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Reviews: Volvo VIDA 2014D on Windows 10/8/7/XP macOS

Here are all from users answering you guys: What is the best operating system to work with Volvo Vice VIDA 2014D? Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP or macOS?
Here you go…
Volvo VIDA 2014D Windows XP
  1. I’ve happily be using VIDA on my old Win XP laptop for a few years
  1. I have an old laptop (currently with Vista) and an old ASUS notebook running XP SP3.
  1. VIDA 2012, 2013A or D version software should be installed on Win XP or Virtual machine. But 2014A and new 2014D requires Win 7 O/S ONLY. that’s a huge development for VIDA DiCE kit. Leave alone WIN xp or VirtualBox
  1. I also run my VIDA in a XP virtual machine. No issues with mouse or USB, if you are familiar with VMware.
Volvo 2014D VIDA Windows 7
  1. I just went back to a Win7 machine running IE9 and I’m very careful with the updates. 2014D is supposed to work with IE10 but it didn’t when I tried it.
  1. While it says it works with ALL versions of Windows…it doesn’t actually.
However, it does have a GREAT setup instruction PDF that truly made setting up a VM super easy using Win7 Pro. Which then made setting up VIDA a breeze. I have it up and running and I even managed to connect to my older DICE unit.
  1. I’’m on 2014d and W7 pro
  1. I’m lucky in that I had an old laptop lying around that I could use solely for VIDA / DICE. Once I finally got it working (Win Pro 7 32 Bit, .Net 3.5), I turned off windows update, so that its configuration wouldn’t change. I assume that as long as I don’t change my car for a newer one, there is no benefit to an upgraded VIDA version (I’m on 2014D), or any further windows updates.
  1. I used 32bit Win7 Ultimate. It all works now.
My only issue is my car battery running out being left on pos II for a length of time!
  1. it must be Win 7 Pro ( or ultimate).
  1. It won’t work on 7 Home
  1. Vida 2014d will work fine with a fully updated Windows 7 Pro
  1. On any 32-bit Windows machine, RAM in excess of 3 GB will be unrecognized by the OS
  1. I have VIDA 2010D on Windows 7 Home Premium.
  1. IE 8 and install on Win7.
  1. VADIS on Win7 x64 with IE8 works like a charm
  1. I run VIDA 2010D on Windows 7 professional 32-bit with Chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 – No problems
Good to know: Windows 7 32 bit is the only operation system that tested by real pros:
You can have VICE VIDA 2014D on Windows 7 with 100% success
2014D VIDA DiCE Windows 8
  1. I had it working with Windows 8.1 until an unknown update broke connectivity to DICE and no amount of system restore would bring it back. I guess 2014D works ok, but be aware an update may blow it up in the future.
  1. DiCE was working with Vida2014B and Windows 8.1, but stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday.
  1. Need to uninstall the IE existed on the system, (probably IE9) first, then it should be able to install Win 8.
  1. win8 & ie10 sure don’t play well with anything, can’t downgrade in win8 either, that’s what that compatibility mode is for.
Volvo VIDA 2014D Windows 10
  1. Win10 with Vida 2014D and DiCE is now working. And I have connected to a separate ME9 and read some data from it.
  1. Windows 10 is causing tons of compatibility issues across the board. You may have to VM until updates.
  1. I have been using 2014D VIDA on my win10 tablet for few months and it even works via integrated Bluetooth!!!
Volvo VIDA 2014D Windows Mac
I run mine on a Mac using WinXP + VirtualBox VM without any problems. But UI is a little clunkier with a VM.
I have an old Win XP Dell that I use exclusively as a VIDA/DiCE box and I use VMWare Fusion/Win7 VM on a Mac for a VIDA reference source.
I have XP pro on my Macbook Pro in VirtualBox and that is working fine.
Have a walk through for the Virtual Box
Here i would describe details of the system, HD size, Ram amount, processor type, you’ll need to be running in XP virtual nachine, provided you have the size described above plus IE8, you may want to disable your firewall and antivirus during installation. at least 2GB of ram, more than 20GB hard disk, preferably 40GB + , I don’t remember the processor type but mine is pentium 4 quore duo works ok, IE8 when you have those, your installation will be okay.
VM Ware player is compatible with Win XP, Vista 32 & 64 bit as well as Win7 32 & 64 bit
I have it running on my main PC and it works!

