How to print data to PC with OTC 3111 Pro scan tool

Original OTC 3111 pro trilingual OBDII CAN ABS scan tool is able to print data to your PC via USB cable provided in package.


Note: OTC Scanning Suite software should already be installed on the PC. If it is not, install the Scanning Suite CD included in your kit.



Prepare the OTC 3111 Pro OBD II & ABS Scan Tool

  1. Scan vehicle and view / record desired information (see User Manual for additional instructions regarding using the scan tool).
  2. Disconnect the Scan Tool from the vehicle.
  3. In the Main Menu or Diagnostic Menu, arrow down to Print Dataand press ENTER. The tool will display Launch PC Printing Software Application.


4. Plug the tool into the PC via the USB port.


Note: The PC will recognize the tool and assign it a Virtual COM Port. It is necessary to know this COM port number to use the Print Data function.


Determine the Virtual COM Port number


  1. To determine the assigned COM port number, open Windows Device Manager.

6. Right click on the My Computer icon and click Manage.


7. In the left column of the Computer Management window, click Device Manager.


8.In the right column of the Computer Management window, open the Ports (COM & LPT) icon.


9.The Scan Tool will be labeled as SPX – Virtual COM Port and the COM Port number will be in parenthesis next to it. Remember this number or write it down for later use.


Connecting the OTC 3111 Pro OBD II & ABS Scan Tool


  1. Open Scanning Suite on the PC by double clicking the LaunchPadshortcut or clicking start/All Programs/Scanning Suite/”Brand”/LaunchPad.


7. Click Print Capture and the Connect Tool Wizard will appear.


8. Click Next.


9.Select the appropriate COM Port number assigned by the PC and click Finish.


10. A blank Print Capture screen will appear and it is now ready to receive data from the OBD II & ABS Scan Tool.


Transfer the Stored Data to the PC


  1. On the OTC Scanner, press ENTER to continue to the Print Data menu.


To select the data to send to the PC, use the UP or Down button and press ENTER on the desired information. The Scan Tool will display Sending Data via USB Port


Print All will send all of the data stored on the Scan Tool to the PC.


When printing a Recording, the Start Frame and End Frame need to be defined.


Note: The Print Data menu shows a check mark next to the items that have data. If there isn’t a check mark next to the item, then this item cannot be selected until the appropriate function is run from the Diagnostic Menu when connected to a vehicle.


  1. The data will appear in the Print Capture screen.


13. In the right column of the Print Capture window, there are different command buttons:


a. Print will send the data to your printer.

b. Clear will erase all of the contents in the Print Capture window. This will not erase the information stored in the tool.

c. Copy will copy all of the contents in the Print Capture window to the clipboard. Then it can easily be pasted in a program of your choice.

d. Edit will open the context in the Print Capture window in Notepad, where the text can be edited.

e. Reconnect will allow you to restart the Connect Tool Wizard (step 8).

f.About will display the version of Print Capture.

g.Help will open the Scanning Suite Help menu.

h. Exit will close the Print Capture application.


  1. When finished, click Exit to close the Print Capture application. Then disconnect the Scan Tool USB cable and power the tool off.


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