Renault CAN CLIP V156 Update Review on Twingo 2

Here’s a review on Renault CAN Clip v156 update experience from a a user with Renault can clip interface. OBD365 express gratitude for his kindness- his publicized review as follows:


Frequent update of CLIP, i have to say. But sometimes, unnecessary! So i never did it since i ordered my CLIP interface with 145-version software. Although i was not new to this now, everything followed the instruction seriously when i decided to update CLIP 145 to 156 version.


First, i checked the printed circuit board. I have to make sure of this, for CLIP 156 software is only workable with certain unit.

My unit still looks new


Disassemble to take out the pcb

renualt-can-clip-v152 -2

renualt-can-clip-v152 -1

Sent the pcb photo to the vendor to have a check.


Update began when the vendor say “YES”.

I downloaded CAN CLIP V156.RAR (offered by obdii365) and installed on Dell laptop with Windows Xp operating system. All was done with the detailed installation instruction. There mainly were 5 steps:

Step 1 – open Crack Renault CLIP

Step 2 – install CLIP 156

Step 3 – setup CLIP Properties

Step 4 – Computer management setup

Step 5 – begin diagnosis

Many concerned videos on youtube, and i watched one.


Then connected to my model.

my model: Renault twingo phase 2


Then, diagnosis began.

Enter CLIP interface

Then update information v156, click OK


Finish vehicle information: Vehicle type, After-sales type, Engine type, Gearbox type. Enter RO.






Here i just showed some screenshots but i tried most functions there.


Yes, Chinese can clip can do most of the functions, changing parameters, actuation, coding injectors, throttle body learning etc.The only thing you won’t be able is reprogramming engine ecu and uch and retrieving pincodes to program cards and keys (replacing by new ones).To get pincode is very easy if u know your electronics,just read from ecu-not from uch,much easier to read from ecu as eeprom is more easy to read than dump send to icc within hours you’ll receive 12 digit pin, and use clip or sbb to program.There r ways to clone uch or ecus but u need right tool and gud at Electronics, no need to go dealer.

How to install Renault CAN CLIP V156 software


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