How to troubleshoot Porsche 996 airbag with Foxwell NT510

Customer solution:

I picked up a Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner in December,2017, I ordered the Porsche version (you can get one model). Their spec sheet says it works with my car year and model-Porsche 2002 911 Carerra.

I just got around to trying it last night, and it is pretty interesting, lots of good stuff in a small handheld unit.

One if the first things I wanted to do is resetting airbag lights – both of my cars have them on (one because I replaced the seats with the battery connected, and the other because it had racing seats in it before I put the stock seats back in).

The unit works fine, it reads codes, can track real time values, etc. But I can’t figure out how to see the airbag stuff, and I think I’ve looked at all of the menus.

When I google this, the YouTube video shows a guy whose NT510 has a Porsche logo on the home screen, in addition to the OBD II icon. Mine doesn’t have a Porsche (or any other manufacturer) icon, so I’m wondering if I have to install, configure, or download something to activate it.

I do have an email out to their support people.  They replied very quickly and suggested me registering my unit. Users can register and then download/upgrade the software for a specific automaker.  That was exactly what the issue was.
For posterity:

  • I needed to register with Foxwell, get an ID
  • Once I registered, I needed to login to their portal and register my NT510 using a serial number and password that is on the help screen in the device
  • I needed to install their desktop software
  • Remove the microsim from the side of the unit
  • Plug the microsim into the microsim/usb adapter (supplied)
  • Download the Porsche software (select Porsche and click download – the first car brand is free, subsequent car brands are an additional charge)
  • Hit the update button, it updates all of the software OBDII, Porsche, etc.
  • Eject the USB adapter
  • Put the microsim back into the side of the NT510 Foxwell
  • The Porsche icon is now on the home screen
  • The unit updated

I was able to read the airbag codes and reset the airbag light. Mission accomplished.
This information isn’t anywhere on the box, in the printed manual (that I can find).


ps. What NT510 works for Porsche 996?


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