FAQ JLR SDD v148 v145 v142 Software Installation

JLR SDD installation guide…incl frequently asked questions and answers, and step-by-step instruction.. Here you go…


(IMPORTANT) Note: There are many free links online of JLR SDD, but most will expire in some days & ask for dollars for use; also some even come with unknown security, which may result in inconvenience when you wanna use it. So, it should be a better choice to spend a bit money on a working JLR SDD at the beginning. And for sake of security, please confirm that JLR SDD (even crack) can be tested by professionals.


Question: I can’t into System Config screen to configure VCM. IE gives an error.

install windows 7 32 or 64 better

Answer: turn off firewall and antivirus and UAC

Make sure 8 or 9 IE, Turn off POP UP Blocker and allow active content to run on this computer under the advanced tab.

reboot begin install.


Question: I have Genuine VCM 1 Doesnot communicate and VCM recovery Tool fails to update

Answer: my suggestion is to use VCMII

the VCMI Requires an extra patch so you might as well use version 138 because it would be the same thing.


Question: Anybody try ecu programming? Like calibrate new steering angle sensor at d3? I have VCM clone. Its possible to do it with the clone?

Answer: tested on seat position calibration and sun roof too in range rover sport and trutle learning , transsmision range position learning on evoq worked fine with avdi ass passthru


Question: would need the password to download JLR SDD v142.00

Answer: No need password. Right now 145.01 is the current version


Question: watch install vid and install crack as TIZWAZ carcodereaders but soft ask Answer: for online regist can you advise pleaseyou need to re-apply the patch in both file locations.


Question: I do not know how to use crack . Help! you need uncompress files or replace ?

Answer: replace files in



programe files >jlr>ids>sdd>here


Question: do I need JLRPatch_EN.EXE or app.war is enough (just got 142 but there is no patch folder with JLRPatch_EN.EXE)

Answer: app.war is enough

Using app.war from older versions with new one you get in most cases OLD SDD as app.war changed from version to version. Second, you can get strange issues or some functions not work properly because of incompatible changes between SDD versions. Use its on your own risk!


Question: I need access to engineering mode to change the vin on a used pcm.

Answer: There are no special function to change VIN in PCM.


Question: Can you please tell me if I need to install first 145 version and then all SDD update?

Answer: Right now actual version is 148.01
You need install SDD_148.00_FULL and then update to 148.01


Question: Should I install SDD first or LV+LA+JV+JA ?


INSTALL 148.01
or install…
INSTALL 148.01


Question: Do I need to install separetly JA and LA? What is is JV and LV?

Answer: Yes you need to install at least L (land rover) or J (jaguars) data files


Question: Can it work with vas5054A head??

Answer: Out of the box no.


Question: Can this program keys on disco 2004 without need for barcodes from the keys? Also if i use my ford vcs2 do i need to keep flashing it back to landrover then ford and back again etc etc?

Answer: As I remember SDD works for Land Rover from 2005. For 2004 year you probably need T4

FOR VCMII You don’t need to flash anything , Just use the same VCMII Manager as you use in ford , so if you use IDS 101.05 take the etas folder from ford ids and use that in jlrsdd



* Reference: How to install JLR SDD crack

Supported devices:


[IMPORTANT] Requirements:

  • O.S.: Windows 7
  • Acrobat Reader 10+
  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Hard Drive: 80 GB of available space

JLR SDD installation guide:


  1. Install full package – SDD_{version}.00_FULL.exe
  2. Install Land Rover files – VDF_L{A,V}_{version}.exe
  3. Install Jaguar files – VDF_J{A,V}_{version}.exe
  4. Install Pin-point tests – SPA_{version}.exe
  5. Install updates – SDD_{version}.**.exe
  6. If you use 64-bit Windows you MUST run CMD.exe with administrative rights and execute next command:


mklink /D “C:\Program Files\JLR” “C:\Program Files (x86)\JLR”

  1. Install drivers for diagnostic device.

Disabling automatic updates
Need to remove/rename folder:

  • Win7 – “C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\Connect\Database”
  • WinXP – “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet\Connect\Database”

Remove message due to the fact that updates not installing
Need to remove/rename file:

  • Win7 – “C:\ProgramData\JLR\IDS\Log Files\InstallationLog.txt”
  • WinXP – “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\JLR\IDS\Log Files\InstallationLog.txt”

Resolve troubles:
Can’t download calibration files:

  • in SDD go to “Settings” tab;
  • check that dialer information is set;
  • go to “System Utilities” -> “Network options” and press “Activate” button.

Available options for engineering mode password calculator:
Land Rover/Range Rover:

  • CCF Editor
  • Taiwan Vehicle Update
  • Software Download
  • L316/L322 Odometer
  • L322 Recover Keys
  • L322 Erase Keys
  • Option 8


  • VIN Bypass
  • VID Block Eitor
  • CCF Editor
  • Software download
  • X150/X250/X351 Odometer
  • X351 Recover Keys

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