Volvo adblueobd2 emulator plug-and-drive device error

Ablueobd2 emulator for Volvo is designed to driver your truck without diesel exhaust fluid via OBD2 diagnostic connector. Adblueobd2 Volvo support EURO 4/5/6 catalytic converter systems. Following is a misoperation of the emulator and solution provided.



There was no fault code stored on adblue system before plugging the Adblueobd2 plug-and-drive device. But when plug the adblueobd2 removal into the OBD2 diagnostic socket of a Volvo truck FH D13A Euro 4, two error codes were detected on the dashboard.

volvo-truck-adblue-emulator-plug-and-play volvo-truck-adblue-emulator-plug-and-play-1 volvo-truck-adblue-emulator-plug-and-play-2 volvo-truck-adblue-emulator-plug-and-play-3 volvo-truck-adblue-emulator-plug-and-play-4 volvo-truck-adblue-emulator-plug-and-play-5



If any fault light appears on dashboard, delete via Volvo VIDA DiCE VIDA ALL-IN-ONE service auto scanner.



Our adblueobd2 plug and drive device is used when there is something wrong with your adblue system (need to remove the adblue.) If your truck Adblue system works no problem, the Adblue emulator is not required.


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