Ford&Mazda VCMII requires a factory reset

This tip will help solve Ford& Mazda VCMII 2-in-1 software update error “VCMII requires a factory reset”.


Error message:

IDS – VCMII software update:

There was a problem updating your VCMII software.

You VCMII requires a factory reset.


VCM 2 for Ford& Mazda 2-in-1 I’m using:






With PCB below (this makes it different from Ford VCMII kit alone):



How to do VCMII factory reset:

  1. Shut down the IDS application if it is running
  2. Power off VCM2
  3. Disconnect the USB cable from the PC USB port
  4. Disconnect the USB cable from the VCM2 diagnostic multiplexer
  5. Disconnect the vehicle cable from the vehicle DLC
  6. Remove the VCMII device rubber boot at the USB cable connection side
  7. Verify that all LEDs on VCM2 are off
  8. Start the IDS application.
  9. Press and hold the plastic tab. Do not release the tab until Step 11.
  10. Connect the VCM II to the PC using the USB cable.
  11. Wait for the VCM II’s Power LED to remain on and for the unit to beep.
  12. Release the plastic tab – the VCM II will be in Recovery Mode.
  13. The IDS pop-up window shown as below will appear notifying the user that a new version of VCM II software is available. Select the Tick button to update the VCM II software.


For detailed instruction on factory reset, refer to


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