Can Volvo Vocom Premium Tech Tool PTT1.12 program ECU?

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface is compatible both Premium Tech Tool PTT1.12 and PTT2.03 software that is able to diagnose Volvo, Renault, UD and Mack Truck heavy duty models. But is it possible to make PTT software to program ECU parameters (program immo, Recalculate Checksum, remove adblue etc)? Yes, it is.


With Volvo 88890300 Vocom heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool you can diagnose, test, calibrate, and program a product. A product could be a vehicle, engine, or a machine. Volvo 88890300 Vocom truck scanner also provides functions for updating the tool, communication with the product, and other external applications.


Volvo Vocom PTT alone cannot program immo or other module parameters. But PTT1.12/PTT V2.03 is free to work with other Volvo developing and engineering software, such as Volvo IMMO Tool software and VOLVO Intermediate Storage File ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR (EDITOR) software.


For Volvo truck IMMO programming, you need to make PPT work with Volvo IMMO Tool software (135USD). For detail information, please connect customer service.


For other parameter programming, you need to order VOLVO Intermediate Storage File ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR (EDITOR) software which allows you to:


  1. AdBlue OFF (do not need to but adblue emulator additionally)
  2. Convert EUR3 to EUR5.
  3. EGR OFF.
  4. NOx Torque Reduction OFF
  5. Build Intel Hex file for chip tuning
  6. Recalculate Checksum of CSW


Software comes with one time free activation. The software can only work with Vocom 88890300 interface, cannot work with VCADS Pro PTT1.12/2.40 and VCADS 88890180/88890020 with yellow color diesel truck scanner.



PTT 1.12/2.40 software can only be loaded on Win XP, if you using the PTT1.12 version, you should installed Intermediate Storage File software Win XP as well. On the contrary, PTT PTT2.03/3.02 software can only be installed on Win 7 professional or ultimate, so the Volvo ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR (EDITOR) software has to be loaded on Win 7 as well.

volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-1 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-2 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-3 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-4 volvo-intermediate-storage-file-encryptor-decryptor-editor-5


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