Which VAS 5054A hardware work with ODIS 4.4.10?

Here is my story of Odis 4.4.10.
Link: thanks to GUSS shared links at
Vas 5054a and odis 4.4.10:
One of my 2 vas5054a has original amb2300 but does not work with odis-s 4.4.10.
I get a ODS2522E that hardware is not supported. (same as the one without original amb2300)
I have tested amb2300 with softing edic configuration manager. Also tested with PDU api application. All tests ok. Configurator manager did not work with vas5054a without amb2300


Then, tested working PDU api and tried to solves the issue however I am not happy with the result. In theory original amb2300 should work.
Tests:1. 1.20.41 does not work at all with either of my 2 interfaces. So back to 1.20.42
2. Enabled buzzer just to check that my amb2300 is original. Enabled.
3. Tried to connect with bluetooth (amb2300 interface). Laptop connected successfully. Tried to connect odis-s with car and started buzzing continuously and then an error appeared, buzz continued.
In English
there is no mcd project available
I am ditching odis-4.4.10.
Before 4.2.3 test will test 4.3.3 to check if that works, in order to check if the problem is hardware or software.
Then i was advised to make another folder Softing.ori  put ther new Pdu:








Did not work but good try. That made me think that PDU API is the problem.
However found out that VW has locked the D-PDU API directory location (or file names) and managed to install at the 1.20.042 location the 1.20.041 pdu api and renamed 3 files to …..1.20.042 (2 xml 1 dll same as DPDU api test application 3 files mentioned).
now it works, actually tested just vas5054a with fake bluetooth and works.
This is not a straight forward procedure, however after manipulation of D-pdu api (1.20.042 vecom, the 3 files) odis 4.4.10 works.
My amb2300 is original since I have downgraded it to 1.20.041 firmware (with the D-PDU API) test application) however it does not work out of the box with odis 4.4.10. Will test the second one tomorrow.
My conclusion:
First, that pdu api directory (file name) is locked.
Second, amb2300 original does  not work as tested. (problem with 1.20.042 pdu API driver specifically Softing/1.20.042/VeCom/VAS5054a files as seen in second solution below).
Other solutions:
1. Test the PDU API 1.20.042 found in odis 4.3.3 (check pdu_api_root.xml is correct 1.20.042)
2. Want to test original 1.20.042 but to replace in vecom vas5054 folder from 1.20.041 folder. (No other changes, check again pdu_api_root.xml is for 1.20.042 )
Test performed:1. Tested second vas5054a with original amb2300. All tests with usb and bluetooth pass with first solution above. Note in this test I used amb2300 firmware 1.20.041 since I used pdu api 1.20.041 renamed folder to 1.20.042 and 3 files to 1.20.042 as discussed above. Bluetooth works too.
2. Second solution tested with original amb2300. (not tested with clone but most probably will work)
b) reinstall pdu api 1.20.042 pdu api
b) Replace vas5054 folder (from 1.20.041) in softing/1.20.042/vecom/vas5054.
c) update amb2300 firmware to 1.20.042 (this is the difference from solution 1) since I used pdu api 1.20.042.
d) Both usb and bluetooth work. Amazing… I have original amb2300 (but with fake serial number).
For newbies, i suggest tested odis from a reliable source:
The files are full
No need search for launcher, license…and NEVER expired
It’s tested 100% by real pros and confirmed to work no issues
Also, remote help can be got if you have any issue of installation

Ford IDS and ELS27 Forscan which is better?

