAC..
  1. Have Communication Error 1.53315.9999 on win7 x86 pro. How to solve
everything fine with me, but make sure of the IP, try to do the MUX firmware again and report
– 07.2018 Xentry/DAS Windows 10 FAQs:
  1. Xentry 07.2018 on windows 10?
today i installed at windows 10 64bit. windows download form microsoft site. before installation i stop windows auto update and disable UAC. firewall. defender. everything work good…
  1. I counted a problem after installing 7/2018 on my Windows 10 64bit:
    “Communication Error 1.53315.9999 – Initialization of the multiplexer has failed”
    The XDOS doesn’t see Ignition-On signal.
Ps. Before I used 03/2018 without any problem.
how did you install 7.18 ? did you uninstall 3.18 and install 7.18?
most probably your problem is windows issue, specially windows 10
I suggest you try your mux on other system first and report
– 07.2018 Xentry/DAS errors and solutions:
  1. Xentry.exe application error?
restart and try again, check your memory as well
stop windows defender and UAC
make sure you don’t have viruses
stop antivirus
check if there is any software consuming the memory
check disk usage if it is always 100% in you windows 10 then google its solution which is available online
and if you can do diagnostic for your RAM do that from your laptop
  1. Anyone the missing akktab.csv pkw file for 2018.07 ?
03.2018 akttab for 07.2018 offline coding:
  1. After updating the MB SD Connect C4 MUX firmware I got the cal error 870.
    It seems that the new version has blocked my MUX, even I have applied the blacklisted fix before!!!
Use correct lic.sli and Problem is gone.
  1. Installed this version but when doing a forced regeneration when asked to start engine I am loosing connection with multiplexer?
update full addons and try again
  1. I need Hht diagnostic. Hht only working x86. I can try xentry sim test 212 and 204 not complete. Not working xentry sim. How to solution error. Please help me.
Just finished x32 installation for HHTwin and no problem.
Software Support
Change log
Release Notes 07/2018
  1. New features of XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 systems
New features in Support Tool:
The Support Tool has been given a new icon in a new design.
The “Contact Support” tab contains the email address for the User Help Desk.
The “Support Packages” tab has a “Pin icon” located at the left next to each screenshot. When you
click on the button, the Screenshot Tool marking window appears.
Screenshot Tool: After closing the marking screen, the selection screen for the Screenshot Tool
appears. This makes it easier to create several screenshots than was previously the case.
A graphic set of instructions before the test is available in “VCI self-diagnosis”.
“Network self-diagnosis” shows adapter settings and network settings and a connection check is also
“XENTRY Diagnosis Pad” tab: System information displays the connection status to the backend
servers in the form of an immediate status picture.
The “Client test” button in the “Information” is no longer shown, it is now available as bandwidth selfdiagnosis.
The new overview page in the “XENTRY Diagnosis Pad” shows a summarized view of all the relevant system information.
New features in XENTRY Update Service:
If Retail Data Storage malfunctions because of a defect, ConfigAssist can be used to configure the
“RDS failure” fall-back mode. In this mode the data are loaded directly by the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad
from the Internet. Important note: Please coordinate this in advance with your IT manager!
Connected XENTRY Kit I Kit 2 systems are now visible in the XENTRY Update Service Control
Center in Device Administration
The flashware user interface does not contain any details on Regio or the type of Digital Operator’s
Manual, the HLI information is no longer available
New feature of XENTRY Diagnosis VCI:
The WLAN channel for XENTRY Diagnosis VCI can be configured.
Important: This setting is only to be used when the VCI connection has problems!
  1. Data storage media
1 Blu-ray Disc for XENTRY Diagnosis Software for XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3
1 Blu-ray disc for XENTRY Kit I Kit 2 Update
Telematics and Regio-DVDs, if applicable
Passenger cars:
The following telematics CDs/DVDs are still required (item numbers, market-dependent, plus any special provisions):
1668270859-0001 1718270100-0001 2168274159-0001
1668271300-0001 1718274459-0001 2218270065-0001
1668273900-0001 1978270400-0001 2218270100-0001
1668274600-0001 2048271000-0001 2218270465-0001
1668274700-0001 2128271900-0001 2218270665-0001
The following telematics CDs are still required (item numbers):
Changes since the last release
New documents
No entries available
Updated documents
Installing and configuring XDOS with VCI
User manual XENTRY Diagnostics Open Shell Variants
Help Card XENTRY Diagnosis VCI

How to solve Benz DAS Online SCN Coding CAL Comm Error

Here’s working solution to MB Star diagnostic software online SCN coding failed to carry out problem which happened all around the world these days.