Ford diagnostics and programming: ELS27 adapter with Forscan and Ford VCM2 with IDS – which one is better?
Ideas from the experienced users…here you go
Forscan is designed for people who want to tinker with settings, clear codes and customize the electronics in their vehicles.
Ford IDS is designed for people to do things exactly the way the manual says – it’s pretty clear that it won’t let you color outside the lines. IDS is much more capable than Forscan, but for most people that doesn’t really matter.
Price and use:
For middle road stuff, Forscan it’s cheaper and easier.
If you register for an extended license it can perform module programming, pats functions, cal steering angle, dpf regens any incodes required are generated
when you perform whatever task you are doing, it will ask if you want Forscan to generate code or if you want to use an external code generator
so far I have found it easier to do basic stuff on
but IDS still has the edge for adding extra’s on like cruise and snowflake as the engineering menu gives you plain text options to add whereas Forscan has to be played with to change parameters.
If someone could do a spreadsheet comparing file details before and after pcm/bcmi software changes it would make the need for IDS nearly redundant
If you have good luck with decent IDS crack, you’ll have no problem with any issues on Ford diagnosis and programming. The crack has no license requirement.
Hardware compatibility:Forscan works with J2534 adapters incl. VCM2, MVCI, GNA600, VXDIAG, but it’s easier if you use a OBD2 connection – you use an ELS27 adapter – and unless you have the VCM for some other reason. ELS27 is the way cheaper too. One thing to note – Ford uses multiple CAN protocols in their modern vehicles. If you’re buying an OBD2 connection tool, make sure it can read the MS CAN signals.
IDS works perfectly with VCM2 also, genuine or good china clone. You can use WiFi for basic obd2 diagnosis, key making, ECU reprogramming and programming. Beside, IDS can work with a lot of auto diagnostic tools, such as VCM IDS3VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford, etc.
Module programming:
For module initializing and updating I personally think I’d trust IDS more.
Forscan is a backward engineered program and I brown trousered myself when I did something with it iirc.
Laptop and mobile compatibility:
Forscan can be used in a PC or a mobile (Android or iOS). The main program is for windows (with a version that runs via Wine on Linux, MacOS, and BSD)(Free) then there’s a “lite” version for android/and Iphone (paid)
To unlock the full potential of Forscan, you need the extended license(Free, valid for 3 months at a time)) requires an account on the Forscan Forums. you can generate a new extended key any time.
But it is better to use a laptop on windows operating system Forscan is available for android mobile devices and others but doesn’t have full functionality
Forscan on MacOS:
Forscan on Windows 10:
IDS is usually used on a laptop, but someone also install the old version on an iOS mobile.
IDS on Windows 7:
IDS v86 on an iOS mobile:

Vediamo Caesar Hardware Not Support Win7 64bit Solution

I have SD Connect C4 multiplexer.
It works great with Xentry with cable connection.
O/S: Windows 7 64 Bits.

But Vediamo V05.00.05 has issue connecting to MB SD C4.
After opened up Vediamo, I press on update. Then, i got error message

“The Caesar-Hardware Part A / Part C (ISA) / Part Y is not supported under Windows (7) – 64Bits.”

Possible reason :
Vediamo is not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit.
Solution 1:
Solution 1 is provide by customer.

“I just fixed it.

There is no Part D needed. or Part …etc.

All i did is, change Device ID 0 to 01 in INI file
Because my SD C4 is 01 .

I modified Vediamo_c.ini in ProgramData/Vediamo/Config

You will see 3rd Line from top, DefaultDeviceNumber=xx

Change xx to your device number.

Hope this helps!!

Solution 2:
If solution 1 does not work, please change another laptop with Windows 7 32-bit. We have tested Vediamo and MB SD Connect C4 on 32bit system perfectly.

How to repair Range Rover TPMS with Autel Sensors

The car has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and 5 sensors (4 wheels + spare). In October, messages about pressure testing in all tires began to appear on the dashboard with the indicator on fire, then these messages disappeared and the indicator went out. Reading errors through SDD did not give a result (no errors). The system is extremely simple 4 antennas and 1 unit (located in the rear right sidewall). Having called the antenna to break the short circuit, I found out that everything is fine with them. The block itself remained in question. After conducting a study (a series of tests to check the performance), it turned out that the unit responds to a decrease in pressure in the wheels but forgets these values. After opening the unit, he discovered that he turned green, cleaned it, put it in its place … the module’s working capacity did not return.
here is the TPMS module
Decided to buy a new module. Winter came to the car set new wheels with new sensors.
Autel Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
Searching on the Internet and buy a module 5WK4 7594 ( NNW502305 )
replacement (new unit at the top)
Changed new module in places, diagnosed using SDD (read module, initialized new unit). When the unit was initialized, the program asked either to enter the 8-digit codes of all 5 wheels or drive for 15 minutes and then install the spare wheel instead of standing on the car. For me it seemed difficult, so I started the auto display, there are no messages, I was glad and went home. After 15 minutes of movement, a system failure message popped up, after reading the errors, found that there was no response from all 4 new AUTEL MX-sensors. It turns out the sensors are sold asleep and are programmed for a specific make model and year of the car at atmospheric pressure (if installed on the car, it should be lowered). It is necessary to find a person with a device for programming or buy a Autel MaxiTPMS pad to program by yourself.
spare wheel
and dropping an error module TPMS went home with the confidence that I would have to plug in a computer and prescribe sensor numbers manually, since I did not want to engage in shamanism with a spare wheel. BUT … a miracle happened and the system picked up all the sensors and after 40 minutes the system did not fail. Now on the tidy does not annoy me amber flat tire icon.
Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. You are at your risk. 