Error in XENTRY

Data transfer has failed (DAS <-> XENTRY)

Possible cause and remedy:

– Incorrect data were received.

– Unknown command or incorrect data in command

Do you went to repeat this procedure?


Error in DAS

The coding could not be carried out (CAL_Comm_Error)

Fault 8.561.6113

The coding may be wrong. (00001)

SCN coding must be carried out again.

If the problem persists, please contact the User Help Desk .


Go to  C:\programm files\mecredez-benz\addons centerxx
Change folder name “addons centerxx” to “addons center” (delete “XX” letters)
Restart the computer
Run c:\programm files\mecredez-benz\addons center\addonscenter.exe
It will run auto update with network connection .

DRB III Emulator for Micropod II free Download on Mega

Free download DRB III Emulator on Mega:
DRB III Emulator is the exact scan tool software application used in Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealerships to service non-CAN based vehicles from 1998-2007. The DRB III Emulator software application now runs on your personal computer and interfaces with our custom DRB III+ hardware device to enable all the functions of the original Chrysler DRB III Scan Tool and more. This software package even comes with non-powertrain ECU programming files to enable reflashing everything from BCMs to sliding door modules.
IMPORTANT: You can get DRBIII Emulator, DRBIII Enhanced Emulator setup and U-Scan Chrysler.
But no one holds responsibility of any risk you’ll take when using free DRBIII emulator software.
For security, you’re advised to the tested version sw with your Micropod 2 clone:
DRBIII Emulator Install:

For using DRBIII Emulator software with tools like VCI pod or Micropod II with witech version 14.xx.xx – 17.xx.xx, it depends on your device (clone or orig / old or newer release) and ONLY AFTER that, install DRBIII Emulator.
Watch screenshot.
Here is a step-by-step tutorial of DRBIII emulator on Micropod 2 clone:
DRB III Emulator Review: works on Micropod 2
I managed to make the Enhanced DRB III Emulator work with a micropod 2 clone on V17.04.27 Witech with Windows 7 32 bits all offline mode and no subscription.
First install Witech then install the DRB emulator and then the enhanced one.
find it here : C:\ProgramData\wiTECH\jserver\data\core\stubs
Or use the files provided in first post
Afterwards plug usb in pod then pod in the car turn ignition to on position and at last in the laptop
Open web browser, i used firefox and in the address bar put this and press enter : http://localhost:9876/launchExternalApp?appName=drb_iii_enhanced_emulator&locale=eng_ENG&deviceIp=
It will launch the enhanced emulator.
DRB 3 Emulator Car List:
DRB 3 supports Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealerships to service non-CAN based vehicles from 1998-2007 with protocols incl.
ISO 15765 (Network Transport Protocol)
ISO 11898 (High Speed CAN)
ISO 14230 (Keyword2000)
ISO 9141/9141-2 (K-Line)
Chrysler Collision Detection Bus (CCD)

How to fix Land Rover OCC Occupant Sensor Fault P046


How to Fix Land Rover(2012-2016) OCC fault without replace parts (use SDD)

Introduce you how to upgrade calibration file in OCC module (Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module).

Disclaimer: Here’s TSB file from It is for professional technician with knowledge. You are at your risk.

Safety Recall: Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Warning Lamp Illuminated
Fault code: P046: Update Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module software

Range Rover Evoque (LV)
Model year: 2012-2013

LR2 (LF)
Model year: 2010-2015


This Service Instruction may be performed on all affected vehicles from SDD-DVD139.00 v184 software release.

A concern has been identified with the Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) passenger airbag which may be totally or partially disabled as a result of physical cell wear out of the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) within the Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module (OCSCM). When this condition is detected by the SRS system self-test, completed at ignition on, the OCSCM will shut down. This condition results in Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) U0154-00 being set in the Restraints Control Module (RCM) along with continuous illumination of the SRS warning lamp on the Instrument Cluster. Range Rover Evoque vehicles will also illuminate the Passenger Airbag Disable indicator (PADi) lamp in the overhead console. The condition may clear on the next subsequent ignition cycle.

Retailers are required to HOLD all affected vehicles that are within your control and refrain from releasing the vehicles for new or used vehicle sale pending completion of the rework action detailed in this Technical Bulletin. Unsold vehicles should have this performed as part of the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) process but must have it completed prior to vehicle handover to the customer. Affected vehicles already in the hands of customers should be updated at the next available opportunity.

No parts required


NOTE: this document is an ‘Active Bulletin’ that will display a functional programming shortcut if accessed within a diagnostic session using JLR SDD diagnostic interface.