Will SD Connect C5 Clone diagnose Mitsubishi Fuso?

This is for Mitsubishi Fuso owners:
Possible to use FUSO Xentry diagnostics with a cloned SDconnect C4 or C5?
What can I do if I have FUSO Xentry diagnostic software?
fuso-xentry-diagnostic-software-1 tech support:
With the genuine, definitely Yes. But you will spend a lot with it.
With the clone, possible. You should have a decent diagnostic tool for Mitsubishi trucks. FYI, not all C4/C5 cloned units can work with it.
The decent Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic tool should be
It’s kind of different from the normal SD connect C5 for Mercedes:
Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic software download:
You can have the same interface with normal SD connect C4/C5.
BUT actually Mitsubishi Fuso diagnosis doesn’t work.
This is the only version confirmed to work with mitsubishi!
It can work for FUSO Mitsubishi, Cobus, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach, Setra, Bharat-Benz, FotonDaimler , while normal SD connect C4/C5 software only work for Mercedes-Benz and Smart.
Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic software:
Version: 09.2018
English,Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, French, Spanish,Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Swedish, Chinese, Czech, German, Finish, Hungarian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Slovenian
Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostic functions:
  • Read and Clear Codes
  • View live data
  • View lifetime and trip totals
  • Perform bi-directional diagnostic commands such as DPF regeneration, re-learn commands, injector tests, and more
Mitsubishi Fuso vehicle coverage:
covers Mitsubishi model from year 2012 to year 2016
Mitsubishi Fuso Xentry Connect C5 diagnostic connector:
1pcs X Fuso Connect Interface C5 XENTRY
1pcs X Fuso Harness (OBD 2)
1pcs X Fuso Lan Cable








This multiplexer now is able to connected with a Lan cable for wireless diagnosis
The Connector adopts military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
All core accessories come with the original new packing chip, and 24hours test, the quality guarantee of the products

How to solve Micropod2 Not Supported wiTECH 2.0 error

Here’s the working solution to Chrysler diagnostic tool wiTech Micropod 2 clone (#SP271-C1) “No longer Supported by wiTech 1.0” error.
“This vehicle is supported by wiTECH 2.o software. This vehicle is no longer supported by wiTECH 1.0. Please use wiTech 2.0 to service this vehicle. You will return to discovery. ”
Solution from engineer:
If you have Chrysler dealer online account, you can update to wiTech 2.0.  Chrysler will ask to pay for the software update.
NOTE: If update to V2.0, you cannot do downgrade anymore. All function need to be done through online account.
If you don’t have online account,
Remove current version V17.04.27, reinstall computer operating system. Then download and install lower version witech 17.03.10.
ps. Our engineers are busy working out the new solution.

VCMII IDS Activated Cruise Control on Mazda 3 2012

How to: activate the cruise control on the Mazda 3 BL 1.6L AT 2012Y.

Mazda VCM-II IDS will be used as always.

Make good connection. Moving to Module Programming :


Then select Programmable Parameters and then select Speed ​​Items from drop-down list :


Here we have one parameter Cruise Control – (PCM) =? . Change its value to Enabled :


Click on the check mark in the lower right corner, and on the pop-up IDS instructions, turn on / off the ignition the necessary number of times.

Connect in automatic mode:


Select the Programming Module :


Select the VIN number corresponding to the car:


Click on Programmable Parameters -> Speed ​​Positions :


Check the correctness of the VIN number:


Select Cruise Control – (PCM) = Enabled :


Turn on / off the ignition the necessary number of times, the system will prompt everything itself. Module configuration is complete:


Cruise works.
All good.

Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. You are at your risk.

How to Install and Program Autel TPMS MX-Sensors to Mazda

This problem is familiar to many owners of new cars equipped with a regular tire pressure monitoring system – TPMS . Battery life in the sensors of the system is about 5-7 years . Therefore, if your car is older, then this problem will either annoy you or start annoying soon.
When the system cannot find a sensor in the wheel, it happily notifies about this by a flashing indicator on the dashboard:
It is not surprising if we recall the battery life of 5-7 years: the sensors I bought were obviously older.
Began to look for alternatives to native sensors, only new ones.  But then I found a solution that I liked right away: universal programmable sensors.
These sensors pretend to be regular, and the car sees them as original.
Their cost is low compared to the original.
Their essence is that you can sew up any ID and algorithm of operation for any car with regular tpms into this sensor.
The restriction is only in frequency, because for American vehicles tpms works at a frequency of 315 MHz, and for all others – 433 MHz. The choice fell on the Autel tech – it produces a bunch of equipment for auto diagnostics, including tpms universal sensors.
Since I have an American model Mazda, a set of sensors to 315MHz and programmer for them was purchased (it is universal, have both 315, and 433)
You need:
Sensors The Autel MX Sensor 315mhz – 4pcs
programmer Autel MaxiTPMS Pad
Here is a list of supported cars, it is very extensive :
A few comparative photos with dead original sensors:
Above: original sensor. Bottom: Autel MX-sensor
orig sensor
Autel MX 315mhz
Install the tpms software for the programmer TPMS PAD
It is necessary to choose a car, model, year.
And further 3 options:
1) test – read data from sensors – go, pressure, temperature charge (if available). You can read not only Autel sensors, but also standard, OEM sensors in wheels! For example, in order to view the ID of the standard sensors or look at the charge level (not all OEM sensors support this)
2) clone regular. If there is a set of live native sensors, then clones can be made – for a winter set of wheels, for example, then you will not have to reassign the sensors to the car.
3) generate new IDs – then the car will require you to attach new sensors – on most cars this procedure happens automatically, you have to go a little and the car will determine everything itself.
Since I didn’t have my own registered sensors from the car, my third option is to generate new ones.
Put Autel MX-sensors into car
I drove to the office and smart guys help install the sensors
In an hour and a half, slowly put all 4 sensors and reinstall the wheels:
New sensors for 15g are lighter than standard ones, so everything was installed perfectly.
There is an instruction on how to register new sensors, there is a whole procedure there.
Some time later, ObdLink + Forscan connected, saw that the car sees new sensors, 4 pressures and 4 temperatures. By the way, only FORScan sees, in addition to the control modules of the motor, also tpms, abs, dsc, srs, electric booster, etc.
Wheels pumped up to 2.6, the lamp went out.
The system works!)
In fact, this scanner can read sensors right on the machine!

How to use Consult3 to Disable Nissan Murano Engine Braking

I have a Nissan Murano Z51 3.5L CVT 2012Y, love the car except DOWNHILL ENGINE BRAKE CONTROL (AUTO ENGINE BRAKE CONTROL in the CVT.  I prefer to control the car myself and I like to use free wheeling to better my gas mileage. I’ve read that this “feature” can be un-programmed by a professional scanner.

Yes, on the Altima/Murano CVT, hill-assist engine braking is a feature that can be turned off.
Here’s the step-by-step using Nissan Consult 3 diagnostic tool.
If you are using a clone, Consult III Plus is a better choice.
Launch Starter in which we select Consult-III :
Press the Connect button :
Choose vehicle model Murano Z51 after 2010.v. and press the Select button :

Confirm the selection with the Confirm button :
Choose Diagnosis :
Select the type of Can- bus according to the configuration, in this case, the very first, and click the Next button :

Click on the tablet:

Choose System Diagnosis :

Click on Transmission and OK :

Moving towards Work Support :

Click on Engine Brake Adj. and Next :

Currently, the braking level is set to 0 :

Click on DWN fro several times, until the level of engine braking changes to Off :

Job completed.
Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. Credit to Car-Buster.