SDD with latest SDD-DVD and Calibration File
Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics Battery Power Supply



CAUTION: a Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics battery power supply must be connected to the vehicle battery during SDD diagnosis / module programming.

CAUTION: ensure all ignition ‘ON’ / ignition ‘OFF’ requests are carried out; failure to perform these steps may cause damage to control modules in the vehicle.

NOTE: SDD must be loaded with DVD139.00 v.184 or later.

1. Connect the Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics battery power supply to the vehicle battery. 2. Turn ignition ‘ON’ (engine not running).
3. Connect the Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) system to the vehicle and begin a new session.
4. Follow the on-screen prompts, allowing SDD to read the VIN and identify the vehicle and initiating the data collect sequence.
5. Select ‘Diagnosis’ from the Session Type screen.
6. Select the ‘Selected Symptoms’ tab, and then select the following: ^ Electrical > Instruments > Warning lamps > Air bag warning lamp
7. Select the ‘Recommendations’ tab.
8. Locate any of the recommended publications listed there and select ‘Read’.
9. Close the document selected in step 8.
10. Select the ‘Extras’ tab.
11. From the Recommendations list, select Run to perform the ‘Configure existing module – Restraints occupant classification system module’ option.
12. NOTE: due to constraints within the Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module hardware design, the software download may fail on the first attempt and display ‘An unspecified error has occurred’. In order to minimize this, the following instructions should be followed:
Once the software download parts confirmation screen is presented:
^ Turn the ignition ‘OFF’.
^ Press the on-screen green check mark (tick) to continue.
^ Turn the ignition ‘ON’ when SDD displays a blue scroll bar in the center of the screen.
^ This should be within 10 seconds of pressing the green check mark (tick) on the software      download confirmation screen.
^ If the software download fails, there will be an option presented to ‘retry’.
^ Select ‘retry’ and perform the above steps again.
^ Should the download fail two (2) consecutive times, continue to the next step.
13. NOTE: this step only needs to be run if the software download above has failed two (2) times. Once the software download parts confirmation screen is presented, remove the OCSCM fuse.
^ The fuse box is located in the passenger compartment:


^ ‘1’ – Range Rover Evoque: fuse 56P [fuse rating 10A]
^ ‘2’ – LR2: fuse FS2 [fuse rating 10A] – 2010-2012MY; fuse FP60 [fuse rating 10A] – 2013-2015MY
^ Press the on-screen green check mark (tick) to continue.
^ Install the previously removed OCSCM fuse when SDD displays a blue scroll bar in the center of the screen.
^ This should be within 10 seconds of pressing the green check mark (tick) on the software download confirmation screen.
^ If the download is completed successfully, continue to the next step.
^ If the download fails again, please contact your local Technical HelpLine for assistance.
14. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete this task.
15. Exit the current session.
16. Disconnect the SDD and the battery power supply from the vehicle.

Where to get a decent wiTech Micropod 2 clone?

This is for those who are looking for a decent wiTech Micropod 2 China clone.
It’s the best quality of Micropod 2 clone SP271-C1, quality as good as VCM2 clone SP177-C1.
First, this Micropod 2 SP271-C1 can be connected to the NETWORK and NEVER LOCKED!
You could use the clone for ONLINE DIAGNOSIS for NEW CHRYSLER CARS.
If you have an account, you also are able to do ONLINE PROGRAMMING.
Second, the wiTech Micropod2 SP271-C1 is confirmed to WORK NO ISSUES WITH DRBIII EMULATOR as well as the original Micropod 2.
This is a test report from our customer @rcompart and it’s verified to get DRBIII with the clone Micropod 2. And, it’s kind of him share the tutorial in detail with you guys.
All can be found here:
With DRBIII emulator, you can have your Micropod 2 for old Chysler the year 1997 – 2004 (2005)
Without DRBIII, Micropod 2 clone only works for Chrysler made after the year 2003
That is, you have a way for old Chrysler with a cloned Micropod 2 unit.
Third, wiTech software is confirmed also no issues with this Micropod2.
It’s tested 100% by real professionals working for
Note: what is DRB3 and what’s wiTech? What’s the main difference The DRB3 emulator is part of Chrysler’s Witech software. The Witech software supports two different pass-through devices, The VCI pod which is sold with the Witech system and the Chrysler Starmobile. The DRB3 emulator is a convenience item for dealerships to allow the use of their current witech scan-tool on older non CAN bus vehicles. It is not by any means a cost saving option.
The last, PCB talks a lot
That’s all. Hope it’s helpful to you all.